Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 410

Chapter 410 All The Scrolls Are Gathered
Chapter 410: All the scrolls are gathered

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"This is a heaven-sent opportunity!" The mister was overjoyed.

At this time, he was fifty kilometers away from the Chu Family. If he were to use that magical treasure that allowed one to move at the speed of the sound, he would reach the territory of the Chu Family in around three minutes!

"It seems that the 'sword technique' of the Chu Family is fated to fall into my hands." The mister crawled out of the blood pond and stretched out his hand, waving it. Soon after, a ferocious black-colored beast came out from the depths of the cave.

This wild beast had the appearance of a huge western dragon. It had the shape of a lizard with two curved horns on its head and two wings on its back. It was covered in scales and looked very fierce.

However, this western dragon wasn't alive. It was merely a beast-shaped puppet capable of flight.

Cultivators made use of such magical treasures to quickly reach their destinations. Spirit stones or similar source of energies were enough to activate this kind of treasures. The higher the quality of the spirit stone, the higher a speed the flying puppet would reach.

The mister took out a blood-colored piece of jade from his chest, his expression aggrieved. It was the Blood Sea Jade he refined following the instructions of a fragmentary refining manual he found in some ancient ruins. It was the same treasure Young Master Hai wanted to use to replace the Blood God Crystal!

The manufacturing process of the Blood Sea Jade wasn't much easier than the Blood God Crystal's. Moreover, 'mister' needed to use two pieces of the Blood Sea Jade whenever using the Star Shifting Formation; it was a painful experience each time.

After clenching his teeth, he opened the cavity in the chest of the puppet and extracted the spirit stones inside, replacing them with the Blood Sea Jade.

If he weren't in a hurry, he wouldn't have wasted the Blood Sea Jade like that.

Unfortunately, the speed of the black dragon puppet would reach only half the speed of sound if he were to use normal spirit stones to operate it. Only after exchanging the source of energy into something purer and stronger like the Blood Sea Jade could the black dragon puppet reach the speed of sound or supersonic speed.

After the Blood Sea Jade was placed inside its chest, two strange dots of red light appeared in the eyes of the black dragon.

"Let's head toward the territory of the Chu Family," the mister said in a grave tone as he jumped on the back of the black dragon.

The black dragon flapped its wings and soared into the sky.

A passage automatically opened in the ceiling of the cave, allowing the black dragon to pass through it and speed toward the Chu Family.

Around two minutes later.

The black dragon suddenly landed and stepped onto the ground with its sturdy hind legs, blocking the path of Chu Chu and the other disciples.

"Who is it?" The disciples of the Chu Family looked both at the dragon and the person riding it vigilantly.

The strange mister coldly snorted and looked at Chu Chu.

"Miss Chu Chu, we meet again." The corner of the mister's mouth rose, his expression pleased.

"?" Chu Chu.

She didn't remember meeting his guy.

The mister jumped from the dragon, and a small curved saber floated behind his back, intimidating the disciples of the Chu Family in from of him. "I don't have time to waste with you guys. Give me that scroll with the sword technique!"

"You can forget about it!" Chu Chu held the scroll tightly.

At the same time, one of the disciples next to her pulled out a thin rope-shaped object, planning to launch it into the sky to release a signal.

They were already pretty close to the Chu Family. If they were to release the signal now, the family leader and that powerful ancestor that fought on the Grievance Settling Platform earlier would rush here as soon as possible!

But the disciple had yet to give the signal when he felt a stabbing pain transmit from his shoulder. The small curved saber quietly chopped the arm he was planning to use to activate the signal.

"As I said earlier, I don't have time to waste with you guys." The mister used an exquisite footwork and bypassed the various disciples of the Chu Family, arriving next to Chu Chu. Then, he held her chin between his fingers and said, "Miss Chu Chu, this time you're not as calm as that time in the secret room. You disappointed me."

"..." Chu Chu.

Now, she was clear about what happened. It seemed that this man met Song Shuhang when he posed as her.

Just as they were speaking, the mister stretched out his hand and took the painting of the 'sword technique' from the weak Chu Chu.

"Miss Chu Chu, I'll take the scroll for now. If you hate me, come and find me." The corner of the mister's mouth rose as he said to Chu Chu, "I'll wait for you and prepare a big welcoming ceremony!"

"One day, I'll find you and kill you," Chu Chu said after clenching her teeth.

"I'll wait for you, but you'll have only one opportunity to kill me. If you fail, obediently become my wife." The mister laughed and jumped on the back of the black dragon.

The black dragon soared into the sky and broke the sound barrier, disappearing without a trace. The mister felt that the current Chu Chu wasn't as valiant as the last time when she managed to move his heart. Was it because of the different setting?

Anyway, there was no time for that. The most important thing was that he had managed to reunite the four scrolls of the 'sword technique'!

After the mister disappeared...

Doudou's clone was speechless.

This piece of trash actually dared to rob Chu Chu in my presence? If this dog god's main body was here, I would have bitten you to death!

"Senior Sister Chu Chu, what now? The 'sword technique' was stolen!" the disciples of the Chu Family said, flurried.

"First, stop Chu Bu's bleeding and carry him back to the family so that he can have his wound treated. As for the stolen 'sword technique', we'll take it back." Chu Chu took a deep breath and tried to calm down. "Chu Gui, you're the fastest. Return to the family ahead of us and tell everything to the ancestor. With his strength of the Fifth Stage Realm, he must have the means to catch up to that guy!"

"Senior Sister Chu Chu, I understand." The guy named Chu Gui put the things he was carrying on his back down. Soon after, he dashed toward the Chu Family at full speed.

Chu Chu heaved a sigh. In the end, the complete version of the 'sword technique' still fell into the hands of the enemy.

Although Song Shuhang risked his life to get that portion of the 'sword technique' back, it was still snatched away by the enemy...

Illusory Sword School.

The Illusory Sword School lost the battle on the Grievance Settling Platform, and their strongest elder, Jian Yuanhai, lost an arm. As if that wasn't enough, they would have to give their signature technique, the Illusory Sword Scripture, to the Chu Family as a compensation. The morale of the disciples was extremely low. Their heads hung low in dejection as they were lamenting from time to time.

After returning to the school, Jian Yuanhai didn't utter a word and directly went into secluded meditation to recover from his injury.

After comforting the disciples, the school head Xu Zheng returned to his dwelling all alone.

Once he returned to his dwelling, the disappointed expression on his face immediately disappeared.

He cautiously took out his phone and looked at the last message the received from that mister: 'The plan succeeded.'

Although it was just a short message, it made him feel extremely relieved.

So what if the Chu Family won the battle on the Grievance Settling Platform?

After all, their 'sword technique' was still stolen in the end.

Now, he only had to wait for that powerful mister to contact him so that they could study the 'sword technique' of the Chu Family together.

He had been stuck in the Third Stage Realm for quite some time since the Illusory Sword Scripture wasn't profound enough! As long as he could get his hands onto the 'sword technique' of the Chu Family, his strength would reach new heights. Let alone the Fourth Stage Realm, perhaps he could even condense a Golden Core and reach the Fifth Stage, gaining a lifespan of a thousand years!

After restraining his excitement, Xu Zheng sent a message to the mister: 'Mister, what do I have to do now that the plan has succeeded?'

Very soon, that mister replied: 'Fellow Daoist Xu Zheng seems really impatient. In a while, I'll send six of my servants to your Illusory Sword School to deliver you a jade talisman. With that talisman, you'll be able to find my position. At the time, we can study the 'sword technique' of the Chu Family together and increase our strength.'

After receiving the message, Xu Zheng heaved a huge sigh of relief.

Soon after, two of the servants of that mister, as well as four strange guys shrouded in black clothes and with many needles sticking out of their heads, came to visit the Illusory Sword School.

Xu Zheng quickly welcomed the six guests in his private courtyard, receiving them very cordially.

The two servants didn't waste time. One of the two took out a box of jade from his clothes and delivered it to Xu Zheng as soon as he entered the courtyard.

In the rear, one of the strange spiky guys cupped his fists and said in a muffled voice, "Fellow Daoist Xu Zheng, 'mister' told us to deliver this box of jade to you. Please accept it and examine the contents. If there are no problems, we'll take our leave."

Xu Zheng smiled and nodded. Then, he opened the box in front of the two servants and four guys in black clothes.

But when he opened the box, there was no jade talisman inside...

On the contrary, a strange fog came out of the box and quickly filled the entire courtyard and kept spreading beyond, as though it wanted to cover the whole Illusory Sword School.

"Eh?" Xu Zheng opened his eyes wide. What about the jade talisman? Where was the talisman?

Soon after, his head started to feel dizzy.

What's happening?

"Hehehehe both stupid and greedy." The spiky guy that spoke earlier evilly grinned. Then, he turned around and said to the two servants, "As per the agreement, we sea urchin warriors will take the 'true blood' of the people of the Illusory Sword School. As for their bodies, we'll leave them behind so that your master can use them to refine the Blood Sea Jade, alright?"

The two 'servants' slightly nodded.

"Get into action, sea urchin children. Collect all the 'true blood' and don't let a single human cultivator escape!" the spiky guys bellowed. Along with his roar, more than 500 sea urchin warriors that were hiding in the surroundings of the Illusory Sword School showed themselves, starting to kill the people of the Illusory Sword School while borrowing the cover of the fog.

With the fog covering the place, the disciples of the Illusory Sword School were in the same situation as the guys from the Chu Family back then. They just had to inhale a bit of it to get dizzy and lose consciousness. The sea urchin warriors rushed into the fog and killed all the cultivators of the Illusory Sword School they met. Then, they pierced their bodies with their needles, extracting the 'true blood' from the bodies.

In the meantime, the sea urchin warrior that spoke in a muffled voice arrived in front of Xu Zheng.

"Why?!" Xu Zheng roared. With his cultivation of the Third Stage Realm, he didn't immediately faint under the effect of the fog. But he felt his whole body weak.

Why was his dear friend 'mister' trying to kill him?