Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 411

Chapter 411 Ah Pew
Chapter 411: Ah? Pew~

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Xu Zheng recalled the day he met 'mister' two years ago.

Two years ago, he brought the elite disciples of the Illusory Sword School into some ancient ruins. There, they chanced upon a powerful and ferocious beast that chased them.

The wild beast was very strong, and in the blink of an eye, it killed more than half of the disciples of the Illusory Sword School. Even Xu Zheng himself suffered severe injuries and almost lost his life.

Right at that time, the powerful mister appeared and chased the ferocious beast away, saving the lives of Xu Zheng and the remaining disciples of the Illusory Sword School.

After he saved his life, Xu Zheng came to know the powerful mister.

In the next two years, both he and the Illusory Sword School received a lot of help from the mister.

The two of them quickly became friends.

And now, that same mister wanted to kill him and destroy the Illusory Sword School?

"Why? Because you are useless." One of the servants shot a glance at Xu Zheng and said in a robot-like voice, "Everything in the world has a certain value. And you, Fellow Daoist Xu Zheng, have already given me everything you could, exhausting your value. Actually, you can still be of use to me I'll use you and the people of the Illusory Sword School to create another Blood Sea Jade, turning all of you into resources."

Although it was just one of the servants speaking, the tone was clearly that of the mysterious mister.

Xu Zheng roared, "Were you deceiving me all along?!"

"Yes. I'm happy that you were able to understand it at last," the servant continued. "Laying down the truth in front of you right before your death, making you truly despair as a swindler, nothing makes me more happy than this."

For a whole two years, he was able to deceive the head of a school of cultivators and make him run in circles. From beginning to end, he had him under his control. This meant that his ability to swindle others had increased quite a bit! It was something that made him even happier than advancing in realm.

"You aren't the first person I swindled and you won't be the last hence, you don't need to feel bad about it," the servant continued.

"Hehe what's the point of wasting breath with someone that is about to die?" The leader of the sea urchin warriors strangely laughed. Then, he stretched out his hand and extracted a needle from his leg, ruthlessly piercing Xu Zheng with it.

It was a special needle that started to extract the 'true blood' in Xu Zheng's body after stabbing him. True blood wasn't ordinary fresh blood, and it wasn't the blood essence cultivators possessed either. Even the mister didn't know what sea urchin warriors meant when talking about 'true blood', but it was bound to be something found inside blood, right?

Xu Zheng clenched his teeth and endured the pain. "Don't get ahead of yourself... this is the territory of the Illusory Sword School... since you used vicious tactics, don't blame for doing the same!"

Although the Illusory Sword School was just a small school, it still had its defensive formation.

In the capacity of the school head, Xu Zheng had the means to activate the defensive barrier even in his weakened state. Right at this time, both the sea urchin warriors and the two servants were inside the Illusory Sword School and thus in the range of the formation.

"All of you, die!" Xu Zheng didn't hesitate and immediately activated the defensive barrier.

A burst of spiritual energy spread out, covering the whole Illusory Sword Sect.

This sudden burst of spiritual energy came from the spirit stones inside the treasure house. Ordinary spirit stones were usually stored inside the treasure house, and in times of need, the spiritual energy inside would be extracted by the formation, flowing out of the treasure house through the hidden channels.

The spiritual energy flowed like water and changed into terrifying sword qi under the effects of the defensive formation, getting ready to kill all the people inside the sect that weren't members of the Illusory Sword School.

"Hehe." The leader of the sea urchin warriors laughed and allowed Xu Zheng to activate the formation.

On the outside, the sect protecting formation activated.

Sword qi numbering in the thousands appeared in the sky and hovered above the Illusory Sword School, both thick and thin as well as long and short, ready to kill all the intruders. It felt as though myriad swords were about to rain from the sky, truly a magnificent scene.

Although it was just a small school, the Illusory Sword School had a few tricks up its sleeve.

However, the swords didn't attack the intruding sea urchin warriors who were currently killing the disciples of the Illusory Sword School.

Xu Zheng could induce the state of the defensive formation through a special technique.

At this time, he was dumbfounded. Why? Why isn't the defensive formation attacking the enemies?

"You must be confused, right? No need to be this surprised," the servant said once more in a stiff voice. "In these two years, I secretly studied the defensive formation of the Illusory Sword School. The disciples of the Illusory Sword School are secretly branded after they joined the school. The function of this mark is to allow the defensive formation to tell between 'friends' and 'foes' once it's activated. A rather old-style model if you ask me After knowing how it worked, cracking the defensive formation of your sect was rather easy. After all, fudging the system that differentiates between friends and foes isn't difficult."

"Right now, all the sea urchin warriors that entered the defensive formation have the same mark as the disciples of the Illusory Sword School. Therefore, they are treated as 'friends' by the formation and not as 'enemies'. There is nothing too complicated about that."

Xu Zheng opened his eyes wide and pointed his trembling finger toward the servant.

"Are you done with the explanations? If you're done, it's time to finish this up!" The leader of the sea urchin warriors extracted the needle from Xu Zheng's body.

After losing all his 'true blood', Xu Zheng became even weaker. Now, he didn't even have the strength to lift a finger.

"Yes. Leave the rest to us," the servant said in a robot-like voice. Then, he took a step forward and pierced Xu Zheng's chest with his hand.

His hand was like a straw, and after a few seconds, he extracted all the blood from Xu Zheng's body, turning him into a mummified corpse.

The school head of the Illusory Sword School was dead...

"Let's go. Since both the Chu Family and those powerful cultivators have yet to notice our actions, let's activate the sacrifice offering formation to condense the Blood Sea Jade!" the two servants said to the sea urchin warriors.

Unfortunately, the blood demon died ahead of time. Otherwise, he would have led it here at the Illusory Sword School and made it kill these sea urchin warriors together with the disciples of the Illusory Sword School.

Although it was going to swallow down the corpses of the sea urchin warriors, the mister still had the means to retrieve most of their bodies from the stomach of the blood demon.

With that, he could have refined even more Blood Sea Jades.

However, he didn't expect that a blood demon of the Sixth Stage would be such a trash and die in just a few minutes.

Whatever this time, he had no choice but to let these sea urchin warriors live. The next time, he would surely turn them into Blood Sea Jade!

In that smelted cave fifty kilometers away from the Chu Family.

The mister opened his eyes. For the time being, he had no further instructions for the two puppets inside the Illusory Sword School. Once the sea urchin warriors were done killing the people inside the school, he would control the puppets again and activate the sacrifice offering formation, turning everyone into Blood Sea Jade.

"It's time for the main event!" The mister took the scroll of the 'sword technique' from the black dragon. Soon after, a servant came out of the smelted cave, bringing with him the remaining three scrolls.

With the help of the puppet, the mister unfurled Li Tiansu's four huge paintings.

The mister had an excited expression on his face. Next, he took out from his clothes two tubes of fresh blood. It was the blood of the traitorous disciples of the Chu Family.

"The door hiding the secret of 'immortality' is about to open!" the mister muttered in a low voice and splashed the blood of the two traitors above the paintings.

In the next moment, the canvases lit up and emanated light in all directions!

"Ooooh, this feeling As expected, the blood of the direct descendants of the Chu Family was the key to the secret hiding in the paintings?" the mister said excitedly. As he saw it, the doors of immortality were about to open for him.

The Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor Realm? Tsk. Let alone that, even the Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Stages weren't much! He was very ambitious and aimed to become an 'Immortal'!

In the meantime.

Song Shuhang and Venerable White flew for a long time and finally managed to find the Illusory Sword School with much difficulty... Not asking about the position of the Illusory Sword School before leaving was a big mistake.

When they arrived in the airspace of the Illusory Sword School, they saw three familiar figures standing on top of a huge cloud-like magical treasure hovering above the Illusory Sword School.

These three figures were precisely Venerable Spirit Butterfly, Soft Feather, and Liu Jianyi.

"Eh? Those are Venerable Spirit Butterfly and Soft Feather," Song Shuhang said. What were they doing in this place?

"Senior Song!" Soft Feather cheerfully called out as soon as she saw Song Shuhang, waving at him.

As expected, bald-headed edition Senior Song was very amusing. When she saw Song Shuhang's familiar kind-looking features, Soft Feather felt a warm feeling.

Venerable White descended on the cloud together with Song Shuhang.

On the cloud, Venerable Spirit Butterfly turned his head around and said to Venerable White, "Fellow Daoist White?"

Venerable White faintly smiled at Venerable Spirit Butterfly and said, "Fellow Daoist Spirit Butterfly, how are you?"

One was an extremely handsome man that no one dared to approach, while the other was like an immortal banished to the mortal world and didn't seem to belong to this world.

Although the two had communicated through letters before, it was their first time meeting face to face.

"Fellow Daoist White is interested in these sea urchin warriors as well?" Venerable Spirit Butterfly asked.

Venerable White shook his head and said, "I was going toward a place with little friend Song Shuhang and decided to pass here while at it. Then eh?"

"Fellow Daoist White, what happened?" Venerable Spirit Butterfly asked in puzzlement.

"I was careless earlier and messed up while engraving some runes." Venerable White held his chin.

"?" Song Shuhang.

"?" Soft Feather.

"?" Liu Jianyi.

"?" Venerable Spirit Butterfly.

Just as everyone was confused, Venerable White shot up into the sky with a 'pew~'.

His speed was extremely fast, and he turned into a small black dot in the blink of an eye.

"Fellow Daoist Spirit Butterfly, I'll return in a while I hope you'll take care of little friend Song Shuhang in the meantimeee~"

"...Timeeeeee~" Venerable White's last syllable echoed throughout the sky.

Venerable White had flown away.