Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 413

Chapter 413 Dying While Transforming
Chapter 413: Dying while transforming

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In the Illusory Sword School.

The sea urchin warriors went on a killing spree. They only needed casual attacks to kill the unconscious disciples of the Illusory Sword School.

Even those disciples that were valiantly fighting back couldn't show their full strength due to the strange fog. At this time, they could only use 60% of their strength and were thus no match for the sea urchin warriors.

"This time, we'll be able to collect a lot of 'true blood'. Once we offer it to His Highness the Sea King, he'll be very happy and bestow even more power to us sea urchin warriors, making us even stronger!" the sea urchin warrior in charge of collecting the 'true blood' said happily.

But right at this time...

Countless multicolored butterflies swarmed into the fog, changing the whole Illusory Sword School into a valley of butterflies; it looked incredibly beautiful.

When the sea urchin warriors saw the butterflies, they immediately got vigilant. "Butterflies? Where did they come from?"

A toxic fog was filling the whole area, and small creatures like butterflies would immediately die after coming in contact with it. However, these multicolored butterflies were happily dancing in the airspace of the Illusory Sword School without being affected at all.

It was very strange!

At this time, one of the sea urchin warriors extracted his pointed needle from his body and stabbed toward a nearby butterfly.

However, his attack was useless. It was skillfully dodged before it could even reach the butterfly.

The attack of this sea urchin warrior gave birth to a chain reaction...

In the next moment, all the butterflies filling the sky started to move and changed into countless lights, simultaneously slitting the throats of the sea urchin warriors.

Fresh blood splattered and the multicolored butterflies flapped their wings, happily dancing in the sky.

The sea urchin warriors below were all decapitated, and their bodies loudly fell to the ground. At this time, their eyes were still filled with an incredulous look.

Aside from the leader of the sea urchin warriors who was standing in Xu Zheng's courtyard and was thus far from the rest, all the remaining sea urchin warriors that invaded the Illusory Sword School were killed.

In the sky, Song Shuhang looked at Venerable Spirit Butterfly's powerful attack and sighed with emotion. He didn't expect that sword qi could be split up like that and used in such a way. Venerable Spirit Butterfly was worthy of being an existence of the Venerable rank.

Inside Xu Zheng's room, the leader of the sea urchin warriors who just survived the calamity bellowed, "What's happening?!"

Indeed, what was happening?

Where did these fearful butterflies come from? They managed to behead all the sea urchin warriors in just one blow!

Then, he thought of a possibility!

He swiftly turned his head around and stared at the mister's two servants. "It was you!"

Since the beginning, the leader of the sea urchin warriors was somewhat wary of this mister.

He was vicious and capable of doing anything. Moreover, the tricks he used were rather eccentric. As the leader of the sea urchins saw it, only this mister could have made these strange butterflies appear in this place.

Truly infuriating! At first, he thought that they could maintain an 'each takes what they need' relationship since there was no conflict of interest among them, but he didn't expect that this guy would still make a move against them!

"If I were to say that it wasn't my doing would you believe me?" the puppet said in a robot-like voice.

The mister was still inside the smelted cave, examining those four paintings. When he splashed the blood of the disciple of the Chu Family on them, they started to emanate a blinding light. But after that, they didn't react at all. Therefore, the mister was a bit confused and right at that time, he induced through the puppet that something strange was happening inside the Illusory Sword School.

The mister furrowed his brows. Although he wanted to kill the sea urchin warriors and turn them into the foundation of the Blood Sea Jade what happened earlier wasn't his doing!

"Dammit! As expected, it was your doing! Just wait and see. Since you provoked us sea urchin warriors, we'll definitely kill your family!" the leader of the sea urchin warriors bellowed.

The mister in the smelted cave was speechless.

Without waiting for him to explain further, the mad sea urchin warrior brutally punched the two puppets.

The puppets were only there to operate the 'sacrifice offering formation' and didn't have any fighting capacity. Therefore, how could they resist someone that had the strength of the Fourth Stage?

After a few punches, the bodies of the puppets were full of holes and fresh blood gushed out.

With the servants dying, the contact between the Illusory Sword School and the mister was cut off.

"F*ck!" the mister said gloomily. Then, he looked once more at the four scrolls in front of him. Dammit! Just wait until I discover the secret hidden in these scrolls then, I'll turn all these sea urchin warriors into Blood Sea Jade!

After destroying the two puppets, the leader of the sea urchin warriors clenched his teeth.

If that mister was thinking of taking care of him with those butterflies, he was too naive!

He still had a final secret technique to preserve his life!

Right now, the surrounding area was filled either with the branding blood his companions left behind or the 'true blood' they gathered earlier.

With these two things around, it was all good.

With the secret technique, the leader of the sea urchin warriors could use the branding blood of his companions as a 'sacrificial altar' to offer the 'true blood' to the mysterious and powerful Sea King. Thanks to the offering, he could obtain a formidable power from the Sea King.

Since there was a lot of true blood around, the quantity of power he would receive would also be very large!

Unfortunately, using this method would waste a lot of 'true blood' and wasn't as effective as carrying out the offering on a real altar in the depths of the sea.

But at this time, he had no time for such thoughts.

The leader of the sea urchin warriors got ready to activate the secret technique. He took out a deluxe edition of the Sea Urchin Warriors' 20 Years of Mandatory Education Manual from his clothes and flipped through it, starting to recite the text on a certain page.

This paragraph was written with special characters and wasn't in human language.

The leader of the sea urchin warriors started to read this paragraph about sacrificial offerings in a high and resounding voice after receiving the strength of the great Sea King, he would go to the place where that mister was hiding and kill him, avenging his comrades!

While carrying out the transaction with that mister earlier, he secretly left a mark on his body so that he could find his position at any time.

"Sea urchin warriors mustn't be trifled with!"

The branding blood of his dead companions became the base of the sacrificial altar, and the true blood they collected with much difficulty became the sacrificial offering.

"Come forth, strength of the great Sea King!" The leader of the sea urchin warriors raised his hands toward the sky.

Very soon, he felt the great Sea King answering to his offering.

Come, come, come!

The great Sea King accepted his offering of true blood and bestowed upon him his power!

The leader of the sea urchin warriors felt his body was full of energy.

The power was endlessly pouring inside his body and strengthening him.

Thereupon, he exited Xu Zheng's courtyard with large strides and looked at the sky filled with butterflies. The ground was still littered with the corpses of his companions.

"Come, come, come! I'll tear that bastard to shreds!" The eyes of the leader of the sea urchins were bloodshot. He raised the Sea Urchin Warriors' 20 Years of Mandatory Education Manual toward the sky and shouted at the butterflies in the sky, "The great Sea King bestowed upon me his power! Battle Transformation!"

Immediately after, the deluxe edition of the Sea Urchin Warriors' 20 Years of Mandatory Education Manual started to emit a dazzling light, resonating with the blood splattered all around.

Next, a strange power appeared out of nowhere and fell onto the body of the leader of the sea urchin warriors.

His clothes were wrapped by the strange power and changed into what resembled 'light'.

At the same time, he assumed a series of strange poses. It seemed he was using these poses to adapt to the power of the great Sea King and carry out the 'Battle Transformation'...?

High up in the sky, on the rosy cloud.

"Eh? It seems he is trying to transform?" Soft Feather said. She knew that many cultivators with special bloodlines could transform while facing a deadly situation.

Sea urchin warriors possessed the bloodline of 'monster sea urchins'. Was it possible that they could transform into huge sea urchins?

"..." Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang gazed at the leader of the sea urchin warriors who was currently assuming all those weird poses. Considering that his clothes had changed into 'light' as well, the whole scene was rather 'blinding'. Even a spectator such as him was feeling an incredible sense of shame while watching this scene unfold just how mentally strong was the leader of the sea urchin warriors to assume all those cringey poses as though it was nothing?

Luckily, there wasn't any mysterious music playing in the background. Otherwise, other than his eyes going blind, his ears might have gone deaf too.

"He is the last one left. Do you want to wait for him to complete the transformation?" Venerable Spirit Butterfly asked.

"You can do as you please. By the way Teacher, what is this 'Sea King' that guy mentioned?" Liu Jianyi said.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly replied, "I have no idea, but it might be some powerful aboriginal deity."

Song Shuhang added, "Senior, I feel that I can't keep watching this show."

In truth, even the state of mind of the leader of the sea urchin warriors below was in shambles.

What's happening? Why hasn't the power of the great Sea King allowed me to carry out the transformation?

Earlier, as long as he performed the ceremonial dance three times, the power of the great Sea King would pour inside his body and create a powerful armor of blood all around him!

But now, he had already performed the dance a few times, and the power of the Sea King had indeed started to pour inside his body how come he couldn't complete the last step and condense the blood armor?

In the sky, Venerable Spirit Butterfly said straightforwardly, "Hmm I'm also finding it difficult to bear. Such being the case, let's kill him."

Then, he stretched out his finger, and tens of butterfly-shaped sword qi slashed toward the sea urchin warrior.

The butterfly-shaped sword qi pierced the body of the sea urchin warrior, directly penetrating his light clothing.

"Aaaah!" the leader of the sea urchin warriors called out pitifully.

What was happening?

With the help of the blood armor, he would have been able to defend against these butterflies!

Was it possible that the power of the Sea King was delayed because they were on land and the offering wasn't thoroughly prepared?

"Aaaaaah!" Just as he was screaming, a pool of blood formed beneath his body...

He was unwilling, very unwilling!