Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 414

Chapter 414 The Eyeball Of The Sea King
Chapter 414: The eyeball of the Sea King

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The dense fog covering the Illusory Sword School was dispersed by Venerable Spirit Butterfly's sword qi, which allowed Song Shuhang to see everything happening below clearly.

"Is he dead?" asked Song Shuhang.

Liu Jianyi replied, "Indeed!"

Dead both in soul and bodyhe couldn't be more dead than this.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly's fingers moved slightly, causing the sword qi in the form of butterflies that filled the airspace above the Illusory Sword School to dissipate and disappear without a trace. "It's over let's go, we need to go to Fellow Daoist White and find that interesting guy."

Suddenly, Soft Feather called out, "Eh? Father, the guy below is still transforming!"

Actually, Soft Feather's reminder was unnecessaryVenerable Spirit Butterfly and Liu Jianyi already noticed the change below.

The leader of the sea urchin warriors that was clearly dead and had already stopped breathing suddenly stood up from the pool of blood.

To put it more accurately, it wasn't the leader himself that got upa surge of energy that came out of nowhere supported his body, allowing it to move about like a puppet attached to a string.

Immediately after, the 'branding blood' and the 'true blood' gathered, flowing in the direction of the sea urchin warrior leader's corpse.

Song Shuhang asked curiously, "Could it be that he survived?"

Liu Jianyi shook his head. "Even his soul was destroyed by teacher's sword qi, so he can't be any more dead Perhaps that transformation was delayed for some reason and is only starting now?"

Soft Feather's interest was immediately piqued. "He's transforming, he's transforming! I'm really curious what he's going to transform into."

As Shuhang and company were speaking, the branding blood and the true blood on the ground of the Illusory Sword School transformed into streams of blood, twisting around the body of the leader of the sea urchin warriors.

In the blink of an eye, the streams of blood intertwined into an exquisite red full-body armor, tightly wrapping the body of the leader of the sea urchin warriors within itit looked majestic.

The remaining streams of blood were gathered on his back, transforming into a blood-red cape.

Transformation complete!

The corpse of this sea urchin warrior had both hands placed at its waist and was currently in the horse martial stance. Afterward, under the effect of the strange energy, it executed two punches

If he hadn't made those embarrassing, strange movements during the transformation, he would have looked really cool in this armor.

"The transformation is complete? He looks rather cool!" Soft Feather stared at the cool-looking leader of the sea urchin warriors and said, "Can he move?"

"This fellow can continue fighting?" Song Shuhang also asked out of curiosity.

Liu Jianyi replied, "He shouldn't be able to, I guess if he could continue fighting even after dying, that would be too awesome!"

Just think about it! If he didn't need to do anything and could make use of the transformation and continue fighting even after death... then wouldn't it mean that Liu Jianyi could borrow the power of the transformation as well as do all kinds of things while asleep?

It would definitely be a good tool to slack off, wouldn't it?

Unfortunately, Liu Jianyi's expectations were betrayed.

After the corpse of the leader of the sea urchin warriors completed the transformation, it fell to the ground once again with a loud crash.

"Clang, clang, clang." The metal armor hit the ground with a loud noise.

Just as Liu Jianyi guessed, the transformation was delayed the transformation power from the Sea King's body was sent over only after the leader of the sea urchin warriors died. Similarly, because of the delay, his corpse had to complete the whole transformation even though he was already dead.

After the transformation, the corpse continued to lie silently on the ground.

Such dedication!

Liu Jianyi immediately said disappointedly, "And here I thought it could move."

"Why would you hope for it to move, Senior Brother Jianyi?" asked Soft Feather out of curiosity.

Liu Jianyi sighed deeply and said, "Forget it. In any case, it can't move, so there's no meaning in talking about it."

After the corpse collapsed on the ground, the power inside the armor seemed to have realized the death of the host.

Hence, that surge of power from the 'Sea King' came once again from out of nowhere.

The blood armor came off the corpse. Thereafter, something akin to a 'space gate' appeared next to it.

The 'Sea King' or whatever it was seemed to want to retrieve the blood armor.

"Hmph, what a poser," said Venerable Spirit Butterfly from above the clouds.

He got to meet several guys that could use the power of 'space' todayit was originally an ability that could be used only by cultivators in the Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender Realm. But today, it appeared a couple of times. It was indeed interesting.

However, Venerable Spirit Butterfly could tell that the guy on the other side of the gate was definitely not a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender. The space technique used by a Tribulation Transcender was much more superior to his.

"Just what kind of special method did he use to access the power of 'space'?"

Was it a formation, or some sort of ceremony? Or did he use a precious magical treasure like the guy he saw in the hidden room of the Chu Family?

Soft Feather looked at Venerable Spirit Butterfly and said, "Father's interest was piqued."

Venerable Spirit Butterfly had been researching the power of space for quite some time. Hence, any ability that did not belong to the Tribulation Transcender Realm and was related to space evoked his interest.

Thereafter, Venerable Spirit Butterfly took actionhe reached out with his hand and pressed downward while aiming at the blood-red armor.

Spiritual energy surged, descending onto the Illusory Sword School like a tsunami. In the blink of an eye, space seemed to solidify under Venerable Spirit Butterfly's spiritual energy.

The remaining surviving disciples of the Illusory Sword School suddenly crouched on the groundthey were being suppressed by the spiritual energy, unable to breathe.

As for that armor, it was also confined to its current location by Venerable Spirit Butterfly's power, unable to move.

Based on Venerable Spirit Butterfly's research on 'space' abilities, even though he was unable to use the power of space like Tribulation Transcenders, he could easily perform acts like interfering with teleportations and other tasks of similar levels.

"You want to take the armor back? It won't be this simple." Venerable Spirit Butterfly laughed and slightly raised his right hand.

The blood armor was pulled away and flew in Venerable Spirit Butterfly's direction.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly's actions offended the 'Sea King' hiding on the other end of the space gatea roar was transmitted from there.

That roar was extremely fearsome; cultivators with low strength would simply lose their consciousness and fall to the ground upon hearing it.

"Haha, are you angry? If you are that mad then come out from there!" said Venerable Spirit Butterfly without any fear.

On the other side, the roar of the Sea King slowly quieted down.

"From the looks of it, it seems you're unable to teleport here... Interesting." Venerable Spirit Butterfly made a grabbing motion with his right hand, and that exquisite blood armor ultimately landed in his hand.

Thereafter, he quickly used several sealing techniques and sealed the armor inside and out.

"Roaaar!" From the other end of the space gate, the Sea King's angry voice resounded like thunder.

The space gate abruptly swelled to approximately double its original size, thereafter a huge eye looked towards the rosy cloud above the Illusory Sword School from there.

Just the eyeball was already five meters in diameter. It was hard to imagine how big his entire body was.

"Finally willing to reveal yourself?" asked Venerable Spirit Butterfly.

Suddenly, the spiritual energy next to the space gate transformed into countless swords of qi, stabbing toward the eye of the 'Sea King'.

The sword qi pierced into the space gate, stabbing the enormous eyeball within it.

"Aaaaaah!" the Sea King screamed.

The sword qi was unable to hurt his eye, but it made him feel a lot of pain.

After screaming in rage, the Sea King's eye glared once again at Venerable Spirit Butterfly who was in the sky. Thereafter, he firmly shut the space gate.

Soft Feather said, "He escaped? I thought he would come out and fight 300 rounds with you, father."

"He seemed very strong. So this is the Sea King?" asked Liu Jianyi.

"He should be the Sea King. It's a shame we don't know much about the situation on the other side; hence it's not advisable to attack them directly," Venerable Spirit Butterfly mumbled otherwise, he would have leapt through the space gate and valiantly fought against the Sea King.

Even though the opposite party only revealed an eye, Venerable Spirit Butterfly induced that its strength was only at the Seventh Stage Venerable Realm.

"Forget it. The next time, we can capture more sea urchin warriors and study them to discover more about the Sea King and his origin," said Venerable Spirit Butterfly. Thereafter, he grabbed the blood armor, wanting to place it in his space storage equipment so that he could bring it back to the Spirit Butterfly Island to study it.

But just as he was trying to store the armor, he realized that no matter how hard he tried, he could not squeeze it inside.

"Tsk, he has quite a number of tricks," said Venerable Spirit Butterfly.

If he could not store the blood armor into the space storage equipment, that would mean that the Sea King might suddenly make a move to retrieve the armor. In that case, it would be very troublesome.

"Forget it. If it's really not possible, I'll have to destroy it," said Venerable Spirit Butterfly.

The defense of the armor wasn't too strong and was only comparable to that of the Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor Realm. It was not difficult for Venerable Spirit Butterfly to smash it to smithereens by himself.

As soon as Venerable Spirit Butterfly completed his sentence.

In midair, the space gate suddenly opened again, and the Sea King's enormous eyeball appeared once more. This time, he hurriedly attackeda white ray of light shot out from his eye, aiming towards Venerable Spirit Butterfly.

The armor seemed to be of great importance to him.

"Haha." Venerable Spirit Butterfly flicked his finger, and an ancient bronze mirror appeared before him, easily blocking the attack of the enormous eye.

Thereafter, Venerable Spirit Butterfly violently punched the blood-red armor.

The scarlet armor immediately got smashed to smithereens...

"Hiss" The Sea King's painful cry came from the other side of the gate. It felt as though the thing that got smashed into smithereens was not the armor but his own body.

After he let out a painful cry, the Sea King looked bitterly at Venerable Spirit Butterfly before shutting the space gate once again.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly stood on the clouds, not moving at all. A moment later, he laughed and said, "Successfully marked."

Earlier on, when the Sea King appeared once again, Venerable Spirit Butterfly quietly left a 'position tracking' mark on the other party.

Even though the other party might immediately detect the mark and destroy it, it didn't matterVenerable Spirit Butterfly needed but a brief moment to lock onto his location.

At this time the pieces of the broken blood-red armor scattered on the rosy cloud, and a few of them landed next to Song Shuhang.