Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 415

Chapter 415 Summoning Venerable White
Chapter 415: Summoning Venerable White!

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Song Shuhang squatted down and picked up one of the pieces of the armor.

Earlier, he saw that the armor was created from a mass of blood. But now, aside from the color, it had absolutely nothing to do with it! This was something akin to alchemy!

Song Shuhang felt that it was rather interesting. Therefore, he asked, "Senior Spirit Butterfly, are these fragments of any use to you?"

"No. After the armor broke, all the strange energy inside dispersed. It lost all its research value," Venerable Spirit Butterfly casually replied.

Song Shuhang played with the piece of the armor in his hands and asked in a melodious voice, "Oh, can I take these fragments then?"

Venerable Spirit Butterfly smiled and said, "Sure."

"Thank you, Senior." Song Shuhang picked four large fragments and tried to fit them inside his 'size-reducing purse'. After the armor broke and the mysterious energy inside dispersed, Shuhang was able to successfully store the fragments inside his purse.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly secretly shot a glance at Song Shuhang's size-reducing purse.

It had the shape of an adorable rabbit? It was even cuter than Soft Feather's purse! Then, he recalled the scene where Song Shuhang was dressed up as a woman from a certain viewpoint, this little friend Song Shuhang really made him feel relieved!

Venerable Spirit Butterfly's mood got much better. "Sit tight. We'll head toward Fellow Daoist White now."

The cloud-shaped magical treasure accelerated and flew toward that mister's underground smelted cave.

At this time, inside True Monarch Yellow Mountain's palace-shaped magical treasure.

The fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group were sharing the insights they got while fighting the blood demon. Unexpectedly, strange phenomena appeared once more.

Just as his fellow daoists were happily discussing, True Monarch Yellow Mountain quietly left the crowd.

He cautiously moved toward a room on the upper floor. A pitiful guy was locked in there this person was scammed by that shady fortune teller and reduced to poverty, as well as beaten by Fairy Lychee when he mistook her for Copper Trigram. The name of this pitiful person was Deng Yima.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain opened the door and entered.

Deng Yima had an unyielding expression on his face. At this time, his strength had been sealed, and he was tied up and thrown on a bed. He still refused to believe that the 'Fairy Lychee' he saw back then was just a disguise Immortal Master Copper Trigram used how could there be such an incredible disguising technique in the world?

In his heart, he felt that none of those guys were honest people.

After seeing True Monarch Yellow Mountain stealthily enter the room, he felt even more uneasy. What was he planning to do?

"Fellow Daoist Deng Yima, no need to be anxious. I'm True Monarch Yellow Mountain, you should have heard of me, right?" True Monarch Yellow Mountain took a chair and sat down. In the Chinese world of cultivators, True Monarchs were akin to celebrities. Even Immortal Fairy Bie Xue's 'Immortal Feast' wouldn't lack a guest such as him.

Deng Yima shot a glance at True Monarch Yellow Mountain this man indeed resembled the famous 'Senior Yellow Mountain'...

"What does True Monarch need of me?" Deng Yima asked. Although he wasn't sure if this person was really 'True Monarch Yellow Mountain', given his strength, he was definitely a True Monarch.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain faintly smiled and said, "I wanted to ask you how many of those pellets you obtained in the Black Tiger Secret Realm do you have left?"

"Eh?" Deng Yima looked at True Monarch Yellow Mountain in puzzlement.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain continued, "I'm very interested in those pellets. Therefore, if you're willing to sell them, state your price."

"You are interested in those pellets? I had six of them, but I used one when I was testing them and one earlier hence I have four left." Deng Yima was a sincere person, and his chubby face accentuated this point even more.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain replied, "From what I see, you also seem interested in selling them, right? Such being these case, do you already have a price in mind? Go ahead and tell me."

"I'll inform you beforehand that my price will be very high," Deng Yima said. He had no intention of selling the pellets if the price was too low.

"Fellow Daoist, just speak your mind. The transaction can be carried out only if both parties are willing. After all, I am someone that will not buy or sell under coercion." True Monarch Yellow Mountain comforted him.

Deng Yima clenched his teeth and said, "I'll say it then! I want 100,000 spirit stones of the Fifth Stage!"

Spirit stones were classified according to the quantity and purity of the spiritual energy inside, and just like cultivators, they had nine stages in total. Generally speaking, if a cultivator of a certain stage used the spirit stones of the equivalent stage, the effects would be much better since there would be no waste of spiritual energy.

The price was obviously lower than the value of the family property Deng Yima lost. However, it could at least compensate for some of his losses, and he would have enough money to buy a suitable flying sword. After that, he wouldn't have to go around on that Superman-shaped flying sword anymore.

However, this price was still very high and unreasonable when he tried to sell the pellets inside the sect, people were willing to pay him at most 10,000 spirit stones for five of them!

"The price is reasonable." True Monarch Yellow Mountain nodded and said, "In that case, let's simply carry out the transaction with cash!"

Yellow Mountain was especially rich these days not long ago, he discovered a vein of spirit stones on a certain satellite. The purity of the spirit stones was also very high.

After seeing that the opposite party replied so straightforwardly, Deng Yima was stunned from the looks of it, this man would have accepted even if he had added a few more spirit stones!

Is it possible that I sold those pellets at a loss? Are they really that valuable?

But since he had already stated his price, it would be embarrassing to go back on his word now. And if he were to anger this True Monarch, turning him away, wouldn't he be left with nothing?

"Deal!" Deng Yima said at last. "I ask Senior Yellow Mountain to untie my bindings!"

True Monarch Yellow Mountain happily freed Deng Yima and removed the seal blocking his spiritual energy.

Afterward, the duo carried out the transaction.

"Fellow Daoist Deng is a really straightforward person." After taking the four pellets, True Monarch Yellow Mountain took out a fine flying sword of the Fourth Stage from his sleeve, giving it to Deng Yima. "I've heard from Fellow Daoist Liu Long that your flying sword had some problems. Since I have a spare flying sword with a good flying speed, I decided to gift it you."

Deng Yima took the flying sword with a grateful expression on his face. Soon after, he bid farewell to True Monarch Yellow Mountain.

Before leaving, he beat around the bush for a while and asked True Monarch Yellow Mountain about Medicine Master's address.

It seemed that his next stop was Medicine Master's place.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain squeezed the four pellets between his finger if he wasn't mistaken, these four pellets were a priceless treasure related to the power of 'time'.

In a while, he was planning to ask the Venerables of the group to assemble and study these gadgets together.

Inside that smelted cave fifty kilometers away from the Chu Family.

The mister dripped the blood of the disciples of the Chu Family on the scrolls once more.

Soon after, the four scrolls lit up once again, emitting a blinding light!

"The secret concealed inside the scrolls is surely related to the lineage of the Chu Family. but how can I uncover it?" the mister said, somewhat worried.

He only knew that the key to immortality was hidden inside the scrolls, and he was sure that this key didn't consist in comprehending the 'sword technique'!

The key should be something more 'material'.

Just as he was in deep thoughts something exploded on top of the cave!

What's happening?

The mister raised his head in surprise and looked toward the place the explosion came from.

Soon after, he saw a celestial figure descend from the hole in the ceiling.

The celestial figure was so perfect that words alone weren't enough to describe it. The mister felt that it wasn't exaggerated to consider this figure the very embodiment of 'beauty', 'handsomeness', and 'perfection'.

Perhaps because the figure was too perfect or perhaps because it possessed an incredible charm, the mister couldn't find it a threat even though it just destroyed the ceiling of his cave and rushed inside.

Finally, the figure stopped midair, stepping into the air without the aid of any power.

"Eh? I've finally arrived?" Venerable White shook his arms and looked all around. Soon after, his vision fell on the four scrolls he was in the right place!

"Senior, can I ask why you came to my immortal cave?" The mister greeted Venerable White. He had managed to recover his senses with much difficulty. At the same time, he quietly mustered the strength of the blood pond behind, getting ready to attack Senior White at any time.

"Let me explain" Venerable White coughed and continued, "I messed up a little while engraving a rune hence I have to congratulate you for gathering the four scrolls of the 'sword technique'. After gathering them, you managed to summon me here!"

The mister was speechless.

Just what the hell was going on?

Venerable White also added, "Now that you summoned me, I'll seize the opportunity to conveniently take away the scrolls."

"No way!" the mister bellowed. Then, he pounced toward the scrolls and activated the power of the blood pond to attack Venerable White, shouting, "These scrolls belong to me, and no one will be able to them away from m"


Venerable White gave him a resounding slap in the face. The mister flew across the air, performing thirty-two and a half rotations before crashing against the wall of the smelted cave.

What happened a moment ago? He didn't even see when the opposite party attacked!

In the next moment, he saw the figure in white stretch out its hand and collect the four scrolls, starting to flutter in the air once more. The mister was inwardly cursing; it took him so much effort to gather those scrolls, and now, someone stole them!

"It's time to go. Goodbye, Fellow Daoist." Venerable White waved his hand at the mister and prepared to leave.

But after rising to the height of two meters, he suddenly stopped.

His eyes fell on the 'black dragon puppet' inside the smelted cave! That was truly an exquisite puppet!

It seemed it would be rather interesting to disassemble it.

Thereupon, Venerable White descended to the ground and squatted beside the puppet.

"Can I disassemble it?" Venerable White shot a glance at the mister.

But without waiting for his reply, Senior White muttered to himself, "I forgot that I don't need to ask him. After all, he's an enemy."