Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 416

Chapter 416 It Seems It Will Be Very Interesting To Disassemble You
Chapter 416: It seems it will be very interesting to disassemble you

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"Run! Get away from this place!" the mister bellowed. He only needed a thought to control the black dragon puppet.

After that slap, he knew that he was no match for that man in white clothes that had suddenly barged into his smelted cave. Luckily, the black dragon puppet still had the 'Blood Sea Jade' inside. Hence, it could run away at supersonic speed.

This puppet was very valuable, and he couldn't let someone damage it!

After receiving its master's order, the black dragon puppet flapped its wings and rose into the sky. It was planning to run away at supersonic speed toward another secret immortal cave.

But just as it rose to the height of one meter, a slender hand gently pressed on its back.

Although the puppet frantically flapped its wings, it wasn't able to move at all!

Immediately after, another slender hand started to fiddle with the black dragon with its finger.

"Clang, clang, clang" The sound of components being disassembled echoed.

In just a few seconds, the outer layer of the black dragon was disassembled, revealing the innards of the puppet.

Soon after, the Venerable White extracted the Blood Sea Jade from it.

"Thump~" As soon as it lost its source of power, the puppet crashed from the sky and fell by Venerable White's feet.

The mister, who was still mounted on the wall, had a dumbfounded look on his face.

"This stone used as a source of energy was refined through evil and cruel techniques" Venerable White said while casually putting away the Blood Sea Jade.

Next, he squatted beside the black dragon puppet and started to disassemble it. "Its structure is really interesting. It seems it was manufactured using the techniques of the Jet-Black Sect as a foundation together with some modern mechanical parts. A combination of the puppet technique of the Jet-Black Sect and modern technology... truly wonderful."

In the blink of an eye, the black dragon puppet was disassembled into a pile of mechanical parts, and the metallic skeleton of the dragon was revealed.

Venerable White reluctantly stopped and turned his head around, looking at the mister who was mounted on the wall. "Where did you get this black dragon-shaped puppet?"

The mister was trying to get out of the wall and froze after hearing this question.

It's not like he didn't want to reply... the problem was he couldn't.

Indeed, where did he exactly get this black dragon puppet from?

The mister himself had forgotten about the origin of this puppet. He remembered that it was his property and knew how to operate it, but that was it.

The mister was momentarily stunned.

"You don't want to reply? Forget it. Anyway, I've already comprehended the structure of this puppet," Venerable White muttered as he started to assemble the puppet back.

A few seconds later...

The mister finally managed to come out of the wall. He gently jumped and returned to the smelted cave.

He furrowed his brows and looked at Venerable White's back it took him so much effort to steal the paintings of the 'sword technique' from the Chu Family, and now, all of them had been snatched away. How could he possibly get them back?

Those paintings concealed the secret of immortality; he couldn't let go of them!

Should I fight back?

The mister started to slowly mobilize the power of the blood pond My best opportunity to catch him off-guard is now that he's studying the black dragon puppet!

"Done, it's reassembled! This time, there is no problem with the parts, none were left out!" Venerable White suddenly laughed. He was extremely satisfied at this time.

In his front, the completely disassembled black dragon puppet was now assembled once more however, it wasn't exactly the same as before. The mister noticed that several parts were assembled back the wrong way.

"It's unfortunate that I do not possess the mechanical puppet technique of the Jet-Black Sect. Even if I comprehended the structure of the black dragon, I'm unable to manufacture some of the parts on my own!" Venerable White said with a regretful face.

Although he could simply go to the Jet-Black Sect and purchase those parts, it was definitely not as cool as building the whole thing from scratch.

The mister was speechless. Such speed. It took him longer to disassemble it rather assembling it back!

"Very good. I'm done researching it, you can have the puppet back. Then, I'll take my leave eh?" Venerable White had no intention to kill this guy and was planning to take his leave. After all, Fellow Daoist Spirit Butterfly was interested in him as well. Hence, he decided to let him handle the situation.

But just as he turned his head, he noticed something that piqued his interest.

Due to the powerful slap from before that mister's face had been smashed to pieces!

His face wasn't swollen as it should be. Instead, the external layer of skin was broken, revealing the black-colored metallic structure inside.

Earlier, when the mister was mounted on the wall of the smelted cave, Venerable White couldn't see his face properly. But now that he had come out of the wall, the broken part was fully visible.

Venerable White's eyes lit up.

Was this 'mister' a puppet as well?

He was very lifelike. Earlier, Venerable White didn't notice any difference between him and a real person. He had the aura of a living person, a cultivation of the Fourth Stage Realm, and looked exactly like a real person. He could even feel his soul fluctuate!

But when the outer layer of his skin was ruptured and the innards were revealed, Venerable White discovered that his face was made of mechanical parts!

Was it a puppet? An artificially created man? Or a cyborg?

No matter what he was, Venerable White found him very interesting!

When Venerable White stared at him like that, the mister stiffened a bit.

"Hello, you seem very interesting to disassemble. Do you mind if I disassemble you a bit?" Venerable White said.

"Ah?" The mister opened his eyes wide.

But without waiting for him to reply, Venerable muttered to himself once more, "I forgot that I don't need to ask him. After all, he's an enemy."

In the sky, Venerable Spirit Butterfly and the others left the territory of the Illusory Sword School.

The cloud streaked across the sky at a speed that wasn't inferior to that of a flying sword. Very soon, they arrived above the smelted cave.

"It's that place down there. I can sense Fellow Daoist White's aura coming from there as well. Let's descend to the ground," Venerable Spirit Butterfly said.

But just as he finished his sentence...

Liu Jianyi said eagerly, "Teacher, let me go there first to check the situation!" If he could reach the place first, he could seize the opportunity to slack off for a few seconds~

After saying this much, he jumped down from the rosy could and headed toward the smelted cave.

Afterward, Soft Feather happily said, "Senior Song, let's go jump down as well!"

"Sure!" Song Shuhang replied.

Next Soft Feather pulled Song Shuhang's hand and jumped from the cloud just like Liu Jianyi!


Wait a moment!

At this time, there was a distance of at least 400-500 meters between the cloud they were standing on and the ground! This height was comparable to that of a hundred-storied building!

Shouldn't she have used some kind of technique before jumping down? Even if it's not a flying technique, at least something to reduce the weight of the body! Or something to drop like a feather!

But Song Shuhang had yet to remind her about this matter when he felt a powerful force pull his wrist a small cultivator of the Second Stage like Shuhang had no hope of resisting Soft Feather's strength!

Soon after, he heard the piercing-cold sound of the wind beside his ears...

"Ahahaha!" Soft Feather's laughter echoed in the midst of the wind. "I've always wanted to do some bungee jumping! It's truly wonderfuuuuul!"

Soft Feather... before performing bungee jumping, you have to tie a rope to your feet! Otherwise, you'd be just jumping to your death!

"Aaaaaaah~" a certain guy surnamed Song pitifully called out. He already suffered from acrophobia. Moreover, the symptoms were getting worse and worse every day.

"Ahahaha! Senior Song, are you also happy?" Soft Feather smiled.

Senior Song: "Aaaaaaaah~" Happy~? Not at all!

"Hehehe! As expected, Senior Song also likes bungee jumping! When I looked at those pictures you took while bungee jumping with Senior White, I noticed that Senior Song had such a radiant smile on his face," Soft Feather said happily.

Senior Song: 'Soft Feather, when you looked at those pictures with your bright eyes, did you really see my 'radiant smile'? Did you really see it?'

At this time, Senior Song felt his eyes tear up, and his nose was running but he would never admit it. He would insist that those were merely tears that had suddenly flowed out of his eye sockets and entered his nostrils, that was it.

"Oh, right. Senior Song, let's take a picture as well." Soft Feather took out her phone and adjusted the angle of the camera, saying, "Senior Song, make a smile."

Senior Song sniffled since he had done this before, he was somewhat used to it! He could make it! He could take a photo high in the air!

Thereupon, he tried his best to squeeze out a happy smile.

"Click, click, click, click!" Soft Feather took four pictures at once!

"Ahahaha! It's so cool!" After taking the photos, Soft Feather adjusted the angle once more and took a photo where they were both upside-down. Unfortunately, they crossed those 500 meters very quickly and were already approaching the ground.

Soft Feather was forced to put her phone away. "The height this time wasn't enough I couldn't enjoy myself properly! Senior Song, we must jump from an even higher place the next time! With that, we'll be able to take pictures from several other angles!"

"Aaaaaah~" Senior Song started to scream again.

On the cloud, Venerable Spirit Butterfly stiffly retracted his hand. Just now, he was thinking of performing some bungee jumping with his beloved daughter. After all, she had always wanted to practice this sport.

But his beloved daughter suddenly grabbed little friend Shuhang's hand and leapt down while the poor father was left on the cloud all alone, drying in the sun.


At last, Song Shuhang and Soft Feather fell into a huge pond. They had managed to land successfully.

The reason they weren't injured after the fall was that Soft Feather used a small technique just before the crash.

Just as they were about to reach the ground, Song Shuhang felt his body became lighter and lighter. Afterward, they lightly fell into the blood pond.

"Ugh! What's this thing?" Song Shuhang's mouth and nose were full with what resembled the smell of raw meat. Soon after, he discovered that he was inside a pond of boiling blood. All his clothes were dyed red.

Soft Feather stood up while inside the blood pond, but there was a pale layer of firefly-like glow keeping off the blood from her body.

Even if it seemed to be only ordinary women's clothing, what she was wearing was actually magical cultivators' clothing it was surely something that had been custom-made for her!