Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 418

Chapter 418 An Innate Inability In Regards To Sword Techniques
Chapter 418: An innate inability in regards to sword techniques

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"What?" Upon hearing Soft Feather's shout, Song Shuhang hurriedly lowered his head and looked at his chest thereafter, he saw a transparent, shrunken version of himself trying to get out of his body.

He had the exact same face, and even the bald head and the clothes on his body were the same. Furthermore, the mini Song Shuhang's clothes similarly had been stained with blood.

It was Song Shuhang's shrunken version!

"Eh?" Song Shuhang was dumbfounded... F*ck, what is this?

He subconsciously reached out with his hand and touched the transparent 'mini Song Shuhang'.


As soon as he touched mini Song Shuhang's head, he felt an ice-cold sensation transmit to his hand. It felt like touching the head of a doll made of rubber.

Immediately after, Song Shuhang felt as though someone was touching his own head.

Sensory sharing?

"Eeeeh?" Song Shuhang hurriedly let go as he thought of something. This 'mini-me'... couldn't be the ghost spirit, right?

However, how did his ghost spirit turn into this appearance?

The nearby Venerable Spirit Butterfly looked curiously at the mini Song Shuhang. "is that a ghost spirit?"

"I don't think so. Ghost spirits don't look like that." Soft Feather blinked her eyes. Then, she reached out her hand, and a transparent human-shaped ghost spirit appeared on her hand. It was her ghost spirit, its face indistinct.

Song Shuhang himself was baffled. "I don't know either. It used to look different in the past."

Venerable Spirit Butterfly asked out of curiosity, "Did little friend Song's ghost spirit undergo a mutation before?"

At one side, Venerable White nodded his head and replied, "Just once. When Shuhang was making a contract with the ghost spirit, a loose cultivator of the Fifth Stage crashed to our place and died. Perhaps because the soul of that cultivator dispersed next to it, little friend Shuhang's ghost spirit underwent a mutation at the time.

"..." Soft Feather.

"..." Liu Jianyi.

"..." Venerable Spirit Butterfly.

A Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor flew over just to die in front of Song Shuhang and trigger a mutation of the ghost spirit? How much more lucky could he get?

"But the mutation of the ghost spirit took place a long time ago! How did it suddenly take on the same appearance as me?" Song Shuhang scratched his bald head when he scratched his head, he remembered that his hair was gone...

On his chest, the mini Song Shuhang was also scratching his little bald head, looking very adorable.

"It's so lifelike, how cute." Soft Feather curiously reached her hand and grabbed mini Shuhang's bald head, pinching it.

"Agh, Soft Feather, don't use so much strength, be more gentle," Song Shuhang called outwhen Soft Feather was pressing the ghost spirit's head, he could also feel it. The feeling of having your head being pinched was particularly strange.

"It's so amusing. It would be great if my ghost spirit could mutate as well." Soft Feather laughed and poked the shiny bald head of the mini Shuhang.

"Lightly, lightly," Song Shuhang hurriedly called outthe head of the mini Shuhang was especially sensitive. Even though Soft Feather used only a bit of strength, it made his head feel very painful.

Venerable White thought about it and answered, "From the looks of it, it might be because the synchronization between the ghost spirit and you has been completed, hence it transformed."

It had been a while since Song Shuhang completed the contract with the ghost spirit.

Considering the time that passed, it should be about time for the synchronization to be completed.

"The synchronization is complete? Oh! Speaking of which, I do feel that my connection with the ghost spirit is no longer intermittent," said Song Shuhang joyfully.

In other words, the ghost spirit would incessantly refine the true qi within his body from now on, continuing to accumulate the true qi for him even when he was resting. The fully automated practice addon that one deserved!

"However, why did it suddenly leave my body?" asked Song Shuhang.

When he asked that question, a thought was transmitted to him from the ghost spirit.

The paintings of the 'sword technique'!

This was the reason the ghost spirit involuntarily came out from Song Shuhang's body.

"Oh, so that's the reason." Song Shuhang nodded his head and said, "Senior White, the four scrolls did not get caught in the explosion, right? Can you show them to me?"

Venerable White waved his hand, and the fragments of the blown up puppets were swept aside with just his thought.

Thereafter, he opened up all four scrolls, placing them in order.

Daoist Priest Li Tiansu, executing different poses, was painted on those enormous scrolls.

"Eh? Senior Song, isn't the ring on Daoist Priest Li Tiansu's finger the same as the one on your finger?" Soft Feather had sharp eyes. She could see at a glance that Song Shuhang's ancient bronze ring was exactly the same as the one on Daoist Priest's finger in the scrolls.

"Yes," Song Shuhang said with emotion, "the ring on my finger belongs to Daoist Priest Li Tiansu. Also, this daoist priest was the loose cultivator that came flying and died next to Venerable White and me while I was making a contract with the ghost spirit."

Soft Feather was speechless. It was too coincidental!

Liu Jianyi thought to himself, Senior White's legendary luck is actually so terrifying?

"Everything is ready. Now, let's see what the secret hidden within these paintings is." Song Shuhang rubbed his eyes and stared intensely at the scrolls.

On his chest, the mini Song Shuhang similarly rubbed his eyes and stared intensely at the scrolls.

One minute, two minutes, three minutes

Song Shuhang felt that his eyes were getting rather sore. 'Strange, could it be that the scrolls have a problem?'

The ghost spirit on his chest also looked perplexed. The feeling where the ghost spirit desired to come out of his Heart Aperture in Chu Chu's dreamland did not appear.

"Hehe, I saw it." At this time, Soft Feather laughed.

"What?" Song Shuhang turned his head around.

"The 'sword technique' hidden in the scrolls! I saw it with one glance; it was very easy! It's a rather interesting sword technique!" As Soft Feather was speaking, she lightly patted the butterfly-shaped treasured sword on her waist.

Soft Feather unsheathed and gripped the treasured sword, starting to execute the sword technique at a super-fast speed.

Over the time period of three breaths, Soft Feather had executed the 108 variations of the sword technique; the burst of sword light looked very spectacular.

Soft Feather's sword got faster and faster, as well as more and more dazzling. At last the 108 sword variations transformed into four unique sword styles. And within these four styles, each sword consisted of twenty-seven different variationsit was unpredictable and incomparably swift and violent.

What Soft Feather executed was similar to the sword technique Song Shuhang saw in Chu Chu's dreamland. Except that Soft Feather executed it in a more exquisite manner, eliminating a few unnecessary sword styles.

Song Shuhang agonizingly blinked his eyes... previously, he could still use the excuse that the four 'sword technique' scrolls were not assembled to console himself about being unable to see through the hidden sword technique. But right now it seemed that there was a problem with his comprehension skills.

To put it more accurately, there was a problem with his comprehension skills in regards to 'sword techniques'!

After all, his combat skillsfist techniques, daoist techniques, footworkhad already been acknowledged by Senior Medicine Master and Venerable White.

Am I destined to be unable to become a swordsman decked in elegant white clothes? Do I really have an 'innate inability' in regards to sword techniques?