Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 419

Chapter 419 What Is Senior Songs Clone Eating
Chapter 419: What is Senior Songs clone eating?

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No, I refuse to accept it!

Isn't it merely a 'sword technique'? I can't believe that I can't comprehend it! Song Shuhang widened his eyes once more, carefully watching every single detail he could find on the four paintings.

As the saying goes, everything comes to those who wait. This time, the scenery before Song Shuhang's eyes changed.

He saw he saw hundreds of Soft Feathers displaying their swordsmanship

It was the scene of Soft Feather brandishing her sword earlier. There were a total of 108 sword variations that fused together, giving birth to four unique sword styles. The numerous Soft Feathers continuously glittered before Song Shuhang's eyes, making his vision blurry.

...Am I having hallucinations?

Song Shuhang rubbed his eyes.

In the end I really don't have any talent when it comes to sword techniques?

In Li Tiansu's dreamland, Scarlet Heaven didn't teach him sword techniques. Instead, he decided to teach him the 'Flaming Saber Technique'... was it because he noticed that Shuhang had some talent in regards to saber techniques?

Such being the case, which dao name should he choose in the future?

Should he follow in Senior Thrice Reckless Mad Saber's footsteps and call himself 'Heavenly Saber Shuhang' or 'Thrice Song Phantom Saber'?

No, I don't want that!

Song Shuhang fiercely shook his head and tried to get those scary thoughts out of his head.

He opened his eyes wide and carefully looked at the paintings of the 'sword technique' again.

At this point, he didn't even want to comprehend the whole 'sword technique', just a small piece was fine!

Soon after, Song Shuhang saw something!

It was a scene full of Soft Feathers swinging their swords left and right with awe-inspiring sword light flashing by a scene with a lot of long legs.

I'm having hallucinations again!

Song Shuhang blinked his eyes a few times and prepared to let them rest a bit.

But just as he blinked, the scene on the paintings changed.

That scene full of Soft Feathers somehow merged with the four scrolls before his eyes.

It felt as though each Soft Feather went and occupied the black spaces in each painting.

After a short moment, the scenery changed once more!

A huge golden disc appeared in front of him.

The disc was as big as a small mountain and was made of layers upon layers of golden rings. There were almost 10,000 in total. Different numerical symbols, patterns, or letters were engraved on each ring.

"Clang, clang, clang~"

In the next moment, the golden disc started to rotate, while the 10,000 rings moved into different directions. Sometimes the 8000th ring would start to move, and at others times, it was the 4000th that would move. Sometimes, two rings would move at the same time.

It was an extremely complex mechanism.

Song Shuhang quickly understood what was going on this was the secret concealed inside the 'sword technique'.

This whole mechanism seemed incredibly complex. Song Shuhang tried his best to memorize all the steps in his mind.

Luckily, he had already reached the Second Stage True Master Realm. Otherwise, it would have been difficult to note down all these passages with the memory of a cultivator of the First Stage!

Finally, the golden disc completed its transformation. The numbers, patterns, and letters on each ring finally merged together to form the picture of a human.

Two horns were growing on the head of this human, and mysterious runes were tattooed all over his body. He looked like an ancient magician from remote times.

When Song Shuhang saw the picture of this ancient magician, he felt somewhat uneasy.


After reaching this point, the scene before Song Shuhang's returned to normality.

Song Shuhang felt extremely exhausted, to the point that even standing up was difficult.

The nearby Venerable Spirit Butterfly stretched out his hand and gently supported him. Then, he took out a medicinal pill and squeezed it in his mouth.

After the pill melted in his mouth, Song Shuhang felt a refreshing feeling gush into every corner of his body, erasing all his exhaustion. "Thank you, Senior Spirit Butterfly."

Venerable Spirit Butterfly smiled and asked, "What did you see?"

"It was an incredibly complex golden disc made of over 10,000 rings. In the end, the rings of the disc moved until they formed the picture of a man with two horns growing on his head and mysterious runes tattooed all over his body." Song Shuhang described what he saw.

"Eh? Senior Song didn't see the 'sword technique'?" Soft Feather asked out of curiosity.

"No." Song Shuhang's eyes teared up a little it seemed he really had no talent for sword techniques.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly faintly smiled and said, "It might be the key to a certain secret realm. If even the method to open this secret realm is so complex, its level mustn't be low."

Venerable White smiled and nodded. "It sounds like an interesting place."

"Secret realm" Song Shuhang rubbed his temples.

Then, he unconsciously blurted out, "A forbidden area!"

"?" The people on the scene were confused.

"Let me recall a few things." Song Shuhang carefully thought of the past events, trying to recall the life experiences of the loose cultivator Li Tiansu.

At the time, the dream about Li Tiansu was divided into two parts.

When the second part of the dream ended, Song Shuhang discovered that Li Tiansu sold all his family property to cure his daughter's illness, getting seriously indebted in the process. Afterward, the illness of the daughter flared up again, aggravating her condition. Cold qi exploded from her body, directly creating an ice coffin all around her body and imprisoning her inside.

In the end, Li Tiansu had no choice but to seal his daughter inside an immortal cave and lock the entrance.

Afterward, he made up his mind and headed toward the forbidden area in the hopes of finding a cure for his ill daughter.

Song Shuhang's dream about Li Tiansu's life experiences was in no way complete in fact, he knew almost nothing about happened inside the forbidden area.

After seeing that golden disc earlier, fragmentary memories of the dreamland resurfaced in Song Shuhang's mind. He faintly remembered the presence of a huge golden disc when Daoist Priest Li Tiansu entered that area to explore it.

Li Tiansu activated the disc to open the forbidden area and enter it!

He wasn't mistaken about this point. The golden disc was the key Li Tiansu used to enter the forbidden area.

But in the end, he failed in his quest. He traveled thousands of miles and crashed next to Song Shuhang and Venerable White, dying and leaving his equipment behind...

"That place is a forbidden area. In there, Daoist Priest Li Tiansu received the severe wound that caused his death. The golden disc is the key to enter the place," Song Shuhang muttered.

Venerable White pondered for a moment and asked, "Do you happen to know the location of that secret realm?"

"I'm not sure. The information regarding the 'forbidden area' is incomplete." Song Shuhang shook his head and said, "But there is a person that might know about the location of that secret realm."

Song Shuhang tried to recall a certain scene from Li Tiansu's dreamland after all, Li Tiansu didn't go there only once.

Over twenty years ago, Li Tiansu entered that place with a good friend. However, they didn't even reach the place where the golden disc was located when Li Tiansu's friend was severely injured. Due to this reason, the plan to explore the forbidden area was canceled.

After receiving that severe wound, Li Tiansu's friend had no choice but to return to his home to recover.

And this friend of Li Tiansu happened to be a senior of the Chu Family.

This senior of the Chu Family met Daoist Priest Li Tiansu 150 years ago, and Li Tiansu seemed to really care about him. Even these paintings containing the 'sword technique' and the key to the forbidden area were things that Li Tiansu gifted to this good friend of his hundred years ago.

"A senior of the Chu Family went there with Daoist Priest Li Tiansu once. Hence, he might know about the location of the forbidden area," Song Shuhang replied.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly, Soft Feather, and Liu Jianyi silently nodded. Although they didn't know how Song Shuhang obtained this information, it was likely that the Chu Family knew about the location of the forbidden area.

Then, Song Shuhang glanced at the fragments of the blown up 'She Lan' and black dragon puppet. "Actually, if Senior White hadn't disassembled that black dragon, causing that explosion earlier, we might have asked this Mr. She Lan about the location of the forbidden area. After all, he put in so much effort to steal the paintings from the Chu Family. Therefore, there was a chance he might know about the position of that place as well."

"It seems reasonable." Venerable Spirit Butterfly nodded in agreement.

"Haha" Venerable White was a bit embarrassed and made a hollow laugh.

"Senior White, I advise you to make a video the next time you start disassembling something. Both the missile and the black dragon puppet were ruined after you disassembled them. If you had recorded the process before proceeding with the disassembling, you could have taken a look at the recording while assembling them back. With that, there wouldn't have been any explosions, and everyone would have been happy!" Song Shuhang seized the opportunity to make this suggestion to Venerable White.

He felt that Senior White's hobby to disassemble things was too dangerous. It would be rather fearsome to get home one day and discover that all the electric equipment was malfunctioning and exploding as soon as touched.

"Haha" Senior White made another hollow laugh.

Then, seeing that Song Shuhang still wanted to go on, Venerable White tried to change the topic of conversation forcefully. "Eh? Shuhang, how come there is all this blood dripping from your body? You'll get a cold if you keep wearing those drenched clothes of yours, it's not good for your health. Come, let me help you dry them!"

"Senior White, don't try to shift the topic of conversation wait a moment Senior White, what are you doing?" Song Shuhang called out.

Without waiting for Song Shuhang to reject, Venerable White pushed his hand toward him, and a burst of spiritual energy covered his body.

Soon after, Song Shuhang felt the blood in veins boil as though he was about to explode. His whole body was on fire!

"Aaaaaah! Hot, hot, hot! Senior White, it's too hot! Stop quickly!" Song Shuhang started to scream. Very soon, the clothes he was wearing indeed dried up.

Not only his clothes, his whole body dried up as well. It felt as though all the water inside his body had evaporated, even his lips were dry and cracked.

After his blood-drenched clothes dried up, the blood turned into a crust that stuck to his body, looking rather disgusting.

"Senior Song, what thing is your clone eating?" Soft Feather curiously asked at this time...