Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 42

Chapter 42 Altar Master Who Was Scared Silly
Chapter 42: Altar Master who was Scared Silly

That makes sense, youre a loose cultivator, and need a lot of things from the mortal world. In the future, whether its the exercising equipment for cultivation, a place for cultivation, or medicinal ingredients that even ordinary people can buy, they all need large amounts of money from the mortal world. In the phrase wealth, women, fortune, land, the word wealth comes first after all. Medicine Master laughed out loud as he spoke. The wealth he mentioned was obviously not ordinary money. It referred more to the goods that cultivators used to exchange amongst themselves, like heavenly treasures, precious herbs, high quality pills, magical treasures and more.

I dont know about the wealth and income of the other members of the group but I can pass on some of my methods of accumulating wealth to you. Anyway, the riches of the mortal world no longer mean anything to me, Medicine Master laughed. When you have mastered the foundations, I will teach you how to refine some medicines that are useless to cultivators but are very effective on normal people. Then, I will teach you to scam, oops, I mean I will teach you how to earn money till you feel like you have too much .

Song Shuhangs eyes lit up.

Then, Senior, do you need me to help you with anything? Song Shuhang knew a tradition of the group was that there would only be reciprocation if he helped others. Even North River Loose Practitioners offer to gift him foundation techniques yesterday was an investment.

Haha, little friend Song Shuhang has gotten used to the exchanges of the Nine Provinces Chatroom this quickly? Medicine Master smiled and replied, Back to the point, that year I built the money-making channels, the main reason was not for profit but rather in order to retrieve twenty kinds of special deep-sea medicinal herbs every year from another party. How about this later on, I will teach you how to refine an interesting medicine. Then, youll be in charge of making some every year to exchange with the other party. When you receive the twenty kinds of medicinal herbs and mortal money, just give me a forty-percent cut. Consider the remaining sixty-percent my payment for employing you. Well discuss the details of the transaction after youve successfully mastered the foundations.

Song Shuhang didnt know how much the 60% of mortal world assets were worth, but he happily agreed to Medicine Masters request.

The two chatted as they walked.

Very soon they arrived at the small alley in Auspicious Street where, our hero with the surname Song valiantly saved a beauty the day before.

Huh? Medicine Master suddenly stopped.

Then, he fiercely turned around and stared at the back of the alley; his gaze was as sharp as a sword and could pierce through a persons heart!

Whats wrong, Senior? Song Shuhang asked in bewilderment.

A brief second later, Medicine Master turned around with a smile, Its nothing, just a few annoying stalkers. Theres always people who like to order a few grunts to tail me every time I go out, either to try to get closer to me and ask me to help them refine some medicine, or to investigate whether Im out looking for some valuable herbs and pick up the leftovers. Its precisely because of these annoying idiots that every time I go out to dig herbs, Ill transplant even the most ordinary Morning Dew Mysterious Grass. I wont leave them a single bit!

So it turns out that Senior Medicine Master is a treasure detector in human form? He always manages to find places with medicinal ingredients?

Why else would people specially follow him to pick up his scraps?

Also, Medicine Master seems to possess ardent hatred for those stalkers.

Deep inside the small alley, a figure weakly leaned against the wall. He took out a cigarette with shaking hands and quietly lit it up. He then displayed a signature forced smile; his forced smile was one that could make others feel his incomparable agony even if they were a hundred miles away.

It was precisely that person whose backstory could be written into a tragic novel, the Altar Master.

What terrifying energy. This is the pressure created by the sheer difference in our power levels.

In that moment when Medicine Master was staring at him, he felt as if he was on the verge of death.

Altar Master came to the Jiang Nan region by following Song Shuhangs trail. He wanted to obtain a spirit ghost, while Song Shuhang and Soft Feather each had one.

However, there was no need to even consider the one that was with Soft Feather.

That lady had come all the way from a distant place to fetch that spirit ghost and definitely attached great importance to it. Furthermore, she had superior strength and a powerful family. Altar Master resigned himself to the fact that even if he knelt down and took out all of his property, that young lady still wouldnt glance at him. To acquire the spirit ghost in her possession was simply impossible.

As for directly robbing her? Altar Master didnt even consider this option. He felt that even if there were ten of him attacking her at once, it still wouldnt be enough to fight her alone.

Instead, that mysterious Senior Song seemed to have no real attachment to his spirit ghost. At that time it was only after Soft Feathers repeated requests that he accepted it. Perhaps this Senior Song was truly powerful and wasnt interested in spirit ghosts. In that case, perhaps he truly had a chance to trade for the spirit ghost!

Altar Master looked forward to that and secretly sent men to follow Song Shuhang.

He also ordered his subordinates to collect as much information on Senior Song as possible, to see if this senior required anything. If he could find out what this senior wanted, it would make the trade a lot easier.

One day later, Senior Songs personal information was quickly sent into the hands of Altar Master by his subordinates.

Song Shuhang, Male. 18 years old. Jiang Nan Universitys Mechanical Engineering Discipline, Machinery Designs and Manufacturing Facultys 19th department 43rd class student, and a graduate of Luo Lin 1st Middle School.

Currently lives in Jiang Nan University City.

An ordinary young man with a perfectly clean record clearly stated in his personal information, and he is also a good student whos willing to help others.

When Altar Master saw the personal information of this mysterious Senior Song, he was completely stupefied.

Did he read correctly? Was his vision unclear? Does this information really belong to a cultivator and not an ordinary university student?

Is this information fake? This was the first thought that came into his mind.

He stared at this data for a very long while, but the young man with a gentle smile in the passport photo on the data was undoubtedly that Senior Song.

Altar Master held onto that sheet of information, lost in thought.

His mind was a chaotic mess, countless possibilities unceasingly surfaced.

In the end, he decided to personally tail Song Shuhang.

He wanted to confirm whether there was a mistake in his subordinates report. In the end, was Song Shuhang a powerful cultivator, or an ordinary man?

If this Senior Song is truly just an ordinary person, retrieving the spirit ghost would be no effort at all!

At that time, the Altar Master swore in his heart. If that Song Shuhang was an ordinary person, he would skin him alive and rip apart every tendon, then extract his spirit and turn it into a vicious ghost. Only this would soothe the hatred he felt from being terrified for so many days.

Therefore. He personally rushed to Jiang Nan University City.

When he arrived in the Jiang Nan region, he just happened to see Song Shuhang setting off with a very fashionable-looking visual kei man.

He very carefully tailed them, doing his best to conceal his presence. After all, before he could verify whether Song Shuhang was indeed a powerful senior or a normal person, he needed to be somewhat more careful and vigilant.

He felt that he concealed himself rather well, because Song Shuhang and that visual kei man didnt notice him at all.

He would first observe this Song Shuhang for a few days, then find the opportunity to test the waters and check if this Song Shuhang was a cultivator or a plebeian! At least, this was what he had planned.

However, right as he felt that he was doing a good job at concealing himself, the visual kei man who walked side by side with Song Shuhang turned around and stared at him.

That pair of smoky eyes, they were as sharp as daggers! That gaze, it was akin to an eagle soaring above the clouds looking down at a flock of quails.

It was also like a primordial demon, maliciously smiling at an ant at his fingertips.

Utterly terrifying, just where did this saint hail from?

Altar Master was originally a cowardly and cautious person. For someone like him, the longer he lived, the more cowardly and cautious he became.

He had been scared silly.

After smoking a cigarette, Altar Masters trembling hands finally calmed down.

No matter how afraid he was, he still had to do what he had to do.

After forcefully extinguishing the cigarette, Altar Master forced himself to calm down. This time, once I retrieve my spirit ghost, I will return to my hometown in the extreme north and properly cultivate.

However, I should wait for Song Shuhang to first separate from that visual kei man before waiting for an opportunity to make a move.

Waiting for an opportunity to make a move yet again.