Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 420

Chapter 420 Do You Want To Sweep Countless Battlefields Without Suffering A Single Defeat
Chapter 420: Do you want to sweep countless battlefields without suffering a single defeat?

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"What?" Song Shuhang lowered his head and looked toward his chest it was at that point that he saw the ghost spirit trying to slurp something as though it was slurping noodles.

However, the ghost spirit was too fast, and Song Shuhang was unable to see clearly what it ate.

At the same time, he felt a slippery feeling inside his throat due to the senses he shared with the ghost spirit. It felt as though he had swallowed fresh bean jelly; it tasted quite good.

"Hey, hey, hey. What did you just eat?!" Song Shuhang called out.

He knew that his ghost spirit had become somewhat special after the mutation. For example, it could eat curses and swallow down resentful souls.

But what did it eat just now? Did it eat a resentful ghost or something of the sort? If it really ate a ghost, that feeling from before was somewhat disgusting!

The ghost spirit transmitted its thoughts to Song Shuhang: Tasty, very tasty thing.

"..." Song Shuhang.

As expected, he felt that refreshing feeling in his mouth because the ghost spirit ate a soul? It seemed he had to quickly comprehend how to control the sensory organs he shared with the ghost spirit so that he could turn them off while the ghost spirit was eating.

"Are you hungry?" After heaving a sigh, Song Shuhang opened his size-reducing purse and took out a few soul beads, feeding them to the ghost spirit.

When the ghost spirit ate the soul bead, Song Shuhang felt as though he was eating chocolate; it was a very similar feeling.

When the nearby Venerable Spirit Butterfly saw the rabbit-shaped size-reducing purse, a gratified expression suddenly appeared on his face.

"Soft Feather, do you want some?" Song Shuhang conveniently handed some of the soul beads to Soft Feather.

"What are these?" Soft Feather took the soul beads and asked out of curiosity. At the same time, she prepared to throw them into her mouth and taste them.

"Wait, it's not for you." Song Shuhang quickly stopped her. "Those are soul beads, and it's apparently something ghost spirits eat like to eat."

Song Shuhang wasn't too sure either. After all, his ghost spirit had undergone a mutation, and it was unknown if other ghost spirits liked to eat 'soul beads' too.

Soft Feather summoned her ghost spirit and gave it the soul bead. Her ghost spirit cautiously took the bead. Then, it opened its mouth and swallowed it down.

After eating the soul bead, it returned inside Soft Feather's body, getting ready to absorb the energy inside the bead.

"It tastes like chocolate." Soft Feather smacked her lips. After all, she had already completed the synchronization with the ghost spirit. "Senior, do you have some more?"

"I have some more, but I didn't carry them with me this time. I'll send them to you via express delivery once I return home," Song Shuhang replied.

"No problem. At the time, I'll give you the mailing address and the contact details of the special courier of our Spirit Butterfly Island," Soft Feather said with a smile.

The nearby Venerable Spirit Butterfly was speechless.

If little friend Song Shuhang were to discover the address of the island, wouldn't he and Soft Feather frequently mail each other things?

After going back, it perhaps would be time to change the location of the island once more. To ensure that the Spirit Butterfly Island remained a mysterious place, Venerable Spirit Butterfly used to shift its position at intervals of hundred years.

Inside the smelted cave.

Everything related to the mister and the 'sword technique' had come to an end.

"Senior White, are we going to prepare the road for the race now?" Song Shuhang asked while putting away the paintings of the 'sword technique'.

They had already uncovered the secret within the paintings. Therefore, they didn't need them anymore. If possible, it was better to return them to the Chu Family.

Moreover, Song Shuhang had already lost all hope in regards to sword techniques. Even after trying for a while, he had been unable to derive his own sword technique from the paintings.

It seemed there was no fate between him and this 'sword technique'.

Right at this time, Venerable White said with a faint smile, "Yes. But before leaving, we should return the 'sword technique' to the rightful owner."

After saying this much, Venerable White turned his head around and looked toward a blind spot above the smelted cave. "Fellow Daoist Chu, you can come out. We don't have ill intentions towards your Chu Family, and we have no intention to steal your 'sword technique', either."

As soon as Venerable White finished speaking, the ancestor of the Chu Family, Chu Kangbo, came out from that place with an embarrassed look on his face.

Then, he arrived in front of Venerable White and the others and meticulously greeted them. "Chu Kangbo is very pleased to meet these two Seniors, this other Fellow Daoist, and these two little friends."

After properly greeting them, his gaze fell on the ancient bronze ring on Song Shuhang finger. After seeing it, he faintly sighed.

When the person Chu Chu sent over told him about everything that happened, Chu Kangbo headed out at full speed, following the trails of the mister and arriving at this smelted cave.

Just as he arrived on the scene, he saw Song Shuhang uncovering the secret of the paintings and the two seniors talking about his old friend Li Tiansu.

When he heard about Li Tiansu's death, he was shocked someone as powerful as Fellow Daoist Li Tiansu had actually died!

"A senior of the Chu Family?" Song Shuhang missed Chu Kangbo's battle on the Grievance Settling Platform. Hence, he was unaware of Chu Kangbo's identity.

Moreover, his voice had already returned to normal. Otherwise, who knew what Chu Kangbo might think after hearing him speak with Chu Chu's voice.

Chu Kangbo nodded and said in a genteel way, "This Chu is the grandfather of the current leader of the Chu Family."

After hearing his pedantic speech, Song Shuhang felt his teeth ache.

"Senior, you came here just in time. This is the 'sword technique' of your Chu Family. Now, it can finally return to the rightful owner," Song Shuhang said to Chu Kangbo as he handed over the four paintings.

"This Chu is very grateful for what you did, and the entire Chu Family will remember the kindness of this little friend." Chu Kangbo received the four paintings with a solemn expression on his face.

Then, he pondered for a moment and took out a small ancient book from his clothes, giving it to Song Shuhang.

It was not an exaggeration to say that these four paintings containing the 'sword technique' were the foundation of the Chu Family. The fact that Song Shuhang retrieved them and returned them was a huge favor. Therefore, Chu Kangbo needed to show some gratitude.

Otherwise, wouldn't he look impolite and petty in front of these two seniors?

Therefore, he took this ancient book out of his clothes. He obtained this book when he rushed inside the abandoned mansion of an ancient immortal together with Fellow Daoist Li Tiansu.

The book contained a saber technique, and the creator of the technique had already reached the pinnacle in certain aspects of this field.

Unfortunately, the content of the book was fragmentary, and only the first three styles of the saber technique were still intact.

"The Chu Family will always remember the kindness of this little friend. If this little friend needs help with something in the future, the Chu Family will not shrink back and go through fire and water for you. This Chu doesn't have what good gift to give you except for this book containing a saber technique. I hope you'll accept this first meeting gift," Chu Kangbo said.

A saber technique The corner of Song Shuhang's mouth twitched, but after seeing Chu Kangbo expectant look, he had no choice but to accept the book.

After returning the 'sword technique' to the rightful owner, he obtained a saber technique.

Was it fate?

Song Shuhang casually flipped through the book.

The name of the saber technique was rather cool; it was called Inverted Scale Saber Technique.

Dragons are said to have inverted scales, and when these scales are touched, the dragon gets incredibly angry. Is this a technique that uses one's anger to release powerful attacks?

After thinking this much, Song Shuhang flipped through the pages of the book with much interest but soon after, he discovered that the effects of the technique were completely different than what the name suggested.

The saber technique had three styles, the Dragon Dance Style, the Dragon Scale Style, and the Inverted Scale Style.

All these names were very cool and a million times better than stuff like 'Basic Fist Number One'!

At least, Song Shuhang wouldn't have to worry about the enemy shouting cool names such as 'Beyond the Heavens Flying Immortal Sword', while he was stuck with lame stuff such as 'Basic Fist Number One'! If the name of the attack was too lame, his morale would drop by five points even before the start of the battle!

However, these three saber styles were a bit strange.

Their attack power was nil.

All the three styles were 'defensive' saber styles. With the Dragon Dance style, a thousand evils could not influence one's body; the Dragon Scale style could protect the body from head to toe; meanwhile, the Inverted Scale Style was the strongest defensive move!

Was the senior that created these saber styles someone with too much imagination and thus ended up on a devious path? The saber was a tyrannical weapon with a very high attack power...

But the three styles of the Inverted Scale Saber Technique were all defensive styles!

Do you want to sweep countless battlefields without suffering a single defeat?

Do you want to boast in front of others and claim that you haven't a lost a single time in your life? In that case, you should try the Inverted Scale Saber Technique!

But after bragging in front of others, you would secretly think to yourself: I've never lost but I've never won, either!

Song Shuhang sighed with emotion and put away the Inverted Scale Saber Technique.

When he was putting the saber technique away, Song Shuhang suddenly thought of something when he looked at the contents of the saber technique earlier, he felt that the text flowed so naturally and there weren't any difficult points...

And this happened even though the mnemonics of the saber technique were written like ancient Chinese texts and thus very difficult to grasp!

Ah is it possible that I will be able to use only the saber in this life of mine? Is the nickname 'Thrice Song Tyrannical Saber waving its hands at me?

Song Shuhang:

Chu Kangbo pondered for a moment and said, "About that forbidden area that my good friend Li Tiansu discovered this Chu can tell you its exact location if you wish."

"Oh?" Venerable White faintly smiled and asked, "Is there something you want to request in exchange?"

"This Chu has only one request." Chu Kangbo kneeled on the ground and said solemnly, "This Chu's deceased friend had a seriously ill daughter. Her body would incessantly produce cold qi, and if left alone, it would cover her whole body and turn her into an ice statue.

Fellow Daoist Li Tiansu had only one wish while alive, and that wish was to find a way to completely cure his ill daughter. According to Fellow Daoist Li Tiansu's estimates, there should be a method to cure the disease inside the forbidden area. If you seniors were to find something of the sort inside the forbidden area, I beseech you to save Fellow Daoist Li Tiansu's daughter. This Chu would be eternally grateful if you could do this."

So that was it!

"I understand," Venerable White said calmly. "If we find a cure in there, we'll bring it back with us."

When Venerable White asked Li Tiansu about his name after he crashed next to them, he had already accepted the karma that would come with him.