Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 421

Chapter 421 A Fearsome Cooperation Between Giants
Chapter 421: A fearsome cooperation between giants

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Venerable White wasn't the only one related to him, because there was even a deeper relationship between Song Shuhang and the loose cultivator Li Tiansu. If they were to find a cure for Li Tiansu's daughter, Venerable White wouldn't mind bringing it back.

After hearing this much, Song Shuhang touched his chest. Perhaps the ghost spirit wasn't interested in those four paintings merely because the key to the forbidden area was hidden within... maybe it reacted that way because the cure to Li Tiansu's daughter's disease was within the forbidden area as well?

But what was Li Tiansu's daughter's current situation? Was she still alive?

"Senior, this Chu will thank you in Fellow Daoist Li Tiansu's stead," Chu Kangbo said resolutely. Then, he stood up and said, "This Chu has a detailed map of the forbidden area Fellow Daoist Li discovered, as well as the details up to the point the two of us explored. After we return to the Chu Family, I'll give the map and the notes I took to you two seniors."

Although they weren't able to reach the entrance of the forbidden area the first time they tried to explore it, Chu Kangbo still noted down all the dangers they encountered during the journey.

Venerable White smiled and said, "In that case, you can give me the map tomorrow when I come as a guest to your Chu Family with the other fellow daoists."

"That is also fine. I'll return first and settle the chaos inside the Chu Family. Then, I'll wait for the arrival of fellow daoists and seniors," Chu Kangbo said.

After saying this much, Chu Kangbo headed toward the Chu Family with the four paintings of the 'sword technique'. He had to bring the lost treasure back and restore the order inside the family.

After Chu Kangbo left, Soft Feather pulled Song Shuhang and her Senior Brother Liu Jianyi along and started to explore the smelted cave.

The smelted cave was that mister's secret base. Therefore, there were some treasures lying around.

In the end, Soft Feather and Song Shuhang indeed found some 'treasures'.

Countless barrels of fresh blood scary patches of human skin with runes engraved upon them, as well as some mechanical puppet parts and a few spirit stones.

The smelted cave seemed to be a temporary dwelling of that mister and thus didn't have many precious things.

Soft Feather, Song Shuhang, and Liu Jianyi divided the small number of spirit stones and used a fire technique to destroy the skin and the fresh blood...

As soon as the trio returned to the entrance of the smelted cave, they heard Venerable White saying, "Fellow Daoist Spirit Butterfly, Song Shuhang and I have to prepare the track for the race. Therefore, we'll take our leave."

"Track for the race? What track for the race?" Soft Feather asked out of curiosity.

Venerable White smiled and explained, "I assembled the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group because I wanted to hold a 'hand-guided tractor competition'. Therefore, I have to prepare a very interesting track where we can race."

Venerable Spirit Butterfly was surprised. "What?"

A hand-guided tractor competition?

Immediately after, Venerable Spirit Butterfly imagined the scene where the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group were sticking out their butts and shaking left and right along the rumbling hand-guided tractors.

Ah, just thinking about it makes me laugh it's going to be an amusing scene.

Soft Feather raised her hand said, "Ahaha, I know, I know! After all, Venerable White sent some pictures recently. I'm sure that this hand-guided tractor competition will be very interesting!"

"..." Song Shuhang.

When did Senior White send pictures to the group? I've accompanied him all the time, and yet, I didn't notice anything?

"Yes. I also find the idea of holding a hand-guided tractor competition very interesting." Venerable White nodded and added, "Fellow Daoist Spirit Butterfly, do you want to participate as well?"

Venerable Spirit Butterfly gently smiled and said, "I thank Fellow Daoist White for the invitation, but certain matters at the Spirit Butterfly Island require my presence. Therefore, I'll have no choice but to take a rain check on the competition."

He was the cool and handsome Venerable Spirit Butterfly; he didn't want to associate himself with hand-guided tractors or the likes!

"Father, I want to participate! I want to stay here!" Soft Feather quickly said.

The corner of Venerable Spirit Butterfly's eye faintly twitched. However, he couldn't bear to let his daughter down. After all, he already enjoyed the 'disposable meteor sword' in her stead. Such being the case, he couldn't prevent her from participating in the hand-guided tractor competition.

"Fine, but behave and don't cause trouble for the seniors of the group! Otherwise, I'll immediately come over and bring you back to the Spirit Butterfly Island!" Venerable Spirit Butterfly pampered his daughter.

"Father is the best! I love you!" Soft Feather said with a smile.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly's mood improved by 1000 points.

Now that his mood was very good, Venerable Spirit Butterfly patted his chest and said to Venerable White, "Fellow Daoist White, I remembered that the affair on the Spirit Butterfly Island is not so urgent. Therefore, what if I help you arrange the track for the race before I go back? After all, I have a certain experience in arranging roads and similar matters."

After all, Venerable Spirit Butterfly personally devised the whole layout of the Spirit Butterfly Island.

Therefore, he knew well how to modify the race track to make it more 'exciting'.

After hearing this much, Venerable White's mood also improved by 1000 points. "That's great! In that case, let's work together and create the most exciting and amusing race track ever! The first hand-guided tractor competition of the world of cultivators must leave a beautiful and everlasting memory in everyone's minds."

"Fellow Daoist White, that's precisely what I was about to say," Venerable Spirit Butterfly said with a smile.

Venerable White smiled as well.

One of the smiles was incredibly handsome, and the other extremely gentle and beautiful. It was such a picturesque scene!

Song Shuhang quietly turned around and prayed for the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group. Two seniors of the Venerable rank were working together to create an exciting and unforgettable race track...

This fearsome collaboration between two giants wouldn't give any chance of survival to the participants!

I wish for the seniors of the group to have fun?

Should I wish ahead of time for them to receive eternal glory after their deaths?

Song Shuhang didn't want to have anything to do with this hand-guided tractor competition!

He was still hoping to live for a few more years!

On another side.

The efficiency of True Monarch Yellow Mountain's subordinates was very high.

Brand-new hand-guided tractors were quickly delivered in front of the various fellow daoists, lined up in rows and covering the whole area in front of the Grievance Settling Platform.

Moreover, tools to modify vehicles, tools to refine weapons, special ink and brushes to engrave formations, and talisman papers were delivered as well to meet the needs of each fellow daoist.

Additionally, there was a chest with medicinal pills and a wooden box with a treasure inside. These were the gifts the fellow daoists of the group and Yellow Mountain himself wanted to give to Song Shuhang.

Inside the wooden box was the treasure True Monarch Yellow Mountain wanted to gift to Shuhang for taking care of Doudou all this time a set of magical clothing of the Second Stage rank, the emerald-green kasaya!