Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 424

Chapter 424 Doudous Nemesis
Chapter 424: Doudous nemesis

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Song Shuhang said, "In that case, I'll have to trouble you with my expressions package, Soft Feather."

"Just leave it to me, Senior Song!" Soft Feather patted her big chest, assuring him. "It will be beautiful!"

"Thank you, Soft Feather!"

"You're welcome, Senior Song!"

"However, Soft Feather, could you remove the picture of me in the black skirt? That one is too embarrassing."

"No problem, Senior Song. I will settle it well for you, trust me!"

"Alright, let me say this earnestly once more, I will leave my expressions package to you, Soft Feather!"

"Just leave it to me, Senior Song!"

"Thank you once again, Soft Feather."

"Please don't stand on ceremony, Senior Song!"

For some reason, Song Shuhang eyes started tearing up.

As they were speaking...

"Look, Senior Song. There's a meteor!" Soft Feather suddenly said. "Three of them even, let's wish upon them. Do you have any wishes, Senior Song?"

Song Shuhang stared at the sky and realized that the three meteors were quickly descending while following a strange trajectory.

Song Shuhang speedily made three wishes. I don't want to take part in the hand-guided tractor competition I don't want to take part in the hand-guided tractor competition I don't want to take part in the hand-guided tractor competition!


Wait a minute!

Amongst the three meteors... one of them suddenly started spinning like a windmill while flying; the other one suddenly started moving in a Z-shape trajectory while flying; the last one did not undergo any change for the moment.

Why is this scene rather familiar?

Additionally, those three meteors seem to be coming in our direction?

Ah, I understand. Those aren't meteors those are disposable meteor swords 001 edition in meteor shower mode, except that the meteor shower's descent was a little delayed.

The three meteors got closer and closer, Song Shuhang and the others could already hear miserable shrieks.

"Aaaaaaah" The first one was a refreshing and high-pitched male voice. The person shouting made absolutely no attempts to hide his own feelingshis voice was overflowing with enthusiasm, and if he wanted to shout, he would shout to his heart's content.

"Aaaah aaaah aaaah" A forcefully repressed shriek with a gentle and neutral low-pitched voicethe person shouting seemed to be trying his best not to scream. However, he was unable to hold back, and his scream became rather weird.


The last scream was a silent one, his entire voice was firmly and entirely stifled.

The three figures got nearer and nearer.

Amongst them, the last figure was a bald senior monk. His palms were placed together and his mouth tenaciously shut, not making a single sound.

When Song Shuhang saw him, his mind immediately linked him to one of Nine Provinces Number One Group's seniorsGreat Master Profound Principle.

Only Great Master Profound Principle, who was in silent meditation, would be able to force himself not to make a single sound under such circumstances.

However, Shuhang did not expect that even a Great Master would be sent over with the disposable meteor sword 001 edition. A senior monk of virtue and prestige like Great Master Profound Principle couldn't resist using Senior White's expression package either...? Even a senior monk was actively courting deathSong Shuhang had thoroughly lost hope in the Nine Provinces Number One Group's basic ability not to seek death.

The figure in the middle, who tried his best to stifle his scream but ended up making odd noises, was a long-haired man who casually tied his hair into a ponytail. He seemed to be practicing some special cultivation technique, and his skin was as white as jade. Most importantly, his face was wearing thick black-framed glassescould cultivators even have myopia? Or was it just for show?

The last one, who was yelling heroically, was a black man? He wasn't an African black uncle, but a man with dark skin and a buzz cut. His scream was completely unrestrained and resounding.

The reason their arrival was delayed was that the locations of the sects they were in were relatively peculiar.

For example, half of the Faraway Wandering Temple was in the real world, and the other half was in a different dimension.

When Venerable White's gift activated, they were launched into the sky with the coiling flight feature of the disposable meteor sword 001 edition. Then, they spun inside their sect or immortal cave in a different dimension for a long time.
After spinning around in circles for a while, they came to a realization...

Therefore, the three of them finally took control of the different dimension they were in with much difficulty and opened the door this was the reason for the delay.

Coincidentally, the three of them ultimately gathered together to form the last wave of 'little meteor shower'.

The far-off Venerable White could sense the descending disposable meteor sword 001 edition in the sky. Since he was in the midst of arranging the race track, he could not let the descending meteor shower destroy the race track he was preparing.

Hence, Senior White stretched out his finger.

The three twisted meteors in the sky landed next to Song Shuhang and company.

"Awesome, awesome!" Soft Feather's eyes lit up. She felt that the disposable meteor sword was truly exciting. In a while, she was planning to ask Senior White for another gift so that she could 'pew~' into the sky as well.

Three pits formed in the ground.

Great Master Profound Principle was the first person to climb out of the pit. He stared at Song Shuhang and company and smiled, placing his palms together before bowing.

After Senior White sent to the group the 'starry sky bungee jumping' picture he took with Song Shuhang, all the seniors in the group engraved in their minds the little fellow who was brave enough to sacrifice himself. Even though he was now bald, his face was easily recognizable.

"Hello, Great Master Profound Principle." Song Shuhang also placed his palms together before bowing back to him.

Soft Feather, who was next to him, as well as Liu Jianyi, similarly bowed and said, "Hello, Great Master Profound Principle."

After Great Master Profound Principle was done greeting them, his gaze shifted to Venerable White and Venerable Spirit Butterfly who were far away. The Great Master's right eye started twitching as though he was having a spasm that could not stop.

"..." Great Master Profound Principle.

He kept having the feeling that a disaster was going to strike. He was wondering if there was still time for him to leave the place to return to his Faraway Wandering Temple...

Thereafter, the other two unknown seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group also came out of their respective pits.

The dark-skinned senior on the left smiled widely at Song Shuhang, and with the standard smile and pearly whites, he said, "You should be little friend Song Shuhang. Your reputation precedes you. Not bad, not bad."

"Senior, you're too kind." Song Shuhang felt embarrassed.

The dark-skinned senior smiled. "I am 'Sun Splitting Halberd' Guo Da of the Nine Provinces Number One Group. I came out of my secluded meditation that lasted for three years only a few days ago. Hence, little friend Shuhang most likely did not see me appear in the group before. However, I am very well-aware of your past achievements. The fellow daoists in the group also spoke very highly of you."

"The seniors have spoken too highly of me." Song Shuhang smiled shyly.

"Hello, Senior Guo Da." Soft Feather stepped up and bowed. Thereafter, she secretly sent a message via secret sound transmission to Shuhang, and explained, "Senior Song, this Senior Guo Da is very famous in the group. Both him and Senior Thrice Reckless Mad Saber are the two distinguished people in the group."

Song Shuhang blinked his eyes... Could it be that this dark-skinned Senior Guo Da is as good at courting death as Senior Thrice Reckless?

"This Senior Guo Da does not only look black, but he likes black people as well. But what is unique is that he's the only black cultivator around here. Therefore, he likes to make fun of himself due to this matter. After I joined the Nine Provinces Number One Group, father slowly introduced some of the seniors in the group to me. I heard from him that Senior Guo Da also likes to send cute pictures of puppies in the group, and immediately after, he will send a picture of two hands rubbing the head of the dog with all their strength. Lastly, he would add the caption 'furiously rubbing the head of the dog'," Soft Feather said via the secret sound transmission.

"..." Song Shuhang.

'Sun Splitting Halberd' Guo Da next to them was likewise speechless.

This young lady's secret sound transmission skill was not bad. But he was two realms above her... hence, he could easily hear the contents of her secret sound transmission with his strength of the peak of the Fifth Stage Realm.

Even though he looked black he did not like making fun of himself! He merely joked about it a bit!

This is a rather peculiar senior. A black cultivator that likes to make fun of himself? He seems a rather easy-going fellow, right? Song Shuhang defined Senior Guo Da in his mind.

Afterward, the glasses-wearing senior took a step forward and pushed his glasses up. He stared at Song Shuhang and smiled, "Little friend Shuhang, I am Young Master Phoenix Slayer of the Nine Provinces Number One Group just like Guo Da, I came out of secluded mediation not long ago. I heard that you recently took care of Doudou?"

When he spoke of Doudou, Young Master Phoenix Slayer pushed his glasses up even further. Then, the lens of his glasses flashed with a cold ray of light while emitting a 'ding' sound.

"Ah, yes. Not long ago, Doudou ran away from home again and stayed at my place for some time. But today, Senior Yellow Mountain should be bringing him back," answered Song Shuhang.

Even though Doudou always troubled him, he also helped him quite a great deal. With Doudou, his life was suddenly more lively although Shuhang himself found it inconceivable, if Doudou were to leave suddenly, he would feel reluctant to part with him!

Young Master Phoenix Slayer continued pushing up his glasses with cold light flashing all around. "Where is Doudou now?"

"Before I left, he was still with Senior Yellow Mountain," replied Song Shuhang.

"That is to say, he is still nearby, right? Hehehe, I can already smell him." Young Master Phoenix Slayer pushed his glasses up once again... the lenses of his glasses continuously shot out cold rays.

Song Shuhang felt a huge pressure.

At this time, Soft Feather secretly sent a secret sound transmission. "Young Master Phoenix Slayer is a monster cultivator of the Fifth Stage. I don't know what his actual form is but he has a nickname in the Nine Provinces Number One Group'Doudou's nemesis'."

Doudou's nemesis?

The nemesis of the monster pekingese Doudou? There was actually such a creature in the world?

"Speaking of which, what is Senior White doing?" Young Master Phoenix Slayer pushed his glasses up once again, looking at the busy Venerable White and Venerable Spirit Butterfly who were far away.

Soft Feather answered, "Venerable White said he wanted to hold a special 'hand-guided tractor competition'. The seniors in the Nine Provinces Number One Group seemed very interested in participating."

"What? A hand-guided tractor competition?" The corner of Young Master Phoenix Slayer mouth twitched. "Hand-guided tractors can be classified as vehicles, right? No way, I have carsickness. Not going to happen, I need to tell Senior White that I cannot join this competition. Otherwise, I will vomit."

Song Shuhang was speechless.

Senior, are you making fun of me? You're a monster of the Fifth Stage, how can you get carsick?