Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 425

Chapter 425 The Spectators Should Also Have Their Share
Chapter 425: The spectators should also have their share

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
Young Master Phoenix Slayer shot a glance at Song Shuhang and pushed his glasses up. "I really suffer from car sickness, and it doesn't have anything to do with my cultivation realm. When I was young, I experienced something that traumatized me, causing me to feel a certain fear towards all types of 'vehicles'. Therefore, I'll talk to Senior White and tell him that I absolutely won't participate in the competition!"

Just as Young Master Phoenix Slayer was speaking, the far-off Venerable White stepped on the sea waves and elegantly headed toward them.

Afterward, he waved at Great Master Profound Principle and the other two, saying, "Fellow Daoists, how are you!"

"Senior White, hello!" Young Master Phoenix Slayer was the first one to reply.

Song Shuhang discovered that there wasn't any cold light flashing through Young Master Phoenix Slayer's lenses while he was talking to Venerable White.

He felt that there was something wrong with his state.

Great Master Profound Principle joined his two palms together and greeted Venerable White.

'Sun Splitting Halberd' Guo Da also greeted Senior White with a bright smile on his face.

Since he was in the middle of setting up the race track, Venerable White came straight to the point.

"I reunited all of you here because I wanted you to participate in an interesting competition that I'm about to hold. It's a 'hand-guided tractor competition', and True Monarch Yellow Mountain has already prepared the necessary hand-guided tractors, sending them over here. All the participants can freely modify their tractor; you can modify it as you see fit, and as long as it's still a 'hand-guided tractor' after the modifications, you can participate in the competition," Venerable White said in one breath.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer took a deep breath and mustered his courage, getting ready to tell Senior White that he wouldn't participate in the competition.

But right at this time, Venerable White also added, "Those that manage to secure the first five places in the competition will have the possibility to explore some ancient ruins with me. These ancient ruins belong to the 'previous era'!"

After hearing this much, the interest of Great Master Profound Principle and Sun Splitting Halberd Guo Da was immediately piqued. If these ruins belonged to the previous era, there was a chance that they might contain information about the secret of immortality!

When the previous Wielder of the Will retired and the new one took their place, the ancient Heavenly City was destroyed, and all the talented people that had reached the Immortal Realm and could carry the Will of the Heavens went into seclusion, disappearing without traces. As a consequence, the secret of immortality became something very mysterious.

If there was an opportunity to come across the secret of immortality, most of the seniors in the group would immediately seize that opportunity.

Senior Guo Da loudly laughed and said, "Senior White, how can this competition be short of me? Where are the other fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group?"

Great Master Profound Principle smiled and nodded, joining his palms together. He also expressed his intention to participate in the competition.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer was in a dilemma he was also interested in the secret of immortality, but he was somewhat scared of 'vehicles'.

Moreover, he had just mustered all his courage and was ready to tell Senior White that he wouldn't participate in the competition. Now that he was suddenly interrupted, all the courage he mustered was gone as well.

The corner of Venerable White's mouth rose, and his mood got much better. "All the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group are near the area the Chu Family is located at, modifying their hand-guided tractors. I'll give you the coordinates so that you can head there. Afterward, you can choose a tractor and modify it to participate in the competition."

At this time, the nearby Soft Feather raised her hand and said, "Senior White, I also want to participate! I want to go there as well!"

"No problem!" Venerable White said.

"Such being the case, can you use a disposable meteor sword 001 edition to deliver me over there~? All the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group received a gift and got to ride the super exciting disposable meteor sword all but me!" Soft Feather continued with her hand raised.

The nearby Great Master Profound Principle, Sun Splitting Halberd Guo Da, and Young Master Phoenix Slayer stiffened.

Oh, so the disposable flying sword we used to ride here was an improved version, the 'disposable meteor sword'! No wonder it was so scary and there was that meteor-like special effect.

But what's the deal with Venerable Spirit Butterfly's daughter asking to try the 'disposable meteor sword' on her own volition?

"..." Venerable White.

Venerable White had a complex look on his face after looking at Soft Feather's restless expression.

At this time, Venerable Spirit Butterfly also came over and said somewhat embarrassed, "Fellow Daoist White, I wasn't able to deliver the gift you sent to Soft Feather in time. As a consequence, I was the one that ended up making use of it, hahaha such being the case, can you give Soft Feather another gift if it's not a problem for you?"

"..." Venerable White.

Do this father-daughter pair think that the 'disposable meteor sword' is a plaything or something?

Is it possible that this series is not frightening enough?

Venerable White held his chin and pondered perhaps it was time to quickly develop the 'disposable meteor sword 002 edition'!

In the end, Soft Feather was able to obtain a new 'disposable meteor sword 001 edition'.

"Senior Song, shall we head toward the Grievance Settling Platform together and take a look at how the seniors are faring in their modifications? I'm sure it will be very interesting!" Soft Feather waved her hand at Song Shuhang.

"No need, I prefer to stay here and take a look at Senior White and Senior Spirit Butterfly arrange the race track." Song Shuhang smiled and waved his hand.

What a joke! Soft Feather was planning to use the disposable meteor sword to head back to the Grievance Settling Platform if he were to go together with her, wouldn't he also enjoy the beautiful feeling of turning into a meteor?

There was no way he wanted that!

"In that case, I'll leave first!" Soft Feather didn't mind. At this time, all her attention was concentrated on the disposable meteor sword.

As soon as she finished speaking, Venerable White activated the flying sword.

"Pew~" Soft Feather coiled toward the sky. The sword qi exploded, and the flying speed became extremely quick.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly, Song Shuhang, Great Master Profound Principle, Senior Guo Da, and Young Master Phoenix Slayer all saluted Soft Feather with their eyes.

Song Shuhang wasn't sure if it was just his imagination, but he felt that Soft Feather was spinning especially fast while coiling toward the sky.

If he were to consider the coiling flight feature that carried away Su Clan's Seven a Lv. 1 Bladestorm, Soft Feather's version of the Bladestorm was at least Lv. 2, if not higher.

"Aaaaaaaah~" Soft Feather's excited scream echoed in the sky.

If one were to listen carefully, they would notice that she was just excited and not scared.

Venerable White held his chin and started to ponder, his current mood was rather complex.

"Senior White, such being the case, I'll also converge with the other members of the group!" Senior Guo Da said.

Soon after, both he and Great Master Profound Principle respectively took out their long halberd and flying sword and shot toward the sky, following after Soft Feather who had disappeared into the distance.

Since his mood seemed quite good, they were afraid that Venerable White would conveniently give them a ride on his disposable meteor sword if they were a second late, and that would be tragic.

Once the two of them left, only Young Master Phoenix Slayer remained.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer was still mumbling under his breath and had a perplexed expression on his face.

Venerable White looked at him in puzzlement and said, "Fellow Daoist Phoenix Slayer, aren't you converging with the other fellow daoists?"

"Ah? Oh. Senior White, don't mind me. Let me gather my thoughts first," Young Master Phoenix Slayer said. However, this wasn't what he really wanted to say.

What he wanted was to tell Senior White that he had no intention of participating in the competition.

"Oh, sure. You can rest here for a while. In the meantime, Fellow Daoist Spirit Butterfly and I will keep preparing the race track," Venerable White said with a smile.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer's eyes started to tear up.

How wonderful would it be if Young Master Phoenix Slayer's non-straightforward personality and Song Shuhang straightforward personality could balance each other out?

The two Venerables kept discussing how to arrange the race track.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer was still in a dilemma and stood in his original place.

Song Shuhang stretched himself. He was a bit tired at this time. A lot of things happened today. Moreover, he had been very busy since the wee hours of the morning. Hence, he decided to look for a place to rest.

After stretching himself, Song Shuhang headed toward the nearby rocky terrain.

After eyeing that uneven rocky terrain, Song Shuhang couldn't help but think of Guoguo's... hemorrhoids.

Thereupon, he took out his treasured saber Broken Tyrant and thought of slicing one of the rocks to make it even and suitable for resting.

Speaking of which, now that Great Master Profound Principle is here, would he spank the little monk until making him shit all over the place? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Then, he lifted Broken Tyrant high up in the sky.

But right at this time, Venerable White's voice was transmitted from afar. "Shuhang, be careful."

"?" Song Shuhang turned his head around and looked at Senior White in puzzlement.

In the next moment, he saw something flash before his eyes.

Immediately after, he felt as though his whole body had received an electric shock.

He felt the surroundings spinning as if the world had been turned upside down. Afterward came a stabbing pain, and his whole body was paralyzed.

The treasured saber Broken Tyrant was a one-meter long saber forged from heavy metals inside a thunder pond in the hands of a powerful cultivator, it could cut even lightning.

Moreover, its blade could absorb a certain amount of lightning and use it to injure the enemy in the next attack.

Under the protection of the saber, Shuhang did not receive severe injuries even though he was charred black and resembled an African black uncle.

Song Shuhang opened his mouth and exhaled. "Ah"

A faint burnt smell came out of his mouth.

Only at this time did he realize that he was hit by an explosion of thunder and lightning. That white-colored flash earlier was the lightning explosion activating.

"Little friend Shuhang, are you alright?" Venerable Spirit Butterfly and Venerable White quickly came over and checked his condition.

Song Shuhang opened his mouth once more and used his true qi to check his body. "Except for my body going numb, I'm alright. Seniors, what happened earlier?"

Venerable Spirit Butterfly forced a laugh and said, "Haha Fellow Daoist White and I were thinking of placing several mines on the surface of the sea. I'm not sure what happened, but some of the lightning was attracted toward this place and struck your body. Hahaha"

"..." Song Shuhang.

I was only trying to look for a place to rest and was suddenly struck by lightning? Venerables are actually so scary, even watching them arrange the race track is life-threatening!

"Come, eat this medicinal pill. It will help you get over the shock." Venerable Spirit Butterfly took out a medicinal pill and squeezed it into Song Shuhang's mouth.

After eating the pill, Song Shuhang was full of energy, and his mental energy was replenished as well moreover, the quantity of true qi in his dantian rose quite a bit.

The increase of true qi was comparable to the one he would have after practicing for a whole day!

This pill was like those precious medicines in games that could instantly replenish one's HP. However, Venerable Spirit Butterfly was treating them like ordinary candies.

"Eh?" At this time, Venerable White moved his head closer and shot a glance toward Song Shuhang's feet. "Shuhang, move aside for a moment."

Song Shuhang was confused, but he still moved to a side.

Next, he saw Venerable White squat down and pat on the ground.

Immediately after, Senior White created a small hole where Song Shuhang was standing earlier.

Afterward, ten crystal-like plants popped out from the hole, each of them the size of an index finger. Just at a glance, it was possible to tell that they weren't ordinary plants. They looked beautiful and were full of spiritual energy.

Wait a moment why does this scene look so familiar?

Venerable White pulled out the ten crystal-like plants and weighted them in his hands. Then, he said with a smile, "Not bad. This is the 'Aging Crystal Root'. A plant that can increase one's cultivation level. If a cultivator of the Second Stage eats one of these things, they can obtain an increase in cultivation comparable to the one they would have after training for three years. Come, spectators should also have their share."

Thereupon, Venerable White quickly divided the plants and gave two to Song Shuhang, two to Venerable Spirit Butterfly, and two to Young Master Phoenix Slayer.

As for the last four, he kept them for himself.

"Thank you, Fellow Daoist White." Venerable Spirit Butterfly received the 'Aging Crystal Root' with a smile.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer took the treasure while still a bit dumbfounded.

When Song Shuhang looked at the two Aging Crystal Roots in his hands, his eyes teared up slightly.

He now remembered why the scene looked so familiar.

It was Venerable White's ability to 'give a share to the spectators' at work!

Senior White was a walking mass of luck, and even if he was at home doing nothing, all sorts of lucky things would happen to him. The only problem was that this luck would create mortal dangers for the people next to him.

And the mortal danger from earlier just happened to fall on me!

Song Shuhang took a deep breath through his nose.

However, he managed to obtain two natural treasures that could allow him to obtain the same boost he would obtain after training for three years! If he were to use them, he might directly break through the second dantian of the Second Stage Realm, the Dragon Tail Dantian.

As the saying goes: the key to success lies in taking risks! Getting hit by that explosion of lightning was totally worth it!

Just as he was in deep thoughts, Venerable White gave Song Shuhang another Aging Crystal Root and said, "Here, take another as a compensation. After all, I was able to discover these ten Aging Crystal Roots only because you were struck by the lightning. Don't be too sad. Wasn't it just lightning? Big men don't cry for so little."

Song Shuhang immediately retorted, "Senior White, it's that I can't breathe properly after being struck by the lightning, I'm not crying!"

Around five minutes later...

Young Master Phoenix Slayer rode his flying sword and headed toward the Chu Family, his destination the Grievance Settling Platform.

Song Shuhang was standing behind Young Master Phoenix Slayer.

Standing on a side and watching the two Venerable arrange the race track was too dangerous. For his safety, Song Shuhang decided to return to the Chu Family first.

As for Young Master Phoenix Slayer, he ultimately made up his mind.

Thereupon, he was the one in charge to bring Song Shuhang back.

On the flying sword, Young Master Phoenix Slayer suddenly asked, "Little friend Shuhang, do you know how to drive a hand-guided tractor?"

"A bit. Senior Phoenix Slayer, don't you know how to drive it? Do you want me to teach you?" Song Shuhang asked in return.

"Yes." Young Master Phoenix Slayer slightly nodded.