Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 426

Chapter 426 The So Called nemesis
Chapter 426: The so-called nemesis?

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
Next to the Grievance Settling Platform.

"Spank, spank!"

"Aaaah! Abbott, I made a mistake! Forgive me!"

"Spank, spank!"

"Aaaaah Abbott, don't spank me again! My hemorrhoids will flare up again"

In the end, little Guoguo could not escape from Great Master Profound Principle's clutches.

At this time, he was lying on the lap of the Abbott and getting ruthlessly spanked, screaming again and again.

On a side, True Monarch Yellow Mountain held his chin and looked at Great Master Profound Principle disciplining the small monk.

Then, he turned his head around and glanced at Doudou who was now in the shape of a small pekingese, thinking to himself, Did I pamper this stupid Doudou too much? Should I follow Great Master Profound Principle's example and use corporal punishment as well?

Next to him, Doudou was holding a big bone in his paws, carefully sniffing it it seemed he wanted to eat it, but he was also reluctant to do so.

Since he had the 'muting collar' around his neck, Doudou had been very well-behaved and hadn't caused any trouble.

However, he was secretly plotting something From the looks of it, stupid Yellow Mountain will also participate in the hand-guided tractor competition. Once the competition starts, I'll use a sound amplifying technique and broadcast the 'Song of the Stupid Yellow Mountain' in its entirety to cheer for him.

Even if he were muted for a whole year after the broadcast, he wouldn't have any regret in this dog life of his!

After thinking this much, Doudou held onto one of the extremities of the bone and started to lick it with his tongue.


It was a bone that True Monarch Yellow Mountain especially prepared for Doudou. It was the femur of a man-raised spirit beast, the 'green bull', prepared by an immortal chef. It smelled very good, and it was a delicacy to eat.

But since it wasn't easy to raise a green bull, one could have only a few of these bones in a decade.

Each time he got to taste these bones, Doudou would sniff them for a while first. Then, he would slowly lick them, and only after smelling and licking them would he start to regretfully eat them.

After all, he could eat only a handful of them each decade!

At this time, a sword light flashed through the sky.

Song Shuhang and Young Master Phoenix Slayer had arrived at the Grievance Settling Platform.

On their way here, Young Master Phoenix Slayer asked Song Shuhang about hand-guided tractors. After the conversation, he determined that little friend Shuhang shouldn't be too bad at driving them.

After knowing this much, he felt at ease.

After reaching the Grievance Settling Platform, Young Master Phoenix Slayer shot a glance at the members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group below. Very soon, his eyes locked onto Doudou who was next to True Monarch Yellow Mountain.

"Hehehe I've found you, Doudou." Young Master Phoenix Slayer pushed up his glasses, and cold light got continuously refracted from his lenses.

Song Shuhang felt that the light refracted this time was especially cold.

In the next moment, Young Master Phoenix Slayer leapt down from the flying sword, fiercely pouncing at Doudou.

"What is Senior Phoenix Slayer planning to do?" Song Shuhang was a bit confused luckily, Young Master Phoenix Slayer remembered to tell his flying sword to slowly descend before pouncing down. Therefore, the flying sword brought Song Shuhang to the ground slowly.

In the meantime, Young Master Phoenix Slayer dashed forward at an incredible speed.

In the blink of an eye, he was already in front of Doudou, less than three centimeters away from his face.

"Woof?" Doudou felt his eyes blur for a moment. In the next instant, a fair face wearing thick-framed glasses appeared in front of him.

Woof! It's Phoenix Slayer! That bastard!

Doudou instinctively bounced back What is this bastard doing here? Wasn't he in secluded meditation?

Doudou was extremely quick, but Young Master Phoenix Slayer was even quicker!

Phoenix Slayer took a step forward and his two hands moved crazily, leaving behind several afterimages. At this time, he looked like the Thousand-Armed Guanyin as he attacked Doudou.

The scene completely blinded Doudou's eyes.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer's left hand grabbed the big bone that Doudou was holding, while the left ruthlessly patted Doudou's head.

"Woof woof woof woof~" Doudou pitifully called out while he was sent flying, stopping only after flying for more than ten meters.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer complacently lifted Doudou's bone and swung it.

"PHOENIX~ SLAYER~ WOOF!" Doudou clenched his teeth in anger. All the fur on his body stood up as he roared at Young Master Phoenix Slayer.

"Oh, Doudou. We meet again." Young Master Phoenix Slayer gracefully swung the bone. At the same time, a layer of spiritual energy started to entwine the bone.

Next, the extremity that Doudou had licked with his tongue was cut off.

While at it, the remaining spiritual energy thoroughly purified the remaining parts.

Immediately after, Young Master Phoenix Slayer grabbed the bone, biting down on it with a crack.

Then, he took several bites, just as though he was eating sugarcane. Afterward, he spat all the pieces of the bone on the ground.

Doudou almost spurted fire from his nostrils; he was furious.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Am I having hallucinations? Yeah, I must be having hallucinations. This Senior Phoenix Slayer who is wearing black-framed glasses and has an intellectual look on his face pounced from the flying sword to steal Doudou's bone?

Is it possible that his true form is also that of a dog?

And that he obtained the title of 'Doudou's nemesis' after continuously stealing Doudou's bones?

After looking at the complacent Young Master Phoenix Slayer Shuhang felt that it might be possible.

After all, it would be strange if a senior of the Nine Provinces Number One Group were actually normal.

"Dammit! You motherf*cker, give me back my bone!" Doudou roared and pounced at Young Master Phoenix Slayer it was a delicacy he could have at most eight times in over a decade!

Young Master Phoenix Slayer elegantly turned around, dodging Doudou's attack.

The fight between the two felt like the rehearse of a play. Doudou was continuously pouncing at him, and Young Master Phoenix Slayer was elegantly dodging each time. The scene was very beautiful and picturesque.

"Bad, very bad! You haven't improved at all, Doudou! So many years have passed, and you're still attacking in the same way! I'm very disappointed. Can't you do something else besides pouncing at me like a mad dog? Oh, wait I forgot that you hadn't condensed a Monster Core yet, and you can only stay in the form of a pekingese. Except for jumping on people and biting them, you can't do anything else. You can't even use sword techniques and whatnot," Young Master Phoenix Slayer said.

Then, he bit the bone once more, chewing it with several crackling sounds. It was delicious and crispy, and tasted really good!

Afterward, he spat out the pieces again.

"I'll kill you! Do you really think that I haven't improved at all in these years?! I'll open your eyes now!" Doudou bellowed as the four wind-fire wheels appeared beneath his feet.

It looked like he was about to get serious.

"Come, I'm not scared of you!" Young Master Phoenix Slayer shouted, his provoking abilities were top-notch.

"Woof woof woof!" Doudou's figure changed into that of a wind-fire wheel. He opened his mouth wide, wishing he could gobble down Young Master Phoenix Slayer just like a bone.

But if Doudou was fast, Young Master Phoenix Slayer was even faster.

After all, he was a monster of the Fifth Stage!