Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 427

Chapter 427 Woof Woof Mr. Yellow Mountain Is My Loyal Little Dog
Chapter 427: Woof, woof! Mr. Yellow Mountain is my loyal little dog!

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Young Master Phoenix Slayer moved left and right, elegantly dodging Doudou's attacks each time.

That wasn't all, he even had the time to provoke him. "The speed of those wind-fire wheels is quite good, but do you think that I've been slacking off for these past years when I was in secluded meditation? To bully you better, I diligently cultivated the whole time."

Is it possible that Young Master Phoenix Slayer's lifetime goal is to cause trouble for Doudou? He meticulously cultivated and even went into secluded meditation just so that he could bully him?

"Woof, woof!" Doudou got angry, and his speed increased even more.

However, no matter how much Doudou accelerated, Young Master Phoenix Slayer was still slightly faster than him.

Their speed was extremely quick, and Song Shuhang could only see several afterimages of both of them.

"Dammit! Just wait until I reach the Fifth Stage and condense a Monster Core, I'll give you a good lesson then!" Doudou bellowed. "Someday in the future, I'll make you remember the fear of me pouncing on you and pinning you to the ground, bullying and taking advantage of you!"

"Tsk, even if you reach the Fifth Stage, you won't be able to defeat me!" Young Master Phoenix Slayer said self-satisfied. "As for your previous bullying, I'll slowly bully you in return. Moreover, you won't have the opportunity to surpass me, now or in the future!"

And if Doudou really happened to surpass him in strength, he would just run in the West together with True Monarch White Crane.

He wouldn't commit the same mistake he committed when he was young. At the time, he decided to foolishly fight Doudou even if his strength was lower than his, getting continuously bullied.

"Woof, woof, woof! Do you really think that I haven't improved at all? Naive! I'll seize the opportunity to make you taste my powerful move, the Cloud Covering Palm!" Doudou bellowed and clapped his paws. Soon after, he stood up like a person, seemingly getting ready to use a special hand technique.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer narrowed his eyes and prepared himself.

But right at this time, a huge net fell from the sky, firmly wrapping Young Master Phoenix Slayer.

The big net appeared too suddenly; let alone Young Master Phoenix Slayer, even the nearby members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group that were watching the fight weren't able to notice it.

"Ahaha! Stupid Phoenix Slayer! Stupid Yellow Mountain is very proud of this big net, and even a blood demon of the Sixth Stage was unable to get out of it after it was caught!" Doudou laughed complacently.

After hearing this much, Young Master Phoenix Slayer fiercely turned his head around and glared at True Monarch Yellow Mountain. "True Monarch, are you secretly helping Doudou?!"

True Monarch Yellow Mountain shook his head and said, "No, I didn't do anything."

Yellow Mountain had two of those nets. One was in his possession, and the other was left to Doudou after he continuously pestered him about it.

Therefore, it was Doudou himself that had trapped Phoenix Slayer.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer clenched his teeth and turned his head around, looking at Doudou. "Dammit! Do you think it's befitting of a gentleman to win by relying on magical treasures?"

"Woof, this dog isn't a gentleman. I'm just a pekingese. If you refuse to accept it, come here and bite me!" Doudou said self-satisfied. "And if you want to blame someone, go blame stupid Yellow Mountain. After all, he is the one that created this magical treasure."

The nearby True Monarch Yellow Mountain was speechless.

At this time, he was wondering if he should activate Doudou's muting collar once more.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer clenched his teeth in anger.

"Stupid Phoenix Slayer, have a taste of my pounce!" Doudou laughed complacently and turned into a five meters long dog.

"Woof!" After barking, he pounced at Young Master Phoenix Slayer who was currently wrapped in the net. If he were to crash into him like that, Young Master Phoenix Slayer's ribs would surely break.

Just as he was about to get crushed by Doudou, Young Master Phoenix Slayer smiled. Then, he quietly took off his black-framed glasses.

In the next moment...

Doudou's huge body suddenly stopped in midair as though he had hit an invisible wall, coming to a stop.

Then, he slowly descended and squatted on the ground, spitting out his tongue. He was breathing in and out just like an ordinary puppy.

Afterward, he raised his head and cried out like a wolf.

After crying out, he loudly shouted, "Woof, woof! Mr. True Monarch Yellow Mountain is my loyal little dog!"

"Gah" True Monarch Yellow Mountain almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

Just as Doudou was clearing his throat and preparing to continue, True Monarch Yellow Mountain finally made his move. "Silence!"

Doudou was immediately muted.

"Woof woof woof woof woof~" Only a series of strange cries came out from his mouth.

After shouting for a while, a confused expression appeared in Doudou's eyes.

He tried to call out a few more times, but only a series of 'woofs' came out.

In the end, he had no choice but to give up.

Afterward, he moved next to Young Master Phoenix Slayer who was wrapped in the net and used his paws to scratch at it.

The net slightly shook, and as though it recognized Doudou's aura, it started to shrink automatically. After shrinking into a small ball, it entered Doudou's dog fur.

At this time, Song Shuhang noticed that Young Master Phoenix Slayer looked listless, and even his head was hanging down. What kind of technique did he use to make Doudou so strange? Was it a 'mind-controlling' technique?

After the net disappeared, Young Master Phoenix Slayer raised his head and calmly wore his glasses.

On the other side, Doudou's blurry eyes returned to normality.

"Woof woof woof woof! (What did you do to me, stupid Phoenix Slayer!)" Doudou roared, but no one could understand what he was trying to say.

Perhaps Young Master Phoenix Slayer who might be another monster dog can understand his words?

"Ahahaha!" Young Master Phoenix Slayer laughed complacently. Then, he jumped up and gripped Doudou's neck with his legs.

The two of them were too close, and Doudou didn't have any time to dodge. His huge body was thrown to the ground by Young Master Phoenix Slayer.

"Doudou, do you admit defeat?!" Young Master Phoenix Slayer shouted.

"Woof woof woof!" Doudou furiously scratched the ground with his paws.

But Young Master Phoenix Slayer had carefully chosen the angle to grip his neck, and no matter how much Doudou tried, his claws didn't reach Young Master Phoenix Slayer.

Doudou was filled with grief and indignation!

Around three minutes later.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer got up with an invigorated expression on his face. Afterward, he took another bite off the bone, spitting out the fragments immediately after.

In the rear, Doudou's eyes were blurred, and it felt as though he had undergone a mental breakdown. Even after rolling on the ground for a while, he wasn't able to get up.

Doudou's nemesis lives up to his name.

Is it possible that Young Master Phoenix Slayer's ability is similar to 'mind control'? And thus affected both Doudou's mind and body? Song Shuhang guessed.

The farce between Doudou and Young Master Phoenix Slayer finally came to an end.

The seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group returned to modifying their tractors.

Moreover, they weren't carrying out their modifications secretly; they were doing it in the open and helping each other out.

For example, Northern River's Loose Cultivator shouted at this time, "Great Master Profound Principle, can you bless my tractor? In exchange, I can apply a water-proof formation to yours! My water-proof formations are amongst the best in the group."

Great Master Profound Principle nodded and arrived in front of Northern River's Loose Cultivator's hand-guided tractor. Then, he joined his palms together and silently chanted some buddhist scriptures. Soon after, he patted the tractor with his hands.


The chanting of scriptures echoed, and the halo of the Buddha shone on all things. The color of Northern River's Loose Cultivator tractor suddenly changed to gold, and it felt as though many little monks were dancing next to it.

The corners of Song Shuhang's eyes twitched this was the blessing of a real senior monk of the Great Master rank! Literally worth a thousand pieces of gold!

If Senior Northern River's hand-guided tractor manages to remain intact after the competition, it will become an incredibly rare and valuable collectible!

Moreover, if someone's house was haunted by ghosts, they could bring over this blessed hand-guided tractor and easily protect the house from all evils. It can act both as a vehicle and ghost banisher!

"True Monarch Yellow Mountain, is it allowed to attach a propeller behind the hand-guided tractor?" Dharma King Creation asked.

"It should be fine as long as you don't change it into a plane, and it keeps the appearance of a hand-guided tractor?" True Monarch Yellow Mountain wasn't too sure, either. "Otherwise, how about giving a call to Venerable White and asking him directly?"

"Good point." Dharma King Creation took out his phone and made the call.

"Fellow Daoist Ancient Lake Temple, is that a guided missile? Do you want to mount that gadget on the hand-guided tractor?" Thrice Reckless Mad Saber's voice echoed at this time.

Song Shuhang turned his head around and saw that True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple had quietly loaded a missile in the open container behind the hand-guided tractor.

"An African branch of the Ancient Lake Temple was once looted by the local warlord. Then, I took revenge for them and obtained some spoils of war in return. I didn't think that this gadget would finally come in handy," True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple said calmly.

After saying this much, he looked toward the far-off True Monarch White Crane, and the corner of his mouth rose. He had prepared this missile for that human-bird!

Earlier, he coiled toward the sky in front of numerous disciples, losing too much of his prestige!

At the time, he even thought that Fellow Daoist White Crane's gift was something good and just by recalling True Monarch White Crane's mysterious appearance while introducing the gift, he felt aggrieved and cheated.

The far-off True Monarch White Crane seemed to have induced his gaze and thus turned its head around. After seeing that eye-catching missile, it took a deep breath through its nose.

White Crane felt that it was over for itself.

Earlier, on the spur of the moment, it decided to stand its ground and energetically support Venerable White's idea of holding a hand-guided tractor competition.

In hindsight, didn't it give its fellow daoists the perfect opportunity to take revenge on itself with this hand-guided tractor competition?

It could already imagine the various fellow daoists using all sorts of methods to 'get close' to it as soon as the competition started.

From the very beginning, it suspected that they would 'inadvertently' bump into its vehicle again and again.

But now, even a missile popped out...

What will be the next thing to pop out?

Explosive lightning? Formations unleashing thousands of swords? Or cannons capable of slaying immortals?

Therefore, True Monarch White Crane wondered if it should assume a female form after all, even heroes would fall for beauties, and it was sure that it would turn into a beautiful woman if it were to assume a female form.

Perhaps the fellow daoists of the group would soften up a bit after seeing a beautiful female white crane and let it go?

After all, one was prone to forgive a beautiful fairy maiden!