Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 429

Chapter 429 Great Master Profound Principles Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Chapter 429: Great Master Profound Principles obsessive-compulsive disorder

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
"Senior Song, you look incredibly handsome!" The distant Soft Feather held her thumb up in approval.

She was very earnest in her appraisal, and she truly thought that Song Shuhang looked really elegant and cool while putting on the kasaya.

It felt as though the kasaya was perfectly suited for him.

"However, you wore it incorrectly, Senior Song! This is a kasaya, not a cloak!" After praising him, Soft Feather reminded Song Shuhang that he was wearing the kasaya wrongly.

Song Shuhang wasn't a buddhist monk, and he had never worn a kasaya before. Therefore, he decided to wear it just like he would wear a cloak, draping it over his shoulders from behind. Actually, Song Shuhang had no intention of wearing it properly.

In his mind, he had decided to rename the 'emerald-green kasaya' to 'emerald-green cloak'. He found that it looked especially cool if worn like a cloak.

After thinking this much, Song Shuhang gave the thumbs up to Soft Feather and said, "It doesn't matter. It's fine as long as it looks good!"

Soft Feather smiled and took several pictures of Song Shuhang, storing them amongst the source material of the 'Senior Song's expression package' folder.

Once Senior Song's expression package is completed, it will be the turn of 'Soft Feather's expression package'. Joys and sorrows must be shared, this is how things are supposed to be! Soft Feather thought to herself.

As soon as Song Shuhang finished his sentence, a figure stealthily appeared next to him. Immediately after, the thick and heavy hands of the figure gently patted on Song Shuhang's shoulder.

Song Shuhang got a scare and turned his head around. It was at that time that he saw Great Master Profound Principle standing behind him, benevolently smiling at him.

"Great Master?" Song Shuhang looked at Great Master Profound Principle in puzzlement.

Great Master Profound Principle gently shook his head and stretched out his hands, removing Song Shuhang's 'emerald-green kasaya'.

What is Great Master Profound Principle trying to do?

...Wait, is it possible that he took a liking to my 'emerald-green kasaya'?

That would be great! Perhaps Great Master Profound Principle will take out a beautiful daoist or scholarly robe, or even a windbreaker and exchange them for the kasaya?

However, this kasaya is still Senior Yellow Mountain's token of gratitude, it would be improper to casually trade it for something else...

Just as Song Shuhang was deep in thoughts, Great Master Profound Principle draped the emerald-green on his body once more.

Afterward, he turned around and arrived in front of Song Shuhang, fastening the kasaya to his body bit by bit.

Very soon, Song Shuhang was finally wearing the kasaya correctly.

Great Master Profound Principle took two steps backward and pinched his chin, carefully sizing up Song Shuhang. Then, he smiled and nodded, looking very satisfied.

Great Master Profound Principle joined his palms together and bowed to Song Shuhang.

Then, he disappeared as quick as lightning.

He came out of nowhere and disappeared the same way.

"..." Song Shuhang.

After Great Master Profound Principle left, Guoguo stealthily stretched his head and explained to Song Shuhang, "The abbot suffers from a compulsive-obsessive disorder, and he can't stand incorrectly worn monk's dresses and kasayas. The clothing must be perfectly aligned and none of the details neglected. He gets very angry whenever the disciples of the temple aren't wearing their clothes properly. Luckily, Senior Brother Shuhang isn't a disciple of our temple. Otherwise, the abbot would have punished you."

"..." Song Shuhang.

At this time, Song Shuhang's bald head was refracting the rays of the sun, and he was wearing a well-ordered emerald-green kasaya on his body. If the clothes below the kasaya were also changed into that of a monk and he were to hold a monk's staff in his hands, a freshly baked 'Great Master Song Shuhang' would suddenly come to life.

"Not bad, these clothes really suit you." True Monarch Yellow Mountain slightly nodded.

A fellow daoist specialized in manufacturing 'magical clothes' once told him that each set of magical clothes had a fated 'master'. As soon as that person wore the clothes, one would think 'Ah, these clothes were made solely for this cultivator!'

And this emerald-green kasaya had been waiting for Song Shuhang's arrival all along. These clothes suited him so much that the two of them looked like a single entity!

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber popped out of nowhere and asked, "Little friend Shuhang, do you want to try out the defensive powers of the kasaya?"

"How should I try them?" Song Shuhang asked.

Since he had already worn it, he might as well seize the opportunity and try out its defenses.

As soon as he finished speaking...

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber casually took out two small-caliber pistols and fired several bullets toward Song Shuhang's kasaya.

Eh? Wasn't Senior Thrice Reckless naked when the disposable meteor sword 001 edition brought him here? Where did he get those pistols?

Is it possible that he got them from some other senior while they were modifying the hand-guided tractors?

"Bang, bang, bang~" Several bullets shot out.

Thrice Reckless' movements had been too fast and sudden. When Song Shuhang thought of dodging, the bullets already reached the kasaya.

Right at this time, the emerald-green kasaya slightly swelled.

After the bullets hit it, they slightly sunk into it before getting bounced back with great force by the kasaya. The six bullets Thrice Reckless fired were all sent back and fell to the ground with jingling sounds.

In the places hit by the bullets, Song Shuhang felt as though someone had gently poked him with their fingers. It didn't hurt at all, and he didn't even feel the impact.

Outward appearance aside, the emerald-green kasaya was an excellent clothing with incredible defensive power. It was this strong even without activating the defensive formation engraved on it.

"Its defensive abilities are really something. Should we try something stronger? I know that Fellow Daoist Ancient Lake Temple is carrying around a powerful guided missile, do you want to try that?" Thrice Reckless Mad Saber was getting ready to cause trouble.

Song Shuhang fiercely shook his head, he shook it so strongly that he resembled a rattle-drum.

What nonsense was that! Even if the emerald-green kasaya could protect him from a missile or something similar, he absolutely didn't want to try it!

This was the biggest difference between him and Thrice Reckless Mad Saber. Song Shuhang was someone that firmly refused to seek death or at least, this was the plan.

At this time, not too far from the Grievance Settling Platform.

An express delivery vehicle slowly sped toward the platform.

It was a vehicle of China's Fengshou Express Delivery. The driver was a tall and stout man wearing western clothes.

The man in western clothes had a strong build and a serious expression on his face, charming and manly at the same time.

This man was precisely Fengshou Express Delivery's Sima Jiang.

"Strange. How come the surrounding area changed so much? The previous time I came here, it was nothing like this," Sima Jiang muttered to himself.

Just as he was speaking, he noticed that both the GPS on his vehicle and phone lost signal as though they had been blocked.

But Sima Jiang didn't lose his calm. It wasn't his first time experiencing something of the sort.

He calmly took out a map and looked at it for a while. "Forget it. Since the surrounding area has changed so much, even the map is useless. I'll just proceed forward and wait until I meet someone to ask them the direction."

After thinking this much, Sima Jiang kept driving in a straight line.