Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 43

Chapter 43 Seclusion Grain Pill
Chapter 43: Seclusion Grain Pill

Song Shuhang took Medicine Master around Auspicious Street, and they looked at dozens of different houses. It was a pity that there wasnt a single one that Medicine Master would give a passing mark to. Song Shuhang didnt know what kind of house Medicine Master was specifically looking for, either.

If its really not possible to find one this close to the university, then lets walk around the other districts, Song Shuhang thought.

At this moment, Medicine Master had finally discovered a house that satisfied him.

That was a brand new house, a three-room-style mansion with five floors inclusive of a fence and front and back yards. The design was intricate and with a glance, one could tell that plenty of heart and effort had gone into decorating it.

Its a good house!

However, this house didnt seem to be up for rent!

This is it, lets rent this house! Medicine Master heartily laughed.

Please wait, Senior, this house isnt up for rent, this is someones private property. Song Shuhang called out.

But Medicine Master simply wouldnt listen to his explanation, he laughed as he dragged Song Shuhang up to the house, and pressed on the doorbell.

Coming! A rough and deep voice sounded.

Very soon after, the door opened, and a bald and plump middle aged man popped out and looked towards Song Shuhang and Medicine Master.

He stared at Medicine Masters mohawk hairdo for a long while, and doubtfully inquired, Delivery?

No, we want to rent this house, Medicine Master got straight to the point.

The middle-aged man stiffened as the corners of his mouth twitched. But he still politely replied, Im sorry, but my family members are living in this house. Also, my family doesnt really like to live with strangers so I have no plans to rent it out.

You dont like to live with strangers? Thats fantastic! Medicine Master joyfully replied, Me too! I dont like to live with strangers under the same roof either. So, how about you all move out and rent the entire building to me? Just name your rental price, I will definitely not bargain with you!

Medicine Masters words feels were very spank-worthy. Song Shuhang covered his face forcing the houses owner to move out, then renting the house from him? Wouldnt that mean the houses owner would have to sleep on the streets? With such a spank-worthy method of requesting to rent, how could it possible to rent the house?

As expected, veins bulged on the forehead of the uncle who owned the house. Without any warmth on his face, he said, I am sorry but Im not lacking any money so I will not be renting the house. Please find another house somewhere else, goodbye.

To be able to endure even at such a time, this meant that the uncle who owned the house was a gentleman with good upbringing. If Shuhang was in his shoes, he felt that he definitely wouldnt have been able to endure it, at the very least he would have to scold him for being a retard or something!

Hey, please consider again! Money really isnt an issue! Medicine Master still did not want to give up.

In his mind, Song Shuhang could already see the uncle explode in a rage and chase them away. He hurriedly grabbed Medicine Master, preparing to forcefully drag this Senior away.

Through some unimaginable means, eventually Medicine Master and Song Shuhang moved into this three-room-style five story house.

Oh wow, sure enough a standalone house fits the bill, the size is also just right. After breaking down all the walls on one floor it could become a good pill refining room! Medicine Master toured around the house floor by floor while nodding in a satisfied manner.

But, all we initially needed was to rent a single room, Song Shuhang grumbled.

In the mortal world, everything has a price. For items that you cannot buy, most of the time it wasnt that the items could not be sold but rather, you did not own enough funds.

The same goes for this house with five floors and three rooms per floor.

Even if the owner had put in a lot of effort to have it made for him and his family to stay in, once Medicine Master made an irresistible offer the middle-aged uncle who was angry to the point where he had his veins bulging out and was in a mood to fight had his face change like a mask performance in a Beijing Opera, instantly changing from stormy clouds to starry skies.

After that, the uncle very happily handed over the contract for the house and the land, the keys to the gate and front door, as well as decided on a date he would sign the papers with Medicine Master for the transfer.

After after that, the uncles whole family moved out in a span of two hours. Their efficiency was amazing!

Thats right, it was bought.

Medicine Master straightforwardly bought the whole house.

To be rich, was to be able to do anything you want!

Dont sweat the small details, the most important thing is to have a suitable pill refining room. We can now begin pill concocting. Medicine Master laughed, took out a porcelain bottle from his bosom, poured out a pill and tossed it to Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang caught the pill, and was visibly bewildered.

This is a Seclusion Grain Pill, it is a substitute for food, one of the daily essentials for cultivators. As your future cultivation becomes more profound, going into closed-door cultivation would often require months or even years, even decades are possible. But cultivators also need to eat, and this is where the Seclusion Grain Pill comes into play. By keeping it in the mouth, the medicinal power would endlessly flow out. This one here is of the lowest quality, but for you, this Seclusion Grain Pill would be enough to substitute a whole month of meals. Medicine Master explained with a smile.

Thank you senior. Song Shuhang felt warmth in his heart, Medicine Master remembered that he hadnt had lunch yet; it seemed like Medicine Master who looked rough and crazy was actually a very considerate person.

Medicine Master: Dont mention it, suck on it for a while and when youre full well go refine the Body Tempering Liquid.

Song Shuhang placed the Seclusion Grain Pill into his mouth, and was immediately filled with sweetness. At the same time, the hunger he felt in his stomach vanished into thin air. A moment later, he even had the urge to burp.

If you feel full, take it out, otherwise youll be overnourished. In addition, before the Seclusion Grain Pill is completely used up, it could be used repeatedly. Keep it well, perhaps youll have use for it in the future. Medicine Master added; stuff refined by him had best before dates that were calculated in hundreds of years, theres no need to worry about his medicines going bad.

Song Shuhang understood him, he took it out of his mouth and packed it away. Thank god I didnt swallow it. I was just pondering over whether this Seclusion Grain Pill was like those in the movies; once swallowed, there wouldnt be a need to eat or drink for a whole month.

But it seems like swallowing it could cause death by overnutrition.

Induction cooker, no problem.

Hot pot, ok.

The forty-five types of medicinal ingredients for the Body Tempering Liquid were already placed in front of Song Shuhang, in accordance to the order and the recommended weight.

Just like how you first tried to refine, begin. Medicine Master said, Dont be too pressured, and dont worry about failing, I have plenty of medicinal ingredients for refining the Body Tempering Liquid.

Song Shuhang shyly smiled, then closed his eyes to recall his first attempt at refining the Body Tempering Liquid. As it was something that just happened yesterday, and was also his first time refining it, every step he took was still clear in his mind.

First add water. He added a ladle of water into the hot pot.

He then added the slices of ginseng, and let it boil for five minutes.

Next was the goji berries, then he let it boil for another five minutes.

When the third ingredient Morning Dew Mysterious Grass was inserted, Shuhang no longer followed the five-minute rule. He began to examine every change in detail inside the pot, then started increasing the heat level from the induction cooker.

Medicine Master pinched his chin as he watched Song Shuhangs every move. He maintained silenced to avoid breaking Shuhangs concentration.

Even though I was mentally prepared for this, Im still unable to relate little friend Shuhangs actions to pill refining at all. Medicine Master regretfully thought.

Fortunately, he was a considerably progressive Pill Master.

If the more old-fashioned Pill Masters found out that Song Shuhang used a hot pot and an induction cooker to refine pills, they would probably be angered to the point of their livers hurting.

In addition modernizing the pill furnace is also something that must be planned ahead of time. At the very least, when refining pills that do not require Pill Flame or other special flames, using modern appliances would be way more effective for heat control. Medicine Master inwardly thought.

Like Song Shuhang who was right in front of him, just by pressing a few buttons the heat can be perfectly controlled. This was something the old-fashioned pill furnace could not do, even if a fire control treasure was used, it wouldnt be as easy as this.

At this time, with the aid of the ice pearl, Song Shuhang once again entered a mode of heightened concentration. In his eyes, other than the Body Tempering Liquid which was in the midst of refinement, there was nothing else.

Medicine Masters eyes revealed admiration.

Although hes a little old, Song Shuhang might actually have great talent at refining pills!