Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 433

Chapter 433 The Seasoned Driver Ran Into Some Difficulties
Chapter 433: The seasoned driver ran into some difficulties

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Su Wenqu was a real gentleman, and just like every gentleman, he had a gentle heart and would help others on own initiative.

Thereupon, the slowed down in his 'lonely boat' and approached the express delivery vehicle.

When he moved closer to the vehicle, Su Wenqu furrowed his brows. He noticed that he was now inside a formation set up by a cultivator.

"An illusory formation? This explains everything. That little brother barged into the illusory formation by mistake and got lost!" Su Wenqu immediately understood what was going on. He was now clear why the man ahead seemed so worried.

But since someone arranged a formation here, he had to be careful.

If there was an illusory formation in place, the person that arranged it didn't want ordinary people to get involved in the matter. Therefore, there was a chance that cultivators might be fighting amongst themselves or that something that couldn't be shown to mortals was happening on the other side.

Such being the case he had to quickly get this little brother out of this place! Moreover, he had to keep a certain distance so as to avoid running into something unexpected.

Just as he was pondering, Su Wenqu already arrived next to the express delivery vehicle.

"Eh? This vehicle isn't bad! This express delivery vehicle was meticulously modified!" Su Wenqu had a keen vision. He needed but a glance to determine that the vehicle ahead wasn't an ordinary one.

From the outside, the vehicle resembled an ordinary van. But the tires, the body, the glasses, and the rumbling engine had all been modified.

If this express delivery vehicle were to dash forward at full speed, it would be quite fast!

Interesting! There is still a long way to the coastal area. Such being the case, I might as well have a small race with this little brother, satisfying his desire to race.

Of course, if the other party didn't want to race, he wouldn't force him. After all, the people of the White Cloud Academy were all gentlemen.

After thinking up to this point, Su Wenqu stopped his 'lonely boat' next to the express delivery vehicle.

No matter from which angle one looked at it, the 'lonely boat' seemed to be nothing but a small wooden boat, and as a matter of fact, it was indeed a small wooden boat. Its predecessor was White Cloud Academy's signature means of transportation, the 'heavenly boat'.

Three years ago, one of the 'heavenly boats' got damaged and couldn't be repaired anymore. Therefore, Su Wenqu begged his father to give him the damaged 'heavenly boat', and after modifying it, he turned it into his personal racing vehicle, the 'lonely boat'.

After stopping his vehicle, he lowered the glass of the window, waving his hand at the little brother driving the van. "Little brother, are you perhaps in trouble? Do you need help?"

Sima Jiang had a calm expression on his face at this time. He was a seasoned man that had seen great storms. Although the shape of the other party's racing car was rather odd, perhaps it was their hobby? And Sima Jiang wasn't someone that would criticize other people's hobbies. After all, he was a professional.

Sima Jiang nodded and said, "Yes, younger brother. I indeed run into some troubles. I've lost my way, and even after roaming in this place for a while, I was unable to get out."

Su Wenqu looked like someone in his twenties. Therefore, Sima Jiang unconsciously called him 'younger brother'.

"Haha, this road is indeed somewhat strange," Su Wenqu said with a smile. Then, he looked at Sima Jiang and lifted his brows. "Little brother, your vehicle is rather cool. It seems you put a lot of effort into it, right?"

After hearing this much, Sima Jiang immediately beamed with joy. He had finally met someone with similar interests. "Hehe, thanks. Actually, I modified it so that I could easily deliver packages in all sorts of environment. I made sure that it could travel on all kinds of terrain. After modifying it for a while, it turned into its current appearance."

Afterward, Sima Jiang likewise praised the racing car of the youngster before his eyes. "Younger brother, your car is also rather amusing! This shape is unique, and its speed also seems quite fast!"

Although the model is strange, the speed of that gadget was quite something. It seems this younger brother spent quite a bit of money on it...

"Hehe little brother, you're overpraising. Do you want to race with me?" Su Wenqu smiled as he raised his brows.

After hearing these words, Sima Jiang shook his head somewhat embarrassed. He pointed toward the huge package in the rear and said, "I'm afraid I'll have to pass. I still have that package to deliver."

"That's really unfortunate." Su Wenqu gently smiled and said, "In that case, follow me. I'll help you leave this place. However, make sure to closely follow behind me. If you fall behind, you might end up returning to your original position."

Sima Jiang said gratefully, "I see thank you very much, younger brother."

"You're welcome. It's really nothing." Su Wenqu waved his hand and closed the glass of the window of the lonely boat.

Soon after, he pressed on the accelerator, and in a mere second, the lonely boat reached a speed higher than 100 km/h, rushing forward with a 'whizz' sound.

In the rear, Sima Jiang forced a smile if he had to closely follow behind him while he was going at this speed how was that any different than racing?

However, he didn't have the time to think about this trivial stuff. The most important thing was to follow that youngster and leave this damnable place.

Therefore, Sima Jiang also pressed on the accelerator. The engine of the cumbersome express delivery vehicle roared, and the whole vehicle dashed forward at high speed.

Although Su Wenqu had put some distance between him and the express delivery vehicle when the latter started moving, Sima Jiang was still able to closely follow behind the lonely boat and wasn't left too far behind.

Due to the cumbersome body of the vehicle, it was inevitable that it would start off slowly. But once it started, its performance was excellent and the speed kept increasing, making it gain great momentum.

In the front, the corner of Su Wenqu's mouth rose. As expected, it was a good vehicle. If they were to meet up again, he would really like to race with him!

The two vehicles sped forward while maintaining their respective positions. Very soon, they got past the illusory formation.

"After traveling on the road for another small section, I can finally part ways with that little brother," Su Wenqu muttered to himself.

Just as he pondering, his complexion suddenly changed.

He immediately took his foot off the accelerator and reduced his speed.

With his sharp senses, he was able to sense a bunch of powerful presences in the front-west direction.

There were more than forty Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperors and there were also several other presences that were as strong as his father, True Monarch Eternal Fire.

Shiet, did I come to the wrong place? Su Wenqu thought to himself.

At first, he was thinking of keeping this little brother away from the illusory formation and the cultivators inside.

But he didn't think that they would end up on the wrong side of the formation, directly rushing toward the place where the cultivators were.

And judging from their powerful presences, there was a get-together of senior cultivators ahead.

This is bad, we can't keep going forward!

If we show up without being invited, those senior cultivators might get angry.

And this is while ignoring the fact that I even brought a mortal along!

If it's really a get-together of senior cultivators and they are discussing profound principles, there are bound to be strange phenomena appearing here and there.

If an ordinary person were to get too close to the discussing seniors and was influenced by them, this person might end up in a life-threatening situation.

Since there is still some distance, I should have that little brother make a U-turn and leave this place immediately! Su Wenqu thought to himself.

Thereupon, he changed his direction and prepared to enter the illusory formation once more. This time, he was planning to get out from the other side of the formation.

But just as he was about to turn around, he saw something ahead flashing and flying toward him...

What's that thing?

Form the looks of it, it seems a hidden weapon or something similar...

But whatever that thing was, he was currently going at a very fast speed and didn't want to bump into it.

Therefore, he quickly turned the car around, elegantly dodging the incoming object!

The degree of difficulty of this beautiful dodge was of at least 9.98 points!

Su Wenqu relied on this superior reflexes as a cultivator and the features of the 'lonely boat' to dodge the incoming hidden weapon.

But the same couldn't be said for Sima Jiang who was closely following behind he didn't have such incredible reflexes, and his vehicle wasn't that incredible either.

Therefore, that glistening hidden weapon quickly pasted on his vehicle.

Sima Jiang didn't even have the time to dodge. Before he could even react, that thing was already pasted on his windshield.

Sima Jiang got a scare.

At last, he finally saw what that shining thing was. Apparently, it was something that resembled a talisman paper...

To be more precise, it was an A4 paper full of strange runes! The only peculiar thing about this paper was that it was emitting a blinding light.

"What's that thing?" Sima Jiang muttered in puzzlement.

Just as he was in deep thoughts the speed of his vehicle suddenly rose. In mere two seconds, its speed went off the charts!

It literally went off the charts. In the blink of an eye, it was already over 300 km/h and kept increasing.

F*ck, what's happening?

My vehicle can't be this cool ugh, it can't be this fast!

The brakes! I have to quickly apply the brakes!

Sima Jiang immediately took his foot off the accelerator and pressed the brake pedal.

The speed of the vehicle started to slowly decrease however, it was still extremely fast. Even if he wasn't pressing the accelerator, just by relying on the accumulated inertia, the vehicle was still going really fast.

The scariest thing was that although he had stepped on the brake, the vehicle was taking a long time to slow down and while he was trying to slow down, the speed seemed to have started increasing again?

What's happening?

I've already taken my foot off the accelerator and stepped on the brake, and yet, why is my speed increasing instead of decreasing?

Is the brake malfunctioning? Or did I make a mistake and pressed the accelerator instead of the brake?

No, that's impossible!

Sima Jiang was a seasoned driver and wouldn't make such a stupid mistake. But what was happening at this time? Although he was applying the brakes, the vehicle was getting faster and faster.

"Stop! Dammit, stop!" Sima Jiang shouted. He tightly held the steering wheel and concentrated so as to avoid bumping into something while the speed of his vehicle was this fast.

What could he do in such a situation?

In the rear, Su Wenqu opened his eyes wide as he gazed at the madly dashing express delivery vehicle.

"That was fast!" Su Wenqu said. From the viewpoint of an average person, the speed of that vehicle had broken through all limits.

However, the vehicle seemed to be out of control at this time...

"That's bad. If this keeps going, that little brother will be in danger! Little brother, quickly step on the brake! I'm coming to help you!" Su Wenqu shouted from behind.

With the usage of true qi, he was able to clearly relay the message to Sima Jiang.

"I'm I'm already stepping on the brake!" Sima Jiang replied. "But it doesn't seem to have any effect!!!"