Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 434

Chapter 434 The Huge Express Delivery Box
Chapter 434: The huge express delivery box

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Su Wenqu really wished he had already reached the Fourth Stage and could ride a flying sword. That way, he could have easily rescued that little brother on the express delivery vehicle.

"This is bad! The place ahead is precisely where those senior cultivators are gathered!" Su Wenqu said anxiously.

If the cultivators ahead were from daoist, buddhist, or scholarly schools, they wouldn't mind if a mortal barged into their territory by mistake. At most, they would erase his memories.

But if they were cultivators from a demonic or monster school, Sima Jiang might be in danger.

Su Wenqu quickly turned around his lonely boat and followed behind Sima Jiang.

At this time, the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group had already noticed Sima Jiang and his express delivery vehicle rushing toward the Grievance Settling Platform.

"What's happening? An ordinary person is coming over?"

"Hmm? Doesn't that vehicle seem to be out of control?"

"Moreover, the speed of the vehicle is also not quite right. It has already surpassed the limit of ordinary vehicles."

"There are traces of the usage of a magical technique on the vehicle. Did someone use a speed increasing formation on it?"

"So, who is going to stop that van? If it keeps going on like that, it might bump into the hand-guided tractors and destroy them."

At this time, True Monarch White Crane volunteered and said, "I'll go. I have a purifying technique that can remove the effects and aftereffects of other magical techniques."

True Monarch White Crane felt that its current situation wasn't too good, and the other fellow daoists were looking daggers at it from time to time.

Now that Venerable White wasn't here, True Monarch White Crane was rather clear-headed and wasn't in its 'hardcore fan mode'.

Therefore, it knew that it was the right time to act and gain a few brownie points in the eyes of the other fellow daoists.

In any case, it wasn't going to lose anything, and it was just a small effort for it.

If it could gain a few brownie points now, perhaps it would suffer less during the hand-guided tractor competition?

Thereupon, True Monarch White Crane soared into the sky, gracefully landing on the roof of the van.

Soon, it found what made the vehicle go out of control. "Found it. This A4 paper seems to be the cause of this sudden outburst of speed"

True Monarch White Crane was currently invisible. Therefore, Sima Jiang couldn't see it.

"It seems I won't need to use any purifying technique. As long as I tear this paper off, the speed of the car should drop," True Monarch White Crane said.

But using an A4 paper to create a functioning 'speed increasing formation' was something very impressive. Just what kind of frightening knowledge had the person who created this formation in the field of runes reached?

Just as it was in deep thoughts, True Monarch White Crane stretched its hand out, preparing to tear off the A4 paper.

But as soon as it touched the paper, its hand stiffened.

"Eh? This aura there is no mistake! This is Senior White's aura!" True Monarch White Crane immediately entered its incurable hardcore fan mode.

"However, there is not much of Senior White's aura. It seems that someone has carried out some modification using the A4 talisman paper that Senior White prepared as a base. But it's still an A4 talisman paper that Senior White manufactured personally. It's a priceless treasure!" True Monarch White Crane said excitedly.

I must treasure this A4 talisman paper and place it inside my top secret holdings. In the future, if I manage to convince Senior White to marry me, these things will become the proof of my love.

Just like that, True Monarch White Crane got lost in its fantasies with no way to free itself.

As a consequence the express delivery vehicle kept accelerating and accelerating, without any sign of stopping.

If it kept going on like this, it would really bump into the hand-guided tractors on the other side.

"What is True Monarch White Crane doing?"

"In what kind of strange state did it fell into?"

"You can't rely on that crane in critical times. Forget it, who is going to stop the van?"

Just as they were discussing, a form suddenly drilled out of the group of fellow daoists.

"Eh? Fellow Daoist Phoenix Slayer?" Northern River's Loose Cultivator said in puzzlement. Since when did Young Master Phoenix Slayer become so active? He was completely different from his usual self!

Young Master Phoenix Slayer, or Song Shuhang if you prefer, was also a little depressed at this time.

By relying on Young Master Phoenix Slayer's keen senses, he noticed the express delivery vehicle while it was still very far away, and that the driver was Little Jiang, someone he knew.

As soon as he saw Little Jiang, he subconsciously thought of moving forward to stop the vehicle, saving him. After all, he was an acquaintance.

But in the next moment, Song Shuhang remembered that he was currently inside Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body and that there was a lag of three seconds between his each and every action.

If he were to lend a hand, he might end up causing a disaster instead.

Since Sima Jiang's life was at stake, Song Shuhang didn't dare to be careless. Therefore, he decided to request the nearby seniors to save Sima Jiang!

But just as he was thinking this Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body dashed forward and went to the rescue.

The thought about rescuing Sima Jiang finally kicked in, and now that three seconds had passed, his body faithfully executed it.

But when he was halfway there, Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body suddenly stopped.

Because that thought from earlier, when Song Shuhang decided not to carelessly take action as to avoid endangering Sima Jiang, finally took effect.

As a consequence, the situation changed. Young Master Phoenix Slayer shot out of the group of cultivators and coolly stopped on the trajectory of the express delivery vehicle.

The express delivery vehicle madly dashed toward him. At this time, Young Master Phoenix Slayer was also invisible. Therefore, Sima Jiang had no way of seeing him.

Song Shuhang exclaimed, "Dammit!"

It seemed he had to plan things ahead in order to reduce the influence of the lag of three seconds.

The speed of the vehicle was getting faster and faster, and it was about to bump into Young Master Phoenix Slayer.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body automatically reacted, instinctively protecting itself. He raised both his hands and his sapphire finger ring emitted a blinding light.

In the next moment, four blue-colored shields appeared in front of his body; they all looked very sturdy.

Eh? Wait, this is bad! If I use a shield to forcefully stop the vehicle, Sima Jiang might die due to the impact! This thought resurfaced in Song Shuhang's mind.

When he thought this, the four shields suddenly changed.

The originally sturdy ice-blue shields started to ripple, changing into what resembled liquid.


The express delivery vehicle bumped into the four liquid shields. The impact was so powerful that the first two layers of liquid defense were broken through. But the third and fourth layers were very elastic and thus completely enwrapped the express delivery vehicle.

Moreover, the shields had rebounding properties and made the express delivery bounce back, overturning it.

Just in this fashion, the vehicle overturned like a tortoise and was now unable to move.

In the end, they managed to safely stop it.

Song Shuhang temporarily heaved a sigh of relief.

Perhaps because Sima Jiang accidentally pressed a button when the vehicle overturned, the rear compartment of the van suddenly opened. Soon after, a box that was two meters in length and half a meter in width dropped out of the vehicle!