Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 435

Chapter 435 I Have Comprehended The Starter Pistol Formula
Chapter 435: I have comprehended the starter pistol formula!

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When he saw the express delivery box, the corner of Song Shuhang's eyes twitched.

This size and this shape it almost felt as though Soft Feather and Su Clan's Sixteen would suddenly pop out of it!

"Not good. I'm pressed beneath the vehicle," at this time, a voice echoed in Song Shuhang's ears.

Three seconds later, Young Master Phoenix Slayer lowered his head.

It was at that time that he saw True Monarch White Crane pressed beneath the roof of the overturned vehicle. From this scene, it really resembled one of those tragic traffic accidents.

...But True Monarch White Crane's delighted expression somewhat destroyed the feeling of a tragic traffic accident.

At this time, True Monarch White Crane was carefully holding an A4 paper in its hands.

Above the paper was an altered version of a runic formationthe speed increasing formationand a powerful wind-type impetus formation.

True Monarch White Crane carefully put the A4 paper away. It didn't matter which fellow daoist of the group lost the A4 paper, now that it had fallen in its hands, it belonged to itself! After all, it was a treasure related to Senior White!

After losing the speed increasing properties of the A4 paper, the express delivery vehicle, which was still trying to accelerate, finally calmed down.

Song Shuhang glanced at the insides of the vehicle. The airbag had popped out, and Sima Jiang was unconscious.

Even if the shields Young Master Phoenix Slayer materialized changed into liquid form, they weren't able to completely offset the powerful impact created by the vehicle. Part of the impact ended up affecting the express delivery vehicle and Sima Jiang.

Song Shuhang sighed and controlled Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body. Then, he got inside the van from the rear and carried the unconscious Sima Jiang out.

When he came out of the vehicle, he saw the express delivery box fallen to the ground.

Song Shuhang inspected the box and quickly found the sheet with the information pertaining to the express delivery.

The name of the sender wasn't on the information sheet, and in the addressee field were written the following words: 'Only to be opened by my dear friend Chu Kangbo'. Additionally, there was the address of a village in the outskirts of the Chu Family.

This periphery village had been built so that the Chu Family could receive express delivery from ordinary people, as well as to allow their clansmen to stay in contact with the people of the mortal world.

"Chu Kangbo? Isn't this the name of the ancestor of the Chu Family?" Song Shuhang muttered.

If one were to look at this huge box without taking into account the words 'my dear friend', they would probably think that someone was sending over a coffin as a threat!

Since it's a package for the ancestor of the Chu Family, it's better to let the people of the Chu Family take care of it, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Thereupon, he stretched out one hand and grabbed the express delivery box while placing Sima Jiang on his free shoulder, heading toward the place his body was.

"Fellow Daoist Phoenix Slayer, take this van off me! I can't muster my strength while in this position!" True Monarch White Crane's voice echoed from the rear.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Right at this time, another voice echoed from behind.

"Senior, wait a moment!" It was Su Wenqu. At this time, his lonely boat finally managed to catch up.

From afar, he saw that this 'Young Master Phoenix Slayer' was carrying the express delivery box in one hand and that little brother on his other shoulder. Therefore, he got worried for Sima Jiang and called out.

Song Shuhang controlled Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body and moved toward the edge of the vehicle. Then, he used his foot to gently overturn the express delivery vehicle once more, freeing True Monarch White Crane who was pressed below.

Soon after, he turned his head around and saw Su Wenqu leaping down from his lonely boat.

What an elegant and cool scholar!

Su Wenqu was wearing a scholar's cap on his head, a scholarly robe on his body, and had a jade sword hanging around his waist this was precisely how Song Shuhang wanted to look in the future!

After seeing his clothes, Song Shuhang's favorable impression of Su Wenqu immediately increased by ten points.

"I'm White Cloud Academy's 'Jade Sword Scholar' Su Wenqu. Nice to meet you, Seniors." Su Wenqu courteously greeted them. It felt as though a scholar from ancient times had traveled through time and appeared right before their eyes.

The nearby True Monarch White Crane who was currently patting the dust off its clothes interjected after hearing these words, "White Cloud Academy's Su Wenqu? Oh, I remember you. You're True Monarch Eternal Fire's only son, right? But wasn't your dao name 'Saber Carrying Scholar'?"

The corner of Su Wenqu's mouth twitched as he said, "Senior, that's just a nickname other fellow daoists gave me as a joke. My real dao name is Jade Sword Scholar."

"So that's how it was. However, I feel that your nickname is way cooler than your dao name," True Monarch White Crane said while nodding.

The corner of Su Wenqu's mouth twitched again.

After hearing Su Wenqu's 'criminal name', Saber Carrying Scholar, Song Shuhang's favorable impression of him increased by another ten points.

Since his mood was quite good, he asked, "Fellow Daoist Su, is something the matter?"

"Cough, Senior. It's like this the little brother you're carrying on your shoulder is someone I brought here by mistake. We were careless and barged into the place you seniors were having a get-together. All the blame lies with me. Therefore, I hope you won't blame that little brother for what happened," Su Wenqu said cautiously.

Song Shuhang was dumbfounded, and three seconds later, he smiled and said, "Fellow Daoist Su, you misunderstood. We don't want to do anything bad to Little Jiang. Moreover, I've met Little Jiang several times in the past. After seeing that he was unconscious, I decided to bring him to a safe place and check his physical condition."

"This little brother is actually an acquaintance of yours?" After hearing this much, Su Wenqu heaved a sigh of relief.

He was relieved that his mistake hadn't brought a disaster upon that little brother.

After discovering that Sima Jiang wasn't in trouble, Su Wenqu's attention shifted to that lineup of hand-guided tractors as well as to those seniors that were still carrying out their modifications.

Su Wenqu really liked to modify cars and race with others.

Therefore, he found something like modifying hand-guided tractors quite interesting.

At the same time, when he gazed at that lineup of hand-guided tractors, he recalled the content of his father's call'Soon, the world of cultivators will have a competition with very special vehicles'.

Is it possible that the vehicles they were talking about were precisely hand-guided tractors?

Very soon, Su Wenqu found out that his guess was correct. His father, True Monarch Eternal Fire, made a long trip and descended to an empty area next to the Grievance Settling Platform.

His father wasn't alone, there were many other senior cultivators with him.

For example, the man that wanted to rule all the seas, True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon!

For example, the world-famous Venerable Tornado who reached the Seventh Stage Realm fifty years ago!

For example, the all-mysterious Daoist Priest Southern Lake! According to the rumors, he had a close relationship with the ancient Heavenly City.

And for example, the man who had merged lightning-type techniques with his swordsmanship, creating his own unique style, Sword Monarch Blue Sky and so on, and so on.

All those that came over were illustrious people in the world of cultivators.

All these seniors either came here to act as referees or to spectate the hand-guided tractor competition.

Some others received Venerable White's invitation and came here to participate directlyTrue Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon was one of them.

At the same time, there were several illustrious seniors amongst the people modifying the hand-guided tractors too. Let's introduce these seniors that had come here from afar as guests.

For example, that senior that was currently playing with a pekingese was the renowned True Monarch Yellow Mountain.

For example, that daoist priest that was silently mounting all kinds of frightening weapons on his hand-guided tractor was the talented True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple.

For example, that baboon was the famous Thrice Reckless Mad Saber! It was a surprise discovering that Senior Thrice Reckless was an enlightened baboon. After going back, it could boast about its deeds to his fellow baboons.

For example, that muscular, stout man with silky hair flying upward was the talented Dharma King Creation form the Warring Buddha Sect.

Eh? Wait a moment, there seems to be something wrong with this description!

Dharma King Creation and silky hair flying upward were in the same sentence?

At this time, Song Shuhang was staring at Dharma King Creation's new silky hair!

Song Shuhang remembered very clearly that when the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group were fighting the 'blood demon', Dharma King Creation turned into a bald Super Saiyan after he used the Warring Buddha's True Body.

After the transformation, Dharma King Creation lost all his hair. But now, his head was once again full of shining pitch-black hair?

When did Senior Creation's hair grow up?

Was is the work of a magical technique?

A magical technique that can allow the user to regrow their hair? After thinking up to his point, Song Shuhang's eyes immediately lit up.

After the end of the hand-guided tractor competition, he had to beg Senior Creation to teach him this fabulous magical technique.

Time flew, and the sun started to set.

But on a certain coastal area of China, in a sparsely inhabited land, there were more than a thousand very diverse people.

These were all cultivators that had heard about the first hand-guided tractor competition ever and had thus decided to come here to take a look.

The main reason why so many people gathered here in such a short amount of time was that illustrious senior cultivators were invited here as referees or adjudicators.

These seniors were people with a certain prestige in their sects. Therefore, a lot of their disciples passed on the news. As a consequence, friends, senior or junior brothers, senior or junior sisters, and so on gathered together, becoming the crowd of spectators.

Moreover, the disciples of the Chu Family that were helping the seniors modifying their hand-guided tractors earlier also came over and became part of the crowd.

Song Shuhang's body, the unconscious Sima Jiang, as well as that huge express delivery box were also somewhere here in the coastal area.

Right at this time, Venerable Spirit Butterfly and Venerable White appeared in the airspace of the competition area. The duo was very satisfied with the race track they had created. They were sure that the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group would have a beautiful and everlasting memory of this event.

"Fellow Daoist Tornado, when the competition starts, we'll have to trouble you with firing off the starting pistol," Venerable White said to Venerable Tornado.

"It'll be my honor." Venerable Tornado nodded. Back in those days, when he had yet to advance to the Seventh Stage Realm, Venerable Tornado was known as 'True Monarch Ultimate Flaunting Tempest', abbreviated to True Monarch Flaunting Tempest.

Venerable Tornado had many friends and was a benevolent person. However he really liked to show off! Therefore, he was surely going to love doing something like firing off the starting pistol and be the center of the attention.

Moreover, Venerable Tornado decided to take a different approach from the usual 'On your marks Ready Go!' to start the competition.

The formula he wanted to use today was: 'On your marks Ready 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Go!'.

Song Shuhang arrived next to his hand-guided tractor full of confidence.

This lag of three seconds wasn't enough to stop him!

The referee was surely going to fire the starting pistol within two seconds after saying 'On your marks Ready'.

In other words, he could order the tractor to move forward while the referee was shouting 'Ready'!

And three seconds later, he would finally shot forward!