Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 436

Chapter 436 Hello Fellow Daoists Watching From Home Im Su Clans Seven
Chapter 436: Hello Fellow Daoists watching from home, Im Su Clans Seven

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In the sky, white clouds appeared and gathered.

These clouds were a trendy flight-type magical treasure in the world of cultivators. Since ancient times, clouds had always been a very practical disguise.

People in ancient times sometimes saw immortals riding clouds most of them were actually careless cultivators who forgot to use some sort of invisibility spell when they were flying, causing them to be accidentally seen by ordinary people.

Of course, because of some reasons, there were also cultivators who intentionally showed themselves to ordinary people to complete certain tasks.

At this moment, the audienceconsisting of cultivators, including the disciples of the Chu Familyclimbed onto the cloud-shaped flying magical treasures. They were planning to watch the hand-guided tractor competition from there.

There were also some seniors who were acting as referees. They would use their own flying swords or personal flying-type magical treasures to follow the participants closely.

In the sky, Venerable White was hosting the opening of the competition. "Participants, attention please. The first hand-guided tractor competition of the world of cultivators is about to begin!"

"That's the legendary Senior White!"

"The handsome Senior White is just like in the rumors anyone who glances at him would be unable to take their eyes off him. If you want me to marry him immediately, there wouldn't be a problem at all!" a female cultivator said bashfully with both hands on her face.

"Should we pay respects to him? I heard that Senior White's blessings are rather effective."

"Hey, when did you start carrying an incense burner with you wherever you go?"

"It's a must. We are cultivators, so regardless of what matters we have to attend to, we need to make ample preparations beforehand. After I heard that this hand-guided tractor competition was hosted by Venerable White, I secretly brought this incense burner along."

Su Wenqu shot a glance at the nearby fellow daoists and was at a loss for words.

For some reason, he felt that these fellow daoists had really gone all out...

After Venerable White's voice resounded, the fairy maidens, daoist priests, great masters, and scholars of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, as well as a few of Venerable White's friends such as True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon, got off their hand-guided tractors.

Every fairy maiden, daoist priest, great master, scholar, and monster held onto a hand crank.

Thereafter, these elegant and graceful fairy maidens, daoist priests, and virtuous monks went to the front of their tractors then, they proficiently pressed the lever down, inserting the crank inside.

And after that they used their strength to rotate it.

On the clouds in the sky, there were already several fellow daoists whose faces went red from stifling their laughter. Forgive them for laughing even at the smallest things, but when they saw a group of seniors bending forward with their butts sticking out and holding onto the crank tightly while using all their might to turn it, the visual impact was just too strong.

In reality, it was clearly a very ordinary scene of people operating the tractor, but because of the identity of the people cranking the tractors, the entire scene became very amusing.

"How embarrassing, why can't the hand-cranking function to start the hand-guided tractor be changed?" said Northern River's Loose Cultivator who started the tractor after much difficulty.

"I agree with Northern River."

"I agree with Northern River + 1."

"I agree with Northern River + 2."

"All of you are too naive, because Senior White mentioned beforecranking the tractor is where the fun lies and it's the essence of a hand-guided tractor itself!" said True Monarch White Crane.

Just as the seniors were talking amongst themselves, Venerable White descended from the sky.

Thereafter, he took out a hand-guided tractor from his spatial equipment and proficiently cranked the tractor, starting it.

Dharma King Creation asked, "Senior White, you're also joining the competition?"

"No, I won't be joining," replied Venerable White.

The main reason Venerable White organized the hand-guided tractor competition was that he himself really liked to play with this special 'vehicle'.

It was a pity that as the organizer of the competition and creator of the race track, it would be unfair if he joined the competition.

Hence, he could only take part in the competition using a different status to get a kick out of it.

"I will follow you lot in the capacity of a referee. At the same time, I want to prevent any life-threatening situations from happening during the competition," said Venerable White.

All the fellow daoists nodded their heads.

"Also, I hope that everyone will put their best efforts into the competition, exhibiting all of your power!" As he was speaking, Venerable White pointed to the skyan eight-trigram formation was quietly rotating there.

In the middle of the formation, there was an enormous mirror. It was recording everything that was going on below, storing it within the eight-trigram formation.

"That's the Daily Cultivator's information collecting formation, right?" Northern River's Loose Cultivator's face went stiff.

Venerable White nodded. "Yes, this is the first hand-guided tractor competition of the world of cultivators. Hence, I contacted the Daily Cultivator and got them to help us record and broadcast the whole competition live. Therefore, you guys must give your all."

"..." Dharma King Creation.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber said, "In other words both the scenes of us standing in line and frantically cranking the tractors were fully recorded... and broadcasted live to the entire world of cultivators?"

Fairy Dongfang's face stiffened.

Northern River's Loose Cultivator asked, "Am I still in time to withdraw from the competition?"

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber went silent.

A moment later, Thrice Reckless Mad Saber faced the 'information collecting formation', and shouted loudly, "Hello fellow daoists watching from home, I'm Spirit River Su Clan's Seven, my vehicle number is 38. Everyone, please remember me and support me!"

Song Shuhang spurted out.

So did Northern River's Loose Cultivator.

As well as True Monarch Yellow Mountain.

And the rest of the fellow daoists of the group.

Cave Lord Snow Wolf silently took out a business card from his clothes and gave it to Thrice Reckless Mad Saber. "Brother Thrice Reckless, this is the business card of Medicine Master's disciple, Riverly Purple Mist. I think you'll need it after the competition is over."

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber took the business card and took a look. Thereafter, he burst out laughing. "Don't you worry, nothing will happen to me. I won't need it."

The corners of Cave Lord Snow Wolf's mouth twitched . Brother Thrice Reckless, where is all your self-confidence coming from? Can I also have a bit of whatever you're smoking?

In the sky, the main referee, Venerable Spirit Butterfly, looked at his lovely daughter Soft Feather and said in a grave tone, "In that case, let the competition officially begin!"

The fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group as well as some of Venerable White's friends he invited got onto their tractors.

Song Shuhang similarly controlled Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body and climbed onto the hand-guided tractor number 44.

Next, all he had to do was to wait for the referee in charge of firing the starter pistol, Venerable Tornado, to call out: 'On your marks... Ready!'. At that time, he would immediately set off with the hand-guided tractor!

Deep breaths.

He was Song Shuhang after all, how could he lose because of a mere 'three-second delay'?

"On your marks!" Venerable Tornado raised his starting pistol up high. At this moment, all the participants and the spectators were focusing on him!

This beautiful feeling of being in the limelight, both awesome and showy. Venerable Tornado loved it.

"Ready!" Venerable Tornado shouted.

All the fellow daoists grabbed onto the hand-guided tractor with both hands, trying their best to gather their mental energy.

"Now is the time!" At this moment, Song Shuhang ordered Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body to move the tractor forward! Three seconds later, hand-guided tractor number 44 would set out.

Now, he only had to wait for Venerable Tornado to fire the gun!

0.3 seconds later

Venerable Tornado continued to raise the starting pistol up high, yet he did not switch the safety off. His mouth slightly opened and said a really odd number, "1"


Song Shuhang was completely dumbfounded. Why is it a number?

At this time, shouldn't he be firing the gun?

"2!" Venerable Tornado continued not to harbor the intention of firing the gun.

Fire the gun, fire the gun, or else three seconds will be up and I would rush forward!

"3!" Venerable Tornado continued.

It's already three, three should be enough, right?

Because he was a cultivator, the speed at which Venerable Tornado read the numbers was slightly fasterdespite counting to three, it took him only two seconds. Coupled with the fact that there was some delay earlier, in total he took 2.3 seconds.

There's still time for him to fire the gun now. I have a three-second delay. If he fires the gun now, I can start the race the moment the gun is fired!

However, Venerable Tornado did not fire the gunhis mouth opened slightly to say, "4!"

Song Shuhang took a deep breath through his nose. If he were to count, wouldn't '1, 2, 3' suffice? Why did he have to say '4'?

If it wasn't '1, 2, 3', then how many numbers does Venerable Tornado have to count before firing the gun? He can't possibly want to count to 10, right?

This was practically out of the standard procedure.

Not good, three seconds are almost up.

Quick, fire the gun! Referee, fire the gun! There is no time left!

But what caused Song Shuhang to feel despair was that Venerable Tornado still did not fire the gun. He uttered a sound that made Song Shuhang's liver hurt. "5"

Song Shuhang's eyes immediately teared up.

The three seconds were up.

Because of the earlier prompt, Young Master Phoenix Slayer's hands grabbed onto the steering wheel of the hand-guided tractor tightly and began a series of actions to activate it.

"Rumble, rumble, rumble~" The hand-guided tractor made rumbling sounds.

Quick, stop! The competition hasn't started, there's still time to stop now!

But what was regrettable was that even if he wanted to stop, the command would only have an effect on Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body three seconds later.

Hence, under the focused attention of the audience, under the lenses of 'information collecting formation', under the astonished gaze of the fellow participants next to him as well as the referee Venerable Tornado...

"Rumble, rumble, rumble"

Young Master Phoenix Slayer's hand-guided tractor frantically charged forward, the speed was extremely high! From the looks of it, Young Master Phoenix Slayer had set up a formation on the vehicle that increased its speed at least ten times!

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber said, "Eh? Referee Venerable Tornado had already fired the gun?"

Northern River's Loose Cultivator replied, "I don't think so. You didn't see that Senior Venerable Tornado was also stupefied?"

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber replied, "Then why did Young Master Phoenix Slayer charge forward so suddenly?"

Dharma King Creation added, "He probably went crazy. You know his race, sometimes, they get very nervous."

"However, we're gonna just let him charge out just like that?" asked Thrice Reckless Mad Saber.

Just as the fellow Daoists were talking amongst themselves, Venerable White stood up and aimed his hand at Young Master Phoenix Slayer's hand-guided tractor