Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 438

Chapter 438: Intense Fighting
Chapter 438: Intense fighting!

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The Scud missile soared into the sky, and its volume increased by several times while midair. Afterward, it shot toward the hand-guided tractor number 40 which belonged to True Monarch White Crane.

Ahead, just as it was about to catch up with the first placeYoung Master Phoenix Slayer, True Monarch White Crane had a sudden premonition and turned its head around, looking behind.

Immediately after, it saw a huge Scud missile heading toward itself.

"Hehe, Fellow Daoist Ancient Lake Temple is really impatient. Did you really think that I didn't take precautions when I saw you mount that huge missile on your vehicle?" True Monarch White Crane said complacently.

Soon after, it gently stretched out its hand and threw an iron plate directly above its head.


In midair, mist suddenly rose and the small iron plate turned into another hand-guided tractor number 40. On the driver seat was a dummy True Monarch White Crane, operating the tractor and looking very lifelike!

It was a decoy that had taken the shape of the hand-guided tractor number 40. No matter if we were talking about the aura, size, or other properties that could be detected only through modern equipment such as electromagnetic waves and temperature, they were all the same as the real True Monarch White Crane.

In the air, that Scud missile was disoriented by the decoy, ending up blasting against it.

The remaining power of the explosion spread in the surrounding area and affected the upcoming hand-guided tractors in the rear. This allowed True Monarch White Crane and 'Young Master Phoenix Slayer' to increase the distance between them and the group in the rear.

Hello to all the people watching from home the live broadcast of the first hand-guided tractor competition of the world of cultivators! I'm everyone's good friend, the host of the Daily Cultivator on the site, Jiang Shan!

This session of the hand-guided tractor competition is held by the illustrious Venerable White, and Venerable Spirit Butterfly and Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman helped to arrange the race track! According to our information, the race track is both exciting and dangerous. It will be absolutely an unforgetting memory!

The competition has finally started! It's worthy of being the first hand-guided tractor competition ever, it reached the climax as soon as it started! As everyone can see, that man spinning in the sky is the referee in charge of starting the competition, Venerable Tornado. It seems that Venerable Tornado used his own body instead of the firing pistol to start this competition. His professionalism is worthy of note. The person in charge of starting the soon-to-come 'flying sword competition' should use him as an example!

Jiang Shan immediately lost 100 points in the eyes of the cultivator in charge of starting the flying sword competition.

The competition has started, and as you can see, the hand-guided tractor number 44 has taken the lead! The contestant driving the tractor is the handsome Young Master Phoenix Slayer! Young Master Phoenix Slayer is an intellectual and outstanding person, and he's loved by all female cultivators!

Behind Young Master Phoenix Slayer is the contestant number 40, True Monarch White Crane. At this time, it is closely following behind Young Master Phoenix Slayer, trying to overtake him! Due to its race, True Monarch White Crane has many male and female admirers in the world of cultivators. The racing battle between these two good-looking and extremely popular contestants is exciting to the point of making one's blood boil!

Eh? What's that? A Scud missile! In the rear, the contestant number 6, True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple, shot a missile toward True Monarch White Crane! Although the competition has been going on only for a few seconds, the contestants are already brimming with fighting intent!

Marvelous True Monarch White Crane used a decoy to block the incoming Scud missile! Currently, there is only the distance of half a tractor between it and Young Master Phoenix Slayer! True Monarch White Crane might overtake Young Master Phoenix Slayer as soon as I'm done with my speech!

Oh? Wait a minute, what's that?

"Boom, boom, boom"

Powerful explosions echoed. It seemed that True Monarch White Crane's hand-guided tractor passed over something, and in the next instant, without any delay, that something suddenly exploded

True Monarch White Crane's vehicle was protected by a powerful defensive formation. Therefore, the explosion didn't damage his tractor.

However, the explosion pushed the hand-guided tractor upward, sending it flying into the sky for a small amount of time.

True Monarch White Crane managed to stabilize its hand-guided tractor with much difficulty thanks to its powerful constitution.

Oh, a landmine! To be precise, a modified landmine that doesn't have any delay while detonating. If a hand-guided tractor passes over it, it will immediately explode, and the power of the explosion will turn into a strong shock wave! True Monarch White Crane just won the lottery! This is just the beginning of the race track, and we've already met something as exciting as a landmine. This really makes one curious as to what kind of interesting things will be ahead!

True Monarch White Crane wasted a lot of time to stabilize its vehicle.

"Whizz, whizz, whizz~"

As a consequence, several hand-guided tractors brushed past True Monarch White Crane.

That is truly regrettable! Although it was only half the length of a vehicle away from overtaking Young Master Phoenix Slayer, True Monarch White Crane carelessly bumped into a landmine and went from the 2nd position to the 49th, almost ending up last! Scholar Brewing Wine, who is currently 50th, is also about to catch up to it!

"Dammit, my name is Drunken Moon! Drunken Moon!" The so-called 'Scholar Brewing Wine' stuck out his head and roared toward the 'eight-trigram information collecting formation' in the sky.

Unfortunately, his voice didn't make it that far and wasn't able to reach the formation.

Scholar Drunken Wine waved his hand toward the camera. He seems rather excited! It is possible that Scholar Drunken Star is preparing a big move?

"Bastard! He actually got my dao name wrong twice within one sentence. It was on purpose, right? Fatty Jiang Shan, I'll not let you off!" Scholar Drunken XXX clenched his teeth in anger.

However, he was indeed going to use a big move.

The reason he stayed in the rear and didn't rush forward at high speed was that he was looking for the right opportunity to catch up with two guys one was the baboon version Thrice Reckless Mad Saber, and the other was True Monarch White Crane!

One embraced him while naked and they traveled together for a long time, this made him lose a lot of face. The other was the criminal that sent the gift. Actually, there was also Venerable White. But if he wanted to deal with Venerable White, he needed favorable timing, geographical, and human conditions. Therefore, it was not the time for it. Without the proper conditions, Scholar Drunken Moon didn't even dare to think about dealing with Venerable White. Otherwise, who knew what kind of unfortunate things might suddenly happen to him.

We got sidetracked the most important thing was that True Monarch White Crane was finally before his eyes!

Scholar Drunken XXX coldly smiled and patted on his hand-guided tractor. Immediately after, a huge drill popped out from the front of his tractor.

The drill started to revolve crazily, and countless chains of runes fused with it, emitting the radiance that specifically belonged to magical treasures. No one doubted that a hand-guided tractor would turn into a sieve if hit by this drill.

"White Crane, get a taste of my Mad Lightning Dragon Drill!!!" Scholar Drunken XXX bellowed and accelerated his hand-guided tractor number 13, dashing toward True Monarch White Crane.

"Eh? Why is Scholar Tyrannical King trying to deal with me?" True Monarch White Crane called out.

"Scholar Tyrannical King? Hehehe it's all useless, die! If you manage to survive my Mad Lightning Dragon Drill, we can be good friends again!" Scholar Drunken Moon roared.

"No, absolutely not! I must become the winner of this hand-guided tractor competition!" True Monarch White Crane' eyes started to tear up. Then, it controlled its hand-guided tractor and activated those two rockets in the open container in the rear at full power.

"After giving you a taste of the Mad Lightning Dragon Drill, I'll also steal your first place!" Scholar Drunken Moon roared.

"Go to hell! My hand-guided tractor would be completely destroyed if it were to bump into your electric drill!" True Monarch White Crane shouted. "Moreover, the one that embraced you while naked and flew off with you was Thrice Reckless. Why are you trying to deal with me!?"

"Hehehe Thrice Reckless, Thrice Reckless enough chit-chat. I'll thoroughly drill both of you!" Scholar Drunken Moon howled!

Just in this fashion, the hand-guided tractors number 40 and 13 tried to catch up to each other; the scene was very lively.

Although we couldn't hear what Scholar Cold Moon and True Monarch White Crane were talking about due to the distance, it seems that Scholar Cold Star wants to use his drill to drill through True Monarch White Crane. But True Monarch White Crane refused to accept its fate! Both are trying to catch up to each other, and their speed is extremely quick. Although the two are currently in the last positions, there is still hope for them to catch up with the fellow daoists in the front if they keep going all out. Let's hope that both will obtain a good ranking. Now, let's shift the camera to the front once again.

Eh? A sword light suddenly flashed in the front. Which fellow daoist won the lottery this time? Let's pull the camera a bit closer oh, now we can see clearly. It's a pretty girl let me see, this is the contestant number 22, Spirit Butterfly Island's Soft Feather. She's Venerable Spirit Butterfly's beloved daughter, and she doesn't have a boyfriend. Single male cultivators might try their best to woo eh?

For some reason, as soon as he said the word 'woo', the live broadcaster of the Daily Cultivator, Jiang Shan, felt cold air blow on his neck.

Cough, cough Anyway, it seems that Miss Soft Feather activated a trap, and was sent back to the starting point together with her tractor! However, the competition has just started, and she still has an opportunity to come on top! Let's give her our best wishes!

In the sky, Soft Feather had a depressed expression on her face. She carelessly activated a trap and couldn't even react when she started coiling and shot up into the sky with her tractor, returning to the starting point!

Although the coiling flight feature was very fun, she was competing at this time! She was delighted as she overtook Senior Creation and Senior Fallout, but right after, she was suddenly sent flying!

She was very unwilling to accept her fate!

"Dammit, I'll surely make a comeback!" Soft Feather shouted. Even if she was returning to the starting point, she would try to fight for the first places!

After wishing good luck to Miss Soft Feather, let's shift the camera toward the first positions. There is currently a fierce battle going on for the first place! Contestant number 44, Young Master Phoenix Slayer, was lucky and is still in the first place with a small advantage over the others. However, there is someone in the rear that is already trying to overtake him it's the contestant number 5, True Monarch Yellow Mountain!

As soon as Jiang Shan mentioned the dao name 'True Monarch Yellow Mountain'... amongst the spectators on the clouds, the eyes of a dog brightly lit up. "Woof, now is the time!"