Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 439

Chapter 439: Soft Feather With Tears Streaming Down Her Face
Chapter 439: Soft Feather with tears streaming down her face
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On the live broadcast, the host kept gasping with admiration. True Monarch Yellow Mountain isn't an established senior for nothing. Earlier, he didn't carelessly increase the speed of his hand-guided tractor. He modified his tractor by perfectly merging cultivation and scientific elements. From the start up until now, his speed has always been stable, and this stable and steady pace allowed him to overtake several other fellow daoists.

Song Shuhang shot a glance at True Monarch Yellow Mountain who almost caught up to him and forced a smile, saying, "Senior Yellow Mountain, didn't you say that you were going to participate only for fun?"

Since he was participating for fun, he should be happy by just participating! Why was he putting in so much effort and even fighting for the first place?!

Song Shuhang absolutely had to place within the first ten! If True Monarch Yellow Mountain were to suddenly get serious and fight for the first ten places as well, it would be very troublesome for him!

"Hehe what can I say. I didn't expect that your modifying skills would be so bad. I casually modified my hand-guided tractor, and I'm merely participating for fun, and yet, I was able to surpass so many of you guys." True Monarch Yellow Mountain laughed out loud.

At this time, Song Shuhang felt the aura of a big and sinister school bully spread from True Monarch Yellow Mountain's body.

It was particularly annoying, and it made others feel like punching him in the face.

"Anyway, good luck, little friend Shuhang. Keep going and you might still place amongst the first ten. In the meantime, I'll take my leave." True Monarch Yellow Mountain laughed and grabbed the steering wheel of the tractor tightly. Next, he steadily and firmly surpassed Song Shuhang's hand-guided tractor number 44 by half the length of a vehicle while continuously shaking along with his own tractor.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain is worthy of his name. What a steady and flawless performance. Now, let's congratulate the contestant number 5, True Monarch Yellow Mountain, for temporarily taking the lead in the hand-guided tractor competition eh? It seems someone is shouting. The sound is very large wait, it seems to be a song? Is one of the spectators cheering for the contestants? In that case, let's try to catch the sound with the speakers.

Soon after, a crisp and melodious voice was transmitted from the 'eight-trigram information collecting formation' to the whole world of cultivators.

"The fragrance of blooming flower baskets~ Hear this song of mine~ Come to the great Yellow Mountain~ It's a beautiful place with beautiful sceneries~ There are crops everywhere~ with a stupid Yellow Mountain all over the place~"

Doudou's 'Song of the Stupid Yellow Mountain' shook the entire world!

The host, Jiang Shan, was dumbstruck.

"Pfff" On the cloud-shaped magical treasures, the majority of the spectators almost burst out in laughter.

Those that weren't able to understand what was going on had a confused expression on their face for example the disciples of the Chu Family. They couldn't understand why the seniors around were holding their laughter back.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain's expression darkened.

He had been careless and forgot to mute Doudou earlier, giving him an opportunity to create trouble.

Maybe he should really prepare some dog meat hotpot this evening...

Next, True Monarch Yellow Mountain activated a sealing technique and roared, "Muting technique!"

On the clouds, the collar of a lovely pekingese shone slightly. Soon after, the lovely pekingese was unable to use human language again and could only bark.

However, a ray of wisdom flashed through the dog eyes of the pekingese Stupid Yellow Mountain, you're too naive!

The same skill won't work twice on me!

Doudou calmly moved away, revealing a huge loudspeaker and a music player hidden beneath his body.

Then, he stretched out his claw and pressed on the music player.

"The fragrance of blooming flower baskets~ Hear this song of mine~"

The world-shaking 'Song of the Stupid Yellow Mountain' played once more.

The song was light-hearted and with a simple tune. It had terse lyrics and was very good to read aloud.

Moreover, all these cultivators, unless they practiced some special technique, had good memory. They could keep this light-hearted song in mind after hearing it only once and hum it immediately after. If they were to hear it a second time, they could even sing it in its entirety.

As if that wasn't enough, the 'Song of the Stupid Yellow Mountain' was rather catchy.

After hearing it once, the people on the scene unconsciously got carried away by the tune, and some of them even started to hum some of the lines.

Cut... quickly cut off this part! The anxious voice of the host, Jiang Shan, was transmitted from the live broadcast however, it was too late.

From the looks of it, all the cultivators of the world would know about the 'Song of the Stupid Yellow Mountain' by tomorrow.

"Doudou!!!" True Monarch Yellow Mountain bellowed and couldn't endure it anymore.

He patted on his tractor with his hand. In the next moment, the hand-guided tractor number 5 rose into the sky while emitting tons of black smoke. He was planning to catch up to Doudou and butcher him.

"Woof woof!" Doudou barked at True Monarch Yellow Mountain with a complacent look on his face. He didn't bother running away, because he knew that he couldn't run away from True Monarch Yellow Mountain.

Even the wind-fire wheels that he could use to quickly escape was something that True Monarch Yellow Mountain manufactured for him. Therefore, he really had no chance of escaping and bravely waited for True Monarch Yellow Mountain to come and catch him.

At this time, Doudou felt that the sentence Soft Feather said back then was very correct'We are not children anymore. Of course we need to be responsible for every action we make.'

Doudou felt that he had discovered an important truth and was thus fearless. Even if True Monarch Yellow Mountain were to mute him for a whole year, he wouldn't have any regret in this dog life of his.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain crushed the music player to smithereens and grabbed Doudou, throwing him on the edge of the hand-guided tractor.

"Woof woof!" Doudou raised his head and barked at True Monarch Yellow Mountain If you want to torture or beat me, go ahead. I don't fear death!

The corner of True Monarch Yellow Mountain's mouth twitched. Then, he operated his hand-guided tractor and rumbled away from the place where the competition was held, disappearing at the horizon.

Along the way, True Monarch Yellow Mountain stayed silent and didn't utter a word.

After a long time, he gently said, "Doudou."

His tone was very gentle and kind.

However, Doudou suddenly trembled.

"Without me even noticing, you've grown so big. When I first brought you home, you were of the size of a palm at most," True Monarch Yellow Mountain said while filled with emotion. "Time surely flies!"

"?" Doudou.

"All children are bound to grow up." True Monarch Yellow Mountain lowered his head and glanced at Doudou. "They will leave their parents and search for a companion to pass their life with, creating their own family."

Doudou was baffled. Has stupid Yellow Mountain gone mad?

True Monarch Yellow Mountain faintly smiled and said in a gentle tone, "Therefore, I think that it's time for you to find a husband as well, Doudou."

"..." Doudou.

Wait, wait, wait a moment!

Stupid Yellow Mountain, aren't you making a mistake?

Doudou anxiously barked, "Woof woof woof woof woof!"

Doudou was a male pekingese monster dog! Why did Yellow Mountain want him to a find a 'husband'?

Is it possible that I'm a female pekingese and stupid Yellow Mountain raised me as though I was a male up until now?

After thinking this much, Doudou raised his hind leg and shot a look at the place where his 'little Doudou' was supposed to be.

This doesn't seem to be the case! I'm really a male pekingese!

Therefore, Doudou was dumbstruck.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain smiled and stretched out his hand, gently patting Doudou's head.

"Rumble, rumble, rumble" The tractor emitted black smoke and carried the dumbfounded Doudou away, disappearing without traces.

Well hello, everyone. Something unexpected happened during the competition. Five seconds ago, True Monarch Yellow Mountain, who managed to overtake Young Master Phoenix Slayer and take the first place, left the competition due to personal matters, getting disqualified. Therefore, the lucky Young Master Phoenix Slayer is still in the first place. He still has a small advantage over the fellow daoists behind.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Should I thank Doudou this time?

If Doudou hadn't disregarded his safety and sought death so blatantly, taking True Monarch Yellow Mountain away in the process, Song Shuhang wouldn't have been able to stay in the lead.

"Doudou, I'll pray for you," Song Shuhang said gratefully.

Then, he operated his hand-guided tractor and increased his speed, rushing forward faster and faster. He wouldn't waste this opportunity that Doudou had given him at the cost of his life!

Just as Song Shuhang was sighing with emotion a sword light brushed past him with a whizz, overtaking him and flying ahead of him!

"What's that thing?" Song Shuhang opened his eyes wide.

Eh? That thing just now was a sword light! So fast! That speed was simply shocking. Which fellow daoist won the lottery this time? Let's pull the camera a bit closer. Let's take a look eh? It's unexpectedly her?

Inside the sword light was wrapped a girl with long legs and pitch-black hair, sitting on the hand-guided tractor number 22.

It's Spirit Butterfly Island's Soft Feather! Earlier, she returned to the starting point after she activated a trap. However, she didn't give up and kept driving, and not long after she activated another trap. Her hand-guided tractor number 22 soared into the sky once more, but this time, it didn't return to the starting point. Instead, it quickly dashed forward, leaving behind all the other contestants and directly overtaking Young Master Phoenix Slayer's hand-guided tractor number 44! Sometimes, misfortune can also be a blessing in disguise. Congratulations to Miss Soft Feather for taking the lead in this session of the hand-guided tractor competition!

Soft Feather had no idea what was going on at this time. She blinked a few times and wondered, Am I first?

This feeling of being first was quite good! She really liked being first!

Soft Feather grabbed the steering wheel of the hand-guided tractor and joyfully laughed. She had to seize the opportunity and speed forward, putting as much distance as possible between her and the other contestants in the rear and heading toward the finishing line!

Her objective was to get first place in the first session of the hand-guided tractor competition!

"Let's go!" Soft Feather said cheerfully.

The hand-guided tractor number 22 quickly sprinted forward.

Next she felt the vehicle faintly shake, and a zero gravity feeling followed immediately after.

The corner of her mouth twitched.

She was too familiar with this feeling, because it was her second time experiencing it within a short amount of time.

Then, amidst Soft Feather's screams, her hand-guided tractor soared into the sky due to the coiling flight feature and after reaching a certain height, Soft Feather and her hand-guided tractor number 22 flew toward the starting point once more!

Soft Feather:

At this time, she had tears streaming down her face.