Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 44

Chapter 44 Medicine Masters Key
Chapter 44: Medicine Masters Key

Time is a priceless commodity, whether youre willing or not, it would still be consumed.

As he went on and on in the refinement process, it was close to three in the afternoon.

The Body Tempering Liquid that Song Shuhang was refining approached the end.

Like yesterday, when it was time for the forty-first ingredient, the Body Tempering Liquid that was inside the pot began to transform.

Because he had experience, this time Song Shuhang calmly added water. Moments later, he added the Fresh Overlord Branch, Nine-Yang Scarlet Bamboo slices, Ocean Trench Frost Crystal and Core of the Snow Demon altogether into the pot.

Once the the medicinal liquid in the pot separated into two opposing types, Song Shuhang promptly increased the heat to the max.

After all that, Song Shuhang finally sighed a breath of relief.

Everything went very smoothly, whether its a success or not remains to be seen!

Oh thats right, I still need to prepare myself to confront the possibility of the concentration of the whole worlds stench incoming.

Four minutes later.


The pots lid was once again blown up high by the pressure, black fumes shot out from inside the pot, and that indescribable stench pervaded the whole room.

Song Shuhang was prepared for this, he took a step back and held his breath; but it was unknown through what method that this stench still managed to invade his sense of smell. Despite all that, pinching his nose and holding his breath had still managed to ease the stench by a considerable amount.

Blegh, what is this smell? Medicine Master possessed super strength, and his five senses were sharp, to the point of being three hundred times stronger than the average human being.

This strange stench entered his nose and mouth, and Medicine Master immediately felt unwell.

This shit has already reached the level of being a biological weapon hasnt it!? If an ordinary person smells this their face would immediately turn pale, then they would collapse and puke to the extent of having white foam all over their mouth!

If it werent for his superior strength, and being tempered by the weird stenches he had to experience when failing in refining pills, perhaps even he would have went down on his knees from this stench.

If this thing is extracted, to those 1st Stage Cultivators who have their sense of smell heightened and those 2nd Stage True Masters who dont have the capability of controlling their sense of smell, this thing would be simply be a nightmare. Medicine Master muttered, and swatted his hand, bringing about a burst of palm wind, causing this black smoke and that disgusting stench to dissipate.

Even though Ive already smelled it before, I still cant get used to it. I probably wont have any appetite for the next few days. Song Shuhang grumbled as well.

Has it succeeded? Asked Medicine Master.

The stench is out, so I guess it succeeded? Song Shuhang picked up the pot lid. If this lid has to be blown off every time, itd probably break into pieces sooner or later despite being made of reinforced glass, right?

Medicine Master pinched his nose, walked over and looked inside the pot. At the bottom of the pot, there was a thin layer of black medicinal paste, it was translucent with a pungent smell.

He swiped a tick in the air with a finger, and a drop of the medicinal liquid flew up and into his mouth.

Examining the exploding medicinal power of the Body Tempering Liquid in his mouth, Medicine Master revealed a satisfied smile, As expected.

With a rough approximation, it was weaker than the Body Tempering Liquid he had simplified by another half.

According to reason, for cultivators, the higher the effect of the pill medicine, the better. But for the simplest of them all, the Body Tempering Liquid, when the medicinal effects are lowered to a certain degree, it surprisingly exhibits a special result!

The old version of Body Tempering Liquid has strong medicinal power. Even the elite disciples of every sect would be required to begin preparing their bodies for months to half a year before consuming it, they have to strengthen their blood to the limit and adjust their bodies to its peak condition, only then could they consume it.

Through Medicine Masters Simplified Body Tempering Liquid, if the elite disciples of the sects want to consume it, they would still need to prepare a month or two in advance before consuming it.

But if the Body Tempering Liquids medicinal effect is lowered even more, the disciples in sects would only require a short period of time to prepare before consuming it.

After that, once their body has been tempered to a certain point, and their bodys toughness has been increased, they would be able to consume Body Tempering Liquid of higher quality, drastically reducing the time required for nurturing the disciples initial stages.

One must know that the foundation building period is a race against time. The best time for foundation building is between four to six years old which is merely two years, so consuming the Body Tempering Liquid the sooner the better.

More importantly, Song Shuhangs way of refining the Body Tempering Liquid did not require anything special, all that was necessary was to immediately change the procedure when the forty-first step of the refinement of the Simplified Body Tempering Liquid goes awry.

This method was simply a patch for Medicine Masters Simplified Body Tempering Liquid, another step forward in improving the Simplified Body Tempering Liquids pill recipe. It could even help to greatly reduce losses by Pill Apprentices.

Seeing Medicine Masters satisfied smile, Song Shuhang exhaled in relief, then asked, Senior, will this help you to improve the Simplified Body Tempering Liquids pill recipe?

It isnt that easy, being able to succeed in this try just proves that my idea of improving the pill recipe is feasible. For the next few days I will still need your cooperation, I need to make some changes to your way of refining. Hehe, this trip was the right decision to make. Medicine Master was in a great mood.

Song Shuhang nodded and replied, Senior, I will try my best to cooperate with you.

Pleased, Medicine Master nodded as he took out a thick book, then began recording the data and details of the experiment at lightning speeds.

Hes nicknamed as a genius Pill Master, and was rather well known amongst cultivators. However, his fame as a genius wasnt something that fell from the skies and onto his lawn while he was relaxing at home. From the thick notebook, its obvious how much care he put into his studies of refining pills. Furthermore this thick notebook was just one of many, there were over three dozen bookshelves filled with books in Medicine Masters abode.

Behind the success of every genius is an amount of sweat that normal people cant even begin to imagine.

Song Shuhang stared at Medicine Master with a face of wanting to say something.

In the end, he finally could bear no longer, Senior Medicine Master, you previously said that Great Master Tong Xuans flying sword book transfer would arrive in four to five hours, counting the hours, its about time isnt it?

?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique?,?True-self Meditation Technique?! The foundation building techniques that would truly bring him across the border of becoming a cultivator!

Once he thought about the two entry-level cultivation techniques, Song Shuhang felt restless and couldnt help it. He wished he could take hold of those two secret books right now.

Haha, theres no hurry, Im the one who set coordinates for the flying sword book transfer, when its coming I will be able to feel it. Hmm, but we still need to return to your dormitory, the coordinates were set at your dormitory after all. If nothing unexpected happens, it should fly over there. Medicine Master spoke with a smile.

Then lets go there now? Song Shuhang expectantly said.

No hurry, when I observed your process of refining the Body Tempering Liquid, it verified many possibilities I had in my mind, I need to record those down. Hmm, if youre in a hurry then you can go back first, Ill come join you later. Medicine Master said.

Song Shuhang nodded.

Okay then, Senior, Ill return to the dormitory first to keep watch?

Go on, go on, youngsters are just too impatient. While Medicine Master spoke, he threw a bunch of keys to Song Shuhang.

It was precisely the keys to this house.

Ill give you the keys, there are five floors anyways, I dont need that much space. Ill loan you the top floor, so you dont need to rent a flat. Medicine Master didnt even turn his head when he said that.

Since the house was already bought and it would empty in the future, why not do Song Shuhang a favor?

Song Shuhang received the keys, and didnt reject this favor, Thank you Senior!

He truly needed a place to stay where he wouldnt be disturbed by others, he also didnt have much money. Medicine Master lending him a room solved this burning issue he had, so he didnt try to reject Medicine Masters offer.

Remember to lock the door! Medicine Master waved his hand, then continued to write in his thick notebook at tremendous speeds.

Song Shuhang briskly walked out of the place.

It goes without saying that he didnt forget his induction stove and hot pot; these things had to be brought back, to avoid suspicion from his roommates.

[TL: This chapter name is actually a pun, Medicine Master in chinese is Yosh?, while the word key is Yoshi, joined together theyre Yosh? De Yoshi = Medicine Masters Key]