Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 443

Chapter 443: Lady Onion Entering Into Action
Chapter 443: Lady Onion entering into action
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"Can the transformation increase the speed of the tractor?" Song Shuhang asked unconsciously.


This artificial intelligence can even reply to my questions? Is it a sentient treasure? Song Shuhang thought to himself. Anyway, what was the point of hesitating if it could increase his speed?

After all, he wanted to enter the first ten!

Three seconds later.

"Carry out of the transformation!" Song Shuhang issued the command through Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body.

Command accepted. Requesting Master Phoenix Slayer to sit properly. The transformation has started.

In the next moment, a dazzling red fire light exploded from the hand-guided tractor number 44. The light burst forth from each joint of the tractor.

This feeling was rather familiar.

Optimus Prime, transformation!

Megatron, as above!

Optimus Primal, as above +1!

Beast King GoLion, fusion! Oh, wait. This one was from a different series.

Anyway, the concept should be pretty clear the hand-guided tractor number 44 was carrying out a similar transformation. Its joints started to twist and turn into new shapes after the burst of light, transforming just like those 'Transformers' in movies.

Deep down in his heart, Song Shuhang was a bit excited all after, all men dreamt of piloting a huge robot once.

Although this dream lately changed into becoming an overpowered character that could tear Gundams apart with bare hands piloting a huge robot was still something that would fire men up.

"Clang, clang, clang"

Around two seconds later...

The hand-guided tractor number 44 completed its transformation while still dashing forward.

The transformation is complete, super speed form activatedRolling War Wheel Form!

"What?" Song Shuhang felt cold air blowing on his forehead.

What the hell is this Rolling War Wheel? Wasn't it going to transform into a huge robot?

Song Shuhang unconsciously thought of using his ghost spirit and relying on its bird's-eye view to take a look at the new shape of the hand-guided tractor number 44.

But as soon as he issued the command, he remembered that he was now in Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body. The ghost spirit wasn't here with him and couldn't provide him the bird's-eye view.

But in the next moment, a flat screen appeared in front of him.

Above the screen was displayed the current situation of the hand-guided tractor number 44.

Is it a... huge rolling barrel? To be precise, a barrel-shaped wheel?!

This huge wheel form most suits Master Phoenix Slayer's idea of transformation. There is no need to worry about landmines, thorns in the earth, or other traps on the road. They can be simply rolled past! The speed will be guaranteed to be fast, and at the same time, it's possible to roll over the other contestants.

The Rolling War Wheel Form is about to enter action! Requesting Master Phoenix Slayer to take the car sickness pill...

Song Shuhang was speechless.

There were so many comments that he wanted to make at this time...

However, before he had the opportunity, he felt everything spinning as though there was an earthquake going on.

The huge barrel-shaped Rolling War Wheel dashed forward at an unimaginable speed.

Since it had the shape of a barrel, Song Shuhang who was inside also started to roll together with it. It was even more brutal than Venerable White's coiling flight feature.

Just in this fashion the wheel of time moved forward, mercilessly destroying everything that blocked its path.

"F*ck, what the hell is this gadget?" Dharma King Creation, who was in front of Young Master Phoenix Slayer, called out in alarm.

If one were to look at the scene right now, he looked like a mantis standing in front of a rolling wheel if he stayed there, the huge rolling wheel would squash him.

"Ah? Where did that thing come from? Is that Young Master Phoenix Slayer?" Northern River's Loose Cultivator quickly recognized to whom that wheel belonged. "Only that muddle-headed stupid monster would come up with such a weird transformation. Dharma King, transform and block him!"

"There is not enough time aaaaah"

Just as Dharma King Creation and Northern River's Loose Cultivator called out, the wheel of time rolled over their heads.

The two of them were the first seniors that got rolled over, and they wouldn't be the last ones...

After all, there were still eighteen seniors blocking the path of Young Master Phoenix Slayer's modified Rolling War Wheel.

In the next moment the hand-guided tractor competition fell into further confusion.

The announcer of the Daily Cultivator, Jiang Shan, enthusiastically said, Fellow Daoists watching from home, the intensity of this first hand-guided tractor completely surpassed our expectations. The hand-guided tractor competition is way more exciting than the 'flying sword competition' that is getting more and more boring from year to year. As everyone can see, the battle amongst the first ten contestants is rather fierce, and one of the fellow daoists in the rear seems to have revealed his trump card! This fellow daoist is the same Young Master Phoenix Slayer who was previously placed first. Although he activated a trap earlier and almost ended up last, he clearly wishes to place amongst the first six! At this time, he used his trump card and made his tractor undergo a transformation however, the transformation is a bit unsightly! It's just a huge... wheel!

Anyway, although the hand-guided tractor assumed the form of an ordinary wheel, its speed is truly terrifying. It was able to surpass twelve fellow daoists in the blink of an eye. At this time, Young Master Phoenix Slayer has already entered the first ten, and his rank is rapidly increasing! Just how many fellow daoists will be rolled over and crushed by the cruel and merciless wheel of time?

Oh Fellow Daoists, wait a moment. I just received important news. After the referees on the scene and the main referee discussed amongst themselves, they came to the conclusion that the contestant number 44, Young Master Phoenix Slayer, broke the rules of the competition with this 'wheel'-shaped tractor. After all, this is a hand-guided tractor competition, and using something that doesn't resemble a hand-guided tractor is strictly forbidden. Let's hold a three-second silence for Young Master Phoenix Slayer. He is the first fellow daoist to break the rules of the competition. Let's wait and see how the referees decide to punish him.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer edition Song Shuhang was speechless.

He already knew that there was something wrong with this 'transformation'. That's why he had that bad feeling earlier.

The hand-guided tractor competition was very intense.

And in the darkness, the forces of evil were also secretly moving.

From example, the sea urchin warriors and their 'king' were preparing devious plans in the depths of the sea...

That person disguising as that mister's servant earlier now had the Blood God's Evil Saber Formation in their hands and planned to find a good location to use it and condense the life-bound Blood God Saber.

There was also Limitless Demon Sect's Young Master Hai. Although he was in secluded meditation, he managed to obtain the Blood Sea Jade which he could use to replace the Blood God Crystal, giving Demon Monarch Anzhi, Zheng Neng, and himself a very good chance to advance to the Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor Realm and condense a Golden Core with seven or more dragon patterns. However, he was still unwilling to give up the Blood God Crystal in the hands of 'Stressed by a Mountain of Books'. He couldn't be at ease unless he retrieved it. Moreover, it had been a huge blow to his reputation as a flawless planner. If he couldn't retrieve it now, it might even up becoming his Inner Demon in the future.

Finally there was also Lady Onion was had now lost her upper part. After getting out of the mysterious island, she kept a low profile, acting weak in front of Song Shuhang to catch him off guard.

Now, she felt that her opportunity had finally come!

Although he had been hiding inside Song Shuhang's pocket the whole time, she had also paid attention to the developments outside.

She knew that Song Shuhang's consciousness had been shifted to the body of a senior and that he currently in an unconscious state. Moreover, after having his consciousness shifted to the body of that senior, Song Shuhang was now participating in the hand-guided tractor competition. From the loud cheers she could hear, it seemed that the competition had reached the climax.

At this time, there were only two ordinary disciples of the Chu Family next to her.

That frightening Venerable White, monster pekingese, and small monk weren't around.

She couldn't find a better opportunity to escape!

"Today, this green onion shall regain her freedom," Lady Onion muttered to herself.

Then, she took a deep breath.

Soon after, two small hands appeared above her missing upper part, and two small feet appeared below the enlightenment stone she had taken root onto.

"There is still my upper part that was cut off earlier," Lady Onion muttered to herself.

She didn't remember anything about what happened on the mysterious island.

But whenever she tried to recall those events, a certain word kept resurfacing in Lady Onion's mind pervert! After pondering for a moment, she wondered whether there was a pervert on the mysterious island?

She didn't even remember why her tender shoot was cut off perhaps it was the reason she forgot everything?

Therefore, she wanted to recover her upper part.

That tender shoot was still part of her body. Perhaps she could find the reason she lost her memories after thoroughly researching it.

After thinking this much, Lady Onion started to rummage through Song Shuhang's pocket, grabbing that rabbit-shaped size-reducing purse.

"This is a real treasure, a pseudo-space purse!" As soon as she saw the purse, Lady Onion started to drool. However, she didn't dare to take it away.

She was afraid that the small purse might have a 'mark' on it. If that were the case, wouldn't her plan to escape immediately fail?

"Now then, is there a mark on my body too?" Lady Onion suddenly thought of another scary possibility if there was a mark on her body, wouldn't Song Shuhang find her very quickly?

But she quickly shook his head. "It doesn't matter. This opportunity is hard to come by. Even if there is a mark on my body, I still want to try to run away. Perhaps I'll be caught soon after I run away, but if I don't run away now, I might not have another opportunity again!"

After thinking this much, she stretched out her small hand and started to look through the size-reducing purse, finally taking out that small green onion shoot wrapped in a paper.

"Found it. This is my green onion shoot!" Lady Onion said happily.

She held it with great care and merged it with the enlightenment stone. Since she had temporarily lost the ability to assume the human form, hiding things had become quite difficult.

Afterward, she carefully observed what was going on next to Song Shuhang's body and crawled out of his pocket...