Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 444

Chapter 444: Frozen Little Shuhang
Chapter 444: Frozen little Shuhang
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The logic and timing of Lady Onion's plan were impeccable. There wasn't any expert paying attention to this place, so she only had to be slightly careful and avoid the disciples of the Chu Family. Since the two disciples were watching the live broadcast of the hand-guided tractor competition, the pressure on her was decreased even more and the probability of pulling off a successful escape increased greatly.

Most importantly, Song Shuhang did not leave 'marks' of any sort on her body.

Lady Onion carefully jumped out of Song Shuhang's pocket, and when the two disciples were not paying attention, she took the chance to stealthily roll out of the opened car window.

The moment her body touched the ground, she was extremely excited, shouting in her heart, Hahahaha, I got my freedom back!

Now, she had to quickly run away there were too many cultivators gathered around, so it was very unsafe. After all, she was still growing on top of the enlightenment stone, which was almost a cultivation-related cheat in the eyes of cultivators.

If she was not careful, she could enter a wolf's cave after leaving a tiger's den.

Lady Onion carefully rolled under the car. The two eyes that grew on the little green onion were observing the situation in all directions, searching for an escape route.

There are too many cultivators straight ahead; it won't work. The left side won't work, either. The competition arena is at the back, so that direction's even worse... Eh? There are indeed fewer people on the right, and there are a lot of places where I can take a cover too. In that case, I'll break through from the right side!

After observing the route carefully, Lady Onion cautiously looked at the sky, toward the many cultivators standing on the clouds. Hopefully, nobody would pay any attention to that side.

Just as her vision shifted to the sky, she ended up making eye contact with a pair of extremely limpid and pure eyes.

They were extremely clear, similar to the eyes of a newborn baby; they did not contain even a hint of wickedness.

However, Lady Onion's whole body went numb, and she started shivering.

Above the car was hovering a palm-sized figure of Song Shuhang.

The palm-sized Song Shuhang was bald and wearing a green kasaya.

At this moment, the little Shuhang was curiously staring at Lady Onion.

Why?! Lady Onion raged in her heart. Why is there a little Song Shuhang on top of the car? And from the way he looks, he was clearly staring at my every movement from the start!

So, just what thing is this small Shuhang? Is it possible that Shuhang grasped the terrifying ability to create clones?!

Suddenly, Lady Onion had an epiphany and thought of something. The ghost spirit!

Song Shuhang and the ghost spirit seemed to have fully completed their synchronization not long ago. Afterward, the ghost spirit underwent a strange mutation.

This palm-sized little Song Shuhang should be that ghost spirit.

However, without the master's command, ghost spirit usually would stay within the master's body and not leave on its own, right?

Why did the ghost spirit appear on top of the car? Could it be that it was Song Shuhang's order!?

Could it be that Song Shuhang had guessed from the start that she would take the opportunity to escape, and hence he ordered the ghost spirit to keep an eye on her?

Dammit, scheming bastard!

Just as Lady Onion was filled with thoughts, Song Shuhang's ghost spirit floated down to the ground from the top of the car and arrived in front of Lady Onion.

The ghost spirit indeed came out because of Song Shuhang's 'order' but it had nothing to do with Lady Onion.

Earlier, when Song Shuhang completed the transformation of the tractor with Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body, he suddenly thought of using his ghost spirit and rely on its 'bird's-eye view' to take a look at the shape of the tractor.

After the ghost spirit received the order, it came out of Song Shuhang's body and floated above the roof of the car.

Actually if the ghost spirit did not get out of Song Shuhang's body after receiving the order, it would have seized Lady Onion the moment she got out of Shuhang's pocket.

The ghost spirit and Song Shuhang's thoughts were interlinked. Therefore, he naturally would not let Lady Onion escape.

At this moment, the ghost spirit stood in front of Lady Onion, and both its eyes swiveled.

Ultimately, they looked toward the 'green onion shoot' in Lady Onion's hands. The palm-sized ghost spirit reached out its hand without hesitation and grabbed it.

"W-what are you doing?!" Lady Onion said as she lowered her voice. This was her green onion shoot!

"Hehe." The ghost spirit did not speak and only let out a satisfied laugh. Thereafter, it took the green onion shoot from her hands by force.

The ghost spirit was synchronized with Song Shuhang, and its cultivation level similarly rose to the Second Stage True Master Realm. Seizing something from a First Stage cultivator like Lady Onion was extremely easy.

After taking the green onion shoot, the ghost spirit held it up and scrutinized it for a long time.

Thereafter, under the shocked gaze of Lady Onion, the ghost spirit swallowed the entire green onion shoot.

"Burp~" After eating the green onion shoot, the ghost spirit belched in satisfaction.

"You ate it you actually ate my head. That was my head, you demon!" Lady Onion clenched her teeth in anger; she wanted to pounce towards the ghost spirit and fight it.

However, before Lady Onion could even let out a sound, the ghost spirit bent its finger and lightly flicked Lady Onion's body.


It was a mere light flick, and a stream of weak true qi got channeled into Lady Onion's body.

Lady Onion closed both eyes and passed out just like that. Both her hands and legs withdrew, and her body returned to be a small onion shoot on top of the enlightenment stone.

"Burp~" The ghost spirit belched once again before lifting Lady Onion and the enlightenment stone, quietly returning to the car and putting the stone back into Song Shuhang's pocket.

The entire process was very natural and smoothit did not attract anybody's attention. The ghost spirit's skill when it came to moving stealthily was at least a 7/10.

Even if it were Song Shuhang himself taking control of the situation, he wouldn't do it as smoothly.

This ability originated from the depths of its memories which came from those fragmented memories the loose cultivator Li Tiansu left behind before disappearing.

Although Li Tiansu had already passed away, the fragments of his memories transformed into some of the ghost spirit's abilities. That also meant that it helped the ghost spirit increase a lot of its basic skills.

After tossing Lady Onion back into Song Shuhang's pocket, the ghost spirit did not actually return to Song Shuhang's Heart Aperture.

It floated within the car and curiously stared at Song Shuhang's body which was not too far away, Sima Jiang who was still passed out, as well as the large box next to Sima Jiang.

Ghost spirits boasted a decent intellect, especially Song Shuhang's ghost spirit whose intellect became higher than other mid-rank ghost spirits after undergoing a mutation.

After going through the changes, the ghost spirit was like reborn. At this time, it was like an infant and still had a lot of things to learn.

The ghost spirit and Song Shuhang's thoughts were connected. Hence, he knew that the large box was an express delivery box which belonged to the delivery guyLittle Jiang.

Express deliveries were private property, opening other people's parcels as one pleased was a rude behavior. Under normal circumstances, the ghost spirit would act according to its master's personality and would not open it.

But at this moment, the ghost spirit sensed a strangely familiar feeling from the express delivery.

How should one describe such a feeling?

It was like a bloodline resonance!

The ghost spirit felt that the item within the box resonated with it. It seemed as though it was beckoning and shouting at it.

Hence, involuntarily, the ghost spirit reached out its hand towards that express delivery box.

The cumbersome box could not block the ghost spirit in its soul form. Its body easily went through the outer layer of the box and entered the box.

Soon after, the ghost spirit discovered that there was a huge chunk of ice inside the box!

On the edge of the ice chunk were hundreds of layers of seals, firmly sealing the ice chunk and preventing the cold air inside from leaking. With that, when Sima Jiang and others transported it around, they would not feel the chills.

It's just a block of ice? Why did it resonate with my bloodline? the ghost spirit thought to itself.

After thinking about it, the ghost spirit carefully reached its hand out, trying to touch the block of ice.

The strange thing was that the hundreds of layers of seals did not block the ghost spirit. Its hand passed through them and touched the ice.

In the next moment, a bone-chilling coldness was sent from the ice to the ghost spirit's hand.

The ghost spirit was shocked and instinctively tried to pull its hand back.

But it was too late.

In an instant, the ice crawled up the ghost spirit's body starting from its hand, sealing it within.

Ultimately, it combined with the ice coffin and turned into a new block of ice.

This was capable of sealing even a soul. This ice block was clearly not an ordinary one.

On the race track of the hand-guided tractor competition.

The host of the Daily Cultivator, Jiang Shan, said with passion, The group of referees has come up with the punishment for contestant number 44, Young Master Phoenix Slayer! Since it's Young Master Phoenix Slayer's first offense, the referees are only punishing him by subjecting him to the 'spinning in place' trap once again, and he is also ordered to remove the wheel-like transformation of the hand-guided tractor! Cough, this punishment is very light. If it were up to me he should be sent right back to the starting point!!

Alright, we can see that Young Master Phoenix Slayer has already deactivated the cool transformation of his hand-guided tractor Oh, now he has started flying again, becoming quite the view on the race track once more let us enjoy the view of the spinning hand-guided tractor number 44this isn't the first time it's spinning, and I feel that it won't be the last, either!

Song Shuhang once again got shot up into the sky.

He felt that this hand-guided tractor competition was all about spinning, spinning, non-stop spinning, being subjected to different ways of spinning... to the point that he felt nauseous.

Then, he heard the announcer's loud voice.

Upon hearing the voice, little friend Song Shuhang clenched his teeth. 'I remember now, this is the announcer Jiang Shan, right? I'll make sure to remember this name, aaaaah! It's bad, I'm vomiting~'

The fellow daoists he overtook with much difficulty started surpassing him one by one.

"Try to spin harder, little friend Shuhang."

"You stole the show, little friend Shuhang. Senior Tornado must really envy you!"

"Wahaha, little friend Shuhang became the view on the race track once again." Thrice Reckless Mad Saber, who got his tractor fixed at some unknown point in time, brushed past Song Shuhang while laughing.

"Achoo~ Achoo~" Song Shuhang who was in the midst of spinning suddenly let out a few sneezes. He wasn't sure why, but he suddenly felt a bone-chilling coldness up his spine.

So cold, it's as though I got thrown into the ice of the South Pole.