Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 445

Chapter 445: The New Wielder Of The Will Has Some Issues
Chapter 445: The new Wielder of the Will has some issues
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In the instant Song Shuhang sneezed and closed his eyes, several scenes flashed before his eyes.

There was the picture of a huge pond of blood with several spare arms and legs scattered on the edge, as well as human skin being air-dried he could even faintly hear pitiful screams in the background.

There was the picture of a mysterious island with singing birds and beautiful flowers all around, as well as an incredibly large condor flying in the sky. Mixing with the picture of the island was Nine Lanterns' face he felt as though someone was explaining something to him, and he clearly heard the words 'ancient Heavenly City' from the mouth of the opposite party.

There was the picture of a huge chunk of ice and another picture where everything before his eyes was frozen he could even faintly hear the sound of a young girl crying.

All these scenes flashed before his eyes in the instant he sneezed.

"What the hell was that?" Song Shuhang rubbed his nose.

He tried to move his body around, but that chill that came from the depths of his soul was still there.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer is already at the Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor Realm, and something like heat and cold can't possibly affect him. Is it possible that it's not Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body that is feeling this cold but my own body?

Did something happen to my body?

Song Shuhang was somewhat worried.

Hopefully, nothing happened. If there were something amiss, those two disciples of the Chu Family in charge of watching over my body would have noticed already.

Ten seconds later, Song Shuhang's hand-guided tractor number 44 stopped spinning and finally returned to the ground.

After that sudden and powerful attack of cold, Song Shuhang started to operate his tractor once more, using all his strength to catch up to the others now, his chances of placing amongst the first ten were even lower.

The method Young Master Phoenix Slayer came up with to increase the speed of the tractor was actually against the rules.

In other words, Song Shuhang lost the trump card that could allow him to win the competition.

The other contestants could use various methods to increase their speed; on the other hand, he had none. This was the same as twisting your foot right at the start of a running competition...

Moreover, he even had that fearsome three seconds delay...

His situation was truly dire!

At this pace, the last place of this hand-guided tractor competition is waiting for me~!

"No, I can't give up yet. I have to think about that frightening and lonely one-month trip into space. I won't be able to go online, read books, watch movies, or enjoy other forms of entertainment only the stars will keep me company. I don't want any of it!" Song Shuhang muttered to himself. "Achoo~ I have to think of other ways that can let me win after all, there is always a way out. I must enter the first ten!"

Song Shuhang racked his brain and tried to think of something.

Just as he was in deep thoughts, a sword light suddenly brushed past him...

"Hehehehe~" Soft Feather's melodious laughter echoed from the sword light.

At the same time, the voice of the announcer, Jiang Shan, echoed. Fellow Daoists watching from home, miracles always befall those that believe in them. After being sent to the starting point once more, Miss Soft Feather once again bumped into one of those 'lucky' traps placed on the race track. With the help of the Goddess of Luck, she was able to advance by leaps and bounds together with her hand-guided tractor. Now, she's again overtaking the other contestants, and her position is continuously raising 40th 32nd 24th 4th! The boosting effect of the lucky trap finally came to an end! Congratulations to Miss Soft Feather for returning to the frontlines of the hand-guided tractor competition, placing amongst the first four. Let's wish her good luck!

Song Shuhang was speechless.

Since the start of the competition up until now, none of the almost sixty contestants stepped onto those 'lucky traps' or the ones that made you return to the starting point. However, Soft Feather managed to bump into each of them twice.

Was she really lucky? Or was she actually unlucky?

However, her luck was currently better than her misfortune. After all, she managed to place within the first four in one go, entering the first places of the competition.

"Right, the lucky traps!" Song Shuhang called out.

Since he didn't have the means to increase his speed, he could only pray to chance upon one of those lucky traps and have the sword light escort him toward the positions ahead!

Just as he was in deep thoughts, Song Shuhang's eyes suddenly lit up speak of the devil and he shall appear! At this time, he saw something that resembled a 'lucky trap'.

A small butterfly-shaped formation was glistening inside an unremarkable patch of grass. If he wasn't mistaken, this was a special speed increasing formation manufactured by Venerable Spirit Butterfly.

"Let's go!" Song Shuhang gritted his teeth and changed the direction of the hand-guided tractor number 44, heading toward that patch of grass...

100 meters 80 meters 60 meters 30 meters...

As long as he could obtain that speed increasing formation and increase his speed by several times, he would be able to rush toward the first positions!

"I'm coming! It's mine!"

Song Shuhang's hand-guided tractor number 44 quickly approached the speed increasing formation.

But right at this time, a panic-stricken scream echoed from ahead. "Aaaaaah~ Fellow Daoist Phoenix Slayer, move out of the way!"

Song Shuhang controlled Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body and raised his head with much difficulty, looking in the direction the sound came from.

After looking in that direction, Song Shuhang almost got a heart attack!

He saw Fairy Dongfang operate her deformed and wrecked hand-guided tractor and rush toward his position!

What kind of joke is this! Fairy Dongfang, aren't you driving in the wrong direction?!

Song Shuhang was unable to understand what Fairy Dongfang was doing. Was it possible that she didn't know that she was going in the wrong direction?

Driving in the wrong direction was enough to get a 200 RMB fine and 3 points off your driving license!

Song Shuhang instinctively thought of moving away his vehicle but that damnable three seconds delay was still there.

Only two seconds had passed when Fairy Dongfang's deformed hand-guided tractor number 37 bumped into Song Shuhang.

What made Song Shuhang's liver hurt even more was that the two of them collided just next to the speed increasing formation.

And what was even worse was that Fairy Dongfang's hand-guided tractor was slightly faster and was able to get to the formation first.

"Aaaaaah~ My speed is increasing again, nooooo~" Fairy Dongfang cried out.

Fairy maiden, if you don't want that speed increase formation, you can give it to me! Song Shuhang had tears streaming down his face.

In the next moment, Fairy Dongfang's vehicle suddenly emitted a lot of smoke as though it was on steroids and pushed against Song Shuhang's hand-guided tractor, overturning it.

Moreover, while her tractor was pushing against Shuhang's, it cruelly dragged it for more than twenty meters before leaving it behind.

Fairy Dongfang's tractor rumbled away as its speed increased by nearly sixty times, speeding toward the starting point.

Song Shuhang was left behind with his vehicle overturned. He wanted to cry but had no tears.

Luckily there shouldn't be too many spectators hanging around the starting point at this time...

Otherwise, Fairy Dongfang's hand-guided tractor number 37 would start a massacre in the audience seating section next to the starting point!

What a tragic traffic accident! Fairy Dongfang drove in the wrong direction and bumped into Young Master Phoenix Slayer's tractor, overturning it in the process. The scene was extremely tragic! It seems that Young Master Phoenix Slayer's luck has finally run out, and he has thoroughly lost the first position he was occupying at the beginning of the competition! The host, Jiang Shan, seized the opportunity to rub salt into the wound.

All handsome and popular guys should be overturned! Fairy Dongfang did well, and it would be even more perfect if she were to make a U-turn and roll over this Young Master Phoenix Slayer once more!

In the meantime.

The East China Sea, in the direction of the Philippine Sea. Hovering in the air was a big and beautiful island.

There was a magnificent city on this island with the city walls overlayed like a pyramid.

Above the gate of the huge city walls was a figure wearing white clothes that was currently looking at a book silently.

That book was made of golden energy and there was the blueprint of a construction on it. From the looks of it, it seemed to be the structural frame of a palace.

Then, the figure in white clothes raised its head and looked in China's direction.

This figure wearing white clothes was Nine Lanterns, and after looking in China's direction, she bent her fingers and started to make some calculations.

After a while, she laughed and said, "He ate it. He finally ate Lady Onion's tender shoot. Now, let's see if Song Shuhang can unearth the small memories I've sealed inside the green onion shoot. If he can really get a hold of those memories, we can further strengthen our collaboration with him."

"This approach is very dangerous. After all, there is information related to the ancient Heavenly City amongst those memories. If the Wielder of the Will were to discover it, little friend Song would be in great danger." At this time, the voice of the powerful senior hugging the white rabbit echoed as she suddenly appeared next to Nine Lanterns.

"Don't worry. I've made preparations already. Song Shuhang won't be in danger even if the new Wielder of the Will were to sense something, I'll pay the price and protect Song Shuhang at all costs. I even prepared the sacrificial altarit can be used at any time. At worst, I'll give up hundreds of years of my lifespan." Nine Lanterns stretched herself.

Next, she also added, "Senior, haven't you hidden some sort of trick inside the 'size-reducing purse' as well?"

The powerful senior shook her head and said, "I haven't done anything of the sort."

She didn't need to do anything to the purse.

The fact that the 'size-reducing purse' she personally manufactured didn't self-destruct after Song Shuhang brought it out the mysterious island proved that the information they obtained was correct.

The new Wielder of the Will had some issues!

It wasn't unscrupulous and omniscient as during those ancient times moreover, a lot of its 'authority' had disappeared just like a few fellow daoists guessed.

It couldn't monitor each and every action of the living things of the universe like in ancient times.

However, they couldn't be careless.

Although the Wielder of the Will had several issues, it was still the embodiment of the Will of the Heavens, and its strength was immeasurably deep.

If they wanted to rebuild the Heavenly City, there was tough work ahead and a long way to go.