Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 446

Chapter 446: Toward The Sea
Chapter 446: Toward the sea

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The powerful senior of the mysterious island had tried to probe the situation of the Wielder of the Will on the outside several times alreadyeven before Song Shuhang's arrival. She made the guests that had come to the island carry out a large number of local objects.

Currently, none of those local products underwent any change.

This time, she could affirm that the new Wielder of the Will really had some issues.

On the race track of the hand-guided tractor competition.

On this race track full of traps, one did not need only speed, but luck as well.

Song Shuhang lifted with much difficulty the hand-guided tractor Fairy Dongfang overturned earlier

In regards to speed, Song Shuhang seemed to be in a hopeless situation. In regards to luck, he was having a bad day today and that wasn't good, either.

As a punishment, he had to taste the 'spin in place' trap once more. Next, Fairy Dongfang drove the wrong way and knocked his tractor over as a consequence, Song Shuhang was once again dead last.

After climbing on the tractor, Song Shuhang hesitated a moment before pressing the button again to start the 'Super Phoenix Slayer Battle Armor System'.

After a series of mechanical sounds, the Super Phoenix Slayer Battle Armor System activated once more.

Since he knew that turning into a huge wheel was against the rules, Song Shuhang didn't want to seek death by assuming that shape again. Moreover, other than being uncool, it would make one's head spin as well. So he didn't like it at all.

The reason he activated the Super Phoenix Slayer Battle Armor System was to see if it had other features aside from the 'transformation' thing.

After all, Young Master Phoenix Slayer should have carried out other modifications to the hand-guided tractor and it should have other abilities aside from transforming itself, right?

Hello, the Super Phoenix Slayer Battle Armor System is at your disposal. Do you wish to carry out the transformation? The system immediately asked after activating.

"No, don't carry out any transformation!" Song Shuhang had already prepared himself and immediately rejected the suggestion of the system.

His ability to 'plan things three seconds ahead' sharply improved during this hand-guided tractor competition.

After a short pause, Song Shuhang controlled Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body and asked, "Do you have any other feature aside from the transformation?"


Aside from the basic ability to carry out a transformation, I have the ability to scan the condition of the vehicle as well as an autopilot feature.

Song Shuhang had already experienced the ability to scan the condition of the vehicle earlier when the hand-guided tractor number 44 turned into a huge wheel. The outward appearance of the tractor was scanned and transmitted to the screen.

"What is the purpose of this autopilot feature?" Song Shuhang asked. That 'Rolling War Wheel Form' earlier caused him enough problems. Therefore, he was worried that this 'autopilot feature' might have some dangers hidden as well and didn't dare to activate it immediately.

The autopilot feature is the same as an ordinary race track autopilot. It will add some simple supplementary features during the drive. It allows the tractor to automatically evade dangers if the driver were to encounter any during the race.

It seemed a rather normal feature.

"In that case, activate the autopilot feature," Song Shuhang said.

Very quickly, the screen slightly lit up and the map of the race track appeared on it.

The autopilot was now active.

Reminder, there is a sharp turn ahead, proceed with caution.

Song Shuhang raised his eyes and shot a look ahead. Then, he noticed that there was a V-shaped curve far ahead.

The seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group and the other participating seniors elegantly made the turn.

Even though he was mentally prepared, he was still mesmerized by the scene of fifty or so seniors drifting about their hand-guided tractors and elegantly making that sharp curve.

However, not all the seniors were elegantly drifting and easily making the turn. Not too far in front of Song Shuhang, there was a hand-guided tractor that was traveling at a relatively slow speed.

Just like True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon, this contestant was a friend of Venerable White and had traveled thousands of miles to participate in the hand-guided tractor competition.

Song Shuhang remembered that the dao name of this senior was 'Sword Monarch Blue Sky', and according to what the seniors of the group told him earlier, he had merged lightning-type techniques with his swordsmanship, creating his own unique style.

Since the start of the competition, Sword Monarch Blue Sky had been hanging around the last places. It wasn't that he wasn't trying the problem was that this talented swordsman wasn't nearly as good at modifying hand-guided tractors.

"It's bad! The angle of that curve is too much!" Sword Monarch Blue Sky suddenly called out.

Sword Monarch Blue Sky tightly grabbed the hand-guided tractor, and in the next moment, the tractor started to send out strange sounds as though it was falling apart.

"Clang, clang, clang"

Then, Song Shuhang saw two huge tires flew toward him.

Sword Monarch Blue Sky's hand-guided tractor completely fell apart! It was just too exaggerated. While slowly moving, it suddenly changed into countless parts.

The two tires hit Young Master Phoenix Slayer's hand-guided tractor's cover without fail.

"So unlucky~" Song Shuhang sighed.

Sword Monarch Blue Sky left the competition.

But Song Shuhang still needed to put some effort into this competition. He focused and controlled his hand-guided tractor, carefully making this sharp curve.

He didn't handsomely drift about like the seniors, but just steadily making this turn was more than enough for the current Song Shuhang.

The voice of the host echoed without delay. As we can see, the hand-guided tractor of the contestant number 21, Sword Monarch Blue Sky, completely fell apart without any hope of repairing it after True Monarch Yellow Mountain who casually left the competition halfway, Sword Monarch Blue Sky is the second contestant to be disqualified.


"White Crane, be obedient and die! Ahahaha!" Scholar Drunken XXX's mad laughter echoed.

"No! Scholar Drunken Driver, stoooop! Please, leave me alone! Right, I can even help you deal with Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless!" True Monarch White Crane pleaded for mercy and tried to shift his attention onto someone else.

Scholar Drunken XXX and True Monarch White Crane had been fighting since the beginning of the competition.

While playing hide-and-seek, the duo had actually managed to surpass a lot of contestants.

But as the distance between the two was pulled closer and Scholar Drunken XXX bumped with his drill into True Monarch White Crane's hand-guided tractor, their speed incessantly reduced.

"Scholar Drunken Driver? Hehehe and you still want to cooperate? Enough chit-chat! Let's talk about cooperation after you manage to survive this move of mine! Like I said earlier, as long as you manage to survive my Mad Lightning Dragon Drill, we can be friends again! Now die!" Scholar Drunken XXX was furious.

"Boom, boom, boom~"

The huge drill brutally bumped into the rear of True Monarch White Crane's hand-guided tractor, starting to rip it apart.

But just as True Monarch White Crane's hand-guided tractor was about to be destroyed, Scholar Drunken XXX's Mad Lightning Dragon Drill suddenly got stuck.

"Eh?" Scholar Drunken XXX was confused. Why would the drill suddenly stop?

"Hahaha, it stopped!" True Monarch White Crane heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Such being the case, I survived, right? Scholar, how about discussing our cooperation?"

But right at this time, a loud scream was transmitted from ahead. "Scholar Drunken Something, get out of the way!"

Scholar Drunken Moon raised his head and saw that True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple had made a U-turn and was now driving in the opposite direction. Additionally, several mini-Scud missiles had suddenly appeared in the open container attached to the back of his tractor.

Just like guided missiles, the Scud missiles soared into the sky, locking onto True Monarch White Crane's hand-guided tractor.

"Noooo~" True Monarch White Crane screamed once more. Due to that powerful drill attack from Scholar Brewing Wine earlier, its hand-guided tractor had lost all defenses. If this barrage of Scud missiles were to hit the tractor, it would have to leave the competition!

It just wanted to win the competition to curry favor with Venerable White! Why was everyone trying to destroy its dream!

But screaming was useless and wasn't going to change the outcome.

True Monarch White Crane's hand-guided tractor exploded, and the powerful explosion filled the whole race track.

Amidst the flames of the explosion, True Monarch White Crane flapped its wings with a face full tears, leaving the site of the explosion.

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple made another U-turn and left.

Scholar Drunken XXX likewise rumbled away.

Soon after they left the unlucky Song Shuhang had no choice but to brace himself and shuttle back and forth inside the dissipating explosion.

"So unlucky!" Although there was a defensive formation protecting him, it wasn't pleasant to shuttle back and forth inside an explosion.

Moreover, the explosion of this hand-guided tractor that True Monarch White Crane personally modified was especially strong.

Another contestant was eliminated! This time, the one that was forced out was one of the idols of the audience, True Monarch White Crane! It's truly regrettable. I bet everyone still wanted to look at White Crane dash about on the race track. Anyway, we're currently approaching the second half of the race track. Very soon, the contestants will enter the fierce oceanic race track! However, three of them have been eliminated already, this competition is really fierce! I'm looking forward to seeing the second, third, and so on sessions of the hand-guided tractor competition! Jiang Shan roared.

At this time, the people in the frontlineTrue Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon, True Monarch Fallout, Cave Lord Snow Wolf, and the lucky Soft Featherhad already arrived at the second portion of the race track.

What welcomed them was the boundless sea!

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'll take my leave first! After all, the sea is my domain!" True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon laughed. His hand-guided tractor emitted black smoke and dashed toward the sea.

True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon didn't even need a water-proof formation. After all, he was a flood dragon, and controlling waves and water was the innate ability of his race!

The sea was his home field.

He was the absolute ruler in this area. After entering the sea, he could display all sorts of techniques.

In the next moment, True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon's hand-guided tractor finally reached the sea, starting to dash about madly on its surface as though he was driving on flat land. His speed was even faster compared to when he was on land earlier.

"Hahaha, Fellow Daoist Tyrant Flood Dragon, you're too impatient." True Monarch Fallout activated the water-proof formation on his hand-guided tractor and quickly followed in his wake.

Cave Lord Snow Wolf wasn't willing to show any weakness. Since he was an ice-type monster cultivator, the sea was somewhat advantageous to him.

"Waves, surge!" In the forefront, True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon smiled and started to control the water to create waves