Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 449

Chapter 449: A Relative Of The Sea King?
Chapter 449: A relative of the Sea King?

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The announcer Jiang Shan said, Once again, there are new developments in the hand-guided tractor competition! An enormous cuttlefish monster suddenly appeared in the midst of the race track. We can see that the cuttlefish monster has four human-like arms and hundreds of tentacles. There is no monster or spiritual energy within its body. It seems that it isn't a monster that practices cultivation. Could it be a sea monster with a special bloodline?

Wait, the cuttlefish monster opened its mouth and said something...? Unfortunately, it is unknown which Chinese dialect it used. I didn't understand a word of what it said.

Haha, we just got hold of new information. This cuttlefish monster is an easter egg that Venerable Spirit Butterfly and Venerable White placed on the race track. Congratulations to our participant, Young Master Phoenix Slayer, for activating the easter egg!

Just as Jiang Shan was explaining, the cuttlefish monster was thoroughly enraged.

It was an extremely strong monster that had been sealed for 500 years, and it didn't expect that people would start rolling over it as soon as it came out of the seal.

"Are you lumping me together with a stupid octopus just because I didn't reveal my true strength?" the cuttlefish monster roared. Then, it suddenly took a deep breath and drank a large quantity of seawater.

Huge whirlpools formed on the surface of the sea after it sucked up the water.

After a few breaths, its body swelled until its size increased three times. With that, it completely blocked the section of the race track located on the sea. On the edges of the race track were two light beams that were acting as marksthe competition could be carried out only within the range between these two light beams.

"All of you will die!" the cuttlefish monster said gloomily as it glared at the approaching army of hand-guided tractors.

"Move, you're in the way!" A loud voice suddenly echoed. It was Scholar Drunken Moon.

Northern River's Loose Cultivator and True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple were closely following behind him.

The cuttlefish monster had learned its lesson. Hence, it held the hammers with its four hands and attacked Scholar Drunken Moon. After all, the one that attacked first shall prevail! "Insignificant creatures, die!"

"What an unreasonable fellow! I just told you not to block my way Mad Lightning Dragon Drill!" A huge drill appeared once more in front of Scholar Drunken Moon's hand-guided tractor, a chain of runes coiled around it.

"In that case, let's beat it until it understands how to behave Victory Rams!" Four rams appeared above the wheels of Northern River's Loose Cultivator's hand-guided tractor.

"You guys go first. I'll prepare a few Scud missiles in the meantime!" True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple said happily. During that trip the last time, he managed to collect several missiles. If not for the fact that the open container of the hand-guided tractor was too small, True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple would have fired ten missiles at once, getting ten times happier as well.

From the backlines of the group, Song Shuhang looked at the cuttlefish monster with a confused expression on his face.

He felt that the cuttlefish monster looked somewhat familiar.

In particular that huge eye he felt as though he had seen it already somewhere...

'Where did I see it?' Song Shuhang racked his brain.

Then, his eyes suddenly lit up.

He remembered now this eye was very similar to that of the Sea King behind the sea urchin warriors!

When the sea urchin warriors within the Illusory Sword School were killed, the leader of the sea urchin warrior used his 'transformation' ability.

Afterward, space cracked, and within the crack appeared the eye of the being the sea urchin warriors called 'Sea King'.

"Is this cuttlefish monster that Sea King?" Song Shuhang muttered.

However, he quickly denied this possibility.

Although the Sea King controlling the sea urchin warriors appeared only once, one could easily tell that he was very powerful and that his strength wasn't inferior to that of Venerable Spirit Butterfly. Moreover, it could even use the power of space to some extent.

Compared to the powerful Sea King, this cuttlefish monster seemed rather foolish and weak...

Even though the cuttlefish monster looked really impressive, it lacked substance in the end. Although it seemed extremely powerful, it wasn't actually that strong... each member of the Nine Provinces Number One Group could beat it to a pulp if they wanted to.

But even if it wasn't the Sea King, it was still quite similar to it.

In that case, was it possible that this cuttlefish monster was a relative of the mysterious 'Sea King'?

Just as Song Shuhang was in deep thoughts, Scholar Drunken Moon controlled his hand-guided tractor and splendidly dodged the hammers of the cuttlefish monster.

After that, he swiftly dodged its tentacles as well.

In the end, his Mad Lightning Dragon Drill mercilessly stabbed the body of the cuttlefish monster, creating a huge hole in it. Pitch-black blood gushed out from the hole like a fountain.

"Aaaaah~ Painful, painful!" the cuttlefish monster called out pitifully again and again. The water it drank earlier gushed out as well, causing the size of its body to decrease...

Scholar Drunken Moon coldly snorted and mercilessly rolled over the body of the cuttlefish monster with his hand-guided tractor.

Next, Northern River's Loose Cultivator's 'Victory Rams' also viciously hit it, leaving two bloody and long marks on its body.

After Scholar Drunken Moon and Northern River's Loose Cultivator left, a barrage of Scud missiles exploded on the body of the cuttlefish monster like fireworks.


After the explosion, the whole body of the cuttlefish monster was charred black, and one could faintly smell the aroma of a teppanyaki-style cooked cuttlefish...

The body of the cuttlefish monster spread out on the surface of the sea like a jellyfish. Was it already dead?

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple laughed and controlled his hand-guided tractor, rolling over the body of the now spread out cuttlefish monster.

In the rear, Song Shuhang exclaimed, "So weak!"

Its awe-inspiring appearance had been of no use!

At first glance, this cuttlefish monster seemed like a final boss that had directly come out of a horror movie. It seemed even more domineering than Abyssal Demon Lords in games.

But little did he expect that it would be continuously rolled over by others and spread out on the surface of the water like a dead jellyfish.

"Whizz, whizz, whizz"

Next, the hand-guided tractors of the other contestants rolled over the body of the cuttlefish monster one after another.

The cuttlefish seemed to have given up and kept lying face-down on the surface of the water, not moving in the slightest and allowing the contestants to roll over its body with their hand-guided tractors.

Very soon, it was Song Shuhang's turn.

"Did it really die just like that?" Song Shuhang muttered.

He cautiously approached the body of the cuttlefish monster. At the same time, he quietly grabbed the treasured saber Broken Tyrant inserted on the edge of the seat of the tractor.

He felt that it was strange for the cuttlefish monster to die just like that. Therefore, he decided to be a bit careful.

As the hand-guided tractor number 44 belonging to Young Master Phoenix Slayer approached the cuttlefish monster, the latter suddenly moved.

"Ahahaha, what an idiot. Did you really think that I would die just like that? There is no way I would die that easily. Now, die! You were my objective from the beginning!" said the cuttlefish monster with a strange accent.

What it was speaking seemed to be one of China's dialects. However, Song Shuhang couldn't understand which region this dialect belonged to. Perhaps it was one of the dialects used in China several hundreds of years ago?

"Eat my attack, Tentacle Whip!" The cuttlefish monster mobilized more than thirty tentacles and crazily attacked Song Shuhang with them.

Song Shuhang had already grabbed his saber, and just as the cuttlefish monster was shouting, he prepared himself and used the first style of the Inverted Scale Saber Technique, the Dragon Dance Style!

Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body jumped from the tractor and soared into the sky.

The saber moved and slashed out like a huge dancing dragon. One could even faintly hear the cry of a dragon emit from the saber.

"Bang, bang, bang~" The tentacles of the cuttlefish monster rained down.

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh~" Song Shuhang's saber danced like a dragon.

Two breaths later...

The thirty or so tentacles of the cuttlefish monster were all blocked by Song Shuhang without fail.

Although he had that three seconds delay, when that barrage of thirty or so tentacles rained down, he was able to predict their trajectory in advance. This allowed him to use his saber to ward off all the attacks before they could land.

The probing attack was over.

The cuttlefish monster received its tentacles, and Song Shuhang controlled Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body and descended to the surface of the sea, walking on water as though he was walking on flat land.

"Pretty hard." Song Shuhang shot a glance at the cuttlefish monster. The treasured saber Broken Tyrant couldn't cut its tentacles and this saber was even capable of cutting the body of a cultivator of the Fourth Stage! When cutting the tentacles of the cuttlefish monster, it was only able to leave behind some shallow white marks.

Moreover, it was Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body that was wielding the saber! Young Master Phoenix Slayer was a monster cultivator of the Fifth Stage, and although Song Shuhang didn't know which type of monster he was, the strength of monster cultivators was usually much higher than human cultivators'.

From the looks of it, the strength of the body of this weak-looking and battered cuttlefish monster far exceeded that of a cultivator of the Fourth Stage rank.

Moreover, the opposite party seemed to be interested in dealing with Song Shuhang only Dammit, why can't I compete properly? If I don't enter the first ten, I'll have to make a one-month trip in space!

The one-month trip this time was much different than the previous one. This time, Venerable White wouldn't be there with him since he had to accompany the other fellow daoists and explore the ruins with them.

Therefore, Song Shuhang would have to go on this one-month trip all alone.

He would surely go crazy!

At this time, it would be really good if he could use Young Master Phoenix Slayer's unique skill and whatnot, beating this cuttlefish monster to a pulp and rolling over its body.

"Aaaaah you in the front, step aside!" Right at this time, a series of screams transmitted from behind.

This voice was rather familiar.

Song Shuhang didn't even need to turn his head to know who this person was. It was the kamikaze driver Fairy Dongfang she was back to the battlefield to kill.

Immediately after hearing Fairy Dongfang's scream, Song Shuhang heard the rumbling of the tractor's engine transmit from around a hundred meters behind him.

That was fast did Fairy Dongfang bump into one of those traps that can increase one's speed by sixty times?

Song Shuhang made up his mind and decided to hide beneath the surface of the sea he had no other choice with this three seconds delay. Hiding in the depths of the sea was his only way to avoid a tragic traffic accident with Fairy Dongfang.

But his body was still lying face-down, ready to get into the water, when he felt a heavy and burning feeling transmit from his back Fairy Dongfang's hand-guided tractor had mercilessly rolled over his back.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer's eyes started to tear up, and he couldn't make out if this salty taste was that of his tears or the seawater.

"Aaaaah~ I-I'm sorry, Young Master Phoenix Slayer!" Fairy Dongfang said anxiously while on the verge of tears. Next, she also added, "You big monster ahead, move to a side, quick!"

"Dammit, another one? Do you really take me for a good-for-nothing octopus? Eat my move, Turbulent Rain Hammer!" the cuttlefish monster bellowed. Next, it wielded the hammers with its four arms, and a barrage of attacks rained down on Fairy Dongfang.

However, this attack with the hammers was merely a cover.

At this time, it had already condensed a powerful poisonous acid in its mouth, ready to spurt it all over Fairy Dongfang as soon as she was within range...