Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 450

Chapter 450: Fellow Daoist Phoenix Slayer Will You Sing For Me?
Chapter 450: Fellow Daoist Phoenix Slayer, will you sing for me?

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
The voice of the announcer, Jiang Shan, immediately echoed. Fairy Dongfang did splendidly! Immediately after returning to the battlefield, she rolled over Young Master Phoenix Slayer! This is simply like a king, or queen, making her return! Now then, that ugly cuttlefish monster is blocking Fairy Dongfang's path. How would she deal with that monstrosity?

"I'm going to crash!" Fairy Dongfang called out in alarm. The speed of her hand-guided tractor number 37 was getting faster and faster.

"Turbulent Rain Hammer!" The cuttlefish monster madly waved its hammers and attacked Fairy Dongfang.

"Clang, Clang, Clang~"

A series of metallic sounds echoed.

The hammers of the cuttlefish monster continuously hammered on the protective barrier of Fairy Dongfang's tractor. The spiritual energies of the two parties collided, producing explosions each time.

The explosions were like thunder, hurting one's ears.

"Kekeke!" The cuttlefish monster strangely laughed. Since it had appeared on stage, it was its first time attacking someone else Fairy Dongfang was a kamikaze driver and was thus unable to control her hand-guided tractor. Therefore, she wasn't able to dodge the hammers like the other fellow daoists and could only meet them head-on.

In around a second, the four big arms of the cuttlefish monster hammered on Fairy Dongfang's tractor thirty-eight times.

As the last hammer attack rained down, the barrier around Fairy Dongfang tractor couldn't take it anymore and broke into pieces!

After losing the protection of the barrier, both the tractor and the driver were now laid bare under the mouth of the cuttlefish monster.

The tractor had continuously moved forward and was now out of the range of the monster's hammers and about to roll over the cuttlefish.

But right at that time, the cuttlefish monster opened its mouth and sprayed a jet of poisonous acid toward Fairy Dongfang.

They were very close to each other, and the area the acid covered was too broad. Hence, Fairy Dongfang wasn't able to dodge it...

The poisonous acid spurted on the tractor, immediately starting to corrode it.

In a mere two seconds, Fairy Dongfang's hand-guided tractor melted and changed into molten metal, just like a wax candle burning down. Only the chassis and the wheels were left, and since the tractor lost the effects of the water-proof formation, it quickly sunk into the sea.

It wasn't only the hand-guided tractor, even Fairy Dongfang got hit by the poisonous acid and seemed to be in a predicament.

"Kekeke~" The cuttlefish monster laughed complacently. This was the fate of those that underestimated it!

Song Shuhang stopped the hand-guided tractor and looked at the perfectly still Fairy Dongfang, saying, "Fairy Dongfang, are you alright?"

"Hehehe" Fairy Dongfang angrily laughed. She stretched out her hand and waved it, casting off all the poisonous acid in front of her. The spiritual energy coiling around her body managed to ward off the poisonous acid that shot toward her earlier.

But a small part of the poison penetrated the shield of spiritual energy and sprayed on her clothes, creating several holes in her dress.

Her vehicle was gone...

And this year's limited edition dress she was wearing was also ruined...

The fault was of this stupid cuttlefish monster blocking the road!

Fairy Dongfang stretched her hand out and threw her long hair behind her back, then used a bracelet to tie it into a ponytail.

Ah! This conclusion was rather unexpected! The cuttlefish monster hid its ability to spit venom all along! Fairy Dongfang couldn't dodge in time and the poison sprayed on her body! Her hand-guided tractor was also melted by the poison after True Monarch Yellow Mountain, Sword Monarch Blue Sky, and True Monarch White Crane, Fairy Dongfang is the fourth contestant to be eliminated from the competition! Losing Fairy Dongfang is certainly a big loss for the hand-guided tractor competition, truly regrettable.

How could this competition even be called 'racing competition' without a kamikaze driver participating in it? Why didn't this stupid cuttlefish monster spit its poison on Young Master Phoenix Slayer instead of destroying Fairy Dongfang's tractor?

The spectators on the clouds.

Liu Long sighed with emotion and said, "Little Six is angry!"

Little Six was Fairy Dongfang's childhood name.

"Her whole vehicle melted, no wonder she's angry!" a nearby fellow daoist said with a smile.

"Ah" Liu Long gently nodded and sat cross-legged, casting his eyes down and not moving in the slightest.

"Kekeke! Let's keep attacking, Turbulent Rain Hammer!" After successfully spraying the poison from its mouth and damaging the enemy, the cuttlefish monster decided to attack once more to preserve its advantage.

Its four huge arms grabbed the hammers and launched another attack toward Fairy Dongfang.

This time, it added almost fifty of its tentacles to make a joint attack against Dongfang.

Fairy Dongfang quietly stood on the surface of the water, and just as the hammer was about to hit her head, she slowly moved.

Her toes gently pressed on the surface of the water as though she was dancing, intermittently creating ripples. Soon after, she started the real dance.

Even though the cuttlefish monster was madly attacking the scene had suddenly transformed into Fairy Dongfang's musical performance.

The hammers and tentacles of the cuttlefish monster crazily attacked, but all the attacks brushed past Fairy Dongfang without injuring her.

"Dammit!" the cuttlefish monster angrily howled and felt as though it was being made fun of. It opened its mouth once more and sprayed a jet of poisonous acid again.

Fairy Dongfang swung her long ponytail as she sang a few syllables in a low voice. A seven-colored light appeared behind her body and changed into a pillar of light that exploded toward the sky.

The seven-colored light had strong purifying properties and completely evaporated the poisonous acid after they clashed against each other.

The cuttlefish monster opened its eyes wide. Its poison wasn't working?

Dammit. It seemed that it had to use its instant kill move. Aside from the poison, the cuttlefish monster had another powerful technique. But the time required to prepare it was slightly longer.

Thereupon, it sped up the frequency of its attacks and started to secretly prepare its powerful move.

Pleasing to the eye and the mind...

It was Song Shuhang's first time seeing such a beautiful fight.

Fairy Dongfang's dance was truly amazing.

Song Shuhang had seen several types of dances since childhood. But whether it was Chinese classical dance, modern dance, rap dance, break dance, or weeb dance they weren't as good as Fairy Dongfang's dance.

It felt as though her dance was capable of resonating with the soul itself.

The onlookers wished they could keep looking at her dancing forever.

They felt like staring at her without moving their eyes away.

While dancing, Fairy Dongfang was completely different than her usual self. It almost felt as though they were two different entities.

Fairy Dongfang was quite a beauty on her own and aside from cultivators that practiced special techniques, the majority would have their bodies tempered along with the increase in realm. After getting tempered, their bodies would automatically become more 'beautiful'.

And when Fairy Dongfang started dancing, her charm increased by tens, if not hundreds of times!

After discovering that its attacks were useless, the cuttlefish monster roared, "Damned human! Are you only capable of dodging and jumping around like a flea?!"

It was trying to provoke Fairy Dongfang with its words and force her into a head-on battle.

"Hehe." Fairy Dongfang lightly jumped, and the streamer entwining her arm gently slashed out, blocking the hammers and tentacles of the cuttlefish monster that were aiming at her.

Afterward, she fell next to Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body. The tip of her toes touched the surface of the water, creating circular ripples.

"Fellow Daoist Phoenix Slayer, will you sing for me?" Fairy Dongfang suddenly asked. "Today, I got out of home in a hurry, and I forgot to bring the music player along."

After being shocked for three seconds, Song Shuhang said, "Sing for you? What type of song do you want me to sing?"

"Anything is fine. You can sing whatever you want. You'll sing and I'll dance!" Fairy Dongfang said with a smile.

"In that case, how about ' In this world, only mom is good 1 '?" Song Shuhang subconsciously said. Actually, the first song he thought of was Doudou's brainwashing 'Song of the Stupid Yellow Mountain'.

That song Doudou sang earlier had a very good rhythm, and the lyrics were easy to read aloud. After hearing it a few times, one couldn't help but feel like humming it. As for the lyrics, cultivators could easily remember them due to their powerful memories.

Therefore, Song Shuhang immediately thought of the 'Song of the Stupid Yellow Mountain' as soon as he heard the word 'sing'.

But that song was too dangerous to sing.

The scene was currently being broadcasted worldwide wouldn't True Monarch Yellow Mountain visit him tomorrow to give him a good lesson if he were to sing this song to accompany Fairy Dongfang's dance...?

Fairy Dongfang smiled and said, "That song is too short. Don't you have something a bit longer?"

Actually, Song Shuhang could sing many songs however, he felt that they were not suited for the current situation.

The most popular songs of 2018 and 2019 were lovey-dovey songs. Moreover, the majority were sung by female singers...

Therefore, Song Shuhang didn't really want to sing them because it would give others the feeling that he was wooing Fairy Dongfang.

Then after racking his brain for a bit, he remembered a song that was very famous between 2014 and 2015.

Although it was also a love song as well, it was at least funny therefore, it should be more suited to the situation?

"In that case, I'll sing! But don't blame me if I'm not good!"'Young Master Phoenix Slayer' said.

"It's not a problem. As long as the text is long, you can sing whatever you want." Fairy Dongfang faintly smiled.

It was a smile full of confidence.

After Fairy Dongfang's guarantee, Song Shuhang steeled himself.

"Such being the case, I'll begin!" Young Master Phoenix Slayer coughed and adjusted his mood.

Then, he used his foot to set the rhythm and started

I sowed a seed~
It finally yields fruit~
Today is a great day~ 2

Along with the music, Fairy Dongfang's body started to spin on the surface of the water. The content of the song was unimportant to her; she just wanted to coordinate with the tune.

Water sprayed and the drops were picked up by Fairy Dongfang's spiritual energy, floating next to her body. Afterward, they were dyed by the seven-colored spiritual energy, turning into beautiful-looking pearls.

At this time, Fairy Dongfang resembled the spirit of a lake, incredibly beautiful and captivating.

Song Shuhang controlled Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body and kept singing:

I pluck stars down for you~
I pluck the moon down for you~
I let the sun rise up for you every day~

Fairy Dongfang's dance became faster and faster, and the colored streamer coiled around her, raising up a gentle breeze and giving rise to a strange illusion in the surrounding area.

The image of a 'night sky' appeared on the top of her head, and the surface of the sea below her feet became Fairy Dongfang's personal dance floor.

The bright moon shone in the sky full of stars! The surface of the sea slightly rippled and reflected the picture of the sky.

This wasn't the 'illusory reality' of a Venerable. It was just a phenomenon that would take place whenever Fairy Dongfang executed her particular cultivation technique.

The scene was beautiful, absolutely breathtaking!

At this time, Young Master Phoenix Slayer's voice echoed once more:

I turn into a candle to burn myself only to light you up~
I dedicate my everything to you whatever you like~
You make my every tomorrow meaningful~
Life is short, but I'll love you forever never giving you up~

Both the song and the voice were heartbreaking!

The spectators were both fascinated by the beautiful scene and heartbroken due to the song, continuously alternating between the two. This made them feel the impulse to grab a blade and hack Young Master Phoenix Slayer.

The music continued, and Fairy Dongfang's dance continued as well.

In the sky, the spectators and the referees were all staring at Fairy Dongfang, their eyes moving along with her silhouette. At this time, no one was paying attention to the hand-guided tractor competition anymore.

"Those are unexpectedly the Nine Demonic Dance Steps, incredible!" Venerable Spirit Butterfly said gently. He didn't expect that someone could successfully practice the Nine Demonic Dance Steps.

This cultivation technique was very different from the others. One could say that it was a cultivation technique that didn't walk the same path as ordinary cultivation techniques.

As far as Venerable Spirit Butterfly remembered, no one had been able to master the Nine Demonic Dance Steps in the last thousand years. He didn't expect that he would be able to meet a user of this technique in this place.

When the Nine Demonic Dance Steps were displayed, even if the onlooker was much stronger than Fairy Dongfang, they would still fall into confusion if their willpower wasn't strong enough.

For example, even the cultivators standing on the clouds and the huge cuttlefish monster were all affected by her dance.

Those cultivators with low strength were completely entranced by Fairy Dongfang's dance.

Their mood would change according to the dancethey would get happy, sad, and angry in the wake of the dance...

Song Shuhang was rather lucky. Since he was Fairy Dongfang's 'vocal accompaniment', he wasn't influenced that much by her dance and didn't lose himself in the Nine Demonic Dance Steps.

He only felt that her dance was incredibly beautiful and wished to record the whole scene.

In front, the cuttlefish monster was already mind-broken.

"Uwaaaaah" The cuttlefish monster burst into loud sobbing. It was crying as though it was extremely aggrieved. While crying, it was ruthlessly battering its body with its tentacles.

Then, while crying, it suddenly started laughing and used its four arms to hammer the surface of the sea. It just couldn't stop laughing, and its whole body swelled due to laughing too much.

While laughing, it suddenly started crying...

While crying, it suddenly started laughing...

Then, from time to time, it would sigh like a middle-aged woman with pent-up feelings or roar like a madman.

If someone unaware of the situation were to look at this scene, they would think that the cuttlefish monster was practicing for an acting competition.

At last, Fairy Dongfang's dance finally came to an end. Her slender white hands overlapped and assumed the shape of a flower, starting to spin upwards...

Song Shuhang coordinated and sped up the rhythm of the song:

You're my little, oh little apple~
Just like the most beautiful cloud in the sky beyond~
Spring is here again and the flowers blossom all over the hills~
If you sow hopes you'll have a harvest!

The song came to an end.

Fairy Dongfang likewise finished the last step of her dance, and her soft body bent backward together with her small and slender waist. This movement really made her magnificent mountain peaks stand out!

Incredibly beautiful!

Song Shuhang held his thumb up in approval. This last movement was truly beautiful; he really liked it!

At this time, the cuttlefish monster also abruptly stopped in its tracks.

In the next moment, it opened its mouth wide. "Ugh~"

This time, what came out wasn't poisonous acid but fresh blood the volume of the blood was exaggerated and kept flowing without any signs of stopping. It felt as though it wouldn't stop until the whole blood inside its body had gushed out.

Unfortunately, the blood of the cuttlefish monster wasn't compatible with that of human beings.

Otherwise, this quantity of blood would have been enough to fill a blood bank completely...