Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 451

Chapter 451: The Silver Bracers
Chapter 451: The silver bracers
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Song Shuhang controlled Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body and asked, "Fairy Dongfang, do you want to take the blood of the cuttlefish monster?"

Although the cuttlefish monster was a bit of a disappointment, it was still a monster beast. Moreover, it was very likely a monster beast above the Fourth Stage Rank, possibly even of the Fifth Stage rank!

The body of a monster beast of that rank should be a precious treasure itself.

In novels, aside from taking the buried treasure of the dragon after killing it, the dragonslayer would also take its blood, scales, skin, muscles, bones, and even its penis... because they were valuable spoils of war.

Fairy Dongfang untied her ponytail and asked somewhat confused, "Fellow Daoist Phoenix Slayer, why do you need the blood of this cuttlefish monster...?"

"The blood, meat, skin, and bones of a monster beast should all be valuable treasures, right?" Song Shuhang probed.

"Oh, there indeed might be some good treasures. Fellow Daoist Seven Lives Talisman might have a use for them, but they are useless for me. Therefore, whoever wants them can take them. Moreover, if we're talking about 'monster blood', can't Fellow Daoist Phoenix Slayer just use his own blood...?" Fairy Dongfang asked in puzzlement.

After all, Young Master Phoenix Slayer was a powerful monster that could assume human form!

"..." Song Shuhang.

Monster cultivators had this small advantage over the others. If one of them were to become a 'talisman master' and didn't have the ink to draw the talismans, they could just use their own blood to draw the runes; rather convenient and high-end, wasn't it?

At this time, inside a deep-sea trench 5000 meters below the surface of the Pacific Ocean.

This place was full of sunken ships, equipment to explore the seabed, and even wrecked airplanes.

Ordinary people couldn't step inside this sea region, and all the things that entered this area would be destroyed by a mysterious power.

Inside the deep-sea trench was a huge sacrificial altar.

The sacrificial altar had the shape of a pyramid made of stairs. Its length and width both reached a thousand meters, and twelve 100 meters tall pillars surrounded the altar.

At this time, around 100,000 sea urchin warriors were kneeling next to the sacrificial altar.

Each of these sea urchin warriors was holding a thick copy of the Sea Urchin Warriors' 20 Years of Mandatory Education ManualSacrificial Offering Section in their hands. They were kneeling down while flipping through the textbook and reading the contents aloud.

After seeing how much of the thick book they had flipped, one could tell that these 100,000 sea urchin warriors had been chanting the text related to the sacrificial offering for a very long time.

Soon after, the more than one thousand sea urchin warriors that were particularly sturdy slowly got on the altar. Each of them was wearing a red-colored battle armor. These armors were the same as the one the leader of the sea urchin warriors summoned inside the Illusory Sword School.

The thousand-plus sea urchin leaders were holding huge sealed-up jars in their hands. Inside the jars was the 'true blood' that the sea urchin warriors collected all over the world.

This true blood came from all sorts or living things with particular powers. Monster beasts, cultivators, inheritors of ancient bloodlines, aboriginal deities, sacrificial offerings, and so on...

At last, the jars full of 'true blood' were placed inside the sacrificial altar.

Afterward, the thousand-plus sea urchin leaders formed a circle and loudly roared in the language of the sea urchin warriors.

Their voice was deafening.

With this roar, they were beseeching the 'Sea King' to descend and accept the sacrificial offering while bestowing them with power, protection, and fertility so that they could prosper and fill the oceans with their race.

After roaring, the sea urchin leaders retreated and left the sacrificial altar, kneeling below the altar like the ordinary sea urchin warriors while chanting the text of the sacrificial offering section.

Around ten minutes later, the sea urchin warriors completed the ritual to borrow the power of the pyramid-like sacrificial altar.

The space above the sacrificial altar fractured, and just like when that sea urchin leader carried out his 'transformation' back then, a huge eye appeared within the space crack.

It was the eye of the Sea King that the sea urchin warriors worshipped.

The huge eye shot a glance at the sea urchin warriors surrounding the sacrificial altar, revealing a satisfied look.

The sound of the prayers of the sea urchin warriors got louder and louder.

The eye of the Sea King slightly moved as though it was gathering energy. After several breaths, a purple ray of light suddenly shot from the eye and hit the core of the sacrificial altar.

In the next moment, the true blood inside the sacrificial altar got activated by the power of the ray the Sea King shot from its eye. The true blood flowed through the pipelines and poured inside the depths of the sacrificial altar itself.

The whole sacrificial altar was now covered with red-colored lines.

After a short moment...

"Thump, thump, thump!" A heavy and powerful sound that resembled heartbeat suddenly echoed. It almost felt as though there was a huge pulsating heart inside the sacrificial altar.

The whole sacrificial altar shook along the sound of the pulsating heart.

The members of the sea urchin clan were delighted and started to roar like madmen, coordinating their howls with the heartbeat of the sacrificial altar.

Whenever the 'heart' inside the sacrificial altar pulsated, the sea urchin warriors roared together with it.

In the end, the sacrificial altar thoroughly activated!

The twelve stone pillars surrounding the sacrificial altar lit up, and a lifelike eye made of energy materialized above each pillar.

The twelve eyes made of energy quickly rotated and arrayed themselves into a circular formation, gazing toward the outside as though they were looking for something. As long as there was enough 'true blood', the search range of the twelve eyes of energy had no limit.

After seeing this scene, the same thought resurfaced in the minds of each of the sea urchin warrior: 'These twelve eyes are closely watching the entire world. This is simply like the eye of a god, keeping a close watch on all living things in the world!'

Of course, it was a mere misconception that welled up in the hearts of the sea urchin warriors and nothing more.

Found it, it's in the East China Sea area! The eye of the Sea King lit up, looking very happy.

Soon after, a thought was transmitted from the body of the Sea King to the sacrificial altar, causing the energy of the altar to mobilize.

The twelves eyes above the pillars rotated back to their original positions and fixed their gazes on the pyramid-like sacrificial altar. Then, a gray-colored radiance was refracted from each eye.

The refracted light met in the center of the sacrificial altar, fusing together and causing the space to crack, materializing a space gate above the sacrificial altar.

The sacrificial altar was the secret treasure that the Sea King used to mobilize the power of space.

As long as it had enough 'true blood', it could use the sacrificial altar to display all sorts of mysterious techniques.

The sea urchin warriors fixed their eyes on the mysterious scene taking place in front of them.

From what they saw, there was a rather familiar-looking sea on the other side of the gate.

On the surface of the sea was a huge cuttlefish monster. At this time, the cuttlefish monster was spurting out blood as though there was no tomorrow. Its body quickly withered and shrunk.

The eye of the Sea King became even happier. It's seriously injured? Even better, I won't have to waste time!

The 'true blood' inside the sacrificial altar was continuously consumed, and a special type of energy poured inside the twelve pillars.

This time, the eyes of energy above the pillars refracted a transparent ray of light.

The transparent rays of light shot inside the space gate, ultimately projecting onto the body of the cuttlefish monster.

"Wuwuwu~" The cuttlefish monster stopped spurting blood from its mouth and released a strange cry instead.

Its body started to melt, and just like a slime, it turned into a mass of liquid.

A yellow topaz was visible inside the liquid mass, and inside the topaz was a pair of silver bracers.