Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 452

Chapter 452: How Come Its You Again?
Chapter 452: How come its you again?

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Song Shuhang was still pondering how to handle the corpse of the cuttlefish monster when twelve rays of light shot out from the depths of the sea, hitting the body of the cuttlefish monster.

In the next moment, the body of the cuttlefish started to melt, and something that resembled a yellow topaz appeared from inside its body.

What's that thing? The calculi of the cuttlefish monster?

Song Shuhang was confused.

Then, the yellow topaz completely separated from the body of the cuttlefish monster.

Song Shuhang could see through Young Master Phoenix Slayer's eyes that there was something inside the yellow topaza pair of silver bracers. These silver bracers were similar to the bracers that were part of the heavy full-body armor the cavalry wore in ancient times, it was just much more polished. Several strange runes and decorative patterns were carved onto the bracers; they looked like a piece of art.

"Is it one of those treasure that monsters leave behind after their death?"

After seeing the blood demon that was carrying quite a number of treasures with it, Song Shuhang was no longer surprised by the fact that monsters would leave behind some treasures after their death.

Monsters were also living things. Therefore, it wasn't that strange that they would have treasures with them but why was this cuttlefish monster carrying this pair of bracers inside its body?

Given the size and shape of this treasure, there was no way the cuttlefish monster could use it.

Was it possible that it accidentally swallowed them while eating something? And afterward, since it was unable to digest the bracers, they turned into calculi inside its body?

Right at this time, Fairy Dongfang reminded, "Fellow Daoist Phoenix Slayer, be careful. There is a powerful energy fluctuation approaching from the depths of the sea."

Just as Fairy Dongfang finished her sentence, a huge vortex suddenly appeared beneath the body of the cuttlefish monster.

Beneath the vortex was hiding a 'space gate', which immediately swallowed a large amount of seawater as it opened. On the other side of the gate was a huge pyramid surrounded by twelve pillars.

Above each of the twelve pillars was an eye, and it was precisely those eyes that shot the ray of light that melted the body of the cuttlefish monster!

"The sea urchin warriors!" Song Shuhang called out after seeing the numerous sea urchin warriors kneeling next to the pyramid.

These guys were like bad weed, you could literally find them everywhere.

The pillars, eyes of energy, rays of light, and the melting of the cuttlefish monster are they all related to the sea urchin warriors?

"Their objective should be that pair of silver bracers, right?" Song Shuhang guessed. Then, he quickly transmitted a command to Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body dashed along the surface of the sea, pouncing toward the yellow crystal. As long as it was something the sea urchin warriors wanted Song Shuhang would steal it even if that thing ended up being the cuttlefish monster's gallstone.

Fairy Dongfang called out in alarm, "Fellow Daoist Phoenix Slayer, be careful! That's a teleportation technique, it's very dangerous!"

Whenever the teleportation started, a ring of chaotic space capable of cutting everything would appear in the proximity of the teleported objectit was not something cultivators below the Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender Realm could deal with.

No matter how powerful their defense was, they would be cut into pieces if they were to barge into the chaotic space without the means to defend against its cutting power.

In the secret room of the Chu Family, Song Shuhang had witnessed that mister called She Lan operate the Star Shifting Formation which was a space-type formation.

He had also heard from Venerable Spirit Butterfly some information about the teleportation process and the defensive layer of chaotic space surrounding it.

If he were to use Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body to forcefully barge into the chaotic space, his body would surely be shredded to pieces. But the power of teleportation had yet to enwrap the crystal before his eyes.

Therefore, there was still a chance!

While running, Young Master Phoenix Slayer's foot propped upward one of the pieces left behind by Fairy Dongfang's hand-guided tractor, holding it in his hands.

This piece of the tractor fell off before the whole thing melted earlier, and since it was made of wood, it was floating on the surface of the sea.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body tightly held onto it and dashed forward, jumping very high immediately after.

"Come out!" Young Master Phoenix Slayer said in a deep voice.

Afterward, he threw the piece of the hand-guided tractor in his hand toward the yellow crystal.

Just like he had guessed, the power of space had yet to enwrap that yellow crystal.

The piece of the tractor flew across the surface of the sea and violently smashed into that yellow crystal!

Song Shuhang hoped that the impact could make that yellow crystal fly away.

As long as the thing was thrown outside the range of the teleportation formation, the sea urchin warriors would have no way of obtaining the yellow crystal or the silver bracers inside.

By relying on Young Master Phoenix Slayer's strength of the Fifth Stage, even without assuming the form of a monster, the piece of the tractor he threw with all his strength should have a strength measured in 'tons'.

That yellow crystal of the size of half an adult's body should be knocked flying by it, right?

At the very least, it should allow me to gain some time! Song Shuhang thought to himself.


A sound that resembled that of an ancient bell tolling echoed.

The piece of the tractor violently knocked into the yellow crystal hovering in the sky, making it shake. Then, just like Song Shuhang predicted, it started to leave the range of the teleporting formation.

"Success!" Song Shuhang rejoiced in his heart.

But right at this time an angry roar was transmitted from the other side of the formation.

Soon after, a huge eye emerged from the other side of the teleporting formation.

A sticky white ray shot out from the eye, instantly glueing to the yellow crystal and stopping its movements, pulling it again toward the teleporting formation.

"The Sea King." Song Shuhang clenched his teeth. It showed itself at last.

After seeing the huge number of the sea urchin warriors kneeling next to the sacrificial altar, Song Shuhang guessed that the Sea King might also be hiding somewhere close.

Now that the Sea King was here, he had no hope of snatching away the yellow crystal with these petty tricks.

Luckily, I have powerful helpers by my side.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer looked toward the sky and shouted, "Senior Spirit Butterfly!"

With that attack earlier, he had already gained quite a bit of time. In the capacity of the main referee of the competition, Venerable Spirit Butterfly should appear on site as soon as possible, right?

Song Shuhang knew that Venerable Spirit Butterfly had studied the power of space. Back then, he had disregarded the cutting power of space and seized the scroll from that mister's hands through the chaotic space.

"I'm coming." Venerable Spirit Butterfly suddenly appeared beside Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body. He gently laughed and softly pulled the corner of Young Master Phoenix Slayer's robe, using a gentle strength to throw him backward.

In the next moment, from the other side of the gate, the eye of the Sea King shot a cold ray that hit the place Young Master Phoenix Slayer was standing in the previous instant.

The place was immediately frozen, changing into a stretch of ice.

If not for Venerable Spirit Butterfly pulling him away, Young Master Phoenix Slayer would have turned into a chunk of ice.

At this time, the yellow crystal had entered the range of the teleporting formation once again.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly's eyes penetrated the gate and looked at the Sea King.

"I didn't expect to meet you so soon." Venerable Spirit Butterfly smiled faintly.

In the next moment, he stretched out his hands and used them to pierce the chaotic space while completely disregarding the cutting power of space.

Two golden ropes shot out of his sleeves like snakes and wrapped the yellow crystal in the hope of dragging it out of the formation's range.

"Roar!" On the other side, the Sea King sent out another roar, and the strength of the sticky white ray of light shooting out of its eye increased.

Dammit, it's that bastard again?

Earlier, the Sea King and Venerable Spirit Butterfly had briefly exchanged blows in the Illusory Sword School while separated from a space gate, and the Sea King had suffered a small loss.

It didn't expect that it would meet Venerable Spirit Butterfly so quickly.

How come I'm meeting this bastard wherever I go?

As the saying went: 'Enemies and lovers are destined to meet'.

This time, the Sea King came to this public gathering to retrieve something. The silver bracers inside the yellow crystal were too important for it. It absolutely had to retrieve them.

But now, not only did it want to bring these bracers back, it wanted to give a good lesson to this guy before its eye as well. Thanks to the power of true blood inside the sacrificial altar, it could burst forth at least 60% of its power even though its main body was still sealed.

The white ray of light shooting from the eye of the Sea King firmly clung to the yellow crystal.

At the same time, several other types of rays shot from its eye, madly attacking Venerable Spirit Butterfly while separated by the space gate.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly didn't stand on ceremony, eithersword qi exploded from his body and changed into spirit butterflies, phoenix butterflies, and even dragon butterfliesand other similar types of different sword qi shapescontinuously thrusting into the space gate and clashing with the rays the Sea King shot out.

While fighting, they resembled two super-fortresses firing at each other.

After seeing that its ordinary rays were unable to deal with Venerable Spirit Butterfly, the Sea King secretly clenched its teeth.

Immediately after, it shot a strange ray from its eye. The color of this ray was pitch-black and it resembled a jet of liquid.

After it was shot out, the liquid ray didn't attack Venerable Spirit Butterfly. Instead, it spread out halfway, merging with all the rays the Sea King had shot out earlier.

In the next moment, the liquid ray changed into a black flood dragon, baring its fangs and brandishing its claws before shooting toward Venerable Spirit Butterfly.

"Ouch, ouch, ouch. This is bad, this thing is quite powerful," Venerable Spirit Butterfly shouted. "Fellow Daoist White, is it not ready yet?"

"It's ready." Venerable White's voice was transmitted from a distant place.

In the next moment, a sword light flashed and quickly shot toward the yellow crystal.

It was one of Venerable White's personal creations, the disposable flying sword 005 edition. The flying sword shot forward at an incredible speed.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly seized the opportunity to pull back his golden ropes and quickly retreated, avoiding the fearsome black dragon meeting the attack unleashed by the angry Sea King head-on would be rather painful! He might get seriously injured if he were not careful enough~

While retreating, Venerable Spirit Butterfly flicked his finger, shooting out a spirit butterfly that attached itself to the disposable flying sword 005 edition.

With this spirit butterfly, the disposable flying sword wouldn't suffer the effects of the cutting power of space, allowing it to successfully pass through the chaotic space surrounding the formation!

Next, the disposable flying sword with the spirit butterfly attached to it thrust inside the formation.

"Ding~" The tip of the sword ruthlessly pricked the yellow crystal.