Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 453

Chapter 453: Not Letting Go Of Any Opportunity To Show Off
Chapter 453: Not letting go of any opportunity to show off!

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
Many unexpected events unfolded! After the cuttlefish monster died, a space gate suddenly appeared next to its body. The creature on the other side of the space gate seems on planning to take away the treasure from the body of the cuttlefish monster. This time, the focus of the hand-guided tractor competition suddenly shifted to the space gate that appeared after the death of the cuttlefish monster. Young Master Phoenix Slayer did great and almost managed to send the yellow crystal flying with his attack. Although he is currently placed last in the hand-guided tractor competition, Young Master Phoenix Slayer is one of the flashier contestants! The announcer Jiang Shan sighed with emotion.

One of the flashier contestants?

The referee in charge of firing the starting pistol, Venerable Tornado, was particularly sensitive toward these words. He held his chin and gazed at the distant place where Venerable Spirit Butterfly and Venerable White were fighting the Sea King.

At this time, Venerable White and Venerable Spirit Butterfly were in the center of the attention.

"It won't do! How can such a flashy scene lack the good old me!" Venerable Tornado called out. He really liked to show off, and wouldn't let such an opportunity escape!

"It seems I'll have to appear on stage as well. Otherwise, all the spectators will just forget about me!" Venerable Tornado stretched out his hand and took something out of his cosmos bag.

It was an 80 square meters large eight-trigram disc with sharp blades on its edges. It was a peculiar type of weapon.

Next, Venerable Tornado gently stepped on the eight-trigram disc, whizzing toward the space gate of the Sea King.

After pricking the yellow crystal, Venerable White's disposable flying sword 005 edition kept flying at high speed, trying to carry off the yellow crystal outside the formation along with it.

The speed of the disposable flying sword was extremely fast, and it brought the yellow crystal to the edge of the formation in a mere instant, ready to carry it out of its range.

On the other side, the Sea King roared exasperatedly. It steeled its heart and controlled the black dragon, making it perform a U-turn and sending it toward the flying sword and the yellow crystal!


The black dragon exploded.

The disposable flying sword was something Venerable White had casually manufactured and was thus torn to pieces.

The yellow crystal likewise exploded to pieces!

"Is it that angry? It wants to destroy the treasure directly?" Venerable Spirit Butterfly said. Was the meaning of this action something like: 'If I can't obtain this thing, no one will obtain it'?

"Eh? No, those silver bracers are extremely hard. Even a full-powered attack of the Venerable rank was unable to destroy them." Venerable White's voice was transmitted from a side.

Venerable White closely followed behind the flying sword and stood in the air, not too far away from the formation. "Fellow Daoist Spirit Butterfly, get ready to steal the bracers!"

After the explosion, the yellow crystal was blown to pieces and the bracers inside were floating in the space of the formation.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly quickly made his movea piece of cloth flew out from his hand and covered the silver bracers.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly had many treasures with him and the methods he could use where numerous. Therefore, he would hardly use the same method twice.

Venerable White followed suit and likewise made his move. He didn't have that many magical treasures and decided to use the flying sword he got from the loose cultivator Li Tiansu, slashing toward the space formation.

Unlike Venerable Spirit Butterfly, Venerable White didn't have such a deep understanding toward the concept of space and couldn't disregard the cutting power of the chaotic space.

But after slashing out, Venerable White kept a close watch on the flying sword, concentrating his attention.

In the next moment the flying sword suddenly disappeared.

The next time it reppared, it was right above the teleport gate of the Sea King.

"So that was it!" The corner of Venerable White's mouth rose. Although he didn't know what had happened, he seemed to have grasped a little bit of the power of space after advancing to the Venerable rank.

The last time, when he was trying to get Song Shuhang out of the mysterious island, his flying sword suddenly disappeared together with the whale it was carrying. At that time, he thought that it was some special power of the mysterious island getting triggered but in hindsight, it kept giving him a strange feeling.

Now, he had determined that it was his own power and that he had grasped the power of space!

After appearing inside the teleport gate, the flying sword quickly dashed forward while emitting a bright light, ruthlessly slashing toward the eye of the Sea King.

The Sea King was dumbfounded since when had the power of space become so common? All the Venerables appearing could now use abilities related to space?

What kind of joke was this! How could the Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcenders that were so proud of their ability to control space endure something of the sort?!

However, the Sea King didn't have too much time to think at this time.

"Roar~" the Sea King cried out and shot out nearly one hundred rays from its eye.

The rays all shot toward the silver bracers.

In the next moment, the black dragon that had exploded next to the silver bracers reformed once again.

Even though it exploded and dispersed earlier, the Sea King just needed to replenish it with its 'rays' to make the black dragon reappear once more. It was extremely difficult to deal with.

After coming back to life, the powerful black dragon pounced toward Venerable Spirit Butterfly's cloth-shaped magical treasure.

At the same time, the Sea King once more shot out the sticky white ray from its eye, enwrapping that pair of silver bracers and trying to drag them toward its position.

On the other hand, it didn't defend at all against that flying sword Venerable White threw at itself!

In the instant Venerable White's sword entered the range of the teleporting formation and prepared to attack the Sea King, the twelve pillars surrounding the sacrificial altar suddenly lit up.

The twelve eyes above the pillars shot out rays of light that merged and transformed into an umbrella-shaped defensive barrier at the edge of the teleporting formation that blocked Venerable White's flying sword.

The other side of the gate with the sacrificial altar clearly was the supreme headquarters of the Sea King. It obviously enjoyed the home advantage there!

The black dragon was dealing with Venerable Spirit Butterfly while the defensive barrier blocked Venerable White's attack!

Both Venerable White and Venerable Spirit Butterfly's attacks turned out to be ineffective.

"It's over! Kaka~" The Sea King sent out a complacent laughter. It was its first time using human speech.

The teleporting formation was ready, and the silver bracers were within its range.

In the next moment, the teleporting formation emitted a blinding light.

"Fellow Daoist White, should we go all out?" Venerable Spirit Butterfly asked.

If Venerable White and him used their full strength, they would still have a chance to snatch the silver bracers away however, it was somewhat dangerous. If they were careless, they might get pulled inside the teleporting formation.

Still, he wasn't scared of being pulled inside the teleporting formation together with Venerable White and ending up in the supreme headquarters of the Sea King. He was sure that they would win seven times out of eight if they were to cooperate while going all out.

"Hmm it will be troublesome if we are to get involved with the teleporting formation, and the hand-guided tractor competition hasn't finished yet" Venerable White replied.

In other words, he hadn't had enough fun yet.

He had been preparing the hand-guided tractor competition for such a long time and finally managed to have this much fun. Therefore, he was unwilling to abandon the competition halfway to barge into the supreme headquarters of the Sea King.

However, he was also reluctant to let the Sea King take away the silver bracers.

Thereupon, he thought of a compromise.

"I've decided. Let's let it off for the time being," Venerable White said.

"Sure." Venerable Spirit Butterfly laughed and activated a seal technique, taking back his cloth-shaped magical treasure. Otherwise, it would be pulled to the other side after the teleporting formation started and he would suffer a loss.

On the other hand, Venerable White didn't recover the flying sword after the light of the formation flashed, the flying sword was instantly teleported through the space channel and delivered on the sacrificial altar of the sea urchin warriors.

Venerable White smiled he had locked onto their position!

If there was still time after the hand-guided tractor competition was over and they were done exploring the ancient ruins, they might as well go to swipe clean the sacrificial altar of the Sea King...

However, that eye was really strong. At the time, he would need to take a few fellow daoists with him and form a group!

Venerable Spirit Butterfly and Venerable White stopped and didn't try to get in the Sea King's way anymore.

From the looks of it, the outcome was a foregone conclusion.

The Sea King was still vigilant. It controlled the black dragon and wrapped the silver bracers, firmly protecting them against possible surprise attacks from Venerable White and Venerable Spirit Butterfly.

At last, the black dragon and the silver bracers also started to disappear amidst the light of the teleporting formation.

The Sea King on the other side heaved a sigh of relief.

But right at this time, a silhouette approached at high speed from a distant place.

The voice of the figure echoed even before it made its appearance. "Petty thief, stop!"

While shouting, the peculiar weapon beneath the feet of the figure flew away with a whizz.

This figure directly shot its magical treasure toward the teleporting formation. Wasn't it afraid that the formation would take away its weapon?

Venerable White and Venerable Spirit Butterfly turned around and shot a glance at the incoming person. After seeing that it was the flashy Venerable Tornado, they both smiled gently.

If it was Venerable Tornado, the godly weapon he was using should be the 'Child Wheel' of the 'Space Cutting Mother-Child Wheel', right?

It was the godly weapon of the Realm Crossing Sect to which Venerable Tornado belonged!

The Realm Crossing Sect was an old school with a legacy passed down from ancient times. Its founders were Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcenders of the ancient Heavenly City. After the Heavenly City was destroyed, the founding members of the Realm Crossing Sect likewise disappeared. However, they left behind the Space Cutting Mother-Child Wheel.

If both the 'mother' and 'child' part of the wheel were united, they would have the power to cut space.

But even the Child Wheel alone could easily attack through a teleporting formation.

Therefore, Venerable Tornado wasn't afraid of the formation of the other party.

At this time, the left silver bracer had already disappeared, while only the forearm part of the right one was left.

"Ah, slash!" Venerable Tornado roared.

The Space Cutting Mother-Child Wheel pierced the space gate and cut the silver bracer around the wrist area.


The silver glove was separated from the rest of the bracer and brought out of the formation by the Space Cutting Mother-Child Wheel.

After flying out of the range of the teleporting formation, the Space Cutting Mother-Child Wheel kept spinning as it dashed toward Venerable Tornado's hand.

This change had been too sudden and the Sea King was unable to react.

In the next moment, the space channel gradually closed.

Before the space channel disappeared, the super-unwilling cry of the Sea King echoed from the other side. Just what the hell was happening...? Was it possible that the times were changing, and all Venerables could now the wield the power of space?

"Ahahaha!" Venerable Tornado lifted the silver glove and laughed, satisfied.

At this time, he was in the center of the attention.

He was the focus and second to none.