Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 454

Chapter 454: Ill Make You Happy
Chapter 454: Ill make you happy!

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Venerable Tornado loved the feeling of millions of people focusing their attention on him.

Regardless of the time, I must be the most flashy person among the crowd! I'm Venerable Tornado, the man that speaks for himself! Venerable Tornado lifted the silver glove high up.

However, this degree of showing off was not enough. Although he managed to make his move just in time, he had been unable to stay in the spotlight for a long time. Therefore, he decided to seize the opportunity and do something he'd wanted to do since the start of the competition.

Venerable Tornado turned around and stepped on the Space Cutting Mother-Child Wheel, arriving in front of Young Master Phoenix Slayer so quickly that he seemed to have teleported.

Song Shuhang looked at Venerable Tornado in puzzlement, wondering what he was up to.

"Phoenix Slayer!" Venerable Tornado handed the silver glove to Young Master Phoenix Slayer with a gentle expression on his face.

Song Shuhang was baffled. He had no idea what Venerable Tornado was trying to do.

Was it possible that Venerable Tornado and Young Master Phoenix Slayer were close friends?

Fellow Daoists watching from home! As you can see, Venerable Tornado is launching his offensive against Young Master Phoenix Slayer once again! Will he be able to succeed this time? the host Jiang Shan said.

From the looks of it, it isn't Venerable Tornado's first time launching his 'offensive' against Young Master Phoenix Slayer...

But the problem is that I'm not Young Master Phoenix Slayer! Just what is the relationship between Young Master Phoenix Slayer and Venerable Tornado? Should I accept the silver glove? Song Shuhang was in a dilemma.

At this time, Venerable Tornado said, "Phoenix Slayer, I like you!"


Three seconds later.


Song Shuhang was dumbstruck.

It was unexpectedly a public confession? He had never experienced this sort of matter before!

Moreover, Venerable Tornado is a man and Young Master Phoenix Slayer is also a male monster, right? Song Shuhang was about to subconsciously feel his chest to see if the godly treasure that could allow a woman to disguise as a manthe breast enwrapping clothwas there...

But right at this time, Venerable Tornado said the second half of his sentence, "Become my beloved pet, Phoenix Slayer! I took a fancy to you long ago. I promise that I'll take good care of you just like Fellow Daoist Yellow Mountain takes care of Doudou. I'll surely make you happy... you'll be the happiest pet in the world!"

"..." Song Shuhang.

Take care of your sister!

"How about it? I'll give you food and lodging, cultivation resources, and I'll accompany you to various secret realms as well. As long as you behave like an ordinary pet like Doudou, you'll be allowed to act like a spoiled child every now and then. What do you think?" Venerable Tornado said with an expectant look on his face.

Three seconds later, Song Shuhang resolutely said, "I refuse!"

Venerable Tornado was disappointed and squatted down on the Space Cutting Mother-Child Wheel. It seemed he had received a huge blow.

The voice of the announcer Jiang Shan timely echoed. It ended up with failure once more! But even if Venerable Tornado failed this time, we believe that he won't give up so easily... because a show-off like him doesn't know the word 'defeat'. We'll look forward to seeing Venerable Tornado launch more offensives against Young Master Phoenix Slayer!

Yet another three seconds later.

"Goodbye, Senior Tornado." Song Shuhang controlled Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body and quickly ran to his hand-guided tractor.

There wasn't much time left, and his objective was still to place amongst the first ten in this hand-guided tractor competition!

Even though his chances to place amongst the first ten were almost nil, he couldn't give up!

After climbing onto his hand-guided tractor, he started it...

"Rumble, rumble, rumble~" The hand-guided tractor emitted black smoke and dashed forward.

"Phoenix Slayer, wait a moment!" Venerable Tornado suddenly stood up and stroked his hair. Afterward, he threw the 'silver glove' in his hands toward Young Master Phoenix Slayer with a cool pose.

Then, he continued in a carefree manner, "Phoenix Slayer, since the time I saw your lovely body with fur standing up, your small pointed ears, and your seven-colored pupils I was deeply attracted to you. I've liked you for a long time, and there is bound to be a day when you'll willingly become my beloved pet. Moreover, I believe that that day is not too far!"

"..." Song Shuhang.

"I won't give up on you. One day, we'll happily live together." Venerable Tornado held his thumb up in approval with a confident look on his face.

Song Shuhang's body fiercely trembled. When the chill in the air and the one coming from his soul merged together, he felt as though he was inside an ice cage.

Venerable Tornado, what drug is behind your confident smile? How about giving some of it to me too?

After ignoring Venerable Tornado and his strange hobbies, Song Shuhang rumbled away on his hand-guided tractor.

But just as he started moving, Venerable Spirit Butterfly fell from the sky and gently landed above his hand-guided tractor.

"Little friend, don't be impatient," Venerable Spirit Butterfly said with a smile. "You have yet to receive the reward for activating the easter egg."

"The reward for the easter egg?" Song Shuhang said in puzzlement.

"Originally, Fellow Daoist White and I hid a reward on the body of the huge cuttlefish monster. After triggering the easter egg, it would be possible to obtain the reward hidden within. Unfortunately, the body of the cuttlefish monster melted and the hidden reward also disappeared," Venerable Spirit Butterfly said as he shrugged his shoulders.

Song Shuhang rejoiced in his heart and said, "And then?"

"Then, Fellow Daoist White and I discussed it a bit and decided to turn the reward into the thing you need the most at this time," Venerable Spirit Butterfly said with a smile.

The thing I need the most at this time? What might it be?

In the next moment, Venerable Spirit Butterfly took out an A4 white paper and pasted it on Young Master Phoenix Slayer's hand-guided tractor.

"It's a 10x speed increasing formation that will last until the end of the competition. Good luck fighting for the first ten places, little friend." Venerable Spirit Butterfly laughed and turned around, returning high up in the sky and resuming his job as the main referee.

Song Shuhang was so excited that hot tears filled his eyes.

Although it was just a 10x speed increasing formation, it was indeed the thing he needed the most at this time!

Moreover, this 10x speed increasing formation would last until the end of the competition! It was a heaven-sent gift!

Song Shuhang's favorable impression of Venerable Spirit Butterfly increased by 50 points, while his favorable impression of Venerable White increased by 51 points.

But three or so seconds later, Song Shuhang's complexion turned ugly.

Under the effects of the 10x speed increasing formation, his ability to predict things three seconds ahead would become useless.

Although he could reduce the distance between him and the other contestants with the help of the 10x speed increasing formation, troubles would also follow one after another.

For example the lightning zone ahead.

While entering this area, the other contestants would rely on their driving skills and quick reflexes to nimbly shuttle their cumbersome hand-guided tractors back and forth inside the lightning zone, passing through the place without taking damage.

As for Song Shuhang he would dash about madly through the lightning zone like a bulldozer.

After passing through the lightning zone, the energy of the defensive barrier of his hand-guided tractor would be thoroughly exhausted.

Afterward, even a simple torpedo would be enough to destroy Young Master Phoenix Slayer's hand-guided tractor.

I mustn't bump into other traps! Song Shuhang prayed in his heart.

At this time, all he could do was to pray.

Perhaps his prayers truly became effective in front, contestants would often bump into traps, returning to the starting point completely free of charge, suffering surprise attacks from torpedoes, coiling toward the sky to spin in place for a while, getting attacked by earth spikes, and so on...

Moreover, several contestants fell due to the actions of other contestants for example, True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon made full use of the advantage he had in the sea and overturned the hand-guided tractors of several fellow daoists.

However, Song Shuhang didn't meet with any danger along the way.

He only suffered the surprise attack of a torpedo once, and since the speed of the hand-guided tractor was too fast, only the open container in the back was hit and somewhat damaged. The tractor itself didn't suffer any severe damage.

Time slowly passed by on the race track...

Song Shuhang himself hadn't expected that he would enter the first twelve given his circumstances!

Very soon, the finish line appeared before his eyes!

The silhouette of a faraway small island was already visible. That place was Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman's dwelling, and the same island where the natives were living. The place also happened to be the finish line of the hand-guided tractor competition.

Song Shuhang was currently placed 12th! He just needed a bit of extra effort to place amongst the first ten!

He was extremely excited at this time.

In the forefront.

"I'll be the winner!" True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon was in the lead.

"Fellow Daoist Tyrant Flood Dragon, I think you meant that I would be the winner." True Monarch Fallout was just to his right.

Immediately behind was Cave Lord Snow Wolf. True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon plotted against him halfway in the race and made him fall behind a bit...

Soft Feather was closely chasing after the three seniors.

Next to her were Great Master Profound Principle who was driving his vehicle silently and Northern River's Loose Cultivator.

The above-mentioned six contestants temporarily occupied the top six. However, only the first five would be able to enter the ancient ruins to explore them. Therefore, the six of them would have to fight until the very end.

Behind Soft Feather were following the baboon version Thrice Reckless Mad Saber, Dharma King Creation, Daoist Priest Southern Lake, Sun Splitting Halberd Guo Da, and the calm-looking Scholar Drunken XXX.

Then, after them was none other than Song Shuhang who was ranked 12th.

The finish line was right before their eyes.

The baboon cheerfully called out, "Hahaha, it's time for the final sprint. I've held myself back until now. It's time to start sprinting! I must enter the first five! Ancient ruins, I'm coming!"

As soon as the voice of the baboon faded, it felt the rear of its tractor shake and the energy of the defensive shield quickly deplete!

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber quickly turned his head around, only to see Scholar Drunken XXX's gentle, smiling face.

"Brother Thrice Reckless, do you like the taste of my Mad Lightning Dragon Drill?" Scholar Drunken XXX said coldly. He could have attacked Thrice Reckless with his Mad Lightning Dragon Drill a long time ago if he wanted to. However, he'd held himself back and decided to attack Thrice Reckless Mad Saber when it mattered the most because it would give him much more satisfaction!

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber's eyes started to tear up.

Due to Scholar Drunken XXX trying to hinder Thrice Reckless Mad Saber, the two of them quickly lost their place amongst the first ten...

...allowing the lucky Song Shuhang to enter the first ten in their stead!

"I'm amongst the first ten, I'm unexpectedly amongst the first ten!" Song Shuhang said excitedly.

As long as he could hold onto this position, he wouldn't have to go on that one-month trip in space.

"Go, go, go! I must absolutely maintain my current position!" Song Shuhang said excitedly.