Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 458

Chapter 458: With The Walkthrough In Hand Im The Absolute King Of The World
Chapter 458: With the walkthrough in hand, Im the absolute king of the world!

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...His will was very firm, his mental energy very strong, and all the cultivation techniques he knew had reached the 'master level'. Therefore, our little friend Song Shuhang didn't need to worry about his foundation being unstable due to advancing in realm too quickly.

At this time, he had to immediately seize all the opportunities he had and break through.

Opportunities like this were rare, and it was better not to miss them if possible.

"Unfortunately, your Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique isn't complete yet, and the 'pseudo-innate true qi' has yet to take form otherwise, the effects would have been even better. On the other hand, we should be able to obtain the full version of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique pretty soon given the time." Venerable White laughed.

"Such being the case, I'll start the breakthrough process!" Song Shuhang quietly closed his eyes and got ready to break through the second small realm of the Second Stage, the Dragon Tail Dantian.

From what Song Shuhang knew, whenever a cultivator of the True Master rank wanted to break through a small realm, they had to nourish and accumulate the true qi in their dantian.

After the quantity of true qi in their dantian was enough, they would send it upward along with the cultivator's backbone, opening the second dantian the rest was analogous. From the Dragon Tail Dantian, the true qi would go upward until breaking through the third dantian and so on... until reaching the eighth dantian, the Dragon Horn Dantian.

In other words, what I have to do now is to control the true qi in my dantian and make it go upward, opening the second dantian, correct?

In short, I just have to go higher and higher.

Just as Song Shuhang was thinking this much, he started to warm up the nine years' worth of quantity of true qi in his dantian. After all, all this true qi was produced by the power of a medicine. Unless properly processed, it would be hard to control it.

Under the joint effects of the Aging Crystal Root and the runic formation, Song Shuhang felt his dantian swell up, reaching the critical point where it was possible to start the breakthrough process.

I'm almost there, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Then, he controlled the swelling true qi in his dantian and moved it upwards, making it clash against the second dantian, the Dragon Tail Dantian.

He wanted to go all out and open the Dragon Tail Dantian in one go!

Nowadays, the term 'walkthrough' was often used to refer to detailed guides about how to clear a video game or about other steps and skills. For example, many such guides were created for singleplayer offline games or dating simulation games.

Just as Song Shuhang was preparing to break through the Dragon Tail Dantian in one go, a voice suddenly echoed in his mind. "Idiot, quickly stop! If you keep forcing it, you will waste a huge amount of true qi for nothing! Your method to open the Dragon Tail Dantian is too primitive, you would end up failing!"

Since the voice was directly transmitted in his mind, Song Shuhang was unable to tell to whom it belonged. Whenever a person directly 'talked' in someone else's mind, their voice and manner of speaking could be freely changed according to their wishes.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Who is talking to me? Is it Senior White?

No, given Senior White's temperament, he wouldn't shout like this. Moreover, he wouldn't call others 'idiots'.

Is it possible that it's one of the nearby seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group?

Since Song Shuhang and Venerable White had already crossed the finish line, there were several other seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group in the surrounding area.

Perhaps one of them saw that he was trying to break through to the second dantian, and since he was doing it incorrectly, they decided to give him a hand?

Regardless of the identity of the senior trying to help him, they were doing it for his own good.

Therefore, Song Shuhang immediately stopped the true qi inside his body.

"Senior, how should I break through to the Dragon Tail Dantian in this case?" Song Shuhang asked in his mind.

"Cough, listen well. There are four 'checkpoints' between the Sea of Qi Dantian 1 and the Dragon Tail Dantian, and each of them is more difficult to break through than the previous one. Moreover, there is a certain relationship between the Sea of Qi Dantian and the Dragon Tail Dantian that you might be unaware of. If you control your true qi and clash against the first checkpoint, breaking through it, only a small part of the original amount of true qi will keep advancing and clash against the second checkpoint. Most of it will disperse along the road between the first and second checkpoint."

In other words, if Song Shuhang were to gather all this true qi and send it upward to open the first checkpoint, even if there was a lot of true qi left after opening the checkpoint, most of it would disperse before reaching the second checkpoint.

Moreover, even if he were to break through the second checkpoint, another part of the true qi would be wasted along the road between the second and third checkpoint...

Such being the case, where would he find the true qi to open the third and fourth checkpoints?

At the time, his attempt to advance in realm would end up in failure.

However, even if one were to fail to open the small checkpoints of the Second Stage, it wouldn't have too much of an effect.

A lot of patience and time was required to break through each small realm of the Second Stage.

Under normal circumstances, if a Second Stage True Master didn't eat medicinal pills or had fortuitous encounters, they would need from 10 to 20 years to nourish the true qi inside their Sea of Qi Dantian and reach the critical point where it was possible to start the breakthrough process.

In Chu Chu's dreamland, Song Shuhang saw that even someone with an outstanding talent like her, with enough medicinal pills at disposal, had to cultivate for whole five years to reach the critical point needed to start the breakthrough process.

It was different from the First Stage were one's realm would drop if they failed to break through.

If a cultivator failed to break through the four checkpoints of the Dragon Tail Dantian at once, they could try to break through by stages.

After ten or so years of accumulation, they would break through one checkpoint.

Then, after a few months passed to nourish the meridians, they could use the newly accumulated strength to break through another checkpoint.

One only needed time to open the four checkpoints... but the problem was precisely this waste of time. If one were to break through by stages, they would need around a year to do something they could otherwise do in an instant.

"Shuhang, your dantian benefitted from the Qi Storage Expanding Technique, right? The amount of true qi inside your Sea of Qi Dantian should be much higher than that of an ordinary cultivator of the Second Stage. Therefore, you should divide your true qi into four parts with the following percentages of true qi inside: 10%, 20%, 30%, and 40%. These quantities will be more than enough to break through the various checkpoints!

Try to use your true qi like I told you while trying to break through the checkpoints. That way, you can avoid wasting true qi, and you'll have a very high chance to break through all the checkpoints!

Right, I remember that there is another small trick you can use while breaking through the Dragon Tail Dantian. After breaking through the second checkpoint, you can take a break for around one minute. During this time, if you feel that the quantity of true qi isn't enough, you can eat a medicinal pill to recover it. But remember, you have only one minute of time to do so.

Come, do as I say. First, gather 10% of your true qi and remember well how to operate it. Give it a try."

The mysterious senior literally walked Song Shuhang through the breaking through process.

With the walkthrough in hand, I'm the absolute king of the world!