Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 459

Chapter 459: A Dao Name Must Consist Of Four Words
Chapter 459: A dao name must consist of four words!

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Song Shuhang followed the instructions of this 'kind-hearted' senior and gathered 10% of his true qi, sending it upward!

If one were to describe the process with a sentence, it would be: 'cutting like a hot knife through butter'!

Thanks to Venerable White's Qi Storage Expanding Technique, the quantity of true qi in Song Shuhang's Sea of Qi Dantian was almost 50% higher than that of an ordinary cultivator of the same rank.

If we add the fact that his mental energy was very strong, when he controlled and operated the true qi, there was hardly any extra consumption.

10% of his true qi easily smashed open the first checkpoint of the Dragon Tail Dantian.

Moreover, there was still a lot of extra true qi left afterward...

"Very well, just like this. Keep going and gather 20% of your true qi now. Then, send it upward and smash open the second checkpoint too!" the senior said excitedly.

It seemed that this senior was extremely excited that Song Shuhang was breaking through under his guidance...

"Got it!" Song Shuhang said as he gathered 20% of his true qi, sending it upward.

The second checkpoint was also smashed open, and there was still a lot of true qi left that slowly dispersed afterward.

"That's the feeling, magnificent! You have one minute of time, do you want to take a medicinal pill?" the mysterious senior asked.

"There is no need. I feel that my current situation is pretty good," Song Shuhang replied.

Song Shuhang felt the remaining strength of the Aging Crystal Root he ate earlier resonate with the power of the runic formation, supplementing the true qi he consumed just now.

Just now, he used 30% of his true qi to break through the two checkpoints, but in the blink of an eye, he had already recovered 10% of it.

He felt that his current state was absolutely awesome!

"Then, don't rest and keep going. Gather 30% of your true qi and try to smash open the third checkpoint!" the mysterious senior shouted.

Song Shuhang didn't waste time and did as he was told.

After several breaths, the third checkpoint was also opened!

He felt as though he was a wild bull with enhanced endurance and strength crashing against a half a meter tall wall made of unbaked bricks. It was just too easy!

"Yeah, that's it. Now the final checkpoint gather all the true qi you have left and launch your attack! Youngster, you'll become a cultivator of the Second Stage Dragon Tail Dantian Realm after opening this last checkpoint!" the mysterious senior had the innate ability to boost the morale of the troops by 3 points.

With him by his side, Song Shuhang was full of fighting spirit and vigor.

Thereupon, Song Shuhang gathered the remaining 40% of his true qi and added to it the other 15% he recovered just now, sending it toward the last checkpoint.


Song Shuhang felt his whole body shake and the back of his waist ache. The node of true qi at the end of his spinal column had been smashed open.

A huge amount of true qi poured inside the node of true qi, opening it up. This node was precisely the Dragon Tail Dantian!

While he had his eyes closed and was breaking through, Song Shuhang was surrounded by the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group that were staring at him.

Northern River's Loose Cultivator said, "Is little friend Song Shuhang breaking through?"

"Yes." Venerable White nodded.

"F*ck, he's breaking through for real!" Northern River's Loose Cultivator said. "Senior White, didn't he advance in realm just now? We saw him reach the Second Stage while fighting on the Grievance Settling Platform. He's breaking through again after such a short amount of time?"

"Earlier, when Fellow Daoist Spirit Butterfly and I were preparing the race track, I got lucky and managed to get my hands on a few Aging Crystal Roots. I decided to share them with those present at the scene, and Shuhang got three of them. With the joint effects of the Aging Crystal Roots and the runic formation, Shuhang reached a state where it was possible for him to advance by a small realm again. Therefore, I told him to seize the opportunity and try to break through," Venerable White replied.

Northern River's Loose Cultivator looked at the sky and sighed.

Northern River recalled the bitter events from the past when he just stepped on the road of cultivation.

Life, huh was this the difference between someone else's life and one's own?

Dharma King Creation moved closer and asked, "Old Northern River, how long did it take you to advance to the Second Stage back in those days?"

"Eight years. I was a loose cultivator at the time, and I had to spend several years just to get hold of the body tempering liquid. That alone consumed most of my money. Afterward, I had many fortuitous encounters and became friends with Su Clan's Seven who was venturing outside but it still took me full eight years to advance from the First to the Second Stage," Northern River's Loose Cultivator said after recalling those past events.

"Then, how long did it take you to advance a small realm within the Second Stage?" Dharma King Creation asked.

"More than two years. At the time, I had to work for more than a year in the 'Lotus Temple' to obtain the medicinal pills I needed." Northern River's Loose Cultivator felt that his eyes had started to tear up.

The life of loose cultivators was really difficult! They didn't have the support of a school or a sect and no one showed them love. Their life was sad and bitter, and if they needed money to buy herbs, they would need to form groups and work for sects.

"Almost the same as me. It took me two years and a half," Dharma King Creation said. Although he was the important disciple of a famous sect, his cultivation technique was the Warring Buddha's True Body which made it difficult for him to advance in realm quickly.

"You two are still better off than me, it took me whole three years. Monster cultivators are at too much of a disadvantage in the early stages. Before gaining the ability to change shape, they have to put in twice the effort for half the result," Cave Lord Snow Wolf lamented.

The numerous seniors looked at Song Shuhang's body which was still emitting that seven-colored crystal-like radiance and sighed one after another.

This bastard managed to advance from the First to the Second Stage in less than two months. Moreover, it took him only one day to break through to the second small realm of the Second Stage!

Perhaps Venerable White wasn't the only one with a heaven-destroying lucklittle friend Song Shuhang seemed to have a heaven-defying luck as well...?

The first session of the hand-guided tractor competition finally came to an end.

When Song Shuhang finished breaking through and opened his eyes, the seniors were attending the award ceremony.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly and Venerable Tornado monopolized the award platform.

Venerable White paid out of his own pocket to arrange that huge formation made of 10,000 talismans.

Therefore, Venerable Spirit Butterfly and Venerable Tornado decided to take care of the medals for the first three contestants.

In competitions held by mortals, medals would be made of gold, silver, and bronze.

But these medals were made by two Venerables. Hence, they couldn't be ordinary.

The medal for the first place was made of precious 'adamantine'. This refining material alone was worth several thousand spirit stones of the Sixth Stage.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly engraved some runes inside the medal as well. In times of need, the medal could display a single-use sword technique, the 'Butterfly-Phoenix Transformation'. It was an attack of the Venerable rank, and its power was enormous.

If True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon didn't need the medal, he could hand it over to his children so that they could use it if they were in danger. After all, he had a lot of them.

The silver and bronze medals were manufactured by Venerable Tornado, and the refining materials used were also very valuable.

Inside these two medals was likewise sealed a technique of Venerable Tornado's choice. Its power was also of the Venerable rank.

First place: True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon.

Second place: True Monarch Fallout.

Third Place: Great Master Profound Principle.

Fourth Place: Cave Lord Snow Wolf.

The fifth place originally belonged to Northern River's Loose Cultivator, but he slowed down and voluntarily allowed Soft Feather to take his place.

"I just noticed that aside from Soft Feather, the dao names of the seniors that placed amongst the first five are all composed of four words." Song Shuhang felt as though he had suddenly realized something.