Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 463

Chapter 463: So Unlucky
Chapter 463: So unlucky!

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The first two dao names that Song Shuhang checked were Baijing Street's Traveling Sabersman and Scholar Mountain of Books. Both were dao names that conformed to Song Shuhang's tastes.

As for Great Master Butcher Knife, it was the first one he deleted.

What the hell is this Daoist Priest Stress, and this Daoist Priest Pearple too?! Delete, delete, delete!

Young Master Buddhist Fist? A fusion between the fist of a buddhist cultivator and a young master so, a pretty face with a muscular and stout body? Delete, delete, delete!

Aside from the two dao names he had already chosen, there were six more left.

Since he wanted seven dao names, he had to delete another one.

Tyrannical Saber Song One, Daoist Priest Wood, Virtuous Buddhist Sabersman, Scholarly Fist Monk, Path-seeking Scholar, and Virtuous Cultivator...

Amongst these six, the dao name Song Shuhang wanted to delete the most was Tyrannical Saber Song One!

However, it was a dao name that Venerable White chose personally.

After thinking for a moment, Song Shuhang decided to keep it. He had to give Senior White some face!

If he didn't give Senior White face, and the latter was to get angry cough, that would simply be the end of his poor life!

In the end, these seven dao names were only a temporary thing. Slowly, he would choose the most suitable one for him amongst them. Therefore, he would later find an excuse and remove the dao name 'Tyrannical Saber Song One'.

As for the remaining five dao names, it was very easy which one to deleteeither Virtuous Buddhist Sabersman or Scholarly Fist Monk.

These two dao names were too much of a style ruiner.

But between the two, Scholarly Fist Monk had the highest priority of getting deleted what was that 'Fist Monk' thing? He didn't want to become a monk!

Virtuous Buddhist Sabersman, Tyrannical Saber Song One, Daoist Priest Wood, Baijing Street's Traveling Sabersman, Scholar Mountain of Books, Path-seeking Scholar, and Virtuous Cultivator a total of seven dao names.

After putting them in order, he could use one dao name for each day of the week. A week also happened to have seven days.

One dao name for each day, and since a week had only seven days, there would be no repetitions. Wasn't that amazing?

If not for the fact that 365 dao names were too difficult to remember, he would have picked a different dao name for each day of the year!

Today was July 21st, Sunday, late at night. There were still a few hours felt until morning.

He decided that he would call himself Virtuous Cultivator for today, and after dawn, his new dao name would change to Virtuous Buddhist Sabersman.

As for the day after tomorrow, Tuesday, he would use Tyrannical Saber Song One!

After checking the seven dao names, Song Shuhang gently smiled and said, "With these seven dao names, I can take turns and change dao name every day. I can alternate between them throughout the whole week."

"Senior Song has seven dao names, so cool!" Soft Feather said enviously.

...I've decided. Once I return home, I'll ask father to give me several dao names.

But how many dao names should I take?

Should I take seven dao names like Senior Song? No, that's improper. It would make us look like lovers.

So, 30 dao names? One for each day of the month! Wait, there is another problem. Sometimes there are only 28 days in a month, and sometimes 31...

In that case I'll ask father to give me 365 dao names! I can use a new dao name for each day of the year without repetitions!

Perfect. I've decided. I want 365 dao names.

A different dao name each day, and thus a brand-new Soft Feather each day too!

In a distant place Venerable Spirit Butterfly, who was currently handling the last of matters regarding the hand-guided tractor competition, suddenly trembled. This was the super sixth sense of a Venerable tingling... what kind of calamity was about to befall him?

What a headache!

Is this the work of that big eye Sea King? Hehe, is it planning to send the sea urchin warriors to make a surprise attack against the Spirit Butterfly Island?

Look if I don't kill these stupid sea urchin warriors!

Venerable White laughed and said, "Seven dao names that you can use by taking turns? Haha, only someone like little friend Song Shuhang that was never restricted by the rules of the world of cultivators could come up with something like this. However, I find it rather interesting."

"Seven dao names?" Northern River's Loose Cultivator was still dumbfounded. "Little friend Shuhang, are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure. Senior Northern River, don't worry. This is only a temporary thing. In the end, I'll only keep one of these seven dao names, and that dao name will become the one I'll use in the future," Song Shuhang replied.

Perhaps he would stumble upon an even better dao name while deciding which one to keep. At the time, he could replace these seven dao names with that one.

Anyway, it wasn't like dao names couldn't be changed.

Along with their strength increasing or due to the influence of other elements, powerful cultivators would sometimes change their dao names.

For example, Venerable Spirit Butterfly's dao name wasn't 'Spirit Butterfly' since the beginning. Only after he created his personal island, the Spirit Butterfly Island, did he change his dao name to match it.

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple also had a different dao name 200 years ago. Only after inheriting the position of temple master of the 'Ancient Lake Temple' did he inherit the dao name. It was a tradition in their temple to pass down this dao name.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber held his chin and said, "It's indeed an ingenious method."

It seemed that he had recovered from the scare he got earlier when Su Clan's Seven threatened to kill him.

Right after all, he was someone that was always in the foremost frontline of the death-seeking camp. How could he even happily seek death if he didn't have the strength to adjust his mentality at fast speed?

"Anyway, little friend Shuhang, even if a dao name is nothing but a name it is secretly linked to the fate of a cultivator. Therefore, you shouldn't look down upon dao names!" Thrice Reckless Mad Saber strangely gave a serious and useful advice.

"I know, Senior Thrice Reckless. I've never looked down upon dao names." Song Shuhang closed the notebook and returned it to Northern River's Loose Cultivator. He had already noted down the seven dao names.

It was precisely because he didn't look down upon dao names that he wanted to change 'Stressed by a Mountain of Books'.

Northern River's Loose Cultivator received his notebook and said, "Haha, these words of Thrice Reckless came from his heart. His own dao name is a mistake he learnt from."

"..." Thrice Reckless Mad Saber.

The matter regarding Song Shuhang's dao name finally came to an end.

"Alright, now that the matter regarding little friend Shuhang's dao name has been settled, let's go prepare the market where cultivators can carry out their transactions!" Venerable White said happily as he waved his hand. But as soon as he finished speaking, he thought of a problem and asked, "Shuhang, what is your dao name today?"

"It's Sunday, so it's Virtuous Cultivator." Then, Song Shuhang asked out of curiosity, "Senior, you want to prepare that market to carry out transactions right now?"

"Yes, it's a usual practice in the world of cultivators," Northern River's Loose Cultivator explained. "Usually, cultivators live in secluded places all over the world, and it's not easy to get all together in the same place. Therefore, whenever large-scale events such as the 'flying sword competition' and so on come to an end, cultivators would seize the opportunity and set up a street market where cultivators can carry out transactions. Senior Spirit Butterfly and Senior Tornado are already arranging the articles for the street market."

"So that was it," Song Shuhang said with a nod. Soon after, he shot a glance at the enthusiastic Venerable White and said, "Senior White, aren't you the organizer of this session of the 'hand-guided tractor' competition? Shouldn't it be your duty to arrange the street market?"

"Don't worry. Let's just leave the matter to Fellow Daoist Spirit Butterfly and Fellow Daoist Tornado. Moreover, Fellow Daoist Tornado really likes these events where he can show off. As long as I show my face once the event has started, it's all good." Venerable White gave the thumbs up and also added, "Additionally, I've already made proper arrangements for all the things I had to do. Before calling everyone for the hand-guided tractor competition, I've requested several fellow daoists specialized in inspecting treasures to come over here and oversee the event. At the time, if anyone thinks that their goods were not evaluated properly, they can request these fellow daoists to appraise the goods for them of course, one cannot forget the appraisal fees."

Venerable White's abilities as 'hands-off leader' seemed to be top-notch.

On the other hand, Venerable Tornado's abilities to 'bear the burden and the responsibility' were also quite high.

"Right, Shuhang oh, wait. It's Virtuous Cultivator now. Anyway, look for me once the street market is open. I'll take you around for a stroll, increasing your knowledge as a cultivator." Then, Venerable White waved his hand and added, "I'll go to Fellow Daoist Spirit Butterfly's place now and see at which time the street market will open."

After saying this much, Venerable White happily left.

"Haha, since it's a street market, it's time for Senior White to get a good harvest, right?"

"Whenever there is a similar event, Senior White always manages to find very good items."

"But everyone has become aware of it recently. As long as Venerable White is willing to buy something, that thing must be a valuable treasure."

"That's not necessarily true. His old acquaintances might know it, but there are always a lot of new people at each of these events."

After making these funny remarks, the seniors left one after another, heading toward Venerable Tornado and Venerable Spirit Butterfly's position.

"A place where cultivators can carry out transactions! It seems a rather rare opportunity unfortunately, I don't have many things on hand that I can use to carry out transactions. I don't even have that many spirit stones," Song Shuhang said with a regretful look on his face.

He was also planning to join in the fun and gain a deeper understanding of the world of cultivators.

'Now then, the finish line was close to the island where Senior Seven Lives Talisman was residing, right? Tubo, Yangde, and Gao Moumou should be still on the island, no? Such being the case, I'll go meet them first!' Song Shuhang thought this much and stood up.

After a short moment...

Song Shuhang discovered that he was all alone in the open container of the hand-guided tractor all around him was the boundless sea, and he couldn't see even the shadow of an island where the natives might live.

The finish line of the hand-guided tractor competition was supposed to be 'close' to Seven Lives Talisman's dwelling but who knew how truly far was that 'close' Venerable White and the others were talking about...?

By the way, seniors couldn't you have given me a ride while you left? Do I really have to swim all the way to look for you...?

So unlucky!

"What a tragedy!"

On the island of the natives.

It was almost dawn at this time.

After studying hard for the whole day, the natives went to sleep very early. Lately, they started studying as soon as the sun rose and kept doing it until it went down. It was a fine routine.

Gao Moumou was lying inside a small mud house and had his eyes wide open. He couldn't fall asleep.

"What a miserable life!"

Originally, he was supposed to go on a lovey-dovey summer vacation with his girlfriend, Yayi. But in the end, it turned into a fearsome task to survive on this island full of savages.

The ship that was supposed to take them away would arrive on the island only after one month.

"A month! Although I already timed the chapters on the backend platform for authors so that they would be released automatically, there shouldn't be a lot of them left if this keeps going on, there won't be any more releases..." Gao Moumou muttered to himself.