Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 464

Chapter 464: Song Shuhangs Disciples And Followers
Chapter 464: Song Shuhangs disciples and followers

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
It had been already more than a week since Gao Moumou and the others landed on the island.

Summer vacation was only two months long, and if they really had to spend half of it on this island of savages... they felt like crying.

If they wanted to leave this small island a bit earlier, there was only one way help the master of the island, that rich mister wearing a windbreaker, and teach the natives the Analects of Confucius in its entirety.

Under the leadership of the old professor, they used the most scientifically advanced and effective methods to teach the natives of the island but even under these circumstances, they only managed to make them forget about the bad handwriting edition of the Three-Character Classic with great difficulty and teach them from scratch the correct Chinese-language edition of the Three-Character Classic.

Therefore, they had really no idea how long it would take them to teach the natives the Analects of Confucius.

After thinking this much, Gao Moumou sighed and said, "Rich people have strange ways to have fun!"

That man was rich and handsome, but instead of indulging in a life of luxury, he decided to come to this island in the middle of nowhere and teach the natives living here how to read and write Chinese.

That man wearing a windbreaker must be bored to the point of death to do something like this, right?

Someone ordinary like me can't comprehend how these rich people think...

He felt that this year's summer vacation went to shiet after he met the Zhuge siblings. So unlucky! Why did I end up with such a 'childhood friend' and 'childhood sweetheart'?!

Gao Moumou, male. A student of Jiangnan's University's Mechanical Engineering Course. Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Academy Department 19, Class 43. He wore glasses and was a little handsome. His financial situation was good.

By the way, Gao Moumou 1 wasn't his nickname. It was a name belonging to the 'we hate our child' category. His surname was Gao, and his name Moumou. Therefore, Gao Moumou was his real name.

Gao Moumou had a secret wish in his heart. He wanted to go to the local police station and change his name right after graduating from university and finding a job, becoming thus economically independent from his father.

He wanted to change his name at all costs!

Additionally, he was the only 'life winner' in Song Shuhang's dormitoryhe had managed to get a girlfriend.

Compared to the computer expert Li Yangde, the full of energy Lin Tubo, and the guy squatting in the bookstore, freeloading books for the whole afternoon Song Shuhang, Gao Moumou was the only 'mature' member of the dormitory. Therefore, he would frequently take on the responsibility to take care of his roommates.

For example, when Song Shuhang got a cold two months ago and fell ill, it was Gao Moumou that reminded the others to buy medicine and get the gruel, dividing their jobs.

However, this mature person and winner in life had a little secret that his roommates were unaware of.

He was secretly writing webnovels and he had done so for many years. He started writing when he was in high school and unknowingly managed to gather a very loyal fanbase.

Unfortunately, he didn't have too much time to write since he was busy with his studies. Gao Moumou was a student with good grades. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been admitted to Jiangnan's University in the first place.

Each day, he had very little time to write, and he was only able to write around 6000 characters per day.

Moreover, since Gao Moumou considered writing novels the same as writing a 'personal diary', he felt shy about his roommates knowing about it. Therefore, he never told them about this matter.

He wrote cautiously, and as soon as he had the opportunity, he would write a little bit and stockpile chapters to guard against unforeseen events.

Before leaving home for summer vacation, Gao Moumou had painstakingly saved up enough chapters so that they would last him for half a month.

According to his original calculations, two chapters would be released each day at a fixed time. Moreover, if he could get his hands on computer and WiFi during the trip, he could secretly write a few more chapters. There shouldn't have been any problems in keeping a steady release rate during summer vacation.

But he didn't expect that things would go from bad to worse and the plane would crash!

They unexpectedly ended up on an island with savages living on it!

These savages were the native and only inhabitants of the island.

Aside from the residence of that rich man wearing a windbreaker, there were no other places on the island with a computer, WiFi, or the Internet.

Now, it seemed that he would have to stop the release of the novel for more than half a month. He started writing a new book during the last semester, and from the day the book was released up until now, he didn't ask for a leave and didn't miss a single release. But now, this record was about to be broken.

Would the readers insult me for dropping the novel halfway?

And more importantly, although he could endure the tough and dangerous life on the island, why did he and Yayi have to sleep in separate places?

They were boyfriend and girlfriend, you know?

Why did he have to sleep next to two idiots like Tubo and Zhuge Zhongyang?! These two brainless idiots didn't even have the concept of 'worry' and were already sleeping soundly.

"Ah from where can I start complaining about this whole situation?" Gao Moumou heaved a deep sigh.

Moreover, that was another matter that was making Gao Moumou worry.

Song Shuhang, who went on the trip together with them, disappeared after the plane crashed.

Although that rich man wearing a black windbreaker said he was Song Shuhang's friend and that nothing bad happened to him, Gao Moumou was still worried after not hearing about him for a week.

On the other hand when had Song Shuhang become friends with that rich man who also happened to be the master of the island?

Just as Gao Moumou's imagination was running wild, a human shadow shuttled back and forth outside the small mud house.

There is someone outside? Gao Moumou got vigilant and his body tensed up.

Although he had the look of an intellectual, he had practiced martial arts during his childhood. Even if he had neglected them for years, the foundation was still there.

After tensing his body up, Gao Moumou cautiously moved outside the mud house.

Thanks to the moonlight, Gao Moumou was able to see the figure clearly.

It was a tall and stout foreigner with blonde hair.

There was only one person on the island with these characteristics Mister Joseph, Song Shuhang's disciple in name. He had learned a peerless martial technique from Shuhang, the Times are Calling. Practicing it day and night had strengthened his body a lot.

Strange, what is Mister Joseph doing outside in the middle of the night? Gao Moumou thought to himself.

Then, he saw Joseph pass through the group of mud houses, heading toward the forest on the side.

Inside the forest was a stretch of open space.

Joseph arrived at the open space and took a deep breath. Soon after, he started to perform the steps of the Times are Calling.

"..." Gao Moumou.

I understand now. It seems that Mister Joseph wasn't able to sleep and decided to get out to exercise a bit...

Now then, does Mister Joseph still believe that Song Shuhang is a martial arts expert?

If Song Shuhang is a martial arts expert, am I a character comparable to the Legendary Five 2 ? Gao Moumou chuckled in his heart. After all, he still learned a little bit of martial arts during his childhood.

However, a strange feeling welled up in his heart as soon as the thought of this matter.

Two very fragmentary scenes resurfaced in his mind in one of the scenes, Song Shuhang was vertically running on a wall. In the other, he used the raging flames sword technique like the characters in action novels...?

Why did these scenes suddenly flash through his mind?

Gao Moumou fiercely shook his head.

Was it possible that he had written too many novels and couldn't distinguish fiction from reality anymore?

Forget it, I should return to sleep.

He wasn't in the mood to accompany Joseph and perform the Times are Calling together with him in the middle of the night~

After thinking this much, Gao Moumou quietly moved backward. He didn't want to ruin Mister Joseph's mood.

Just as he was preparing to return to his small mud house, he suddenly heard a rustle from the woods.

Next, twenty or so natives flooded the open space from all directions, surrounding Joseph.

This is bad! Gao Moumou felt that the situation was dire.

Scenes from movies and novels regarding cannibal tribes immediately flashed through his mind.

Were these savages planning to hurt Joseph?

Gao Moumou shot a glance all around, trying to look for a weapon. Going in with something like a wooden stick was still better than going in unarmed.

But before he could even look for a weapon, the scene before his eyes changed.

The twenty natives orderly cupped one of their hands in the other across their chests, just like those characters in TV series set in ancient times, and bent their waits, bowing to Joseph.

Then, they used their awkward Chinese to yell 'teacher'.

Gao Moumou was dumbstruck.

What the hell was this development?

Joseph shot a glance at the natives and said with an awe-inspiring expression and piercing eyes, "Very well. Is everyone here?"

"Yes, Teacher. Today~ it was the turn of us twenty come here we beseech teacher to teach us the peerless martial technique!" the natives said in awkward Chinese after coming forth of their own volition.

Joseph nodded satisfied and said, "In that case, let's start. Show me the first three styles of the technique I taught you the last time!"

"Yes, Teacher!" the twenty natives said respectfully.

Then, they orderly positioned themselves and lined up, assuming the shape of a square matrix.

Next, the twenty natives started to perform the Times are Calling in all seriousness.

This picture was so dazzling that it blinded Gao Moumou's eyes.

What was happening to this world?

Was it really going to shiet?

Or perhaps the Times are Calling was really a peerless martial technique? And only stupid youngsters like them were unaware of it?

Very soon, the natives finished displaying the first three styles of the Times are Calling.

"Very well. Your movements were perfect." Joseph had a satisfied expression on his face. "Such being the case, I'll teach you the fourth style today!"

"Teacher, when~ when we'll be able to become strong enough to overthrow the cruel master of the island~ hanging him up to a tree and beating him up!" the natives said with a longing expression.

"While practicing martial arts, one has to guard against inner demons and not make haste. Otherwise, you might be unable to master the peerless technique to perfection," Joseph said with a serious expression on his face.

Soon after, he also added, "The strength of your bodies far surpasses mine. After you learn the full version of the technique and practice it for some time, you should be able to feel your constitution strengthen a lot within a short period of time!"

Since the natives hadn't been learning Chinese for too long, Joseph had to frequently use gestures to make them understand the meaning of his words.

"Afterward, once you have practiced enough and you can feel the 'qi', you can create explosions by simply punching. At that time, you would have completely mastered the technique!" Joseph had an envious expression on his face when he said these words.

His teacher, Song Shuhang, had already reached the realm where he could create explosions just by gently pushing his hand ahead.

After hearing Joseph's description, hope appeared in the eyes of the natives.