Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 465

Chapter 465: Young Master Phoenix Slayers Gift
Chapter 465: Young Master Phoenix Slayers gift

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A realm where one could create explosions just by swinging their fists it should be much higher than the realm of the cruel master of the island, right?

The natives felt that they would be able to rebel against the cruel master of the island and obtain freedom after reaching this realm where they could feel the qi in their bodies and create explosions with their punches.

After recalling how cruel the master of the island was, tears started to well up in their eyes.

If they wrote a character wrong, he would hit their palms until they turned completely red.

If they were to make mistakes while reciting from memory, they would be starved. Sometimes, they wouldn't get any meals for the whole day.

If they were to make too many mistakes while writing, they would be hung on a big tree outside the tribe and ruthlessly whipped, the pain of it unbearable.

The worst thing was that after the new instructors started teaching them, the natives discovered that the method the cruel master of the island taught them earlier to write the Chinese characters of the Three-Character Classic was completely wrong! They just learned his badly-written characters and the real ones were completely different!

Everything they learned was wrong...

The natives felt extremely bitter in their hearts. However, they didn't dare to tell this to the cruel master of the island. Otherwise, they might get starved or hung up on a tree and beaten!

But whenever there was oppression, there would be resistance! Therefore, they decided to learn this peerless martial technique. They wanted to become strong and rebel against the master of the island!

At the time, they would make the master of the island learn their own pictographic characters. If he couldn't learn them properly, they would make him starve. If he were to make mistakes while writing, they would hit the palms of his hands, and if he were to make mistakes while reciting from memory, they would hang him on a tree and beat him!

After thinking of this dream-like scene, the natives started to drool.

Thereupon, they gave it their all and tried to master this peerless martial technique called the Times are Calling with all their strength.

The corner of Gao Moumou's mouth twitched.

He felt that Mister Joseph's 'Talk no Jutsu' had reached frightening levels. Even in this situation where he had no leverage, he had managed to fool so many natives into practicing the Times are Calling together with him.

If they were in ancient times, perhaps this guy could have even used the Times are Calling to establish a new school of martial arts Time Fist School? Or perhaps Calling Fist School?

Anyway, Gao Moumou felt that this dream the natives had about hanging up and beating the master of the island didn't have many prospects...

Gao Moumou could already imagine the natives surrounding the man wearing a black windbreaker after they had mastered the 'peerless martial technique' someday in the future, starting to perform the Times are Calling in front of him.

The scene was really too dazzling!

According to his estimations, the big tree at the entrance of the village would be full of ruthlessly whipped fruits called 'natives' at the time.

However, people must have dreams to feel alive. If they don't have dreams, what is the difference between a man and a robot? Therefore, I'll wish all of you good luck, Gao Moumou thought to himself.

Then, he quietly retreated and left the woods, returning to his small mud house to sleep.

In the end, Song Shuhang was able to successfully leave Venerable White's hand-guided tractor. The one that helped him was Young Master Phoenix Slayer.

Anyway, how would they deal with these magically modified hand-guided tractors? Would they store them away and reuse them during the next session of the hand-guided tractor competition?

After all, they couldn't leave them alone just like that these modified hand-guided tractors weren't that much different than powerful 'magical treasures' from certain points of view.

In particular, that hand-guided tractor with a drill that belonged to Scholar Drunken Something. Song Shuhang was sure he could roll to death a cultivator of the Second Stage with that gadget.

As for that drill, even a cultivator of the Fourth Stage might be severely injured if hit directly!

Young Master Phoenix Slayer used his spiritual energy to prop up Song Shuhang, allowing him to walk on the surface of the water. Then, the duo headed toward Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman's island of natives.

While they were walking, Song Shuhang suddenly recalled a certain matter.

"Senior Phoenix Slayer, there is something I need to tell you." After saying this much, Song Shuhang took out a silver glove and handed it to Young Master Phoenix Slayer.

"What's this?" Young Master Phoenix Slayer took the silver glove in his hands.

"Senior Tornado threw it over, saying that it was a gift for you," Song Shuhang replied. "Moreover, he asked if you wanted to become his pet"

"That bastard! I hope he dies a painful death!" Young Master Phoenix Slayer roared.

"Don't worry, I already refused his proposal," Song Shuhang said.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer continued bellowing, "You should have given him a good beating! Beep, beep, beep, pet his sister!"

"Haha~" Song Shuhang made a hollow laugh. The opposite party was a Venerable wouldn't he be tired of living if he tried to attack him?

After making a hollow laugh, Song Shuhang asked, "Anyway, I'll leave the silver glove to you, Senior Phoenix Slayer!"

"Help me return it to Tornado!" Young Master Phoenix Slayer firmly pushed the silver glove into Song Shuhang's hand.

"Senior Phoenix Slayer, it's better if you deal with this matter yourself." Song Shuhang pushed the silver glove back into Young Master Phoenix Slayer's hands. His sixth sense as a cultivator told him that Venerable Tornado was an extremely troublesome fellow.

Therefore, it was better to let Young Master Phoenix Slayer personally deal with this matter regarding the silver glove.

"Stop throwing it back to me! You are the one that accepted it! A man should take responsibility for his actions. You're the one that accepted the gift, hence you have to return it even if you have tears in your eyes!" Young Master Phoenix Slayer threw the silver glove back.

"Senior Phoenix Slayer, it was your body that accepted it. Therefore, it's better if you return it yourself." Song Shuhang threw the silver glove back once more.

"Dammit, that's your fault for accepting the gift on my behalf!" Young Master Phoenix Slayer returned the silver glove to Song Shuhang once again.

"I refused his gift! But Senior Tornado threw it at me anyway. I tried my best!" Song Shuhang returned the silver glove and continued, "Anyway, Senior Phoenix Slayer, stop throwing it back at me! Otherwise, I'm not going to catch it the next time!"

Young Master Phoenix Slayer held the silver glove in his hands. It wasn't good to throw it, but it wasn't good not to throw it, either.

If the Sea King were to see this scene, its big eye would surely start to tear up.

After a long silence...

"Alright I'll accept this silver glove," Young Master Phoenix Slayer said.

"That's the way. It's just a silver glove, and it can be conveniently placed inside your treasure-house at worst," Song Shuhang said.

"Hehe." Young Master Phoenix Slayer nodded. Then, he suddenly said, "Right little friend Song Shuhang, I've heard from the other fellow daoists that you helped looking after Doudou, is that true?"

"Eh? Yes." Song Shuhang nodded.

"Little friend Shuhang, you really went through a lot of trouble." Young Master Phoenix Slayer cast his eyes down and sighed with emotion. "That Doudou is really a troublemaker."

Song Shuhang wasn't able to adapt to Young Master Phoenix Slayer's sudden change in attitude. He forced a smile and said, "Senior Phoenix Slayer, you're exaggerating. Actually, Doudou also helped me a lot."

"Little friend Song Shuhang, you don't need to speak up for that stupid dog. I know how much trouble you went through." Young Master Phoenix Slayer took a step forward and moved next to Song Shuhang. Then, he grabbed Shuhang's hand and said, "I have a small gift here accept it as my thanks for taking care of Doudou."

"..." Song Shuhang.

Just as he expected, a silver glove had appeared in his hand.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer's sudden change of attitude was because he was looking for an excuse to pass the silver glove to him!