Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 466

Chapter 466: Fairy Lychees Video Broadcast
Chapter 466: Fairy Lychees video broadcast

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Song Shuhang subconsciously thought of returning the silver glove back to Young Master Phoenix Slayer once more. "Senior Phoenix Slayer, True Monarch Yellow Mountain already gave me a gift for looking after Doudou. According to the law 'one can't be punished twice for the same crime' oh wait, wrong choice of words. But my meaning should be clear. Senior Phoenix Slayer, you don't need to give me this extra gift."

"Aren't you a grown man, how can you keep fussing about these small matters? This silver glove is a treasured object, isn't it? I'm not even asking you to return it to Venerable Tornado I've already accepted his gift, and now, I'm giving it to you as a thank-you gift. Why are you so against accepting it?" Young Master Phoenix Slayer said somewhat disgruntled.

What Young Master Phoenix Slayer said was reasonable!

This silver glove was indeed a treasure. The Sea King, whose strength was comparable to that of a Venerable, tried its best to get its hands on it.

Moreover even if Song Shuhang didn't want to keep the silver glove for himself there would be soon a meeting where cultivators could carry out transactions! If he didn't want to keep it, he could exchange it with other cultivators and obtain all kinds of good things in return!

"Such being the case, can I drop formalities and accept it?" Song Shuhang asked.

"A man needs to be more decisive." Young Master Phoenix Slayer laughed and patted Song Shuhang shoulder.

Then, he pushed his glasses up and his attitude changed again as he said earnestly, "Moreover, I've made some progress while looking for the people monitoring you."

"Who are they?" Song Shuhang asked quickly.

He was quite worried about these people monitoring him from the dark and ready to play dirty tricks. If the target of the other party was Song Shuhang himself, he wasn't afraid of it. He would take whatever measures were called for and do what was necessary.

However, he didn't know if these guys hiding in the dark would change their target from Song Shuhang to his family and friends if they thought it necessary. Therefore, he had to guard against them carefully.

Who was the opposite party? The Sea King and the sea urchin warriors? Someone from the Limitless Demon Sect? Or the influence behind that puppet She Lan that was disassembled into pieces by Senior White?

Song Shuhang thought for a while and came to the conclusion that only these three might want to deal with him.

"Hehe, while your original body was unconscious, I purposely made two ordinary disciples of the Chu Family guard it as expected, the opposite party revealed its horse leg and gave away itself." Young Master Phoenix Slayer gently pushed his glasses up, and the lenses refracted rays of wisdom. "It was literally a horse leg. The opposite party is black horse spirit that can assume human form after cultivating."

"A black horse spirit?" Song Shuhang was confused.

When did he offend this horse spirit? Why was the opposite party spying on him and harboring evil intentions?

Therefore, he asked out of curiosity, "To which influence does this horse spirit belong? Is it a member of the Limitless Demon Sect?"

The Sea King and the sea urchin warriors were too racist to become friends with this horse spirit. Therefore, only the Limitless Demon Sect and the influence behind that 'mister' were left.

"It shouldn't have any relationship with the Limitless Demon Sect if I'm not mistaken, it should belong to the monster organization," Young Master Phoenix Slayer said after pinching his chin.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer was also a monster that had cultivated and reached the stage where he could assume human form. Therefore, he was more knowledgeable about the monster organization than the other seniors of the group.

"The monster organization?" Song Shuhang scratched his head in puzzlement. He really couldn't remember when exactly he offended the monster organization!

Young Master Phoenix Slayer pushed his glasses up and said with a smile, "You don't have to worry. I'll take care of this matter on your behalf. I can guarantee you that this horse spirit won't trouble you anymore in the future."

"Thank you, Senior Phoenix Slayer." Song Shuhang secretly heaved a sigh and added, "Senior, while you're at it, can you help me find out why is this horse spirit monitoring me? I don't think I've offended the monster organization in any way"

Perhaps because Song Shuhang had finally accepted the silver glove, Young Master Phoenix Slayer said very straightforwardly, "Don't worry, leave it to me!"

Even though it was night, his lenses were still refracting light.

Afterward, Young Master Phoenix Slayer carried Song Shuhang along and brought him to the island where the natives lived.

Right at this time, another senior flew over and arrived next to Song Shuhang.

It was Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman.

"Little friend Song Shuhang, I've finally found you!" Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman said with a laugh. Then, he put away his flying sword and moved toward Song Shuhang as he straightened his black windbreaker, looking incredibly handsome.

"Senior Seven Lives Talisman?" Song Shuhang faintly smiled. He also straightened his kasaya and moved toward the opposite party, saying, "Senior, are my friends well?"

"Your friends are fine. I'll take you to see them," Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman said with a smile.

Then, he brought Song Shuhang and Young Master Phoenix Slayer for a stroll on the island.

The island was covered by a special barrier.

Since it was close to the place where the hand-guided tractor competition was held, Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman arranged a formation around the small island and isolated it from the rest of the world. With that, the natives and Song Shuhang's friends would not be disturbed by the competition.

Hence, even if the hand-guided tractor competition were even noisier, it wouldn't affect the residents of the island.

After entering the formation protecting the small island, Song Shuhang saw a pitch-black world littered with sporadic torches that embellished the night of the small island.

The small island was silent; both the natives and the passengers of the wrecked plane were sleeping.

Song Shuhang said, "Ah it's already very late!"

Given the time, Gao Moumou and the others should be sleeping already but it was fine this way too. After all, he was currently wearing a kasaya, and he couldn't even take it off... If they were to see him like this, wouldn't they think that he had decided to become a monk?

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman said, "Let's take a look at your friends first. Then, I'll bring you to my treasure-house so that you can look for something similar to the Blood God Crystal in value and carry out the transaction."

"I'll trouble senior then," Song Shuhang said as he took out the Blood God Crystal from his size-reducing purse, handing it over to Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman.

This Blood God Crystal was like a hot potato for Song Shuhang.

Even while he was breaking through to the Fifth Stage Realm, Young Master Hai didn't forget about the missing Blood God Crystal and still intended to take it from Song Shuhang's hands.

Therefore, he had to carry out the transaction with Senior Seven Lives Talisman as soon as possible. At the time, if Young Master Hai wanted the treasure, he would have to look for Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman instead.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman received the Blood God Crystal and cautiously took out a wooden box he'd prepared earlier, putting the treasure inside. After all, the Blood God Crystal was a valuable object that would determine how many dragon patterns his Golden Core would have.

Soon after, Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman smiled and said, "Let's go. Let's see your friends first."

In a group of mud houses on the small island.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman brought Song Shuhang and Young Master Phoenix Slayer toward the mud houses.

Song Shuhang didn't enter the houses. By relying on his eyesight as a cultivator, he saw through the window some familiar figures.

Tubo and Zhuge Zhongyang were sleeping soundly, while Gao Moumou had just gone to sleep.

Gao Moumou's girlfriend Yayi, Lu Fei and her elder sister, and Joseph's daughter Ji Shuangxue were sleeping in a house not too far away.

As for that Zhuge Yue that had forcefully kissed Gao Moumou and whose gender was unknown, she was shrinking all alone in a small and narrow house.

Additionally, the old professor, the black uncle who was an expert in break dance, and all the other passengers that Song Shuhang didn't recognize but entered the mysterious island together with him had all settled down in their respective mud houses.

After seeing that they were safe and sound, Song Shuhang was finally able to feel at ease.

But after taking a look all around, Song Shuhang discovered that his disciple in name, Joseph, was missing. "Eh? Where is Joseph?"

"Joseph? Little friend Shuhang, are you talking about that middle-aged foreigner?" Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman asked.

"Yes, I'm talking about him," Song Shuhang said. After hearing Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman's tone, he wondered what was Joseph up to and where he had gone.

The corner of Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman's mouth rose. "If we're talking about him. He should be down there. I'll bring you to him."

Then, he took Song Shuhang and Young Master Phoenix Slayer along and passed through the forest. Afterward, he pointed toward a faraway place and said, "Little friend Shuhang, is that the Joseph you were talking about?"

Song Shuhang saw Joseph taking the lead and perform the Times are Calling while twenty natives had arranged themselves into a small square matrix and were enthusiastically imitating him.

"..." Song Shuhang's heart was in turmoil at this time.

"What are these guys doing?" Young Master Phoenix Slayer asked out of curiosity.

"Hehe, they're practicing a peerless martial technique," Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman said. "They want to master this peerless martial technique and rebel against me someday in the future, hanging me up to a tree and beating me up. I think they want to starve me too~ hehehe."

"Seven Lives Talisman, are you making fun of me?" Young Master Phoenix Slayer asked.

"No, that's really their plan. I've been looking at them practicing this peerless martial technique for a few days already. I can't be wrong after hearing them talk about this matter over and over again. I find it rather amusing," Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman said.

Song Shuhang face-palmed.

Shiet I absolutely can't let Senior Seven Lives Talisman know about the relationship between me and Joseph.

At the same time, Song Shuhang realized that he made a big mistake by teaching Joseph the Times are Calling back then.

After Song Shuhang was done seeing his friends, Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman quickly pulled him along and said, "Little friend Shuhang, let's go. We'll head toward my treasure house now. I've gathered quite a number of good things, I'll assure you that you won't be disappointed."

It was late at night and very quiet...

But the Nine Provinces Number One Group was very lively at this time.

System Notification: Fairy Lychee started a video broadcast.

As soon as the notification appeared, many of the fellow daoists that were aware of what was going on immediately clicked on the pop-up message.

After they clicked on the message, the video started getting broadcast.

In the background of the video should be Medicine Master's immortal cave. There were precious herbs planted all over, as well as pill refining equipment and medical herbs lying on the shelves.

Then, the camera moved and pointed toward a figure in the sky.

Up there was an eastern woman with a carefree smile on her face. Whenever she smiled, two dimples would appear on her cheeks. This woman was Fairy Lychee. But her title had now changed to True Monarch Lychee.

Fairy Lychee was currently itching for a fight and had a bad smile on her face. Moreover, a chubby cultivator was hiding not too far away from her.

The camera moved once more and captured the image of a figure rushing over at high speed with a flying sword.

The incoming person had an anxious expression on their face.

Although he had an unfamiliar face, everyone could guess that this person was precisely Immortal Master Copper Trigram.