Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 468

Chapter 468: Thats Happiness
Chapter 468: Thats happiness~

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Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman brought Young Master Phoenix Slayer and Song Shuhang along, arriving at a sandy beach in the rear of the small island.

After arriving at a certain position on the sandy beach, he stretched out his hand and opened a secret door.

It's so easy to enter this treasure house? Isn't Senior Seven Lives Talisman afraid of getting robbed?

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman took the lead and entered the treasure house first. Song Shuhang and Young Master Phoenix Slayer followed after him and entered together.

Below the secret door was a circular bottomless pit that went downward; there was no trace of stairs.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman stepped on his flying sword and slowly descended. Song Shuhang likewise descended while supported by Young Master Phoenix Slayer's flying sword.

After descending for an unknown amount of time, Song Shuhang finally saw light appear before his eyes. "Have we arrived?"

"We have arrived. My treasure house is right here," Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman said with a smile. Then, he stretched out his finger and pointed forward.

Over there was a hundred meters long white jade turtle; its whole body was made of cast jade, and it looked very lifelike. The light Song Shuhang saw earlier was emitted from the body of the turtle.

The turtle was lying down inside the bottomless pit, perfectly still.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman laughed and said, "This is the place where my treasure house is located."

Young Master Phoenix Slayer shot a glance at the big turtle and sighed with emotion. "Fellow Daoist Seven Lives Talisman really has some skills."

"Hehe, my luck was good, and I managed to become friends with this Senior Turtle."

Senior Turtle? Song Shuhang's eyes lit up. Was this huge turtle a living creature?

Just as he was in deep thoughts, Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman brought him and Young Master Phoenix Slayer above the back of the turtle.

"As you know, I made several strange oaths back in the days. Then, I became friends with a Senior Turtle while completing one of the oaths. Afterward, I shifted the position of my treasure house to the body of this Senior Turtle." After saying this much, Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman reached the top of the turtle shell and gently tapped on it.

The top of the turtle shell opened, changing into a door.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman said, "Let's enter. The treasure house is inside."

Before entering the treasure house, Song Shuhang shot a look at the eyes of the huge turtle below.

From start to end, the jade turtle didn't move in the slightest, and neither did its eyelids.

After entering the turtle shell, Song Shuhang saw a huge white room.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman and Young Master Phoenix Slayer both hovered midair. It felt as though there was no gravity inside the room.

Inside the room, several wooden shelves, boxes, and chests were floating. Inside them were treasures belonging to Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman beckoned to Song Shuhang with his hand and said, "Now then, what does little friend Shuhang need right now?"

"I don't know, either. Senior, what do you suggest?" Song Shuhang asked.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman held his chin and said, "Little friend Shuhang has already reached the Second Stage. As far as I can see, you already have magical clothes and weapons. You don't lack cultivation techniques either, and you have medicinal pills too"

"Senior, how about giving me a few good talismans then?" Song Shuhang said. Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman's talismans had saved his life several times already.

In particular, those sword talismans helped Song Shuhang get rid of several powerful enemies that surpassed his rank.

"About talismans I can at most manufacture talismans of the Fourth Stage due to the limits of my cultivation level. If you want, I can first give you a few talisman papers." After saying this much, Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman stretched out his hand and waved.

Three piles of talisman papers flew over from one of the nearby shelves and directly arrived at Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman's hand.

Then, he counted them as though they were banknotes and gave three samples of twenty papers each to Song Shuhang.

"There are twenty armor talisman, twenty sword talismans, and twenty floating talismans in here. All of them are of the Fourth Stage rank and are somewhat stronger than the ones I gave you the last time. You can consider these sixty talismans as the reward for sending over that professor. It's not part of the transaction for the Blood God Crystal!" Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman said with a laugh.

Song Shuhang forced a smile and accepted the sixty talismans he wasn't the one that sent the professor onto the island!

"As for the transaction for the Blood God Crystal, I've prepared several things. Little friend Shuhang, take a look and tell me which one you prefer," Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman said with a smile.

Soon after, he pulled Song Shuhang along and arrived in front of three big chests.

Inside the first chest was a golden rope.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman explained, "This thing is a duplicate of the Wondrous Binding Rope. When used, it can bind the enemy. Although it's a mere copy, it can still bind a cultivator of the Fifth Stage for a little while. However, it can be used a limited number of times. I used it five times after obtaining it, and now, it can be still used sixteen times. Afterward, it will turn into an ordinary rope."

A rope that could be used to bind enemies sixteen times. Although it was an item with limited uses, it had unlimited potential if used well.

Moreover, it could even bind cultivators of the Fifth Stage for a small amount of time in a fight between cultivators of the Fifth Stage, a short moment was more than enough to change the outcome of the battle.

Song Shuhang silently nodded; it was a very good treasure!

"Now, the second treasure this one is a puppet," Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman said as he opened the second chest.

Inside the chest was an exquisite puppet Song Shuhang found this puppet very familiar. It had the appearance of a western dragon and was around three meters long and two meters tall; the color of its body was silvery white.

Aside from the color, it was almost the same as that black dragon he saw inside that mister's underground smelted cave.

"This one is a flying puppet manufactured by the Jet-Black Sect. You can switch it on by putting spirit stones inside. If the quality of the spirit stones is high enough, it can even reach supersonic speed. Before little friend Song Shuhang reaches the Fourth Stage and becomes able to use a flying sword, this puppet will be a very good riding tool. The only drawback is that the consumption of spirit stones is quite big," Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman continued his explanation.

Song Shuhang immediately fell in love with the silver puppet after seeing it.

Just like those dragon knights, so cool!

Although this huge dragon is a mere puppet it's still very cool!

But the most important thing was that after getting his hands on this puppet, Song Shuhang could freely fly in the sky even before reaching the Fourth Stage!

"It seems that little friend Song Shuhang really likes this second treasure!" Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman said with a smile. "However, I still want to recommend you the third treasure."

While speaking, he opened the third chest.

Inside the chest was a small bamboo shoot; it looked very tasty.

"Is this some type of natural treasure? How should one prepare it before eating it?" Song Shuhang asked.

He remembered that Venerable White had discovered two bamboo shoots back then that helped him open the Nose Aperture after he ate them. They tasted really good after Penniless Thief Sect's Candy cooked them up.

"Well, you don't really need to eat this one although you can indeed eat it, it would be a waste to do so." Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman quickly waved his hand.

The nearby Young Master Phoenix Slayer looked at the bamboo shoot for a long time and said, "I sense monster qi no, wait. The spiritual qi on its body is even more abundant. It this an object that managed to develop intelligence after cultivating?"

"Correct. This small bamboo shoot grew in a place with rich spiritual qi. What is even more incredible is that it didn't turn into a monster. After developing a little bit of intelligence, it started to evolve into a sentient object. As long as one takes good care of it and allows it to mature until it turns into a bamboo, they would automatically obtain a sentient magical treasure without even the need to refine it," Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman said with a smile.

It was an extremely good treasure!

It wasn't easy for a magical treasure to develop intelligence. Not only did one need to invest many natural resources into it, but they also needed to pour their love into it and accompany it day and night. Last but not least, they would need a lot of luck as well.

Even amongst Senior White's treasures, only Meteor Sword had developed a little bit of intelligence.

As for this small bamboo shoot, one only needed to cultivate it and wait until it matured and turned into a bamboo to have a bamboo stick with innate intelligence.

The value of this treasure exceeded by far that of the Blood God Crystal.

"Fellow Daoist Seven Lives Talisman, is there some problem with this small bamboo shoot?" Young Master Phoenix Slayer asked. Why did Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman decide to take out this treasure and exchange it for Song Shuhang's Blood God Crystal?

It was like exchanging a diamond as big as a human head with a coin!

"The bamboo shoot itself doesn't have any problem I took it out to carry out the transaction because it's not something that belongs to me. The small bamboo shoot is temporarily residing inside my treasure house because it made a deal with me," Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman said. "According to the deal, whenever I'm carrying out a transaction with a fellow daoist inside my treasure house, I must let the other fellow daoist come in contact with the bamboo shoot. The bamboo shoot is waiting to find a master it likes to leave with them."

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman had mysterious origins, and the influence behind him was incredibly powerful. Everyone in the Nine Provinces Number One Group knew about this point. Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman never avoided this topic of conversation, but he still very rarely mentioned to others the influence behind him.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman had a few strange items in his hands just like the strange oaths he made when he was young...

Song Shuhang smiled and said, "Is it one of those stories where the object acknowledges its master?"

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman laughed and said, "Yeah, that's the gist of it."

"What do I need to do?" Song Shuhang asked.

"It's very simple, you just have to stretch your hand out and grab it. Then, take a look at how it reacts," Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman said.

Song Shuhang nodded and propped up his kasaya, stretching out his hand toward the small bamboo shoot. At the same time, he thoughtlessly asked, "Ah, yes. Senior Seven Lives Talisman, if someone gets acknowledged by the small bamboo shoot and manages to carry it away, how long will it take to transform into a bamboo?"

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman held his chin and said, "Hmm it should turn into a small bamboo in around 500 years. It should be almost mature after 2000 years."

500 years just to grow the bamboo tip!

Just as he was in deep thoughts, Song Shuhang's hand reached the bamboo shoot.

It felt prickly and soft at the same time, very nice to the touch.

Then, Song Shuhang's mind suddenly shook.

Soon after, an illusion of heaven and earth appeared before his eyes.

In the illusion, a colossal bamboo stick was standing between heaven and earth. One end of the bamboo stick pierced the sky, while the other pierced the depths of the earth. From its appearance, it felt as though it wanted to hold both heaven and earth.

"Incredible!" Song Shuhang sighed with emotion.

But right at this time, the stick extracted its lower end from the ground and attacked Song Shuhang!

"Dong~" The sound of two metallic objects colliding echoed, and Song Shuhang felt his head buzzing. He felt incredibly uncomfortable at this time.

That's happiness~

A thunderous sound echoed between heaven and earth.

The sound directly broke the illusion and made Song Shuhang wake up.

At this time, Song Shuhang had already retreated ten or so steps away from the bamboo shoot, his expression one of shock.

Did it just attack me?