Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 469

Chapter 469: Fck I Hit The Wrong Person
Chapter 469: F*ck, I hit the wrong person

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"What happened?" Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman asked in puzzlement. In the past, he had carried out many transactions with fellow daoists he had a good relationship with here in the treasure house. In total, more than twenty fellow daoists had come in contact with the bamboo shoot, but none of them reacted like Song Shuhang did.

Song Shuhang touched his head and said, "The small bamboo shoot turned into a big stick and hit me!"

At this time, he felt a bit dizzy, and he could still see stars dancing before his eyes.

"..." Young Master Phoenix Slayer.

"..." Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman.

From the looks of it, the bamboo shoot didn't like Song Shuhang? It seemed that the bamboo shoot showed its presence just to viciously attack little friend Song Shuhang.

But it was quite strange...

Little friend Song Shuhang was obviously a good person, and all the fellow daoists in the group had a good opinion of him. Such being the case, why did the bamboo shoot come out just to attack him?

Just as Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman was in confusion, the bamboo shoot shook.

Then, it transmitted its thoughts to Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman's mind.

After the thoughts of the small bamboo shoot arrived to his mind, they translated as this: "F*ck this is rather embarrassing, but I mistook him for someone else just now."

"What?" Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman was dumbfounded.

"It's precisely as I said I'm sorry. I mistook him for someone else," the small bamboo said.

The corner of Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman's mouth twitched.

Hit the wrong person~?

Now then, since when has this small bamboo shoot developed such a human-like consciousness?

Until now, whenever the small bamboo shoot communicated with him, the transmission would be on and off as though it had just started developing intelligence.

Even when Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman agreed to find the bamboo shoot a master, their conversation was rather difficult because the bamboo shoot couldn't convey its thoughts properly and there were thus many twists and turns.

But from the way it communicated just now, it felt as though its intelligence had already completely developed moreover, did it just say that it mistook Shuhang for someone else? From the looks of it, this small bamboo shoot already knew a lot of people!

As expected, I picked up a very troublesome thing. Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman rubbed his temples.

"Seven Lives Talisman, help me apologize to that little fellow daoist~" The small bamboo shoot transmitted its voice once more.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman deeply sighed and said, "Little friend Shuhang, the small bamboo shoot said that it is very embarrassed because it mistook you for someone else and hit you."

Song Shuhang stared at Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman, speechless.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman was quite embarrassed by having Song Shuhang stare at him like that. He turned his head around and looked at the small bamboo shoot.

The small bamboo shoot was also embarrassed by having Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman stare at it like that.

After a short while, the body of the small bamboo shoot trembled and one of its bamboo leaves fell down. At the same time, it transmitted a thought to Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman took the bamboo leaf and handed it over to Song Shuhang. "Cough. Little friend Shuhang, you can treat this leaf as an apology. The bamboo shot decided to gift you this bamboo leaf. Don't look down on it, it can save your life once if you're in danger!"

Song Shuhang took the bamboo leaf and said, "Alright, I accept the apology."

At this time, the chest the small bamboo shoot was residing into closed with a bang. It seemed that it was very embarrassed and didn't want to be seen.

"Cough, cough." Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman coughed twice and pointed toward the first two chests, saying to Song Shuhang, "Little friend Song Shuhang, which one of these two treasures do you prefer? Of course, if you don't like either of them, you can casually choose something else from the treasure house. After all, there are many good things in here, and I can assure you that the worth of the item you'll choose would be only higher and not lower than the Blood God Crystal!"

Song Shuhang pondered for a moment and pointed toward the second chest, saying, "I choose the silver dragon puppet."

Although the copy of the Wondrous Binding Rope also seemed quite good, it didn't have that many uses for the current Song Shuhang.

With his current equipment, talismans, and medicinal pills, he wouldn't need something like the Wondrous Binding Rope to deal with enemies he could defeat.

And if the enemy was too strong for him to defeat, the Wondrous Binding Rope would be useless as well. For example, if the opposite party was a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor, the Wondrous Binding Rope would block him only for a short while. But that short amount of time wouldn't be enough for Song Shuhang to escape.

Therefore, he decided to choose the silver dragon puppet.

Since the puppet wasn't a living creature, he could store it inside the size-reducing purse and take it out whenever he needed to use it.

Moreover, Song Shuhang remembered that the black dragon puppet inside the smelted cave had a certain fighting capacity.

"Good, the transaction is complete!" Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman picked up the big chest and gave it Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang took out his size-reducing purse and stored both the chest and puppet inside.

The transaction was finally complete!

Right at this time, Young Master Phoenix Slayer said, "Fellow Daoist Seven Lives Talisman, are you willing to trade this Wondrous Binding Rope?"

"Fellow Phoenix Slayer, are you interested in it?" Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman asked. "If you want it, you can use something of equivalent value and make a transaction."

"Haha, I just happen to have a few good things here with me. Fellow Daoist Seven Lives Talisman, take a look and tell me if you need them." Young Master Phoenix Slayer took out a small bag.

Form the looks of it, it should also be a size-reducing purse.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman moved closer and shot a look inside the bag and, satisfied, said, "These are high-quality things! Give me five of them and you can consider it done."

"Deal, it was a pleasure to do business with you." Young Master Phoenix Slayer took out five of those round scarlet objects from his bag and gave them to Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman. Then, he took the Wondrous Binding Rope.

At this time, both of them had a satisfied expression on their faces.

Although he knew that the transaction between the two seniors had been just and honorable, the scene made Song Shuhang remember about those shady transactions where people were secretly selling porn movies.

"The transaction is complete, let's go. In a while, there will be a meeting of cultivators, and transactions would be carried out there as well. Perhaps we can find a few good things," Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman said. Next, he seemed to have thought of something and said to Song Shuhang, "Little friend Song Shuhang, you should closely follow behind Senior White at the time. If Senior White feels that something is good, you should keep it in mind and try to get your hands on that thing. It's bound to be good!"

Song Shuhang smiled. He had only three spirit stones with him. He got them when the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group teamed up and killed the blood demon. It was something that Venerable White gave him as a consolation prize after he inspected the body of the blood demon.

What could he buy with three spirit stones in that place where cultivators were carrying out their transactions?

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman and Young Master Phoenix Slayer controlled their flying sword and left the place together with Song Shuhang.

The trio left the turtle shell and headed toward the surface.

On the way, Song Shuhang felt his body cold from head to toe...

"Again that feeling..."

Is the ghost spirit at the South Pole, making a snowman with the penguins?

So cold~ I like playing in the northeast mud~ 1


I'll look for it as soon as I get out of here.

At this time, in a corner of the island.

Several natives were currently surrounding a van.

On the vehicle, the two disciples of the Chu Family were forcing a smile while rubbing their temples. Senior White's flying sword had delivered them on this small island. Afterward, they were immediately surrounded by the natives on patrol.

Given their strength, it wouldn't be difficult for these disciples of the Chu Family to deal with these natives. But they knew that the natives were under the protection of a certain senior. Therefore, it was better if they didn't make a move against them.

Luckily, the natives didn't seem to have any intention to use violence, either.

The natives surrounded the vehicle and seemed very interested in it. They cautiously stretched out their hands and touched the vehicle. Afterward, they bowed their heads and started to discuss something.

The two disciples of the Chu Family could only force a smile. At this time, they had no other choice but to wait for Senior White, or the senior protecting these natives, to come over.

"Ouch~" A painful groan was transmitted from the inside of the van at this time.

It looked like that tall and stout had finally woken up...

Sima Jiang rubbed his head. He remembered that his vehicle went out of control and overturned. After that, he should have lost his senses, right?

But what was happening right now?

After opening his eyes, Sima Jiang discovered that he was lying inside a big van.

Then, after shooting a look at the surrounding area, he heaved a sigh of relief. He discovered that the huge express delivery box was still there.

The girl from the Chu Family, who had a clever look in her eyes and a sweet smile on her face, turned her head around and said, "Uncle, you finally woke up."

Her smiling face was such that it subconsciously removed all kinds of hostile thoughts the first time one saw it.

"Ah? Hello," Sima Jiang said as he rubbed his still somewhat aching forehead. "Are you the ones that saved me? Where are we now?"

"That's the problem. We don't know, either." The girl of the Chu Family shrugged her shoulders.

"?" Sima Jiang was confused and thus looked out of the window.

Soon after, he saw several black-skinned primitive men surrounding and touching the vehicle.

"F*ck!" Sima Jiang subconsciously called out.

Where did these primitive men come from? There shouldn't be people like this within China's borders, right?

Although Sima Jiang's voice wasn't too high, all the natives had a very good hearing. Therefore, they immediately heard his shout.

"This mister cursed, that's wrong!" one of the natives said after looking at Sima Jiang through the window of the car.

Although the pronunciation wasn't too clear, that was surely Chinese.

"..." Sima Jiang.

Did I mishear? Or perhaps the pronunciation of their language is similar to Chinese, and it turned into a case of ' soramimi 2 ' when I heard it?

At this time, one of the natives coughed and shot a glance at Sima Jiang and the two disciples of the Chu Family in the vehicle. Then, that native waved at them and said, "Confucius said: Is it not a joy to have friends come from afar? It is impolite not to reciprocate!"

"..." Sima Jiang.

Shiet, this is really Chinese!

Moreover, shouldn't 'Is it not a joy to have friends come from afar?' be followed by 'What a pleasure, what a delight'? What the hell was that 'It is impolite not to reciprocate'?

"Idiot, you made a mistake while reciting from memory. Dagen, lower your voice otherwise, he will hit your palms," one of the nearby natives quickly said.

The native called 'Dagen' quickly covered his mouth, not daring to make a sound.

Sima Jiang rubbed his temples. These natives were unexpectedly able to speak Chinese.

After pondering for a moment, he said to the two disciples of the Chu Family, "Little brother, little sister, should we get out of the vehicle? It seems we can communicate with these guys."

"That's also good." The boy nodded his head.

Although they were only cultivators of the First Stage with two of their apertures opened, they were strong enough to deal with these natives. Therefore, they weren't afraid.

"In that case, I'll get down first. You stay here and keep an eye on the situation," Sima Jiang said. Soon after, he opened the door and got out of the vehicle with a vigilant look on his face.

But right at this time, a native that carried a gentle look on his face took a step forward and made an 'inviting' gesture, saying, "Confucius said: Friend, this way, please!"