Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 47

Chapter 47 This Is Just A Thumb Drive
Chapter 47: (Spoiler, will reveal at the end)

Huh? Why are you asking me this? Song Shuhang was bewildered.

Because yesterday afternoon I saw someone going all around the school to acquire information regarding student Song Shuhang. Your class, age, residence and information regarding people close to you have all been more or less acquired. As I felt that there was something strange going on, I took note of this happening. By the way, Im a member of the schools news club. Zhuge Yue smiled sweetly.

Theres someone investigating me? Song Shuhang was stunned, he didnt seem to remember having offended anyone recently?

Medicine Master did say that someone was following them, perhaps that person saw him together with Medicine Master, and decided to gather information on him as well. But Medicine Master just arrived this morning!

Also, yesterday evening he beat up a few hoodlums to act as a hero saving a beauty. But that was yesterday evening, it had zero relation to yesterday afternoon!

Song Shuhang truly couldnt wrap his head around what was going on.

Anyway, I feel that you should be more careful for the next few days. Maybe someone is going to ambush you somewhere. Thats all I have to say, I have other matters to attend to, fingers crossed. Zhuge Yue giggled, patted Song Shuhang on the shoulder, then hummed while leaving the dormitory.

Thanks. Song Shuhang replied.

If they ambushed him, he wouldnt be afraid, but the opposite party did not just investigate information on him, they also investigated his close friends.

This made him feel uneasy.

In any case better to be careful during this period.

Later, when Medicine Master gets here, I should ask him if he has a way of investigating who this person is. Medicine Master seems to be very experienced when it comes to getting rid of people following him.

Thinking that way, Song Shuhang entered the bedroom.

Gao Moumou remained motionless while lying on the bed like a dead dog, so Shuhang worriedly asked, Gao Moumou, are you alright?

Shuhang, Ive been tainted. Gao Moumou murmured.

The phrase tainted doesnt seem adequate, its not like youre a beautiful flowery maiden from ancient times, dont use such a disgusting description. Song Shuhang patted Gao Moumou, then took the chance to inquire, By the way, is Zhuge Yue a male?

Gao Moumous face immediately paled, quite a while passed, then he shook his head in an agonized manner, No.

So its a girl? Can you go kill yourself!? What are you pretending to look like a broken toy from being kissed by a girl for? What youre doing is showing off, dont you know that! Song Shuhang patted Gao Moumou with force, Dont worry, my mouth is sealed. I definitely wont let your girlfriend know what happened today, wouldnt everything be alright if you just thought of this as being lucky with women?

However, Gao Moumous expression turned for the worse, he shook his head with even greater difficulty.

What does shaking your head mean? Could it be that Zhuge Yue isnt a girl? Which is it then, Zhuge Yue cant possibly be a dual-gendered ladyboy, right? Song Shuhang was puzzled.

None of them. How should I put this, you guys wont understand this matter. Gao Moumou slanted his head, with a face like he would be loveless in this life.

This fella is incurable.

Alright, you can continue lying down like a corpse. Song Shuhang patted Gao Moumou.

Then he hummed a song and walked to the balcony, with his gaze set on the skies.

I wonder what the flying sword book transfer will be like.

Gao Moumou maintained that look of being neither dead nor alive for over ten minutes before getting up from the bed and washing his face. He asked Shuhang, Shuhang, Tubo says he wants go out for a few drinks, and asked us to go gather at Yangdes place tonight. Are you free?

Song Shuhang thought for a while, then replied, No problem, but I have a friend coming over to collect something later, so I might come a little late. Ill go over around 6pm or so!

Then Ill go over first, today I want to get dead drunk. Gao Moumou sullenly said.

Drinking away all your sorrows? Song Shuhang said with a smile.

Gao Moumou nodded, then opened the dormitorys door, Ill go on first, try to come early.

Okay, sure thing.

Time trickled past.

Song Shuhang felt that he definitely looked like the Amah Rock in Hong Kong as he fixed his gaze at the sky, his heart filled with anticipation.

Approximately twenty minutes later, at 4:07PM in the afternoon.

There was finally contact from Medicine Master, Shuhang picked up the phone, Little friend Shuhang, Great Master Tong Xuans flying sword book transfer is about to arrive, Ill come over to your place now, is there anyone else there?

No problem, my roommates have all gone out tonight to drink, Im the only one left in the dormitory. Song Shuhang quickly answered.

Hold on, Ill be there in a jiffy. Medicine Master hung up the phone.

Two minutes later.

Medicine Master was already by Song Shuhangs side.

Its here! He laughed out loud.

Do we need to do anything? Song Shuhang asked, Or can we just sit here and wait for it to come?

Watch me. Medicine Master once again walked into the balcony, then once again pointed his fingers towards the sky, his two fingers turned scarlet red, flashing.

Song Shuhang stared at the sky, and saw a light flicker up in the air, speedily flying towards Medicine Master.

The light drew closer and closer at great speeds; the shape could vaguely be made out to be that of a sword.

Making a flying sword book transfer so brazenly, is there no need for an illusion magic or something for protection? Song Shuhang suddenly comprehended something in his heart. In recent years, people often took photos of things like UFOs, anomalies in the sky and such, could it be that thats the cultivators flying sword book transfer or even them flying on a sword?

Thats very dangerous for the cultivators, nowadays technology is getting more and more advanced, there are things like anti-aircraft defense, missiles for aircrafts and others in every country. What if they get struck by something like a anti-aircraft missile?

As Song Shuhang daydreamed, that flying sword had already descended to Medicine Masters side.

It was a sharp, black, metal shortsword that was quietly floating above Medicine Masters flushed fingers. It was suspended in the air without the aid of any force, this by itself had already gone against the rules of physics in this world.

Song Shuhang remained unperturbed. From the day his worldview had collapsed and burned, he had thrown away half of the knowledge of physics he gained throughout his eighteen years in the world. If it wasnt because the rules of physics was still applicable in the mortal world, he wouldve thrown the other half into the trash as well.

Huh? Wheres the secret books? Song Shuhang suddenly asked. He thought that a large bundle would be tied to the flying sword, with many string-bound books or beast-skin scrolls inside.

But this black metal shortsword in front of him didnt carry anything along with it, it was empty.

Could it be that it was lost while flying over? Song Shuhang thought in his heart.

The secret books are right here. Medicine Master stretched his hand, and the black metal short sword steady fell into his hands. Then he plucked off a thumb sized jade tube from the back of the swords handle, it looked a little like a jade thumb ring.

A ring shaped thing made of jade? When he saw this, A name immediately surfaced in Song Shuhangs mind, he blurted out: Technique Transferring Jade Slip?

It was also called Inheritance Jade Slip, Skill Jade Slip and others.

This is one of the things an MC has to acquire, once he sticks it to his forehead, the martial techniques, mental cultivation techniques and others would be imprinted into the persons brain! Even an idiot would be able to remember the whole technique!

Youre thinking too much Medicine Master shrugged: Something like a technique transferring jade slip is incredibly precious, it in itself is a priceless treasure. It would only be used to record those peerless techniques that cannot be recorded in words. An ordinary foundation building technique like this would be nowhere near worth recording with a Technique Transferring Jade Slip.

Only those peerless techniques that contain the laws of heaven and earth and the meaning of great Daos cannot be recorded down in words. Even if it was forcibly recorded into words, it would be erased by the power of the great Dao between heaven and earth. That is when something like the Technique Transferring Jade Slip would be necessary.

What is that then? Song Shuhang inquired.

This is just an ordinary thumb drive. To be honest, the technology of humans have advanced, the things invented are useful for us cultivators as well. A small thumb drive could contain the contents of a whole rack of scriptures. It could even have images added into it, its really incredibly convenient. Medicine Master once again shattered Song Shuhangs delusions in a calm manner.

It hurts, mommy, my liver really hurts!

Chapter 47: This is just a thumb drive