Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 472

Chapter 472: Another One Is Happy?
Chapter 472: Another one is happy?

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
"I am She Lan, a disciple of the Thousand Hands Sect I'm the master of this smelted cave and the ruler of all puppets!" She Lan muttered to himself. After that moment, he became a completely different person, just as though he had been hypnotized.

At this time, Song Shuhang's consciousness also shook and separated from the dream.

The dream stopped there.

Song Shuhang wasn't able to learn anything useful in this dream after all, not all dreams could be like Li Tiansu's where he was lucky enough to meet a senior of Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven's rank that was kind enough to display the Flaming Saber Technique to him.

Anyway, it wasn't like there hadn't been any gains, either there was unexpectedly a double-layered wall in the depths of that underground smelted cave.

And in there was concealed an exquisite human-like puppet.

What was the relationship between that exquisite human-like puppet and that person that secretly transformed She Lan's body into a puppet?

It's very interesting...

When the time comes, I should go back to that smelted cave and take a look.

After all, he already had to make a trip to the Chu Family's place together with Sima Jiang since his ghost spirit was still stuck in the express delivery box of the ancestor of the Chu Family, Chu Kangbo.

At the time, he might as well bring a powerful senior to explore the smelted cave together so as to avoid something unexpected happening.

Such being the case, it should be time for me to wake up, right?

Song Shuhang opened his eyes...

...and discovered that he had already returned to his body. This time, he was inside his own body, and he was absolutely sure of it. After all, he was very familiar with each part of his body, whether it was his skin, palms, hands, and so on.

At this time, an air current blew toward him from ahead, changing into a light breeze that caressed his face moving something on his scalp.

It was both a familiar and unfamiliar feeling it was the feeling of having hair!

My hair is back?

Eh? Weird there is something wrong with my realm. My current realm is that of a cultivator of the First Stage, but I've obviously already reached the Second Stage and opened the second dantian!

Is it possible that the dream is still going on?

Right at this time, he discovered that there was someone in front of him.

"Ahaha, you can accompany me in my confinement for a few years. Don't worry, time will fly by once you start meditating." A bald girl laughed aloud without caring for her image. She was holding something that resembled a 'drill' in her hand and was madly drilling into the wall.

"Boom, boom, boom~"

This time, I didn't enter a dream, it seems?

Am I just having an ordinary dream...?

But what's the deal with this dream? It'd be somewhat acceptable if I dream of myself having hair again but why is this bald girl together with me?

Moreover, did she just say that she wants to be locked up with me for a few years?

What did she mean?

These dreams should at the very least illustrate the entire process and stop confusing me even more!

Just as he was in deep thoughts, the bald girl started laughing and said, "The stone wall ahead isn't solid, there must be a secret room on the other side!"

As she spoke, the bald girl turned her head around and looked at Song Shuhang.

Ah? It's that nun called Nine Lanterns! Why did she appear in my dream?

As before the dream kept going on.

Song Shuhang and Nine Lanterns entered the secret room.

In there, he saw ten ancient coffins.

The coffin in the center was made of crystal and surrounded by the nearby nine bronze coffins.

Inside the crystal coffin was lying a spirit beast with a long and slender body.

It had deer-like horns, camel-like head, rabbit-like eyes, snake-like neck, clam-like belly, fish-like scales, hawk-like claws, cat-like palms, and cow-like ears. All of these elements were merged into this spotlessly white body.

"A dragon!" Song Shuhang opened his eyes wide. Moreover, it was a completely white dragon!

After the dream reached this point or perhaps when he saw Nine Lanterns back then Song Shuhang had more or less guessed what was going on.

This time he had also entered someone's dream.

However, the target of the dream was Song Shuhang himself. The plot playing in the dreamland should be part of his lost memories.

And the only memories he lost were of the things he experienced on the mysterious island.

So, was this something he experienced on the mysterious island?

Song Shuhang didn't expect that he had seen a real dragon in there!

The story continued, and a skeletal flood dragon drilled out from one of the bronze coffins.

After discussing for a while, the skeletal flood dragon used a few 'skeletal dragon's withered vines' to carry out a transaction with Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang had Nine Lanterns make a cut on his wrist and poured a bowl's worth of fresh blood in the grooves of the crystal coffin. After he poured his blood inside the groove, it flowed until it completely surrounded the crystal coffin.

However, the little white dragon inside the crystal coffin didn't react to Song Shuhang's blood.

That skeletal flood dragon that had drilled out of the bronze coffin seemed very disappointed.

It was truly regrettable that my blood wasn't able to resonate with this white dragon, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

However, Song Shuhang also felt that it was a good thing that his blood didn't resonate with the white dragon.

His intuition told him that something very troublesome would have happened if his blood had reacted with it.

The skeletal flood dragon that had drilled out of the bronze coffin smiled and sent them off. "The transaction is complete. Now, I'll allow you two to leave this place. Although I would like to chat with you a bit more, this place is full of dragon corpse aura it would harm your bodies if you were to stay here for too long."

In the dream, Song Shuhang and Nine Lanterns started to leave the chamber tomb.

But just as Song Shuhang was about to leave the tomb, his mind shook.

What's happening now?

In the next moment, the scene before Song Shuhang's eyes changed.

Huge rosy clouds appeared before his eyes, and a colossal white dragon was flying through the clouds.

"Incredible!" Song Shuhang sighed with emotion.

It was a dragon! One of those dragons in legends! It looked so cool while it was dancing amidst the clouds, truly incredible!

After dancing in the air for a while, the huge dragon shot a glance at Song Shuhang.

The dragon and the man looked at each other.

"Ugh! Damned baldy, eat my claw!" The white dragon madly laughed and used one of its claws to pierce the clouds, attacking Song Shuhang.


The attack sent Song Shuhang flying.

It was super, super, super painful. Song Shuhang felt as though his mind had been savagely beaten and could only hear a buzzing sound. He felt very uncomfortable at this time.

The white dragon said cheerfully, "This is happiness!"

Soon after, the world before Song Shuhang's eyes started to collapse.

After the white dragon hit him, this dream regarding the mysterious island also seemed to have come to an end.

Even in this dream, he didn't find out anything noteworthy aside from discovering how he obtained those skeletal dragon's withered vines and coming to know of a few other matters related to the mysterious island.

Anyway why the hell did that white dragon attack me?

"Ah?! ...F*ck, I hit the wrong person..." Before Song Shuhang consciousness completely faded, he heard the depressed shout of the white dragon.

Just what is happening?

This guy also hit the wrong person?

I feel that something similar has happened before!

Both the bamboo stick earlier and the white dragon now mistook me for someone else and immediately attacked me with happy expressions on their faces

For whom did they mistake me?

Moreover, this white dragon mentioned a certain 'damned baldy' earlier does it mean that it's related to my bald head?

Senior Creation, I absolutely want that technique of yours that allowed you to grow back your beautiful shiny black hair!