Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 473

Chapter 473: Dont Sing We Are On The Same Side
Chapter 473: Dont sing, we are on the same side!

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Song Shuhang slowly opened his eyes.

This time, he had woken up for real. His head was once again bald, and he still felt dizzy and ill.

On the outside, the sun had already risen and a new day had begun.

It's Monday today, right? Therefore, I'll go by the name of 'Virtuous Buddhist Sabersman'...

"Oh, he woke up!" Dharma King Creation, who was sitting next to Song Shuhang, said with a smile, his black hair dashing and shiny.

Song Shuhang rubbed his eyes and said, "Eh? Senior Creation? What are you doing here?"

If Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman, Young Master Phoenix Slayer, or Venerable White were next to him, it would be pretty normal. But why was the one looking after him Dharma King Creation?

"How can I explain it" Dharma King Creation was a little embarrassed as he said, "While you were dreaming, you kept shouting my name for some reason. Since you were calling my name again and again, the situation got a bit strange and Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman decided to call me over."

Dharma King Creation felt particularly uneasy at this time. After all, him and Song Shuhang hadn't officially met and introduced to each other.

It should have been True Monarch Yellow Mountain or some other fellow daoists that told little friend Song Shuhang about his name, right? In that case, why was Shuhang continuously calling out his name? This matter really put Dharma King Creation under a lot of pressure!

What? I was continuously calling out Senior Dharma King Creation's name?


It must have been because I wanted to grow my hair back. Therefore, I must have kept thinking about him. But I didn't think I would shout his name while sleeping...

One could well imagine how much Song Shuhang was embarrassed at this time.

"Cough. Such being the case, did little friend Shuhang need my help with something important?" Dharma King Creation asked cautiously.

Song Shuhang quickly seized the opportunity to explain. "Ahaha there was indeed a matter I needed Senior Creation's help with! I had a nightmare earlier, and I wanted to ask Senior Creation how to get rid of it!"

After hearing this much, Dharma King Creation heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Little friend Shuhang, please say. Oh, right. I heard that little friend Shuhang took seven dao names. What is today's name?"

"It's Monday, and today's dao name is 'Virtuous Buddhist Sabersman'," Song Shuhang made a hollow laugh. Soon after, he said, "Actually, I wanted to ask Senior Creation if there was a method that could let one grow back their hair in a short amount of time just like you did!"

After hearing these words, Dharma King Creation roared with laughter.

"Here I thought that little friend Shuhang would ask for something very difficult! Originally, it was about that small technique!" After saying this much, as he shot a glance at Song Shuhang's bald and shiny head, understanding feeling welled up in his heart. Both of them were trying their best to get rid of their bald heads!

"Senior Creation, are there any requirements to use this technique? Can I learn it with my current realm?" Song Shuhang asked.

He was afraid that one would need to be in the Third, Fourth, or even higher Stage to display the 'hair growing' technique. If that were the case, there was nothing he could do about it.

"Don't worry. Your strength of the Second Stage rank is more than enough to learn this technique," Dharma King Creation said.

Song Shuhang's eyes immediately lit up. "In that case, I beseech Senior to teach me this technique."

Then, he thought of the custom of the Nine Provinces Number One Group and added, "Senior, is there something you need? What can I give you in exchange for this technique?"

Even if it was just a small technique, if the senior didn't share it with everyone on their own initiative, one should pay something in exchange for learning it, even if it was only a spirit stone.

Dharma King Creation held his chin and said, "It's just a small technique, you don't need to pay anything." But after pondering for a moment, he added, "But if you really can't get over it how about listening to one of my songs in exchange? I wrote a new song recently, and I haven't let anyone hear it. How about listening to the song and giving me an evaluation?"

"Senior Creation can unexpectedly compose songs and sing? Incredible! Senior, you can start singing, I'll listen very carefully." Song Shuhang gasped in admiration.

Whenever he wasn't using the Warring Buddha's True Body, Dharma King Creation looked like one of those unruly and handsome men. He really gave-off the vibe of a superstar.

"Ok, I'll sing then!" Dharma King Creation had a happy expression on his face. He pinched his throat and tried to warm up his voice. "Aah~ aaaah~ aaah~"

He looked very professional while he was warming up his voice.

"Senior, do you need some music in the background?" Song Shuhang asked.

Dharma King Creation replied, "There is no need. I'll sing a segment of opera music."

Then, Dharma King Creation opened his mouth and started singing.

Ding dong~ lalalala~

It's easy to dodge an open spear~

but hard to ward off a hidden arrow~

I'm standing on top of the city walls~

looking downward at the attackers at the gate~


His voice was shocking!

The destructive power of the voice couldn't be described with mere words.

When Dharma King Creation opened his mouth to sing, the sound wave spread in all directions like the shock wave of a nuclear explosion, bringing harm to all and ignoring defenses, not distinguishing between friend and foe.

Song Shuhang bore the brunt of the attack and was completely stunned.

What's the matter? What's happening to my ears?

Song Shuhang felt like a small boat swinging left and right in the middle of a raging tempest, ready to capsize at any moment.

What happened just now?

Am I dying?

At the same time, a lot of panicky voices were transmitted from the outside, as well as the sound of people falling to the ground, objects overturning, and all sorts of weird cries.

"What's the matter? Who is singing? Just who used this sound wave attack?"

"This voice I'm sure of it, this is the voice of the 'Soul King' Dharma King Creation!"

"My ears, my ears~"

"It's Dharma King Creation? Heavens no, stop! Mom, save me!"

"Fellow Daoist Dharma Creation, stop singing we are on the same side!"

"I'm dying~ someone, go stop Dharma King Creation, stop him!"

"My ears are getting raped, save me~"

"This is a full team wipe!"

"Rather than listening to this, I would die, die, die!"

"Dharma King Creation, stop singing! Don't sing, we are friends~ Ugh" (sound of vomiting blood)

"Cease fire! Quickly cease fire! We're allied troops~"

"This is bad, my ears are about to undergo a miscarriage after that rape earlier~"

"Quickly break your eardrums! It will save your life!"

"Fairy Dongfang, use your dance to neutralize this voice! Eh? Fairy Dongfang, what happened to you~ Fairy Dongfang~"

After an unknown amount of time that felt as long as a century...

Song Shuhang was absentmindedly sitting on the bed with a foolish expression on his face.

What a fearsome sound wave attack!

Actually, that was not it when Dharma King Creation casually opened his mouth to sing, it felt as though he used a fearsome sound wave attack with something like the Roaring Lion's Technique attached to it.

The devilish voice was capable of flooding one's mind yes, it literally flooded the minds of the victims. It passed through the ears and directly reached the brain, causing a ruckus in there.

If an average man were to hear this fearsome voice, wouldn't they turn into a fool?

And cultivators with low strength might go insane as well...


"Is it over? Did I survive that fearsome voice?"

"Fellow Daoist Snow Wolf, what did you say just now? I can see your lips moving, but I didn't hear any sound."

"It's easy to dodge an open spear~ but hard to ward off a hidden arrow~ ...These two lines of the song keep reverberating inside my mind. Absolutely terrifying when will I be able to forget it?"

"Fellow Daoist Ancient Lake Temple, don't sing! Otherwise, I will feel like singing as well!"

"The house will have to be repaired. It was thoroughly destroyed."

"Leaving all of this aside Fellow Daoist Northern River, we have to rejoice that we're still alive."

"Eh?" Amidst the group of wailing seniors stood a slim girl with long legs and black hair sprinkling behind her back.

"Was I the only one that found Senior Creation's song very nice to hear?" Soft Feather muttered to herself.

Inside the house.

After he was done singing, Dharma King Creation was very happy.

In the capacity of a tank, Dharma King Creation had a very powerful aggroing ability. However, his singing technique was even scarier than his aggroing ability. If he wanted to sing, he would do so without any notice.

After he was done singing, the happy Dharma King Creation passed down onto Song Shuhang the small hair growing technique. Since his mood was really good, he guided Song Shuhang step by step while teaching him the technique.

Song Shuhang accepted Dharma King Creation's teachings with a dull expression on his face.

The hair growing technique was very good minor technique and rather convenient to learn.

The only problem was that the length of the hair growth was difficult to control. Sometimes, one's hair might grow only by a few millimeters; at other times, it would reach the waist.

But it didn't really matter. If the hair was too short, he could use the technique again. If the hair was too long, he could cut it!

Song Shuhang was also unaware how he learned this technique. Dharma King Creation taught him, and he noted down everything like a robot. If Dharma King Creation told him to do this or that, he would simply do it while in a confusional state.

Then, after using the hair growing technique on his head, a headful of hair quickly grew until reaching his shoulders.

The black hair was shiny and glossy, just like black pearls.

"Now then, little friend Shuhang no, wait. Fellow Daoist Virtuous Buddhist Sabersman, I have some matters to attend to. Therefore, I'll take my leave first. You have a good rest. There will also be that cultivators' street market today, make sure not to miss it! You might find a few good things in there," Dharma King Creation said with a smile as he patted Song Shuhang's shoulder and left his mood was very good.

"The cultivators' street market" Song Shuhang repeated these words like a robot it was finally about to begin.

However, leaving the street market aside, the most important thing that Song Shuhang had to do right now was to pack his things.

Very soon, he would have to go for a one-month trip in space.

What kind of things should he prepare?

Food and drink weren't a problem since he could use fasting pills.

However, he needed to find a way to care of stool and urine. Otherwise, those things might end up sticking to his body while he was floating in space.

And aside from these, what else was there?