Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 477

Chapter 477: Another Spirit Beast Crystal
Chapter 477: Another spirit beast crystal

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One packet of spirit rice was enough for Song Shuhang's family of three to eat for one month therefore, 100,000 packets would last for 100,000 months. If one were to convert them into years, all those packets would last for more than 8000 years.

China had approximately a history of 5000 years. These 100,000 packets of spirit rice could allow his family to eat from the day China's history started up until now. Even then, they would still have a lot of rice left. At this pace, wouldn't it last for like hundred lifetimes?

After seeing that Song Shuhang was scared by this amount of 100,000 packets of spirit rice, the corner of the vendor's mouth twitched. Afterward, he laughed foolishly and said, "Cough, little brother. For Venerable White's sake, I can decrease the minimum number of packets you can order."

The minimum number of packets of spirit rice he would sell was usually 100,000. He wasn't too fond of selling it in small quantities and make so little profit however, he also had to take into consideration whom he was dealing with! The opposite party was Venerable White, and if he could establish a good relationship with him, it would be completely worth it to decrease the minimum number of packets.

"Really? To what extent can it be decreased?" Song Shuhang asked happily.

"To 10,000 packets, I think?" The vendor of the spirit rice stall felt that he was already being quite generous. He decreased the amount by ten times in one go. According to his mentality, 10,000 packets was his bottom line. If he were to decrease even further, it would be like selling retail.

However, 10,000 packets were still too much for Song Shuhang.

At this time, Venerable White said, "Don't worry, Shuhang. You can gift some of this spirit rice to your relatives and friends. Otherwise, you can just resell the extra amount. Some loose cultivators or organizations established by loose cultivators are really in need of spirit rice. You can make quite a profit from it. Additionally, 10,000 packets cost only one spirit stone of the Fifth Stage, it's quite a reasonable price."

"So one can use it like that too!" Song Shuhang understood. But soon after, he still forced a smile and said, "However, 10,000 packets are still too much."

Also, he wasn't planning to have that much contact with other loose cultivators within a short period of time. Reselling spirit rice to unknown loose cultivators wasn't too suitable for the current him.

"In that case, little friend how many packets would you like to buy?" The corner of stall vendor's mouth twitched.

"One one thousand?" Song Shuhang blinked his eyes.

At first, he wanted to say 'one hundred'. But after seeing the smile of the stall vendor twitch continuously, he decided to add another digit to his original statement.

A thousand packets of spirit rice? The vendor of the spirit rice stall didn't know what to say and was currently speechless. Was he really going to turn into a retail seller of spirit rice?

But after shooting a glance at the nearby Senior White, he clenched his teeth.

"Little Fellow Daoist... I'll treat you as a friend, and if you want 1000 packets, I'll give you 1000 packets!" The vendor of the spirit rice stall clenched his teeth and continued, "For a 1000 packets of spirit rice, it's one spirit stone of the Fourth Stage!"

"Senior White, I'll borrow a spirit stone of the Fourth Stage from you!" Song Shuhang said heroically.

Venerable White laughed and took out a spirit stone of the Fourth Stage, giving it to the stall vendor.

"Thanks for your patronage~ can you tell me the address where I should send the goods? After this session of the street market comes to an end, I'll send 1000 packets of spirit rice to your address," the stall vendor said as he tried to squeeze out a friendly and honest smile.

Song Shuhang pondered for a moment Wait a moment, which address should I send these goods to?

1000 packets of spirit rice I surely can't have them delivered to my house! They would literally fill the whole place!

"You don't have an address where you can send them?" Venerable White asked out of curiosity as he looked at Song Shuhang.

"Yes." Song Shuhang nodded.

"Let me see." Venerable White took out his mobile phone and sent a message in the Nine Provinces Number One Group. "Which fellow daoist has a clean and empty storehouse in Wenzhou City? I need a place to accommodate 1000 packets of spirit rice."

Very soon, a fellow daoist contacted Venerable White privately.

It was Fairy Firefly who had been recently muted. Therefore, she had no choice but to contact Venerable White through private means. "Senior White, I have an empty multi-storied building in Wenzhou. It should be enough to accommodate 1000 packets of spirit rice. I'll immediately send you the address."

Very soon, Fairy Firefly sent the address of the multi-storied building to Venerable White.

"Done," Venerable White said with a smile. Then, he wrote down the address of Fairy Firefly's empty multi-storied building on the form.

After making sure that the address was correct, the vendor of the spirit rice stall said with an honest smile on his face, "It was a pleasure to do business with you~"

At the same time, he delivered them his business card.

Rather than that transaction of 1000 packets of spirit rice, delivering his business card to Venerable White was much more important.

As long as he delivered his business card to Senior White, he would be able to form some karma with him. Afterward, if Venerable White was in need of spirit rice or other similar things, he would think of this business card and contact him, making his business prosper.

"It was my pleasure." Venerable White smiled and put the business card away.

On the other hand, the real buyer, Song Shuhang, was completely ignored.

Now I owe Venerable White a spirit stone of the Fourth Stage! Song Shuhang thought to himself.

After they were done buying spirit rice...

"Come with me." Venerable White smiled and said to Song Shuhang and Soft Feather, "Now, I'll bring you to a certain place. There, you'll find things that are very suitable for you guys."

After saying this much, Venerable White brought the duo toward the center of the street market. Very soon, the three of them arrived in front of a stall.

However, there wasn't any person around the stall, and there were no items there, either.

"Eh? The stall is empty?" Venerable White gazed at the empty stall and slightly furrowed his brows. Then, he asked the vendor of a nearby stall, "Fellow Daoist, can you tell me where did the vendor of this stall go?"

"Eh? Senior White, hello. As for that empty stall here it's been empty all along, I think?" said the vendor of the nearby stall. From what he remembered, that stall had been empty from the beginning.

"Tsk, he escaped so stingy," Venerable White muttered to himself.

Although it was unknown what had happened, it seemed that the vendor of the stall got scared by Venerable White and quickly fled after gathering his goods.

There are actually businessmen that are scared of their customers? Song Shuhang didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Soon after, he shot a glance at the goods of the stall vendor that replied just now.

The goods of this stall were very variegated. There were weapons, armors, medicinal pills, talismans, and so on.

After glancing at all the goods, Song Shuhang vision quickly fell onto a jewel.

He felt a burst of spiritual energy come from this jewel, and it was different than the pure spiritual energy inside spirit stones. The spiritual energy inside this jewel was mixed with the aura of animals.

This feeling again?

Aside from the different outward appearance, this jewel and the pearl hanging around that businesswoman's neck gave Song Shuhang the same feeling.

Song Shuhang pointed at the jewel and asked, "What is this thing?"

"It's a good thing," the stall vendor said with a warm smile. Then, he started explaining, "This thing is called 'spirit beast crystal'. Whenever the life of a spirit beast is about to end, there is a small chance that a crystal will form inside its body, and the whole spiritual energy of the spirit beast will converge inside it. It's an excellent item."

"Yes, it's indeed an excellent item to appreciate." Soft Feather's head popped out from behind Song Shuhang. Afterward, she said with a smile, "Although there is a bit of beast aura mixed within, the spiritual energy inside these spirit beast crystals is very pure and not too inferior compared to spirit stones. But it's regrettable that the spiritual energy inside spirit beast crystals can't be extracted, and one has no choice but to eat the crystal."

"Haha~" The stall vendor made a hollow laugh.

"How many spirit stones for it?" Venerable White asked.

"One spirit stone of the Fourth Stage," the stall vendor quickly replied.

"I'll lend it to you!" Venerable White stretched two fingers toward Song Shuhang and said, "Now, you owe me two spirit stones of the Fourth Stage."