Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 479

Chapter 479: A New And Refreshing Feeling
Chapter 479: A new and refreshing feeling

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The sun was setting.

The cultivators' street market finally came to an end. The whole event lasted for only one day, and many fellow daoists wished it could last more however, it wasn't really a problem. Although the hand-guided tractor competition was over, the flying sword competition would start soon after.

Another large street market would be held after the end of the flying sword competition, and this one would last for a whole week. The fellow daoists that weren't completely satisfied with this session would have all the time in the world to buy things at the next one.

Venerable Tornado, who really liked to show off, was currently dealing with the last matters regarding the cultivators' street market. Venerable Tornado was the person in charge of this session of the cultivators' street market, and he had really enjoyed being in the limelight. As long as he had the opportunity to show off, he was ready to bear all kinds of responsibilities and burdens.

At this time, in the sky.

Venerable White was riding his flying sword, and behind him were following True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon, True Monarch Fallout, Great Master Profound Principle, Cave Lord Snow Wolf, Spirit Butterfly Island's Soft Feather and True Monarch White Crane, who was so excited that it was on the verge of tears.

Aside from True Monarch White Crane, the others had managed to place amongst the first five in this session of the hand-guided tractor competition, and they were currently heading toward the ancient ruins together with Venerable White to explore them.

True Monarch White Crane was originally very disappointed that it didn't make it to the first five. Its whole world and being had turned black and white after it was disqualified alright, white cranes were actually black and white to begin with.

Anyway, just as True Monarch White Crane was depressed, Venerable White decided to give it an extra slot, allowing it to participate in the exploration of the ancient ruins. The reason for giving it this extra slot was that it helped Venerable White deal with that accident where Instructor Li Jr. turned into an astronaut.

True Monarch White Crane immediately regained its colors and was now beaming with joy.

'As expected, Senior White loves me!' True Monarch White Crane firmly believed it. While they were exploring the ancient ruins, it would seize the opportunity and deepen its relationship with Senior White. If the conditions were ripe, it would try to declare its feelings to Senior White once more while inside the ancient ruins!

Living people had to have goals. Otherwise, what was the difference between them and maggots?

Just before leaving, Venerable White gave a wooden box to Song Shuhang. "Shuhang, I'll leave this to you."

This box was the same as those gifts that turned all the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group that received them into meteors that flew over here.

"Is this a disposable meteor sword 001 edition?" Song Shuhang asked as he held the wooden box in his hands. Was Senior White planning to use this gadget to deliver him to space?

"No, this is an ordinary 'Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique'. The wooden box is currently in a sealed state. After one month, the seal on the box will untie, and the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique will bring you back to Earth," Venerable White said with a smile. "As for delivering you to space, I've contacted a fellow daoist of the Nine Provinces Number One Group Fairy Firefly said she would make a trip to Wenzhou City during this period of time. At the time, she will conveniently deliver you to space."

Why do I feel that she will conveniently deliver me to Heaven instead~

Song Shuhang asked, "Will Fairy Firefly use a flying sword to deliver me to space?"

"I have no idea. But I know that Fairy Firefly practices a peculiar cultivation technique with very special properties. Perhaps you'll be able to enjoy a new and refreshing feeling at the time," Venerable White said.

"..." Song Shuhang.

What kind of new and refreshing feeling!? Song Shuhang felt quite anxious!

There was no such thing as a banquet that lasted forever.

After Venerable White left with the six chosen fellow daoists, the other seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, Venerable White's friends, as well as the fellow daoists that had come to spectate the hand-guided tractor competition, left one after another.

Even the majority of the disciples of the Chu Family were escorted back to China with the cloud-shaped magical treasures.

The bustling surface of the sea returned to calm once more.

Only Guoguo and Yu Jiaojiao were left next to Song Shuhang.

Great Master Profound Principle followed Venerable White and went to explore the ancient ruins. Therefore, Guoguo was temporarily left to Song Shuhang.

Yu Jiaojiao was the same. Her father, True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon, placed first and also went to explore the ancient ruins. But there was another reason she wanted to stay beside Song Shuhang. She was looking for a certain webnovel author, planning to kidnap him and close him inside a small black room.

Aside from Guoguo and Yu Jiaojiao, Young Master Phoenix Slayer was also hiding in the surroundings, preparing to quietly take care of that black horse spirit.

"It's over!" Song Shuhang said as he looked at the now empty surface of the sea.

Next, he was planning to make a trip to the Chu Family together with Little Jiang. While at it, he would try to bring Gao Moumou and his other roommates back from the small island.

Song Shuhang carried Yu Jiaojiao and Guoguo and returned to Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman's small island first.

It was almost dusk.

The natives had lit a bonfire and were dancing around it.

At the same time, they were singing the alphabet song: "A, O, E, Y, U"

The natives were dancing and vigorously trampling the ground while singing the alphabet song and shouting loudly random sentences.

No matter how one looked at the scene, it felt as though they were trying to curse someone.

Two hours later.

A huge and luxurious cruise ship approached the shore of the small island.

For Song Shuhang's sake, Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman decided to escort all the 'teachers' back home the very same day.

That oath about teaching illiterate people how to write and read had been fulfilled. Actually, as soon as the 'teachers' taught the natives proper Chinese characters instead of Seven Lives Talisman's badly written characters, the oath was already fulfilled.

Since the oath was fulfilled, the natives didn't have to keep studying the Analects of Confucius. At the same time, Gao Moumou and the other 'teachers' weren't needed anymore and could go home ahead of time.

All the 'teachers' were extremely excited and had tears streaming down their faces. After putting their things in order, they started to board the cruise ship.

The natives warmly danced around the bonfire to send off their teachers.

Amongst them, many shot a glance at their master, Joseph, with regretful expressions on their faces. Tears had started to well up in their eyes. After all, they still had to completely master the peerless martial technique, the Times are Calling!

How would they be able to take revenge without completely mastering the technique?!

Joseph was also thinking of staying on the island for some time to keep teaching the technique to the natives but it was regrettable that everyone was leaving and he couldn't find any excuse to stay on the island.

Therefore, Joseph had no choice but to reluctantly part with his disciples. "If there is an opportunity in the future, I'll definitely come back!"

"Teacher must come back!" the native disciples called out in awkward Chinese.

Joseph's daughter, Ji Shuangxue, couldn't bear it anymore and grasped her father, dragging him until the cabin of the cruise ship...

The luxurious cruise ship finally set out.

Sima Jiang was guarding the express delivery and looking outside the cabin. In his heart, he was praying that nothing unexpected would happen during the journey, hoping to deliver the express delivery box to Chu Kangbo without a hitch.

The cruise ship sped forward on the surface of the sea.

In the sky, a black cloud was closely following after the cruise ship.

Inside the black cloud, a black horse would quietly reveal half of its face and shoot a glance at the cruise ship from time to time.

"A little more after the ship gets a little bit further away from the island, I'll be able to take action," the black horse spirit muttered to itself.

In the depths of the sea.

Ten figures completely covered in spikes sized up the cruise ship floating high up.

"Lock the 'mark'. No matter the cost, we can't let them escape! All the people that have been dyed by the blood of us sea urchin warriors will use their own blood to wash away our anger!"