Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 480

Chapter 480: Father I Want 365 Dao Names
Chapter 480: Father, I want 365 dao names

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Song Shuhang chatted with his roommates for a long time. Afterward, night slowly started to fall, and each person returned to their room.

The moonlight passed through the circular window of the room and shone on Song Shuhang's body.

After completing his daily session of the True Self Meditation Scripture, Song Shuhang opened his eyes.

Next to him, the small monk was already sleeping.

Although the kid looked really cute at this time, he was a little Doudou in disguise and was very skilled at creating troubles. Therefore, Song Shuhang decided to bring him to his own room to avoid him causing trouble for the other passengers on the cruise ship.

Meanwhile, Yu Jiaojiao was lying face-down on the edge of the window and absorbing the essence of the moonlight. She was also painstakingly cultivating.

Song Shuhang stretched himself. After he reached the Second Stage, the time he needed to sleep had significantly decreased. The current him was already capable of sitting in meditation all night instead of sleeping.

After taking out his phone, he casually swiped on the screen and entered the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

Before entering the group chat, Song Shuhang changed his username to Virtuous Buddhist Sabersman.

In the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

Not long ago, Northern River's Loose Cultivator uploaded a complete video of the hand-guided tractor competition.

Therefore, the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group were currently discussing the 'hand-guided tractor competition'.

Consequently, they were chatting about the baboon-shaped Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless.

Or about the kamikaze driver Fairy Dongfang.

But the thing that the contestants liked the most was that formation made of 10,000 talismans that allowed all those that passed through it to gain benefits.

As soon as they brought up that formation made of 10,000 talismans, Song Shuhang thought of something.

"Good evening, Seniors." Virtuous Buddhist Sabersman wrote in the group. "Can I know which senior guided me step by step and helped me break through the bottleneck of the Dragon Tail Dantian when the great formation entered into action?"

Medicine Master suddenly popped out and asked, "Virtuous Buddhist Sabersman? Is this a new fellow daoist?"

But given the speed of the reply it was clear that it was Riverly Purple Mist using Medicine Master's account.

"Miss Purple Mist, it's me! Song Shuhang!" Virtuous Buddhist Sabersman replied.

Medicine Master: "Eh? Your previous name, Stressed by a Mountain of Books, was very pleasant to hear. Why did you change it?"

Virtuous Buddhist Sabersman: "Ahaha, this is the dao name I got the day before yesterday!"

Medicine Master: "Dao name? Pfff~ It's very suitable for you, Fellow Daoist Virtuous Buddhist Sabersman, ahahaha."

Miss Purple Mist wasn't too fond of comforting others.

Virtuous Buddhist Sabersman: "..."

"At this point, you could have named yourself Tyrannical Saber or Peerless Saber. They're both much better than this Buddhist Sabersman thing," Miss Purple Mist said.

Virtuous Buddhist Sabersman: "...Tyrannical Saber Song One."

Medicine Master: "?"

"Tyrannical Saber Song One is also my dao name," Song Shuhang said.

Medicine Master: "..."

Medicine Master: "Did you decide to take two dao names? So that you can use one of them today and the other one the day after? You are really bored, aren't you?"

"Miss Purple Mist, actually, I have seven dao names," Virtuous Buddhist Sabersman said, quite embarrassed.

Medicine Master: "Ugh~ Are you for real?"

"Yes, I have seven dao names in total. One for each day of the week," Song Shuhang replied.

"You win! I'll go offline and laugh for a while. PS: " Miss Purple Mist sent a few vomiting emojis and went offline to share this 'happy' news with Medicine Master.

Song Shuhang asked in the group several times... however, none of the seniors there helped him with the bottleneck of the Dragon Tail Dantian when that formation made of 10,000 talismans entered into action.

Song Shuhang scratched his head in puzzlement.

If it wasn't a senior of the Nine Provinces Number One Group that helped him who was that person that directly spoke in his mind and guided him step by step during the breaking through process?

That person didn't even leave their name behind after helping him.

Was it possible that he met the Lei Feng 1 of the world of cultivators?

As expected, there were still many good people in the world!

Then, Song Shuhang asked something else in the group. "Right. Seniors, I have another question. I was planning to collect a few spirit beast crystals in the coming days. Does any of you know where I can find them?"

Of the thirty-three types of spirit beast crystals required, Song Shuhang had only nine.

"Spirit beast crystals are flashy but lack substance. There shouldn't be anyone in the group that collects them," Northern River's Loose Cultivator replied.

Sun Splitting Halberd Guo Da: [Picture of a cute puppy].

Sun Splitting Halberd Guo Da: [ Picture of the head of a dog being furiously rubbed 2 ].

After making his appearance and skillfully ridiculing himself, Sun Splitting Halberd Guo Da replied, "Actually, there should be several fellow daoists in the group with spirit beast crystals in their possession. For example, Cave Lord Snow Wolf. Aside from the monster wolves in his Snow Wolf Cave, he adopted many spirit beasts of the 'wolf' type. Therefore, he might have a few wolf-type spirit beast crystals in his hands. Moreover, there is also True Monarch Yellow Mountain. He has several large organizations raising spirit beasts under his control. He should also have some spirit beast crystals in his possession."

However, True Monarch Yellow Mountain was currently offline, while Cave Lord Snow Wolf was taking risks inside the ancient ruins together with Venerable White and wouldn't be online within a short period of time.

"Thank you, Senior Guo Da. In that case, I'll wait for Senior Yellow Mountain or Senior Snow Wolf to come online and ask them," Song Shuhang said.

After replying, Song Shuhang started to rummage through the group space.

Sometimes, the seniors of the group would list some missions inside the group space.

After completing such a mission, one could obtain all kinds of rewards.

...At this time, Song Shuhang was in desperate need of spirit stones. After all, he already owned Venerable White nine spirit stones of the Fourth Stage!

He had to make money to repay the debt!

The cruise ship got further and further away from the small island.

"Now is the time!" a black horse spirit in the sky shouted.

"Now is the time!" the sea urchin warriors in the depths of the sea said as they clenched their teeth.

In the meantime.

Venerable White brought along the fellow daoists that placed amongst the first five in the hand-guided tractor competition, as well as True Monarch White Crane, and headed toward the ancient ruins.

At this time, Venerable Spirit Butterfly was also traveling together with them.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly didn't expect that Soft Feather would roll over so many contestants and place amongst the first five in this session of hand-guided tractor competition, qualifying for exploring the ancient ruins together with Venerable White.

Although ancient ruins were full of good things, the number of dangers was even higher!

Just the thought of Soft Feather entering that dangerous place was enough not to let Venerable Spirit Butterfly sleep for days.

However, he was also unwilling to prevent Soft Feather from exploring the ancient ruins. After all, she had fought hard to obtain this opportunity, and he didn't want to break her heart.

Ultimately, Venerable Spirit Butterfly shamelessly begged Venerable White to increase the quota of people that were going to explore the ancient ruins. At the same time, he told Liu Jianyi to return to the Spirit Butterfly Island and keep a watch on the general situation.

Along the way.

"Right, father. There is something I need to ask of you!" Soft Feather suddenly thought of something and her eyes lit up. Afterward, she stared at Venerable Spirit Butterfly with sparkling eyes.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly said with a gentle smile, "What's the matter?"

"Father, can you give me 365 dao names? Is that fine?" Soft Feather said earnestly.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly was dumbfounded. "What? How many dao names did you say?"

"365 dao names!" Soft Feather said with sparkling eyes. "I want a dao name for each day. So a total of 365 dao names for each of the 365 days of the year, no repetitions! The dao name 'Soft Feather' can be conveniently saved for those leap years of 366 days!"