Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 481

Chapter 481: A Sea Urchin Warrior In The Friend List Of A Monster Hunter
Chapter 481: A sea urchin warrior in the friend list of a monster hunter

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"..." Venerable Spirit Butterfly.

365 dao names? What kind of joke was that? It wasn't the same as giving random names to pets from where would he exactly get 365 dao names?

Dammit, who is the villain that badly influenced my daughter? Venerable Spirit Butterfly firmly believed that his beloved daughter would not come up with something like this on her own. She surely received someone's bad influence.

Don't let me discover who you are! Otherwise, it does not end here between the two of us! Venerable Spirit Butterfly was like a ferocious tiger and roared toward the sky.

With sparkling eyes, Soft Feather said again, "Father? Can I?"

Venerable Spirit Butterfly took a deep breath. After a short moment, he revealed a radiant smile and gave her a thumbs up. "It's fine. Regardless of how many dao names you want, your father will try to deal with it. Something like 365 dao names cannot stop me. When the time comes, each of the dao names I'll choose will have a profound meaning, and there won't be repetitions!"

"Father is the best!" Soft Feather said happily.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly had a gratified expression on his face.

"..." Cave Lord Snow Wolf.

"..." True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon.

"..." Great Master Profound Principle.

"..." True Monarch White Crane.

"Ahaha, is it a new trend to have more than one dao name?" True Monarch Fallout said.

From little friend Song Shuhang's seven dao names to Soft Feather's 366 dao names which fellow daoist would try to fight for the title of 'fellow daoist with most dao names' next?

It would be rather amusing if each member of the Nine Provinces Number One Group had more than one dao name one day and took turns alternating them!

True Monarch Fallout was expectantly waiting for it to happen.

In the meantime.

In the depths of the sea beneath the luxurious cruise ship.

A total of sixteen sea urchin warriors quickly moved upward, chasing after the cruise ship.

"All those that have been dyed by the blood of a sea urchin warrior are enemies of all the sea urchin warriors in the world. Don't let them escape, catch up to them and kill them! The valiant sea urchin warriors fear nothing!" the leading sea urchin warrior said in a grave tone. His whole body was giving off a metallic luster. He was obviously a sea urchin warrior that had undergone a mutation. "We'll use the cruelest methods to kill them to appease the souls of our deceased clansmen in heaven!"

All the sea urchin warriors growled, their eyes bloodshot.

In the rear of this group of sixteen sea urchin warriors, a young sea urchin warrior took out his phone. It was obviously a custom-made mobile phone that could get signal in the depths of the sea and resist the water pressure. It was a product born from the fusion of magical techniques and technology.

The young sea urchin warrior unlocked the phone and swiped until reaching the window of an instant messaging app.

Afterward, he wrote something on the wall of his instant messaging app.

Today, we finally managed to lock onto the prey. There is a cruise ship ahead, and our prey is precisely on that ship. The time to hunt has finally come. This is my first time hunting, I'm so excited!

At the same time, the sea urchin warrior used the magically modified phone camera and aimed at the luxurious cruise ship, shooting two pictures.

After editing the content, he published both the pictures and the attached text on the wall of his instant messaging app.

"The valiant sea urchin warriors fear nothing!" The young sea urchin warrior put the phone away and rushed toward the cruise ship at full speed.

After killing the prey, he would trample its head with his foot and take a picture while assuming a dashing appearance to commemorate his first hunt!

At this time, on a small coral island a thousand meters toward the east of the luxurious cruise ship.

On the small coral island, twenty men with strange outfits were standing.

They were wearing apricot yellow sleeveless daoist robes.

Moreover, ten or so long talisman papers were hanging down from the shoulders of their robes. These talisman papers were full of incantations, and each of the talisman papers had from 25-30 talisman runes engraved on it. They could release the magical techniques concealed within as long as they tore the talisman papers down and activated them.

Not only that, but the naked arms of these men were also full of runic tattoos. Although tattoos were different from talismans, they had almost the same effect. As long as they poured true qi or spiritual energy inside, they could activate them and release the magical techniques sealed within.

From their attires, it was possible to make out their identities they were the same 'monster hunters' that had disappeared from the world of cultivators thousands of years ago.

They were different from other cultivators that attached great importance to practicing and becoming immortals. Rather than immortality, they were more interested in vanquishing demons and monsters.

According to their obtuse thinking, as long as they saw a monsterregardless if it were a good or a bad onethey would have to seize it. If the monster was evil, they would think of a way to kill it. If it was good, they would still seal it.

In other words, things such as monsters and demons were not allowed to exist in this world according to them!

"Have you discovered the traces of those vicious sea urchin monsters?" The person leading the monster hunters was a man from the northeastern provinces. He was tall and strong and had an awe-inspiring expression on his face.

"They should be around this stretch of sea. But the sea is so big, it's not easy to find them," a young man said as he took out his mobile phone, quickly swiping on it.

The account of this youth had the following ID: 'Mad Mental Hospital's Director'.

Then, there were several other strange and abnormal IDs in his friend list.

For example, East China Sea's Scaly Monster, Lake Hua's Crucian Carp Spirit, Northeast Region's Tiger Monster, Changbai Mountain's Flower Monster, Dragon King of the Well, Resentful Soul of the Toilet, and so on.

He had all sorts of monsters and spirits as friends.

Amongst them, there was also an ID that went by the name of 'Valiant Sea Urchin Warrior 8th Year, 59th Class, 32nd Number'.

To add so many strange guys as friends, this young monster hunter had paid a price that others couldn't even begin to imagine!

"Eh? Wait, there is something." A happy expression suddenly appeared on the face of the young monster hunter.

The message that 'Valiant Sea Urchin Warrior 8th Year, 59th Class, 32nd Number' published on his wall earlier was now displayed on the screen of his mobile phone.

The picture of a luxurious cruise ship was also attached to the message. According to what was written there, the sea urchin warriors were planning to attack the cruise ship and kill one of the passengers onboard.

This 'Valiant Sea Urchin Warrior 8th Year, 59th Class, 32nd Number' was precisely that young sea urchin warrior we encountered earlier below the surface of the sea.

To think that a day would come where a monster hunter had a 'sea urchin warrior' in his friend list...

Privacy was rather important nowadays, and one had to be careful about who they were adding as friends.

"The objective of the opposite party is a cruise ship? We have to move, we can't let these sea urchin monsters harm ordinary people," the tall and strong leader of the monster hunter said in a grave tone. "Let's go, and let's pray that monsters would disappear from the world!"

"Let's pray that monsters would disappear from the world!" all the monster hunters shouted as they joined their palms together in front of their chests.

In the next moment, the twenty monster hunters jumped down from the coral island and stepped on the surface of the sea, rushing toward the luxurious cruise ship that was one kilometer away while running on the water.

All the twenty monster hunters were at least cultivators of the Second Stage True Master Realm!

They had been looking for the sea urchin warriors residing in this stretch of the sea for a very long time.

"Get the 'monster hunter space' ready. As soon as the sea urchin monsters make their appearance, we'll drag them into the monster hunter space!" the leader of the monster hunter shouted.