Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 483

Chapter 483: Why Would I Want To Escape?
Chapter 483: Why would I want to escape?

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
This man wearing black clothes was the mastermind behind the organization of assassins known as Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Sect. In other words, he was the same person that used the first two volumes of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique to ransom his subordinates that had been taken prisoner by Medicine Master.

He used the technique to ransom three of his men, and in the process, he quietly absorbed the origin true qi from the bodies of his other subordinates.

But after he ransomed his three subordinates and returned to his base, his body quickly started to show strange symptoms.

Vomiting, dizziness, incapability of controlling mental energy.

He often hallucinated while practicing, and was unable to maintain his true qi pure.

Moreover, he would often get sleepy. This forced him to sleep for more than ten hours each day. But that wasn't all the most fearsome thing was that he continuously dreamt of being pregnant for the past few days.

The pain one felt while giving birth was unbearable; it was extremely painful! But what annoyed him the most was... that he was a man! Why the hell was he having these lifelike dreams about giving birth?!

After pondering for a while, he came to the conclusion that his current situation could only be explained with poisoning.

He suspected that that expert quietly poisoned him when he went to ransom his subordinates.

Due to the 'poison', the conditions of his body kept worsening. He felt weak from head to foot and was unable to muster his strength.

Although he was at the peak of the Third Stage, he was able to put forth the strength of someone that had just barely entered the Third Stage at this time.

Right now, the man wearing black clothes had only one thing in mind catch Song Shuhang and exchange him for the antidote!

'The version of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique that this boy practices doesn't seem to have flaws I'm unable to absorb his origin true qi. Such being the case' The man in black clothes gritted his teeth and grasped the little hammer. 'I'll directly overpower him and capture him! Afterward, I'll use him to get the antidote from that expert!'

At this time, Song Shuhang had already arrived in front of the man and attacked him with the Lightning Palm.

"A puny Lightning Palm" the man wearing black clothes said disdainfully, but just as he was halfway through his sentence"...F*ck, this sinister fellow!"

He saw that Song Shuhang used the Lightning Palm as a cover and was also holding a glistening talisman in his hand.

He felt an aura that belonged to the Fourth Stage come from this talisman. If the technique concealed inside this powerful talisman that had the attack power of the Fourth Stage were to hit him directly, he would be seriously injured even if he were to survive.

The man wearing black clothes quickly stopped and put all his strength in his legs. His body swayed from side to side like a noodle and arrived behind Song Shuhang as though he was a snake.

Although he practiced the Pig Chapter of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique, he wasn't clumsy like one. On the contrary, he was as nimble as a snake.

The skill he used was excellent for short-range movements!

Song Shuhang's Lightning Palm hit nothing but air.

'He dodged!'

However, Song Shuhang didn't panic.

Moreover, he didn't use the sword talisman to attack the opposite party either. After all, the other party was only a cultivator of the Third Stage.

After his attack failed, Song Shuhang took back the sword talisman and quickly rolled to a side.

The Virtuous Man's Ten Thousand Mile Walk was an excellent footwork of the scholarly faction, and after it was practiced to the 'master level', even if a donkey were to use it to roll sluggishly, it would still look extremely cool and fast.

Song Shuhang continuously rolled and ultimately stood up, looking very elegant.

"Boy, you have good reflexes." The man wearing black clothes rotated the hammer and said coldly, "But you won't be able to escape."

Song Shuhang laughed and said, "Why would I want to escape?"

At this time, he was wearing magical clothes with high defense on his body, had the treasured saber Broken Tyrant in his hand, and had several talismans in his pocket as well in short, he was armed to the teeth. Although he wasn't sure if he could defeat a cultivator of the Third Stage, it wasn't really a problem to stay alive.

With twenty armor talismans, as well as the defense of the emerald-green kasaya, that man wearing black clothes could only dream of defeating and capturing Song Shuhang.

Furthermore, although that black horse spirit in the sky was quite scary, Young Master Phoenix Slayer was stronger than it.

Additionally, although the sea urchin warriors were troublesome fellows, the monster hunters surpassed them both in numbers and strength. Therefore, they wouldn't be a problem either for now.

Song Shuhang only had to stall this man wearing black clothes for a while. After Young Master Phoenix Slayer was done dealing with the black horse spirit, he would come here to catch this guy as well.

Moreover, Yu Jiaojiao was also hiding inside Song Shuhang's hair, and she was a monster of the Fourth Stage!

Why the hell would he want to escape?

"Hehe, I really want to see for how long you can keep spouting nonsense," the man wearing black clothes sneered and activated a sealing technique with his right hand. Soon after, a talisman paper appeared on the right palm.

I absolutely can't let this guy run.

I have to capture him as soon as possible from the looks of it, the deadly poison inside my body is about to flare up again. I'm feeling sleepier and sleepier.

"Wind Binding Technique!" the man wearing black clothes lightly shouted.

Cultivators of the Third Stage and above already knew many magical techniques. As soon as he activated the magical technique, the yellow talisman paper started to emit a green light.

"Go!" The man wearing black clothes hurled the talisman paper. Halfway, it changed into green chains made of wind that shot toward Song Shuhang.

"A binding technique." Song Shuhang immediately raised the saber and chopped toward the green chains made of wind.

In the instant he slashed down, the chains unexpectedly followed the trajectory of the wind raised by the saber and dodged the attack. Afterward, they latched onto Song Shuhang's body and tied him up.

"Caught you!" The man wearing black clothes grinned. Then, he pounced toward Song Shuhang while wielding his hammer.

But right at this time, the emerald-green kasaya on Song Shuhang's body slightly swelled on its own, breaking apart those chains of wind that were binding him.

The Wind Binding Technique was breached!

"This damned guy has a lot of treasures with him," the man wearing black clothes said with clenched teeth. In the next moment, he activated another technique. This time, he didn't use the Wind Binding Technique. Instead, he used a concealing technique.

In the next moment, his body quietly disappeared from Song Shuhang's field of vision, and even mental-energy-based detection techniques were unable to find his position.

"He even concealed himself now. He really thinks highly of me, but I'm just a cultivator of the Second Stage!

Anyway, it's better to shift the battlefield to somewhere else we're currently on the cruise ship, and the destructive power of a cultivator of the Third Stage is too high and will damage the place," Song Shuhang muttered to himself.

His sight fell on the nearby 'monster hunter space' that was attached to the cruise ship.

There wasn't a more suitable battlefield than that place.

Thereupon, Song Shuhang seized the opportunity and jumped up, heading toward that 'monster hunter space' that the monster hunters had created.

But as said earlier, it was something that monster hunters created. Therefore, Song Shuhang wasn't sure if he could freely enter the space.

But even if he were unable to barge into the monster hunter space, he could simply run to the sea.

Song Shuhang was good at swimming. Moreover, the sea was Yu Jiaojiao's domain!


After Song Shuhang jumped downward, he stepped with his feet on the space the monster hunters had created, unable to get into it. He felt as though he was stepping on the surface of the earth when he stepped on the golden space.

As expected, only monster hunters could freely enter this particular space from the outside.

"In that case, let's shift the battlefield to the sea!" Song Shuhang didn't hesitate and jumped down toward the sea.


Almost in the same instant Song Shuhang jumped toward the sea, a short blade stabbed in the place he was standing a second ago.

The man wearing black clothes was carrying a short blade in one hand and a hammer in the other when he became visible once more, coldly looking at Song Shuhang.

"Quite dangerous." Song Shuhang's body disappeared into the sea.

"You think you can run away through the water? Naive," the man wearing black clothes sneered and activated another seal, concealing his appearance once more.

"Jiaojiao, can you make your move?" Song Shuhang asked in a low voice.

"Let's go a bit deeper." Yu Jiaojiao giggled.

"Good, let's capture him at once," Song Shuhang said with a smile. At the same time, he took out his phone and scrolled until reaching Venerable White's number...